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Those generators so tell me about your project here. What's it called it's, it's called the illuminated f-100 illuminator ev holly's high voltage, oh, and that is because the ford makes other motors that are called similar right. It's yeah so ford just released the illuminator crate motor, okay and uh. It is based on the maki front, drive, okay, yeah and so uh.

Their uh motor makes just under 300 horsepower, okay yeah and it's a crate motor and it's the first of the big companies that are offering a crate motor, which we were all waiting for. Yeah yeah and it's crazy. I mean, i think it sold out of the first run in like 20 minutes, okay, so people - because i i put a link to it and one of my videos that i made about sema and people are going. Oh, this is not for sale yet, and i thought well, maybe maybe it sold out - i don't know yeah, so it sold out it sold out yeah, okay yeah.

So that's interesting so tell me about this build sure. So this is a 78 uh ford f-100 custom and we bought it for this, build with uh 300 straight six and a standard kind of raised up, uh chassis underneath it and um ford asked us to uh do the project, so my company is mccue lane electric Vehicles, okay and we've built the cobra jet 1400 that you've seen on the drag strip yeah. We run that for them and we built this is our really first forward foray into uh, a conversion, a true conversion, kind of thing, classic conversion right classic car converter, yeah yeah, and so we were able to pull together just great partners. Um the roadster shop.

Did the chassis for us, and so we brought the car to them. They actually 3d scan the whole car they've got great technology, they built a chassis that would um, incorporate the front, drive the uh, illuminator front motor package and then a rear drive out of a machine and a complete maki battery. So this really has about 225 mile range, wow yeah, and it makes about 500 horsepower wow. So all-wheel drive all-wheel drive, so it's a motor in the front motor in front motor in the back yeah wow.

So this is like legit new technology from a production car transplanted into an old. It is a classic car which is a dream like all of us. Builders are like we could just, but we always have to compromise. We always have to be like well, we can use half of it and then you do some hack with the software thing or whatever.

This is not that this is a legit yeah. We we did uh. We were able to really incorporate most of the maki technology. So it has the functional uh r12348 ac system, high voltage, ac system uh.

Almost everything on this car functions as it would in a machine in a machine i mean all the way down to uh. The center console has a wireless phone charger. Everything works. That's so crazy, yeah and so um.

You know it has the uh electro hydro brake system. It has the uh electric power steering system electric cars, yeah yeah yeah. It has a front. Oh yeah, oh yeah, look at that charger and of course you took the rest of the stuff because you want to show the stuff right or yeah.

So if you've seen some pictures on the internet, we do have a cover yeah that cover these and kind of close out the whole thing, and we have options to do um no cover like you see here, um one cover or all the covers with a window. So you can see in, but you know, um we're super proud of the installation. We think it turned out really nice, um and and ford's excited to show off the technology. I mean we're just glad that ford is on board with this sort of stuff, because you know for a long time, we've kind of been at odds with it.

No, you know it's going to take someone uh and board is leading that, in my opinion, to uh really bring brand new parts to the market. So you and - and you know guys like evie west and us that are building quality. Cars can put in oem level brand new parts and not have to salvage stuff salvage yeah and try to hack and try to do the thing i mean you guys are putting stuff together with you, know: um brand, new parts and stuff, but um. You know the first, the first person that's going to put together a high quality battery pack that we can modularize and make brand new parts yeah.

I mean that's going to change the game for everybody, you know yeah and we're really excited. I i hope, i'm not speaking forward, but i i know that ford's working hard on um, so the motor was released as just a motor and i know they're working hard on a control package and inverters, and i know that they have aspirations to do other things. So i'm hoping they'll be the leaders in this and really bring it out yeah. That was one of the big questions, at least with my audience was like where's where's, the controller where's, the controller control right.

It's coming and i'm like yeah, it's probably coming right. Yeah yeah, so uh, that's pretty exciting yeah. Would you like to see the inside? Yes yeah? Let's go, make sure i'll open it up. So it doesn't.

The alarm doesn't go up. This is a very nice touch. Thank you! So yeah we uh. We removed the fuel door from the back and we added a charge port door and um.

This is a custom. All steel charge, port door that was fabricated by um brand x customs. That did the body and paint work, but is so this is from this. Is the monkey part? So it has, you know: uh dc faster dc, fast charge.

Yes, so you know it's fully functional everything on this car on this truck is fully functional and it's just the right size to fit in that place. Oh, that's all. Custom custom custom cut out custom rolled over metal yeah, that's crazy, yeah and so um. You know we did a 3d scan of the original factory um dash and then did a five-piece fillet aluminum to hold the uh screens and the um headlight switch.

I mean the car has daytime running lamps high beams uh. You know tilt telescope, steering wheel power everything memory seats. Like i said, wireless charging. I mean it's just everything the whole thing: yeah yeah.

Basically, the dream: it was like the transplantation of a new car to an old one. It's always been the dream right for us. It's like man. We could just do that and yeah.

It almost seems like you guys, didn't have to. We didn't cut any corners yeah. You guys did it right. It was awesome yeah to work with board on this yeah, it's very, very exciting um.

It was weird i i would have to look you guys up, because i i didn't know who had built it and i'm like i'm gon na make sure that i put the right one and you guys don't even have pictures of this on your like social media. Uh so we've been since uh since building the car we haven't had a chance to take a break. It's been a roller coaster because it's been a roller coaster. We went to sema and then um and then straight here, basically with just a couple of days off um.

How was the build process? This is like a short build right, like you guys, had a tight deadline to get it done to sema, yeah, so um. We actually, we did some pre-planning on the car and um. We sent the car to um the roadster shop for the scanning and stuff, but the car arrived to our shop and 73 days later we shipped it to sema wow paint body, work, interior, everything, wow yeah. So you really may not have heard of us much because we really have lived in the uh drag race, world yeah.

We are car guys and we fabricate, and you know we can put together a really nice conversion and we probably will get more into it. Yeah, a lot of interest, yeah yeah i mean this - is this - is blowing up in social media right, the the the reception has been great right. You do you think you think it's about the tech or you thinks about the nostalgia about being a classic truck. You know it's that marriage, you know so there's all kinds of 78 f-100s out there and they're beautiful ones and people have done great things.

Grocery shop builds chassis for gas, cars and they've done all that and they're great cars, and i appreciate that as a drag racer, but the marriage of it between the tech and the nostalgia you know, um, you know, there's people out there that want to adopt and Are you know not necessarily um? They don't necessarily want to spend the money on the new technology and make it seem like a brand new car, and all this you know, and so we've had a lot of people reach out to us. You know i've got a i've got a 55 t-bird. You know, i've got a you know this or that can you do the same thing for us. You know, and and people want to embrace the technology when, when you, when you see the technology done at an extremely high level, like you guys do you know people get excited about it, yeah yeah.

I think so. You see some more of these. Like builds uh in the future, like maybe by other players or maybe by you guys, you think this is going to be like a thing, because we i've been saying that forever. But i don't you know other than me.

I people look at me, like i'm crazy, and so i think this year at sema, i think, was a little validating. I was like oh my gosh. This is happening. I remember three years ago we had huff's dragster at sema, because we were involved with that car and i think it was the only electric there that year and now i've just about three four years later or whatever it is every booth, every other other booth, something Electric yeah, so i do think so you know i'm not sure.

If exactly this, you know we integrated a lot of uh ford, carryover parts to finish this car yeah um. But you know, i think people would really like to see something where um, like you guys have done where you have a um, a more retro style dashboard. You know, and you have some actual gauges that may or may not be actually analog, but you know looks like an analog engage. You know and work like an analog gauge yeah and just have a little bit more of a old-school flavor on the inside, but still have all-wheel drive 500 horsepower.

I mean who doesn't want all the drive 500. This truck is crazy to drive. It is so fun. How does it stack up to its uh modern brother? You know, i mean it's just a different chassis, essentially right, but well yeah.

So this is a little bit heavier well, yeah, it's heavier than a standard truck. Obviously we have a battery pack, a big battery pack um, but you know this is a front and rear independent suspension car and it's lowered and it's and it hugs the ground and it's got a super low center of gravity. Everything you like about electric cars. This truck has yeah and when it it scoots and it gets up and goes i - you know it it's - it's got a lot of future uses for ford performance, so we weren't really able to get it on the autocross or do anything.

Ah, okay yeah: they don't want you to yeah, but we did use it as a chase vehicle. So the guys were going up the road. That's why you guys were going back and forth full of guys. You know it's a you know: it's quite a capable car.

Yeah, okay! Well, that's nice! I i'm excited to see this um. I don't know if you know, but i last night i tweeted, i parked mine next to you guys, nice and i'm like here's, my bus. Next to this thing, this is like kind of the old. This is where it's going, you know uh yeah, classic cars with new modern technology.

You know that's where it's at. What is that yeah and you guys did a great job. Congratulations for it! Yeah appreciate it. You.

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