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All right, another day, another reason to talk about batteries. Why talk about batteries so much? Well, because it's never been better. It's never easier and more affordable to build a battery based project right. So today i want to talk to you about some of the best batteries that are currently available, which are the scooter batteries uh, there's a bunch of these scooter batteries available.

If you don't know why it's, because all these scooter companies have been going under, you know, they've been exchanging hands or going bankrupt whatever uh. So that means that a lot of these batteries have become available. Some of them are brand new. Some of them are lightly used.

Some of them are beat up right, but there's a lot of good good batteries, a lot of new ones, they're like lightly used, and so i want to show you which ones are the best and how to use them, because i think, for the most part, uh People, you know, might be nervous to get some of these batteries that you don't know how to use them, how to wake them up, how to make them work or whatever. So today i'm going to show you how to wake them up, because most of them have been sitting in pallets by the time the they get picked up from the street, and then they get put in a pallet in a warehouse. And then you know maybe be there for a year or two by the time they make it up to us and then we buy them and then like we sell them. You know it's been a while and so a lot of these uh bms systems which are for safety.

Then they basically turn the battery off so that it could be safe and it won't kill it right, and so, when you get it uh, if you don't know what you're doing, then it might be harder to actually see any life, and you might be like hey This thing is not good for anything, but let me show you that is not the case. Let me show you how to wake them up. Let's go to table now all right. These right here are the most abundant uh scooter batteries available.

As of today, 2021 right, mid 2021., the best ones depends how you want to judge best ones, but for me the best one. Is this one right here. This is a 40 uh, okay, 200, or something like that. It's called it was for one of those bigger uh scooters right and it's 460 watt hours right.

So it's quite a bit of battery for the size and weight and uh. This is the same thing. It's just we're offering in two versions uh. This is with the case, and this is very well we're building a bunch of things, including that that's gon na be the next video that i have it's a big powerwall.

You can build all kinds of things: e-bikes uh, you can even build e-cars or you know, storage battery, and then we also offer it like this. That is taken apart, and so this one to wake them up. You have to use another piece of device. You know a piece of hardware in here that i've made countless and countless videos about that and we're even selling that, together with the batteries and you can buy them separately, we make all kinds of different versions of this with different connectors, all kinds of stuff.

So i pretty much have talked about this uh a lot and you can go and see those videos in there they'll be linked on the bottom of this video. So, let's discard that one now, these ones right here, one of the latest videos that i made was making an e-bike using this battery right here right and the reason so this one's very popular right now and there's plenty of them and a lot of people. Don't think about this as an e-bike e-bike batteries are usually in the hundreds of dollars right, but when you look at them, you're like well there's not much difference in here. This is 30 cells.

In a 10s configuration yeah, that's usually a lot of the e-bike. Batteries are a similar configuration so with similar cells, and it's very similar right so uh. Why is it possible that we can sell this for super cheap? I think this one's on our website for 35 and the reason is because there's they're plenty full and because no one is looking at them like an e-bike battery. But as soon as you realize that they're the same thing and they can be used in the same way, then all of a sudden you're like oh, cheap batteries, there we go.

But how do you wake them up see right now, if you were to put a meter here, it's it's dead right, and so i'm gon na show you how to wake it up. Okay, so here's what you're gon na need, you're gon na, need a charger, and we got these there's cheap chargers of these available in china, aliexpress and amazon, and then there are the genuine ones that uh came with the scooters and stuff, and these are really good Quality and stuff and uh up until now, these were really expensive somewhere, like 60 dollars up to 100 for these chargers, but we got our hands on a lot of these, and not only are these good quality ones and we're selling you know cheap. You know affordable uh, just because we can but also we're doing the work of changing the the connector, because these were made to connect on another proprietary connector. That goes on the thing right, but because you can buy these now, then i'm going to show you how to wake this battery up using the charger that is available at jack 35 with the xt xt30 connector.

Okay. So we have connected the charger and then you get this green light and then what you do is you plug it in here and the little black connector xc30 connector there we go so now. It's blinking red okay, next thing, you're gon na have to do is you're gon na have to press on this little button right here. There's a tiny little button.

It's a reset button and what you have to do is poke a hole right through the thing here. With something sharp and then push it okay and now it started blinking you see the light there there's a light, blinking right here right so now you leave this and you charge it. You leave this to charge, i don't know for an hour or something and now well after that battery uh, it's fully charged with this. Once this turns into green, i think yeah, it's gon na turn into green again uh, then this battery will be charged.

So that's all you have to do is just connect it and then press that button and then get this blinking and then uh and then it should be good. Let's see, let me see if it stays on now now. Well, once that happens, this light will stay on. Let me see, let me try another one see okay, so here's one that is awoke or it's already awake, and this is what it looks like.

So it will blink blue light and it's just blinking, and that means that this is on. If you put the uh meter in here, you'll get like you know anything between 32 to 42 volts right, that's the range of these, so this one is not doing that right now, because you just have to leave it there and just let it charge. So now. Let's move on to the next battery, this one is pretty cool because it's round so uh it's 20 cells.

So it's a little bit smaller than that one right. But it's the same things: 10s configuration it'll, do seven about seven amps output, right uh, and so this is good enough for a lot of e-bikes or stuff and well for lighter, not so powerful. You know 250 watt e-bikes, that sort of stuff and uh. The cool thing is that you could diy and put it inside a tube uh.

You know and put it inside the frame of the e-bike. I want to make a build like that one day, but for now you could you could just strap it outside. Of course you could use this uh for its intended purpose, also and use it for the es2 uh. Nine bot uh scooters right.

So if you need to replace your internal batteries here are some good batteries that you can buy so to wake these ones up. Okay, so this one, you do the same thing you plug it in right and then you're supposed to see a light in here. But since there's no light, what you have to do is you have to press on the button and of course the button is you can't see it? It's underneath you can take this cover off, you take out four screws and then the cover comes off and then you can press the little thing or you can there's a shortcut where you just drill a hole. Okay, there we go.

I just used this drill bit and drilled. It really carefully very close to where this plug is at and really close to that and see. That is where the little button is at and all you do. Is you just press it in this case? I didn't have to press it.

The drill bit itself touched it, and then you know you can you have to be really careful? You have to be kind of used to have some kind of experience drilling right if you're not used to drilling. You should probably should just take the four screws off and the screws are here. They're just covered under this like gooey, uh, rubbery, stuff, right and they're. Just regular phillips screws right, so it's just it's just a little bit more work.

You got ta clear all that stuff up and then you get the screws off and then you get a clean shot and look into the button that you have to press and then once you press that button, the red light means it's charging and then, when you Disconnect it then it becomes blue and the blue is that it's normal. It's now. I think if the blue is 100 like stay on fully. That means it's fully charged and anything.

That's charging like this uh. It's anything between right, less than 99 full charge all the way to when it stops blinking, it's fully discharged um, i'm sure. Maybe it was blinking, it's like some kind of code or whatever, but i don't know, and so there we go. If the light is blinking, then i mean your battery is good and that's how you walk that one up very easy.

Next, let's try the other battery and this one here is perhaps the most difficult one to um to wake up. How do you know it's not working? It's not awoken! It's not awake, because there's no lights in here right! So for that you will need two chargers right and here's the chargers how they come right without on modified. This is the the proprietary um plug that a lot of these uh scooters are using right. So this battery actually has a port for you to charge it right there, so just put it in there, and now it should be charging.

Oh look at that. It actually did go red for just oh, it's going red again, green, so green. This means that it's not charging right. Let's see, oh okay, so this battery just woke up.

We got lucky on this, but a lot of the times. What happens with these batteries is that they don't wake up when you plug this in here nothing happens. This stays green uh like fully green, and it doesn't change colors, and so what you can do is you can use a secondary charger like this one. With the xd30 connector and what you do, is you connect that on the back side right, the positive is on this side closest to the other connector and the flat side is the positive.

So that's what you do you plug it in here like this right and then as soon as you do that, then this in the front will respond and then it'll start charging. So that's how you wake these up now. I know it might be asking too much for people to have two chargers for one battery right, and so what we're going to do is when we sell these we're just going to wake them up for you right initially, and so you can only you can. I think this ones are listed with the charger.

If you need it right and you could buy it together whatever. So this video here is just for you, if you in the future, come across a battery, that is, that is uh non-responsive right, that is, that has gone um into hibernation mode or whatever, and so, if you run into that problem now you know you can watch Back on this video and know how to wake up this scooter battery um, that's it! Those are the four main batteries that we have right now that are most abundant and uh are the best bang for your buck when it comes to batteries in 2021. These are very, very affordable. You get a lot of battery and here's the crazy thing you don't have to take these apart and you don't have to put back together.

You could build large systems with these right. Of course, i'm building some uh things to help. You do that right. I mean like this one right here, which is going to be the focus of the next video.

Is you know, i i build this for you and i show you how to build this, so you can buy this from me or you can buy all the components yourself and build it yourself, and then you just plug it in here right - and this is like A full-on you know, implementation of those batteries they charge through the charging port, the discharge to the output, and then it's even like it's got telemetry right. So you can see exactly what's happening to your battery the voltage. How much is going in how much is going out? You put it on a nice little battery like this and then uh or a box like this and then you're ready to go you? Can you can power your entire home with that uh? I'm also going to be building other things sort of like these portable packs right in the with e-bike, i mean with the scooter batteries in there. So i'm doing the uh pcb boards to help you just you know just to make it a little bit easier for people.

This is a large four-man charger using these little chargers right because it turns out, if you put like um, how many is that dead? I don't know like 18 of these or 16 of these. I don't remember how many um it's way cheaper than actually buying a store-bought uh charger like a 1200 watt charger. You can do this and build this and you can save money and you reuse. Some of these things that have no purpose right now, right there's these are sitting in warehouses, uh and, if you don't know, most people don't know what to do with them.

A lot of them are, probably being you know, sent to the trash right and so you're doing a lot of good you're, you're, doing you're, building stuff, uh, you're, saving money and you're saving these things from going to the landfill or just being destroyed. So there you go. I hope this uh helps you with your diy builds if you're building batteries like me, it's never been a better time to do it. Uh and you know, if you're thinking about getting into it, get into it right now is the best time, and if you have been doing this, you know thank you for all the inspiration and thank you for all your support.

Uh stay busy building, we'll see you guys on the next video bye.

13 thoughts on “How to Wake up Best Scooter Batteries of 2021”
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    Jehu, why won't that second battery from the right – the one with the blue interior batteries showing – work on a bike with 24" wheels w/o a re-spoking job? I could get someone to assemble a battery kit on my old pedal bike but they're not about to re-spoke a wheel. Why, I don't know, but that's the situation I'm stuck with. At least I know better than to try it myself, since I've proven incompetent to install a simple 2-wire swag lamp kit. Don't ask me why about that either. Horses are my wheelhouse, but I'm getting too damn old to deal with them much anymore either. So given that I can't afford to buy a ready-made e-bike, somehow I have to find a way to get something rigged up since I quit driving too. And I don't like to ask friends to pick me up in their car. So please help me if you can – you're my only hope …. 🙂

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  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars steven Connor says:

    Hi @jehugarcia. I bought the 30 cell battery from you as well as the wheel and your charger. I have watched this video several times to get me to be able to charge the battery. I finally got working on it today. I have reset the battery using the little button. When I plug in the charger to the battery the charger gets very hot and the led light stays red. The battery blinks red. Nothing else happens. Can someone advise please?
    Thank you.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Smooth Sailing says:

    I have a 52volt scooter with two 1000watt hub motors. Currently it has a 14s9p 126cell cheap Chinese dynabat mx18650-29p batteries. I'm looking at replacement to the best. What's the best in your opinion? Max range. I'm thinking Samsung 30Q. 🤔. Any advice? Love your channel and the vw

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    I just ordered a Jetson Bolt Pro ebike. It’s my first experience with anything like this. Can these same sort of batteries be used in an ebike like that and if so, how hard is it to swap them in for someone who has never done it before? Thanks!

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    i wish you had a way to contact you to ask you questions because I want to buy some batteries to replace my scooters old lead acid type batteries inside and its a 36v system but i want to ask you on two that you sell on your site, the 40 cell NCR18650BD 18650 Lithium Scooter Battery and the 30 cell 36v 10A, Scooter Battery Packs are they both able to just wake them up and use them as is and use one of your battery chargers and boom done i can replace the old system on my scooter ? or what do I need what else is needed to make them work for my 36v scooter? I am in Riverside Ca. and if I cant call you since there is not contact info on the site can I meetup in person to talk to anyone in your company about it? please let me know i been waiting a while on this project and wish to finish it asap thanks.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Lincoln says:

    Can I ask a question about 18650 cells. I;m new to this and I am trying to build a 5s 10p x2 power cell for backup power for lights and maybe a radio. My question is about BMS's. If I have 5 leads to connect to each row of Block. Then how can it tell each cell in that row is even in power. My guess is it can't. But only can keep up with each row. If that is true then a row with 10 cells is not really balanced. So what is the point in a BMS on long rowes. Thank you Chris L

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    Jag, bro, I love your videos but I don't know about showing people "shortcuts" that involve drilling holes in the casing of battery packs. Need a disclaimer in there lol.
    I know it's technically possible and pretty straightforward. You and I would not likely to mess it up but you can't expect everyone to be as knowledgeable and careful.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars johannes koedood says:

    jehu in Europe they wont sell scooter batteries to non-commercial so we have no distributor addresses for scooter and other 18650 battery packs and when orde from ali expres all above 20 euro buy in china pay tax extras

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Caserio Studios says:

    you say they are cheep but for shipping you asking over 240 dollars for 20 of them valu, one charger and one tier for florida any way we can spect cheep shipping not to be the party pooper . but for recycle items is a lot. looks cheap but is not jehu. not a Ban for your buck lol

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    Hi Mate. Love your channel been following for a while in getting right into it. How ever got myself into bit of a pickle. Might have been little more than I can chew. Do you (or anyone) know anything about the alber e-fix wheelchair batteries. 36v 10s Was trying to help a friend who is wheelchair bound by having a look at his battery. He said doesn't seem to be getting much range out of it anymore. I opened it to see if I would be able to test it's capacity but soon realised the equipment I had wouldn't work and was waiting for my I-charger x12 to arrive. However when I put it back together it would not turn on think I might have bricked the BMS😖. Is there anyway I can sort this out. Would be most appreciated if you could help. He needs his wheelchair and these batteries cost 5 to £600 each. They have been extremely complicated BMS by the looks. It looks like it communicates with the other components like the hand control and wheels. It also has regenerative recharging when Breaking in going down hills. I can send the manuals I have downloaded if need be. please help. Anyone

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    Would this work on an E-Wheel type battery? Model: Kingsong KS-18
    The battery is supposed to be (KS-DCZ) 67.2v (264Wh)
    But the charger only outputs ~62v-63v and both batteries measure no voltage at all… it’s just didn’t work one day. Charger stays green. Been sitting a while now.
    What can I do to wake the se up?!

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