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All right, so here is one downside to this emporia uh evse. It charges our rivian grade right at a full speed, but it does this when they're trying to charge my diy car. So, whatever reason that thing is not giving it the the right signal, let me turn this off uh, and this i mean i pretty much been able to charge on everything every um charging station that i put on in here. Pretty much has worked except now for this one, so there's something weird here right.

So i've now connected the tesla uh with the adapter right j1772 to tesla and it seems like it's charging yep. It's got the little green thing charging there. If you look in the car two hours and 20 minutes charging time all right, so here we go uh it's the morning and we've charged this guy because we have a trip today and let's go check out if it's fully charged already oh perfect example see so 283 miles it's charging 11 kilowatt, it ends in one hour and 33 minutes, so it wasn't able to fully charge, and this is a perfect example. Why uh we needed to have that super fast charger in your garage last night.

This thing was at like 30 state of charge and um, and then we plugged it in before we went to bed and we're like well, hopefully it's fully charged. You know with the tesla. We never have that, like within four hours five hours, it would have been fine, it would have been fully charged and then you're ready to go. But this one because the battery's so big right.

You need like eight hours, nine hours, uh, maybe 10 hours, sometimes right. Depending how depleted, if you have a completely depleted battery just because you forgot to charge it or you just run around town, you don't charge every day, then uh yeah, it's going to be 10 plus hours to charge. So that's why you need that charger. You need to have the ability to charge at full speeds right at 11, k1 hours just so that you can have a fully charged truck in the morning.

So you can do everything you need to do without having a fast charge on the road um. You know. Yeah, if you're within that's possible, right uh, but in this case by the way and a lot of people say like no, you shouldn't, you should charge slower and you can it's just if, like what i'm saying is you need to have the ability to charge a Full at 48 amps, you don't have to charge the 48. You can set it to charge slower right if you're charging every day, you're plugging it every day.

You don't have to put it at 48. It doesn't damage the battery any you know, that's that's really slow. Compared to fast charging, the fast charging is the stuff that might degrade the battery quicker right. So you can charge it really slow.

You can set the speed, but you need to at least have the rivian charging station avsc right. That can do the 11 and a half kilowatt, or this aftermarket station or whatever evsc, that i got that charges at 11 kilowatt hours all right, we're about to do 2022.15.0 update. Here we go so i mean update now it says it's going to take about 75 minutes, which is a long time. Vehicle must be parked stored, which access, locking and security features might be interrupted during install, so the car basically is not going to work during the install, so you got ta prepare for that update now.

Now it gives you two minutes now. It's charging and it's fairly low, uh 15. I think charge yeah 19 60 miles um. I don't know if it's gon na like that or not.

Let's just start it, let's jump into it. Oh and then it just goes dark and i think that's it. It's gon na be dark. I guess i'll have to now wait until it's installed and it reboots and come back all right.

So now it has finished, and here are the versions that, like the here's, what we got with the new update details, new garage door, opener control, garage door opener with the button here new exterior light settings. You cannot control certain external lag bar and then neo-automatic high beams. Look at that, okay, so this then connect then garages at a garage before you get started. Have your garage door remote in hand parking near your garage, but not under the door depending on your garage door opener.

You may also need access to the installed hardware unit in your garage, a partner to help uh i'll just put this as home. Next, let's get started pairing your garage door, remote with your vehicle press and hold the button on your remote while continuing to hold a button tap here all right. So now i have paired it remote signal receive. You can release the button now, okay got it next! Your garage door will need to receive several signals from your vehicle.

You'll need to complete this step quickly, so it might be helpful to have a partner, got it press or press and hold the learn button on your garage door. Opener, when the led light turns on your 30 seconds will start then tap and send signal button below you'll need to do this three times your garage door. Opener can save it. I just press that, and it's blinking and i have 30 seconds to click on the thing.

Okay, okay, here we go, oh done all right! Look at that! It's making the garage door open now; okay, so i'm done now. So how do you get okay so there? It is okay, so it's right here on the very top, so let's say you're going home boom there we go. It works all right. So the next thing is the exterior lights, interactive lighting.

So if we turn it on, oh look at that light bars react when you lock or unlock. This is a feature that was very annoying because they would interact with the car like at night when we would get up to go to the restroom, for example, and the restrooms in the front of the house which is close to the to the car. So then, in the middle of the night at three in the morning, if we went to the restroom, then you know the lights will shine up and they're really bright and you could see them on the window and it would make the whole noise and stuff, and So eventually you just have to like turn them off, because it was getting too annoying right. So here is now you can turn it on lights.

Bar light bars when charging right, uh light bars, will pulse green when charging stay green at full charge and turn off. When par there we go entry lights, come passes, light the ground when you open doors, guide lights lights, to help. You find your way at night, 30 seconds two minute charge port light when locked so now charge port light when locked on or off. What is that? Okay, okay, so it's just a tiny bit more, so you can turn on and off to ground when you open the doors.

Well, it's still kind of the same thing. Let's see it's a bit more controlled, okay, so obviously these cars are electric and that's the charging port see there's another one over there, so those pads. So it's charging right now and then once the thing goes on then it'll discharge. Oh, yes, look at the floor.

Like it has all these tire marks well yeah because they are tires, they're riding on tires, see them they're, those little ones. Oh my god, wow.

4 thoughts on “Why 48a charger is important – rivian over the air update”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Detroit Micro Sound says:

    Your OG bus, will always be cooler than those.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Bennett says:


  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DKL Vehículos Eléctricos DKL says:

    How many KW on that truck?
    Did you need a new and dedicated power line only for the charger??
    Nice truck 👍

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lee Johnson says:

    I wonder how many amps you’re pulling on the 240 V side? I remember you said it’s a 60 amp breaker.

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