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All right, so many of you guys might know that three years ago i ordered what was promised to be the first production electric truck rivian r1t, and we waited so long. It seems like that was so long ago. But finally, the day is here, and so we decided to go pick it up at the hub in costa mesa instead of waiting an extra day for it to be delivered at home right. So here's what happened yesterday, three and a half years in the making exactly.

I would thought there would be a lot more people here, like you guys, are not delivering a bunch of them today. Here yeah, oh, you are it's just. I thought it would be a line of them and then people would be like you know today. A lot of them are getting doing uh.

We have flatbed specialists yeah, so they already dropped off a few cars yeah um. Yesterday we had a lot of deliveries. Today it was a little lighter yeah we've been averaging a good amount like per day. This is a truck, oh and here are the hooks specialized hooks.

So this is going to be your subwoofer if you open up that side, you're going to have more storage in there. Ah, because that's the so oh that's right, because this is the one that has the fancy audio system by mourinho speakers in the subwoofer wow from my lunch, pail yeah, if you put stuff over there. So if you can't, if you want to cook, you know, make some coffee before you get to your destination, you just poke in there and put the thing who makes coffee in there. Well, if you have the kitchen right there, i don't know how that works.

We'll make it work and go and swipe up cool and let's go ahead and hit uh. Let's go so first thing on this screen here: uh we'll do the bluetooth in just a moment and then uh over here on this side, they're going to tap the next icon down. It's going to be your spotify! If you guys have your own spotify account, but if you do want to do that when you're getting on the freeway, you can always change it to sport mode now go ahead and hit lower right height, so you can actually see you'll be able to see the Car adjusting its rider - oh look at that. I'm gon na get on the freeway with you guys, okay and um i'll show you guys when we're gon na be able to shoot back down.

So let's make a left here. This region is killing me, oh yeah, and then at the stop, sign we're going to make a right. There's somebody behind me, so many g-forces, only black out did everybody order. These uh sport 22 wheels uh, surprisingly, not as much oh.

I saw there's a lot of terrain. We have a lot of all-terrain tires: oh okay, yeah. So that means because they want to go off-roading. I was like come on.

We're never gon na go off-roading. This thing like um, like i got mine, was i just. Did the standard street tires okay, uh? Just because i was like i. If i plan to go off-roading, i wan na buy my own set of tires.

Okay, i was telling her just last night. I found out what the what the launch edition had and it was like, oh yeah and you get the sport wheels without any extra like expense right and then she's like well. They weren't free you paid for them. Yeah, there's, no, there's nothing free.

But oh there is that sound all right, so this is the first drive on the new rivian r1t uh. It's a bit overwhelming, there's a lot of stuff going on here. But of course this is my first time driving it's uh. You know it's to be expected, but the thing the little self-driving mode uh driver plus, i think it's called something - that's uh very, very helpful because it lets me just like not have to pay 100 attention to everything right.

It's very much like the tesla one. It just it reminds you every once in a while. You have to put your your hands, keep your hands on the wheel, but it turns for you. It keeps the top speed right here and it'll.

Just follow the car in front. It'll turn it'll break. If some someone cuts you off kind of thing uh, but yeah, it's like this screen right here has a lot of stuff happening. This screen right here, okay, so there's a thing.

That's telling me to keep my eyes! Why why? I don't know it made me turn off the assist for some reason, not sure why, let's see if i can put it on again, yeah okay, did you do it yeah it did it again for some reason it made me turn it off. So there we go. Our brand new truck pretty exciting. This is a nice truck, i'm not really a truck guy but uh.

You know it's nice you're up high super fancy, it's got air suspension and it's got all the bells and whistles and check this out. It just takes off. I mean this thing is powerful, crazy, powerful. Look at this thing.

Oh it's kind of metallic. Oh, is there a thing there there's like a ding, so that's the noise that it makes as the pedestrian safety sound. So the paint is not perfect. There's quite a bit of this orange peel throughout the side of the vehicle.

You see it right here. You see how see how it is right there yeah. You know this is close to a hundred thousand dollar vehicle, and now it's a brand new company there's still figure. Now.

This is within the first thousand cars that has been delivered to customers to like public. So you know, there's there's getting there's gon na be some issues here. They will get better, i'm sure so you can use the handle to pull it out, but you can also use it to close the door right. It won't shut like you can't push it down.

You can use it to push it in. That's what i mean like you, don't have to grab the door like. You could usually literally use the handle to close it push it from there yeah. It's like sturdy enough that you can push it.

That's pretty cool open! The door and then close it yeah, okay, stomp on it. Here's the first charging session man that light is bright. Does that just keep doing that all night or like the entire charge? No right, that's a pretty crazy charging light! It's like calling for attention! Hey! Look at me all right, so our truck is here uh. You know i just bought this truck just so that i can make reviews right, because i am like i mentioned - i'm within the first thousand people from the general public that have them.

There was about almost a thousand of these that were sold to employees of the company yeah. It's uh. I think the bin number is like less than two thousand um, and so what happens is there's a bunch of questions like uh how it is to live with? One of these right uh, i ordered it with like camping with a tent or whatever, because this is like an off-roading truck for like outdoor living and stuff, but at the time of delivery, the the tent was not ready, and so they they didn't deliver it right. So i have ordered another one like a third party camping, and so i might be able to install this uh this week, because we have a a camping trip planned that we had planned this uh from a long time ago.

Whether the river was here now. It was gon na happen right, but since we have the region uh, so we're gon na try to camp uh death valley, which is a very remote area, and so i'm gon na be making a bunch of videos on what it is to try to live with. This truck and try to do the thing that it was designed for to go and outdoor adventures right, and so one of the big questions is charging right. So we as tesla owners, also know that the tesla charging network is bulletproof.

There are a bunch of chargers. All over the place and they usually work and stuff. This is a different thing. Now, there's a bunch of different networks that you have to, i think make accounts or you can make one account through rivian.

I think that will merge all those. Those are all a bunch of those details that we don't know right. The other thing is that they're not as reliable, sometimes they're broken. You know, there's less stables, usually uh or or stance or actually stations, charging stations per per location kind of thing.

So all that stuff right um, i'm going gon na make a bunch of videos about this truck uh and the little quirks and the features and the whole thing right so stay tuned for that. If you're interested in this truck all right, thank you for watching this video we'll see you in the next one bye. That's a pretty crazy charging light!.

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