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Tell me about your project here, all right, so here's the cobra jet 1400 holy crap. Look at that thing. Holly's high voltage experience do oh, it's 1400, because it was supposed to make 1400 horsepower. Okay, we put it on the dynamometer.

That's actually at the rear, wheels. We're making 1502 horsepower wow, so ford is very happy wow. It's got four motors total yeah, the cascadia motion system. So it's two dual stacks.

So there's a motor here, a motor there, common shaft goes through both of them and then there's another double stack down below and they connect yep they're connected with gears at the back gears. Yep helicopter straight cut straight. When you hear this go down the quarter mile. That's why i heard it yeah, that's what you you can hear it straight cut gear is whining it's pretty cool, it is pretty cool sound like a giant rc car, you can drive wow and our best time was an 812 in the quarter mile at 171.9.

Miles per hour: oh that's some serious power, yeah 1500! What's the torque? It's actually also about 1500 1500 at the at the motor of the wheels at the motor get the wheels at the wheel. It's okay, wow yeah, some serious machine. You guys have built here yep, and so this chassis, the mustang started out as like there's the gas cobra jet chassis that watson engineering makes and this chassis started out as a gas mustang chassis. So it's a legit conversion yeah.

It is so. We've got batteries everywhere that we can fit them. You know what are the batteries, so there's a pack up in front here right here and then i'll show you the other pack is. This is high voltage right like yes, 800 800 volts, oh yeah, yeah yeah! That's the only way to make all the power we want as much voltage as we could possibly have yeah, so it's 800 volts and over 2000 amps.

Oh, my god. It's still at that voltage. You got to go 2 000 amps to get that kind of power out so okay, so here's the other battery pack, where the rear seat would normally be you've, got a crazy roll cage. Yeah yeah, that's crazy! We're worked with aem ev, so we're using the aem, aem and um.

Now, what is the battery? Do you? Can you yeah, you can't say you had a liberty say the battery intervals. 800 volts pouch cells. Okay, we built the battery from scratch from scratch. So down to the cell level, nice go so this is the rear back.

You can actually see. Oh look at that in there is that custom. Also, do you guys design that the whole thing so all the aluminum is milled out and everything we built it from the pouches up, it's cool. You guys put this little windows in there, so you can see so you can see it in there, okay, yeah and when the bms is equalizing the cells.

You can see all the pretty light: little lights, okay. So this is an an exhibition project for ford or just yeah, so and a little bit of r d. So ford really wanted to push the envelope yeah and show what's possible and see what's possible, so they've been having it at most of the nhra. The big nhra drag racing events, yeah we've had it there and bob taska has been driving it really and uh.

Also tony stewart drove us through stuff, so it's been pretty exciting and yeah. This is, it needs its parachute, yeah yeah yeah, because i have those speeds right now, dragster and then people always ask. Is this the charger? What it is for the 12 volt pack? But you guys don't have a dc to dc on board correct yeah because you're everything to save save weight so yeah. What do you know what the weight is? It's about? Five thousand pounds wow so yeah considering it can do low aids? That's i mean moving that much mass, so you need big tires on this guy yeah water actually they're, not that big as big as this.

No, i think as well. So all told it's pretty impressive what it can do weighing as much as it does, and all that weight is the battery. How big is the battery capacity, i the actual weight off the top of my head. I don't know how about capacity in kilowatt hours.

It's about 60 kilowatts! Oh it's just a big battery yeah and to be able to deliver all that power so quickly, yeah wait! So what is the kilowatt power output of that battery? Oh, it's over a megawatt, it's over 800 volts and like 2200 amp, you know over 2 000 amps. So damn so you need that battery. Just so your batteries don't die while you're right, because you don't need the the range. This is right, dragster, essentially right.

How many runs passes? Do you get on it? So we designed it to do three good consistent passes, um, but in reality we're always able to charge between the runs. Usually we go out and then we're not called up till later in the trailer we have like a 23 kilowatt generator. So oh we have, i can show you the charge is still out. Yeah is that is that, like a proprietary charging, connector or you're just going dc we're using edn's charger? Oh okay, and we have two of the liquid cooled units, and so that's how we're able to charge it so, but then you're going dc, yes into the car.

Yep, so the charge port actually is right here, but that's a very small board. It is at 800 volts, even even at you know, like 22 plus kilowatts uh, oh wow, six gauge cable. I mean it's only like maybe 25 amps or something wow. That's crazy! High voltage, high voltage, you're used to probably 400 volts and less than wow.

My thing is running 111 nominal giant cables, exactly wow we want to cut down on. I mean the weight of copper. You know if you can cut down on that for high voltage. All you need to increase is the insulation for high amperage.

You got to increase the conductor and that weighs a lot and costs a lot and everything so yeah 800 volts yeah, no wait: 25, amps and you're still at 22, yeah. Okay, yeah! You know you do the math like yeah yeah, because yeah everyone's really surprised, always when they see us plug in the charging cable, like what how i mean. How long does it take to charge? No, i mean between runs like 30 minutes, wow yeah 22 times 60. Three hours you should be able to animal basically levels of yeah, the old chatimo stations um, that's crazy! How long have you guys been running this like since you finished it? Um, it's been a while.

We finished it like right around when covid happened ah cause somebody year and a half two years when somehow yeah. So we had it um at the hawley uh mustang nmra nationals in bowling green kentucky this year and also last year last year. So how did they just got a new wrap to match the machine? Okay over there? Oh, that's pretty cool wow, that's pretty impressive! How are the crowds liking it a lot i mean, and they especially like the wheel stands. If you look at some other youtube videos or stuff yeah, those are, if you got any videos of it here.

It'll do big wheel stands wow, that's pretty cool! I mean it looks pretty impressive uh. I know they were getting way so who was getting now at sema? Some of the cars were getting some hate because they're, the under the hood uh hardware, was not very impressive. Everyone loves this. It's very impressive.

Everyone loves this. You can see all the big orange high voltage cables and yeah, like all the boxes. Uh emily had machined and stuff out of aluminum. That's right here.

Let's make it look good, very, very cool, hey you!.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars swicked86 says:

    I only watched because it didn't say wheel stand…. What a lucky non car guy!

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    very nice

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    Dude you are Chico and the man all together you provide some of the coolest videos on the web and I thank you!

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jose Arrasola says:

    That’s awesome bro , only if I was a ford guy I will say I need two of them ! But sorry Chevy even throw they went under the bank for a while but their coming back with a whole new line up ! Have a primo who works in the inside factory! 2024 is going to be their year for years to come ahead !

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gustavo Martinez says:

    Awesome 😎

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    Wow low 8s that's faster than my barracuda used to be

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    Scary power put to the wheels!🤣😎

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    ahhh the electro fest, would like to go there

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