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So this car right here it actually went from a holley carburetor to holley efi and now it's a full ev swap okay, let's talk about that! Uh drag race yesterday, it's it wasn't fair drag race. Let's talk about, i don't think it was fair. Either holly's high voltage experience. Oh your system is an 85 kilo uh, it's a 100.

It's a 100, it's a p100d without the d, so i just have the rear motor. Oh, it's a large drive unit, sport unit, okay and it's no traction control, no traction control, old school kind of muscle, car field. Okay, do you have it open all the way up, because i know these systems you can you can throttle them? You can set it or whatever it's uh, you know the ev controls t2c. So it's uh, you know i got it turned all the way up.

I pretty much am just limited by the battery. So when the battery starts to sag, it pulls power and you you know how much light that battery had because you got ta, have a car right so yeah. I got it out of three cars so uh. It ranges from one of them had 40 miles on it and uh or two of this.

The modules and the rest are about nine to twelve thousand miles. Oh okay, so they're fairly fresh modules um, so you mix match modules, uh yeah, 16 of them, total 16 total. Okay, huh. I wonder i always wonder how that would work, because we always i mean the thing to do - is to try to get them from the same car right, yeah right and so what happened is they got damaged in shipping? They left the coolant corroded one got cracked in half, and so i just kind of kept piecing them together.

That's the bit, that's the simplest biggest mistake. People do is not put littles, just little plugs plugs out or something you even blowing them right. You can't get all the cool natto, so okay, but here's why it's not fair, because that plaid it's three model: three performance motors yeah. So it's three motors against one motor, okay, yeah, your motor is bigger yeah, but you.

How do you know how much your car ends up weighing it's? 43.50? Okay, so then your car is on the heavy side. Yeah uh. You know that. So i pull up to the to the line and they have to go find the hose to get me.

Some water because they're not used to you know these are all teslas. They don't have to do a burnout, so they they go, get the hose. They give me some water to do a burnout and i watch the plaid. Just go around the water cold tires and then heat he's, probably listening to classical music and drinking a macchiato and then nine and a half at 150, just unbelievable, yeah, okay, so that was that was that video someone put it up there.

You know who put it up there. You know, i don't know. Okay, it was just a random person outside from the audience yeah we all sighed. This morning we were like whoa, you know, but i wanted to make a video explain that, because i mean your build is pretty amazing right and obviously any you get anybody on that on the passenger seat and you can blow the brake right like it's.

Just the people don't get is the plan, it's a freaking monster. It's the process, yeah right, it's just unbelievable. They can go, buy that car and run a 950.. It's uh, something that drag racers have been striving for these times.

For decades even non-drivers will set the world record like yeah, didn't even tries jay leno the gentleman yeah he did yeah. So so that's that's what this is against right. So i mean that doesn't take away from your build your build's amazing yeah. It goes fast.

How are you liking it so far, so i like street cars, so i wanted to build. A pure street car looks like a muscle car daily drivable and i call it a street fighter because all that torque comes in so quick like you know, you know most 99 of the cars couldn't touch it on the street. So that's what i'm really enjoying yeah. So no regrets no regrets.

No regrets. Are you doing another build anytime, yeah yeah. I got a good friend who has a 70 torino and about the same size car. We can kind of configure things similar and maybe do a dual motor.

Oh all-wheel drive yeah. I was a little worried about taking on too much for the first build, but now that i got my feet, wet will go dual motor, yeah yeah yeah, and then i think the only thing that is gon na get scarcer and scarce is gon na. Be those batteries yeah um because well everybody's doing these builds that popular right, yeah, so they're actually going up in price yeah, but i think we have flat batteries coming. Maybe you know and uh model three batteries but they're harder to work with, but you know with a build like yours: that's a car similar to that i think yeah.

We should be able to maybe we'll get some lucid batteries. You know yeah those are coming out. Yeah yeah it's going to be cool or this guy uh, the next to use using prismatics they're from uh honda inside. Oh, oh, is that right: okay, oh yeah! So those are cool for like fast cars that don't need a lot of battery yep, so they have put it.

I think they're 50c, oh yeah yeah. They could put quite a bit of power. He was full throttle for like five minutes. On those i mean.

Yes, it's amazing, yeah yeah, all right make sure you follow kevin and his youtube channel where he documents his entire build. Alright, we'll see you guys on the next video bye. Was you.

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    This will be a huge industry and you guys are on the cutting edge

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    The design looked so modern in the thumbnail I though there might be an actual EV muscle car coming

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    Hello from Poland

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