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All right, it's been 10 days since we took delivery of this new truck and i think it's time for me to make a review and tell you what the first 10 days has been like right. So, first, what it is! It's a rivien, r1t launch edition. It's got it's in vivian blue and it's got the 22 inch sport wheels. You can get a bunch of different uh configurations of wheels.

It's got because it's a launch edition. It's got the tow hooks uh, as well as all the little bells and whistles like the upgraded audio um, the heated and cool seats right all that stuff came in with the launch edition package right so first before we do. All of that. Let me show you all the things that you will see and every other review kind of, like the gimmicky things, the things that stand out, the things that are different from any other uh vehicle.

What first is an all-electric vehicle? It's got 300 miles of range uh. This there's three different battery sizes. This is the only size that is available right now. It is the large pack, it's 135 kilowatt hours right, and the thing is with these electric vehicles that are different than everything else is that, well, you have a ton of space because they have what it's commonly now known as a front trunk.

This is the frunk, because there's no engine to go here, the the motors are in between on the wheels right and they're super small, and so now they allows manufacturers to have this big old thing that you can use to carry junk in there right. So this one being the top trim, it has a power uh trunk. I guess right. So i don't know if, in the future, there will be lower trim models that will have that as manual, but i doubt it it's probably it's a big piece, so these might be standard with the car in every trim level right.

Here's the other thing that you're, probably gon na see in every other review, is the gear tunnel. This is a feature that no other vehicle. Another truck has right. You press this little button here and then this thing here opens up right and then that has an incredible amount storage capacity in there and, of course that gives the opportunity to do all kinds of cool stuff like rivia, for example, doing a kitchen in there.

Maybe there's going to be some tool boxes. Maybe an extended range battery that you can put in there all kinds of things you can be made to put in there right, and so that's a different thing. You will not find that in any other vehicle right. Also, it's got storage.

This is happens to be air hose for the onboard compressor to be able to inflate your tires right, uh and, on the other side, there's a first aid kit right. This thing is also not just the cover. It also serves as a step. You can step in here, you can step in here uh up to 250 pounds of limit.

Another feature that is not found on many other trucks. Is this cover here for the bed? The tunnel cover right and it's electrified again. I think uh, this being the top trim model. It comes standard with this, but you will have to probably pay more for the future for the other lower trims.

The other thing is now: the opening of the tailgate has been a mid-sized truck. It's got a small bed right, and so what this allows you to do is have uh, be able to use or put like an eight-foot. You know uh pallet of lumber or drywall. If you're in case, you are doing some home repairs that sort of stuff right, but there's also um storage, there's room here for a spare tire, we didn't get that it's all extra when you have to order it extra, but you could use this for storage.

For other things right, the bed has built-in lighting in there. On this side it's got two outlets to plug in any uh ac appliance in there, and on this side it's got the built-in compressor, along with a psi meter all right. The bed has this system, or it's got these mounts that are made for these racks right here, and these racks are super simple to install. You simply clip them on there and those are also available on the top, so you'll be able to mount all kinds of you know: bike racks, uh tents, camping tents, uh extra cargo.

Over there, you know, storage for stuff all kinds of flexibility when it comes to mounting stuff and extra accessories to this truck. Using these, as far as i can tell, these are custom to this one truck and this one brand right all right. This trim level comes equipped standard with uh air suspension right, an air ride which has about 10 inches, i would say, between the lowest setting, which is what you're watching right now and the highest setting. This is very useful if you're gon na be using it for uh, towing, heavy stuff or, if you're, carrying heavy stuff in the back it'll just automatically will adjust uh its height right by inflating the suspension uh.

Also, if you're going off-roading and stuff, then you might want to go high, getting it out of the truck. It's definitely a lot easier for people short people like me when it's set on the lower setting. So this is very useful and i'm hoping that maybe in the future they will put a setting where, as soon as you put it in parking, it will lower the suspension to its lowest position, because that is very useful. Getting in and out getting in and out of, the car is very easy.

It's very like tesla right, you use a credit card like key to get in. You have to do is wave it right in front of this handle right here or you could just use your uh mobile phone right. There's also a key fob that they give you just in case. You want to lend it to your friends.

You just give them that and a bracelet just in case. You want to go hiking and you want to carry keys or phones or any of that stuff. You just wave that in there and it opens up, it, opens up all the doors and then you could, in order to turn on the car. This one doesn't have a on off button, which i think some people have an issue with.

I don't think it is a big deal. You all you do is just wave it right here right either the key fob or the uh the key cards, and then the car will turn itself on all right. Moving to the interior. This is very luxurious right.

The seats are cooled and heated on this trim level, obviously because this is the top term level, the launch edition right so uh old vegan. I think leather, which just means it's fake right. It's uh some kind of plastic or some kind of synthetic stuff, but the stitching is very well done. It's uh soft and is firm at the same time it's uh fancier than any uh the interior that i've ever had in any of the cars.

And it's you know the back and the front are the same. It's got a bunch of these little uh, accents everywhere right, but then the front here it's pretty cool because now you're greeted by two giant screens. This is a very big, very long screen and then this one's also big and lion. So there's a bunch of stuff that it shows you right here lets you drive, and you have all this information at right here without having to look too far away from the driving right um.

It's got a bunch of features. These are a new breed of cars that i will keep getting better with time because there's over the air updates right, so it's got driving modes. Let's look at this right, so it's got the screen. This is navigation, it's got built-in navigation stuff and it shows you where to go.

If you want to charge you look for your address right here and then, if you want to charge, then you just put the charging. It shows you all the chargers that are available. This car uses uh well dc fast charging and also level two uh charging right, and so, as you can see here, just in my area, i'm in the inland empire in southern california there's six stalls here, there's one there: three there five there. Two, therefore, and if you want to know more about the information all you have to do is click on here, and it shows you there's.

A 50 kilowatt station is now one of the fastest ones. This car uh from our experience is, has charges up to a hundred and fifty we haven't been able to get it past that and even when it connected to 300 uh 350 kilowatt stations right. So there we go. That is that then the music.

Obviously, it's got all kinds of connectivity, anything that the modern vehicle should have. Okay. The next big item here on the menu is the drive modes right. So it's got an all-purpose.

You have to step on the brake to be able to uh activate them. All-Purpose sport conserve off-road and then towing, right, um, all-purpose bene pretty much lets you adjust all kinds of stuff like including the suspension height in this case right we have on low, it was at very low and then right now it's going to low right. You can sit at the the lowest in different, so these are kind of presets right, uh, all purpose. I think you can adjust a bunch of stuff, but then, if you just want a sport, for example, then it'll tell you that it'll lower the ride height, but then it also makes the car go very fast by the way.

If you don't know how fast this car is, it's like a race car, you can beat corvettes and probably still ambos and lamborghinis all with this car right. It's zero to 16. Three point: uh 3.0 seconds right three seconds: zero to sixty uh, four motors, which together produce about 850 horsepower. So this is a beast.

This is faster stupid fast, faster than anyone should have. But with that here's, the other cool thing: it's got stability, control right, and so this is a computer by the way, if you don't know that, if you know this is just going to sound me stupid, just explaining it, but basically it's a little computer that keeps You safe uh, when you have that much power, the average driver would probably kill themselves right, but this computer here what it does is that it checks all kinds of road conditions and driving conditions. And so, when you step on that gas, it gives you power, but it doesn't give you all. The available power doesn't give you the 850 horsepower.

It just gives you enough to keep traction on the road and keep you from killing yourself losing control, uh of the vehicle right and so as you're. Turning then is is tapering down power or is giving you more power to be able to maneuver out of uh. You know conditions that might be dangerous or not so this computer right here is what allows you to make a car like this, with a ton of power safer and not deadlier right. If you put this much power on a classic car, for example, it becomes much more dangerous because you very easily can lose control of it right.

But this is a modern car and is able to do a bunch of those things right. Conserve is if you're going on a trip uh, and so it turns off the rear motors, and it only allows you to use the front wheel, drive without a height adjustments right down aerodynamic efficiency and range. So it does that and see here's. The interesting thing you have the range right here: 20 uh 213 right now right, but if you put it on all purpose, for example, it goes down to 200 198 miles right.

So it knows that it's going to use more energy uh. If you put it on sport, let me see what will happen to sport yeah, it's poor sport. It even lowers even more so in sport. We only have 193 right, so this will adjust according to or predict according to what settings you're going to do any things.

You're going to be doing that it's capable of towing 11 000 pounds, so it's very powerful and there are many videos of radio people that are towing, big, big big loads. And they say that it's like no other truck with this amount of torque. And this amount of horsepower on this car it just does an amazing job. Next, coming up here, it's just the screen tells you what the car is and it lets you put some settings right.

It just adjusts the mirrors and the passenger winds by the way. All this stuff adjusts automatically you set it and you set profiles and when you walk into the car, if your phone is your key, then it recognizes you and then it sets up all your settings right. So if you are a different height, that your spouse, for example, and they're completely opposite ends right, so that would be very useful because as soon as it detects that it's one or the other then it'll set the height of the c. The position of the you know mirrors all that stuff, but of course, all stuff is kind of standard with, like high-end luxury vehicles already right.

But this has it because well it's a high-end luxury vehicle, a bunch of lighting, stuff, uh charging and lets you turn on and off. All the 120 volt outlets has got to built in inverter right. So you can power uh ac devices when you're camping or you when you're actually rolling down the road. You can turn this on and when the car is running and then you can be, you know, charging your camera charging your whatever.

You know that you need to. If it needs 120 volts out ac outlets right and it also lets you change the uh output of those uh plugs for some reason. I think i would see like maybe it's more efficient if you lower it, if you only need two amps because you're charging some camera battery or something you don't need all 48 amps, but maybe you you do need it if you're powering something heavy right. So, let's turn those off uh.

You can open up the charging port from within inside and then it sets you set the percentage of how much you want to charge it. This is electric vehicle, so you have to charge it most of the time you charge it at home and so you're charging at home with 300 miles. If you want your battery to last a very long time, and then you just set it to daily, which is 70 or extend it to 85 or trip, if you want to take a trip - and you need absolutely need every single mile to make it to the Next charging station, then you put it to trip and set it. You could also set charging schedules just in case that you, your electricity, is cheaper starting at midnight in places or two in the morning, depending on time of use right, so you can just plug it.

In as soon as you get home, you don't have to worry about making sure that you come back at one or two in the morning when the rate changes, the car will just start charging, then right. So this is very useful uh other than that. Let's move to this thing: this is, i think this this is called gearguard and it's basically an app that lets. You record use all the on-board cameras to record if something is happening around the car.

So if you come back and somebody vandalize your car, then then you have a visual record, a video record of that right. So then you can share that with police and stuff. Here is uh where my wife usually parks at work, and so it recorded some motion in there. Someone was probably looking by oh and it's got tons of cameras probably got like over 10 cameras, all kinds of stuff in there that you can see.

In fact, when you put the cameras, it's got this cool feature that it's a 360 and it's from above and then allows you to check the accuracy uh when you're parking right, like sometimes you're like am i within the lines or am i too far left to Run this right here is very useful for that it allows you to check if you did a good job and you can put this forward-facing camera uh or the rear, and then it also shows you the sides. It's got cameras on the on the mirrors right, so this is pretty cool very useful for a truck of this size right, even though it's one of the biggest size, but i think a lot of us are going to come from smaller cars and to get the Transition get used to that then. This is going to be very, very useful, of course, like every car, it's got an owner's manual, and so, if you have any questions as to anything that's happening, then you can just look at that right here, all right. So now that we've had this truck for 10 days well, we are a bit more acquainted with it right, there's a bunch of things that are new to us right.

We never owned a truck before never an electric truck before, and so we took this on. A thousand mile road trip - this thing already has a thousand miles because that's what we did on the third day that we had it right, and so now i can tell you. This is one of the best vehicles that i have ever owned and i've ever seen and, of course we do have a tesla. So that's our background.

Coming from that right, there's a bunch of little things that we don't like about the tesla that we are. You know they're gon na get fixed on this one right here, right so uh the suspension air ride. Suspension is a thing of beauty. It lets you set their suspension.

I mean it's super soft riding uh and the fact that you can change it up and down the fact that you can throw some cargo in the back of there right through a 600 pound pack of batteries, pallet of batteries in the back, and this thing took It like nothing, uh the suspension just automatically adjusted itself, and so that's a good thing right. Um charging was a big issue. We didn't know how it was to charge on this car because well, all we know is the tesla net charging network and that one is pretty good right for the most part they're everywhere. The car tells you where they're at and then when you get there, they're nice and and then most of the time they work and they charge fast right and so you're only there for 10, 20 minutes and then you're on your way.

But this is uh. Publix charging stations now right, there's different um networks that you have to join and you have to use and not all of them work and not all of them. Uh have i mean, there's every single station. We only checked out three or four stations on on this trip.

They were all had a faulty equipment that did not work right or that did not perform the way that uh it was specified in the thing right. So the charging is gon na, be not as good as this, but at least they're. The big network that i'm finding out is the here in california, at the very least, is the electrify america, which is the volkswagen thing. You know that the the government made also i can do due to dislocated, and they you could see that that money is being well spent because those chargers are fast and they usually put a bunch of them and they're brand new and they're popping up everywhere.

Uh most of the walmart's will have those, and so those are really good and those are what we were able to use and achieve the fastest charging speeds on those right, and so those are pretty cool uh other than that. This car is amazing. I mean it's. I think it's like a jack-of-all-trades right.

It doesn't do any one thing better than anybody else or than any other car right like it's, not the fastest car that you can get right there's, but it is pretty much faster than 99.9 of cars out there. I think right, the two, the top level uh teslas right, the the plaids then they're faster than this there might be some hype. Super cars or hyper cars are faster, but for the most part i mean this is the fastest car that i probably i'm gon na. Ever own right, i don't know, maybe not uh other than that uh i mean it's super luxurious, it's comfortable.

It's got a ton of features. It lets you. You know if you wan na move grandma for example, or help someone move. It's got a bed, it's not the biggest bed in the world.

Right people are saying like that. Stupid truck. Yes, but can your truck? Does your truck have uh air suspension? Can your truck do series 16, 3.6 biles right? Can it's it's comfortable to drive around? Is it as fun? Is it as affordable? We did a thousand miles and without even paying for the memberships all these networks. We were able to do the thousand mile trip with only about 50 worth of charging right.

So compare that to your gas uh truck full-size truck that you can haul or whatever uh, and so this thing does a bunch of things better than a bunch of other cars, but it doesn't do that one single thing better than any right. So there are better trucks out there. There are more luxury cars, but this is kind of like all packaged into one. Is it expensive? I think it is this is now.

I think if you need to order this uh now it's like 90, 000 or 94 000. Something like that um. I think it is expensive, the most expensive car that i've ever bought, but if you're in the market for a like a car that can do everything. I can do so many things so well.

A car that you're gon na love the car that you can go off-roading or you can use it for family, just go to the grocery store, or you know that sort of uh yeah. I think it's worth it right. Otherwise, you would need two cars to do all those things at the same level that this one does. So maybe it's not expensive when you look at it that way right, but it is an expensive truck.

It's a luxury truck. So keep that in mind all right, and so that's why it doesn't 100 percent, compare, i think, to traditional trucks out there, and so that's, i think, that's a bit of a problem that people are getting with it right so driving it. It's a pleasure. I mean it is nice, it's fast like i said it's like you know it's stupid, fast uh.

Is that a good thing i don't know? I think it is a good thing, because then you can tow eleven thousand pounds and not feel it right or you can just go and have a bit of fun or maybe you can get away from some trouble. Some accidents that you see coming and you're able to get out of the there's you know also can get you in trouble right. If you have kids and you let them drive this thing, then you know maybe that's more of a bad thing. Having all that power in there all right now that we know all the good things and the things that where everybody raised about this drug, let's talk about the bad things uh and, let's start with the price right, it's uh.

Ninety thousand dollars for a truck is quite a bit of money. I know there are a lot of other trucks out there uh the top of the line. You can pay the same, but it is quite a bit right, uh. Now.

The good thing about this is the rivien has announced that lower trims right of this one truck. Like not everybody needs. Does anybody need 800 horsepower? No, i think most almost nobody needs that right. So cars have been able to get away, or you know be able to do with 400 horsepower for a long time hundred years now, so they have released.

Uh now announce a two motor version of this right, and so it's not gon na have 800. It's gon na have more like 400 horsepower and that is gon na lower the price, probably by twelve thousand dollars. There's a bunch of other stuff there's a smaller battery. That's going to be available! So then that's another 12, 000 or 6 thousand dollars.

That's going to be low, so maybe there in the future. This car will not be so expensive. There will be able to get lower trims that you'll be able to get right, uh fit and finish. Let's talk about that.

This is an early production right. This is within the first 2000 trucks to be delivered, and you know there's a lot of orange peel on all this uh paint job that they did here and now. I know they're saying it's because of all the new paints and it's hard to get them, but i i think at a you know: 80, 000 to 100, 000 truck range or car range. Some people are really gon na care about that orange peel.

That they're gon na want the paint to be smooth with glass and they're gon na want the gaps to be perfect, which they are not on this car that they are. The gaps are a bit off here and there right and so uh. I don't care about that stuff, but i know that high uh, clientele or clientele that are used to this level of luxury are definitely gon na care um. The key.

Let's talk about the key uh using the phone as a key that is so convenient. Most of the time, but at times it could be a problem like, for example, when it just doesn't work you're there, just trying looking like a dummy trying to screaming at your car to open up right. Also, there's the the the problem of walking away from your car while the locks are still while it's still unlocked right, like it takes a few seconds. You know.

Maybe you are 20 feet away from the car before you hear the little chirp and it locks. If you are in a particular place where maybe there are a lot of people, someone could very easily open your door while you're walking away and then get into your car right uh. There are other issues that i think about, for example, though the fact that just simply walking to your car it opens it up right. So let's say that you're uh running from some danger and then yeah your car opens up so you're able to quickly get in there, but then to close it you'd have to like press buttons and look for the menu to close all your doors uh in your Car and so, if someone's chasing you very easily they're gon na be able to get into your car just as easy as you were able to right.

So those are just kind of some scenarios. I think that could make it where maybe that's not all good. For the 99 of time, that's going to be great, it's going to be useful for you, but then they give some problems get arise from that right. Another downside that i can think of is the fact that these are so early in the production right.

So they're going to be bugs and there's going to be issues. We already had an instance where we're off-roading and we didn't it, wasn't a particularly like harsh road or environment. It was like six mile dirt road that we went on and uh. We got a got.

An alert that the air compressor was overheating right now that was now that just happened a couple times and then it the problem seemed to go away, but but we do have another alert here that just says break right on the dash here. When you look at the user's manual, i think that's a fault, there's something wrong with a brake system, and so now we're probably gon na have to send this to be fixed, or maybe it's an issue that can be fixed over the air. But we don't know. I think there's gon na be quite a bit of those issues, because this is such a new car, and so, if you've pre-ordered this, you know uh in 2020 or 2021, then you might get some of those issues in your car until they can't iron out now.

If you're doing today, i think by the time that you get delivery of your vehicle, maybe oh they're, going to iron out all those problems and then you'll be fine right. So that's something to think about when you're getting a super early production vehicle sort of like this one within the first 2000. For me right, so you know it's gon na you're, you're kind of still like the tester, the beta tester for this sort of stuff, and it could be problematic. There are a few other things here like, for example, my phone, not charging it's supposed to have wireless charging here, but this pad that they put in there has to be like position a perfect spot.

If it moves a little bit, didn't stop charging so during the strip. What i ended up doing is just putting a cable and charging right. So it's a minor thing, but it is kind of frustrating thing. Another thing is uh.

This car has a driver, plus it's called feature right, which it basically drives for itself when you're on the highway very similar to what tesla has, except that it's not available uh uh in as many areas as tesla has it now right, and so of course, that's Gon na get better with time as more of these cars are on the road and they expand that feature and they update it and it makes it better right. So i don't know that's kind of that's kind of hard to complain about that, because i'm like now i'm starting sound like i'm uh spoiled here right, i'm like oh, i have to drive my car. My car won't drive for itself, you know, but it is a thing. It's a feature that is in modern cars, at least in teslas, and in these cars too, and once you have it, it's so hard to go back, because when you have a long trip - and you just want to just turn your brain off a little bit - you Just click on that thing and the car doesn't all you have to do is just kind of be alert.

Uh, you know, keep your hands on the steering wheel, it's just in case the car freaks out or it just is not able to keep driving. Then you're. There to you know, take over right, but it is very, very useful when you're tired it it probably does a better job of driving in a straight line and following the other cars in the traffic than you can right, and so so we are used to it. And we did miss it in this one thousand mile trip that we did as it was not available and most of the highways that we took another double-edged sword.

Is this uh beautiful glass ceiling or roof on this car? It's amazing it gives it. This airy feel you can look up and you can see the sky. It's blue! It's great! It's supposed to be really good for safety right. It's it's way more stable, uh crash tests on teslas that have all glass roof are proved to be safer than if it was a steel roof right.

The problem with it, though, is that it's hot, and even though it has a uv like block or whatever it, the sun shines right through and it heats you up and so you're, i'm always like hot. That's the problem right, i'm always like. Oh, my god, it's so hot turn the ac on, because i'm always cooking so be prepared for that. In this one trip that we did, we ended up having a block that, and you can see here, whoever did it.

I think i took a picture of it and so uh yeah you might have to get a cover for that, which i guess is not that big of a deal. But it is an issue uh, it's a nice feature to have, but sometimes it just gets annoying because you're hot all the time, here's the brake warning that we have on there and we still don't know what it is. So there you go. Those are my thoughts for the first 10 days it turns out.

I have a lot more to say. I thought i was going to combine this and show you that trip that we did at least some images, but this is 30 minute video, and so it turns out. I had a lot to say uh, and so this is yeah. This is, i'm, do do another video uh, showing you that our first trip that we did and all the all the troubles that we had charging - and you know all this other stuff uh stay tuned for that video coming next right.

Okay, thank you for watching this video we'll see you guys on the next one. Bye.

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