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Hey there, let's talk about batteries, one of the most popular battery types is a cylindrical type right and it's like the 18650s, the 2060s 50s there's 32 hundreds uh, there's new 46. 70S. 2170. 700, there's a bunch of them right, but these are all built exactly the same way.

They have this uh steel, canister and the battery is inside. So if something goes wrong with this battery, what happens is that pressure will build inside right? Usually, when something goes wrong inside of a battery gases are created that are not in there, and so these things have a built-in pressure valve so that when that gas gets above a certain uh pressure, then that valve gets released and then that uh pressure gets uh Released right, so this is the reason why these are very safe among the safest batteries right occasionally they do goes wrong. Something goes wrong and you know fire gets started stuff, but for the most part there are billions. Probably trillions of these batteries now that are in use and they've, been used for the last 30 years.

I think the 18650 it's nearing its 30th year of uh production and uh for the most part they're pretty safe. They you can count on them, not becoming a problem right, but here's the thing there are more form factors, batteries and one of the ones that is coming up and it's becoming more popular these days are the prismatic cells. They sort of look like this one right here right. This one looks like a lipo, so these don't have a metal canister and if something goes wrong, what happens with these? Then these start to inflate, and then they eventually i mean eventually they will puncture the the soft uh casing that they have.

This is just a little plastic, metallic and plastic uh line casing that goes on there right, so they balloon. They, like they inflate like a balloon, and you might recognize that in some like. If you leave like uh, we have a laptop here, for example, they haven't used in a while and when we try to close it the other day, we noticed that the screen is flat, but the body is bulging and the reason is because it's the battery, that Is like this inside is already gassing right and that's because it's uh old and it needs to be replaced now, sometimes you'll get like an old, iphones or or cell phones. That will do that and today we are going to talk about that specific subject for these cells right here.

This is kind of a hybrid cell. It's got it's a prismatic cell, but it is in case in a metallic shell right, but the problem is that because the sides are so flat um, then if you don't compress these and it's - and it's got a valve here right - this is the actual valve that It's made so that when it gasses out and the pressure goes above a certain amount, then this gets punctured and the gas and the pressure gets released through here. Keeping this battery safe without you know, burning the risk of exploding, but the problem is that you? What we're doing is we're using a bunch of these batteries to build a different battery arrangements right for 12, volts for 36 or 24 for 48 or whatever, and what happens is that a lot of people out there are not compressing these batteries and what that does? Is that it doesn't let the internal pressure hit the the mark or hit the the the threshold to the so that this can blow right, and so, as a result of that, then your entire battery pack does this or this. These are examples that i found online of people that are using these cells uh and they haven't compressed them.

So, in order to let the safety valve do its job, what you have to do is when you build one of these batteries, you have to compress it, and basically, you just have to restrict the cells from expanding and ballooning like in the pictures right and today. Uh, i'm going to show you a kit that i design is very simple uh, so that we can build battery packs with these cells and then you can still compress them. So, let's go to the bench and we'll show you that okay. So this is what the kit looks like.

It is literally just a couple of plates, some screws, uh all thread, or you know like and then uh nuts right, and this is to be used for these g3 cells, which are very popular right now, and also the c-max cells, which are basically almost identical to These right so what happens with these cells, and that is that this is how we build different uh battery packs right. So you put x amount of these right. If you want a 12 volt battery, then you put four: if you want a 24 volt battery, then you put seven of these uh. If you won 48 or 36, you do 10 and then, if you want 48, you do 12 or 13 right and then you can do multiples of that sort of like in this thing right here here.

There's a 12 volt power module, but it's got 16 cells. So we're doing four cells in in parallel and then four cells in series right. This four cells then connect to the next four and then to the next four to the next four right, and this is a pcb board that i'm designing and it's gon na, be i'm going to have it available in our website. Pretty soon we do have a 48 volt version that is currently available already right, but this 12-volt one that i'm going to be showing you today uh it's coming very very soon, so i'm going to show you how this kit, this compression kit goes right.

It's basically, you put two the two plates on each side and then you just put the um the old thread through there and put the two nuts on the side and you just lightly compress it. You don't have to compress it a lot. This is there so that when, if something ever goes wrong and the cells want to expand, then they can't and then what happens is that then the the safety pressure valves get triggered and then all that pressure gets relieved and then your battery doesn't change its shape And it doesn't, you know, damage wherever you put this battery and stuff. So here we go.

I'm gon na do a time lapse because it's boring just watching someone just wrangle with a bunch of things, but it's very very easy, as you will be able to see all right. So there we go. That's how this is put together, like these are 12 inches long, which we'll do somewhere around 20 cells. So, if you're building a pack, that is that you know anything below 20 cells or less then you're going to have some left over here, which is very easy to cut.

You just take some pliers and then you just cut there we go. There is our first one, all right, so there we go, that is the compression kit for these c-max g3 cells right um. If you wanted to do longer packs right, you can get this one in, i think in longer lengths you could also put a coupling nut in the middle right, so you could put two shorter ones and then extend it. So this is possibilities here are kind of endless uh, it's highly modular system.

I just wouldn't tie them too much right, just hand. Tighten - maybe put some loctite in here. If you're going to have this on a vehicle, for example, or a environment where it's going to vibrate, so these might come loose um, and so that's it very, very simple: to keep these batteries safe right now. If something goes wrong, if you did something wrong or your equipment's malfunctions and uh, you know the bms then gets these cells out of balance uh and they start gassing out.

They create pressure inside then the internal uh valves, then they'll go off without then. These things you know deforming, and that is going to be a much much safer battery uh system for your application, all right, okay, so this is available at The cells are available. There too uh yeah keep stay busy.

Building batteries we'll see you guys on the next video you.

8 thoughts on “Cmax / G3 cells Compression Kit”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David H says:

    I need to handle repeated 600Ah surges at 48v… wondering how many sets of batteries to stack to adequately handle the surge, without destroying the circuit board?

    C-Max batteries do 100Ah continuous, so will I burn up the PCB with 6 stacks of batteries and compression kits?

    What is the surge rating on the BMS’s, since they look like 2x 30Ah BMS’s?

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BHVTV says:

    I'm trying to build an electric jet jon boat, will be documenting the whole build on my YouTube channel. I'm going to be using a 24v 700wh brushless motor to power the boat and I want to use 18650's for my batteries. I've been looking at your DIY kits on Jag35 but was wondering if you could suggest the best kit for that? I'd like to be able to charge the power cells in the boat. I was thinking of getting like 8-12 of the battery module kits, wired in parallel to get greater range of time/distance. Would this work?

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sir SMKSAlOT says:

    "if you don't compress these" – well they're supposed to be compressed, if they're used properly they will vent and be just as safe as most other cells.

    this all comes down to user error, or "companies" and "diyers" half assing the assembly.

    the craziest part about all of this, is they get ripped out of their compressed cases to be reused.. when you could just reorder them as needed and use the stock casing. lol

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Robison says:

    Is there a decent source for actual new CMax cells, with the longer terminals? I have a Cmax Energi (PHEV) that will need a new battery at some point soon, and replacing the cells in the battery that I have might be a more affordable option than going to Ford for a whole new unit. I haven't found any third parties offering a replacement battery.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Frank Blackcrow says:

    I had a battery for well over a year made of prismatic cells, and that the bike was in a flood and the cells swelled up, and the batter was kaput. I never replaced that battery , I threw it out, then I took the (rear wheel) motor off replaced with the original wheel.. and then the bike was stolen.. the battery and the motor made the bike very heavy, to the point that it broke spokes all the time.
    I now have a smaller water bottle type that has the 18650's in it, and have a mid drive. I went from bike that had a 24v battery to the one I have now that has a 36v battery.. but now I am ridding a motorcycle more as to get that license.. and m wondering about a better battery for it.. some have said the red headway are the better way to go for a 12v battery.. and that I am looking for a good solution for a solar set for a shed on my family property.. but.. all up I am low on cash to do any of that at present.. always looking for secondhand battery's.. still an expense to find good ones that will still work.. and in Australia are far and few between.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Phenom Menon says:

    While I get that the purpose of these videos are to promote a DIY method of building their own powerwall and solar power reserves, has anyone found the items to be somewhat affordable? By affordable I mean for someone in a 50K income? I know he says "hey I just get these through ebay!" and when we go on ebay I don't find the prices he says. It seems like there is a trade off on channels like these where they kind of get a discount or even free items for promoting where they get them from. Not just here, but practically ALL channels that promote anything.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jason Broom says:

    Help me understand this, because I'm not sure I have it right. The pack he's showing is 4s-4p, which would give you a 12V, 20AH battery, correct? So, 16 of these cells gives you a 20 amp-hour battery. On the website, it says these weigh 1.5lbs each. That's the part I'm concerned about, because that means this battery would weigh 24lbs. I recently built a 100AH battery using 100AH cells in a 4s configuration, and it only weighs 24.5lbs…including the case. If I'm doing the math right, and these individual cells weigh 1.5lbs, they would be 5 times as heavy as the LiFePO4 battery I built. That CAN'T be right, can it?

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Newton says:

    Bro you got an email addy, i can send pics to? 2 days ago my Cmax battery buy, exploded in my house , i even have video of the battery going off a second time, 2 cmax batteries and i didnt puncture them, i just slid them over and lost alot of my shit. 🙁 Not your fault at all, I just figured I'd share.

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