Right today's video is gon na be on this battery. Here we got some of these batteries uh more than a hundred of them, and they are supposed to be unused, but obviously not all of them. This one in particular here has a little bit of sign of wear like that. That pin there seems to be burned up right and it's got some little scuffs uh.

They have scratches and stuff, but they are, for the most part seem to be unused uh. They don't uh like like we made this mark because they were wrapped in cell fade, so we had to cut them open and we just did it quickly and we just kind of marked them. So if you see a mark on yours, it's because we did it while we're trying to open them um. I don't know anything about this other than what's written in the thing here right.

So here's a model number seems to be a 48 volt battery 672 watt hours 14 amp hours right and then, when i look on the internet, i oh this is all i could find right here. Basically, it seems to be a 328 dollar battery uh. This is an dh gate right, so i don't know this is a replacement. I think this is the original one.

So maybe this one has better cells than what comes in here, the 300 right. So maybe this is a a higher price. This is probably worth more money than that, but we're selling our website for way less than that right, 150 to 149 dollars. I think that's what we have in there um.

I want to take this apart, just to see what's inside what kind of cells, because i'm just interested and see - and i think maybe you would be interested in seeing what's inside, if you're thinking about buying one of these right. So let's take this apart. What's in here, okay, so this light comes on and when you check on the thing here, uh negative and positive, you get 32 volts over here. I don't know what the other ones a and b, but we should check that out see what's in there.

So, let's i'm just going to take these screws off well, it seems like this cable was loose inside. So maybe that's the reason i mean i guess i could have cut it up right now, but maybe that's the reason why um this battery is here, maybe because it had something like this done right, because this one's obviously used so for some reason the customer doesn't Have it now this the thing about these batteries is that they have all this nonsense all this rubber silicon, so you can keep them watertight, so i'm gon na have to remove all that to remove it. These things kind of suck this e-bike batteries because they're glued in there with like uh silicon right, that's to make them, i think, watertight and so they're really hard to work on and service like. I would have to kind of get something and push it out of there.

I'm probably gon na end up damaging but anyways. What i wanted to look at is the cells and that's what i was interesting. So these have samsung inr, 18650 30-35 ease and those are pretty good cells. Um! That's how they can get this much right: 600, half a kilowatt hour worth of energy in this tiny little battery.

That's crazy! Think about that! That's got 200 kilowatt hours or 200 watt hours more than that over there, which seems to be bigger right, and this is a higher voltage um, and so it seems like maybe i'd sacrifice, one that wasn't unused, because it's got this thing in here, but all the Other ones that we have on there i mean, i know, there's probably some other ones that have nicks and things and maybe some signs of being used. But for the most part we were told these were on use and uh. You know, hopefully you get lucky and get some some that are good and stuff and you can use them for an e-bike all right. So another question was rising.

Is how much power can these put out, and i mean there's many ways to find that out, but one quick way is just to try it out. So i took this because i don't have this connector here and that's messed up. Anyways um, i just redid, put xd 60s on here to charge it and to discharge it. The two wires that are left over are the center ones, which i they seem to be data, and i don't know how the original e-bike uses that.

But for now, let's just hope that it doesn't need that information to turn on the bms. So i'm charging at 2.3 amps right now. In fact, let's raise that up and see where it will quit so four: five amps okay, so you can definitely charge at five amps continuously through these. Can you do.

I know that our website says eight amps, that's because that's the info that we found and we put it in there. So let's try it six amps, seven amps, eight amps okay, so there is charging at eight amps. Okay. Let's leave that for a little while see what happens if nothing happens, nothing overheats if the bms doesn't quit.

That means that you can charge continuously at 8 amps all right, so it seems like i can't i'm not able to get any power out of the output right. It seems that maybe it does need two things could be happening here. This battery pack is damaged or um, or it needs some kind of signal with these two wires from the bike controller right. If anybody out there has info on on how this works, because this behaves the same as all the other ones in the pile over there right, and so when you put a multimeter here, you can measure about 42 volts, which is really low.

But when you actually put any load like a real load, even like this meter here, it just doesn't do anything like here right. I just connected it, and this just doesn't power. So if you have any info as to what these batteries need to be able to turn the uh bms on, do let us know post it in the comments, then this video, so that uh people could use them so for right now, maybe uh the easiest way To do to do with these is just to use them in the original and intended purpose right with the e-bike that these were designed for uh. And then, if you want to do like a diy one or something, then you know you're gon na have to stick with the 34 uh 36 amp hour or 36 volt.

You know 461 hour r5s that we have available. That might be the way to go to diy stuff or, if you're smart enough, and can figure this out and figure out how to turn these on then um because look, they do have the light on, so they they are charged. Now after we charged it. So anyways, i hope to i - was hoping that i was going to be more useful and give you more info to be able to use these, but i'm kind of stumped on this one right, and this is kind of out of my league here i don't do A lot of e-bike stuff, but we're starting to get some e-bike batteries.

So that's why we're starting to mess with those in there, but yeah this one, i don't know, seems like it's it's off for one or another reason all right! Thank you for watching this video. If you have info post it in the comments and then you're going gon na be able to help a bunch of people that are gon na, get getting these and stuff right. So we'll see you guys on the next video bye get the salsa to store it. No, no, it's got to be in right, yeah, it has to be in there.

So i wanted to use that storage, hey they're, playing that sun. This grounding. Of course they are your people they're real they're. Not it's not just me all right.

So i'm inside the tent, the brilliant tent in here and uh, it feels pretty nice. Oh, the dog is in here bruce and wayne will be in here, so you just drag your vents to where you want the hair to go. So if i want to move my bed, i just throw it down and then like and look you could be heating and i could be cool. You can turn one vent off one vent on what i don't have to cook.

No, i can cook and you could have a butt warmer on. You could have a cooler on yeah whoa, but the seat yeah. That's the difference right. Let's see this, no, that's your feet, oh and then, and then look at that.

Oh and it's got stages. Also. They do and they have their own screen.

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