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I'm michael bream, with ev west and seven years ago we started our little electric car speed shop, so we could help people make classic cars go faster at the time we were looking around for venues and there wasn't a lot available to electric cars and we came Across pikes peak and they actually had a class and we ended up building the car purpose built for pike's peak. We ran the race in 2012., we ended up setting a record for the fastest street legal electric car to go up the hill. Now the car that michael is talking about is the famous m3 342 horsepower and 850.4 pound-feet of torque a few years later, i sighed. So let's go to the biggest bw show in southern california.

You ready to go. Are you how about you wayne there's our spot underneath this tree here that fielded on my feet, feeling like a clown? Have you guys got around the building or anything yeah? I just took it down here. Dude, let's get a king of the hammers. So here is the 12 volt lithium challenge.

12 volts are generally automotive lead acid batteries, they have been around forever and they are achieved by using six two volt cells inside of a box with two big terminals. They are cheap, they are heavy and they don't. Last very long in energy storage applications now lithium. On the other hand, they are expensive, but they are light small and they last a very long time.

The problem is that the most common type of lithium has an operating cell voltage of 3.7 volts and using three or four cells doesn't quite match the 12 volt standard. So, no matter how many you use, you end up wasting about 30 of the capacity to mismatch voltage. But there is one type of lithium chemistry that operates at a 3.3. Volt nominal and putting four cells in series makes a 12 volt that is compatible with 99 of all the equipment out there designed for lead acid batteries.

I'm here at the eevee show san marcos, california, and here's crystal charging her tesla in the solar trailer. So this is a smart one. It follows the sun: it tracks the sun. It's got tesla batteries in there.

Let's see it's charging, what's it putting in? Oh, my god. It's charging at 32, damn 243 volts, wait what okay, yes, wow! This thing is actually charging. Oh yeah, no way that's cool. Okay, oh look at that.

It just adjusted to follow the sun the sun's there. Now the panels are facing it empty. What's going on here, uh, you want to see what 10 kilowatts looks like a meter. This is a pretty legit uh charging station yeah btc power thanks.

As you know, ev west is not the only place. Turning old gas guzzlers into you know: ultra modern electric clean vehicles. There are other people doing the same thing all over the world, such as the case as conrad and andrew all the way down in australia. These guys are converting cars and they have a bunch of cool projects, vw bugs the car that i used to drive.

As you guys know, classic cars have really really bad breaks. Usually it's because it's all technology right. It's uh drum brakes from the 50s, especially like this one right here right, and so they just don't cut it for modern times, and so what we're gon na do today is we're gon na change that and put disc brakes right here is what we're replacing and We're replacing them with two custom made front hubs: milled out of a billet aluminum right up, one big chunk of aluminum by wagons west out in oregon. Let me tell you it's night and day uh from the original drum breaks that this thing, so you have more power and more effective power.

Plus you have a broader power band yeah, so it's fun because we both have advantages like i've got a weight advantage. It's going to be close, you've got every other advantage, goes to you, but i got a weight advantage and i lost 30 pounds dude. If i win by this much i'll, be like yeah one. Oh, it's muted, okay, again, uh! If you didn't catch that it's because my mic was muted, but i'm back in california.

I want to welcome everyone to this. Uh live stream that we do here. As you know, i spent uh two weeks in new york and i did a live stream. Well, two live streams, one or two.

I don't remember one or two from over there uh and now i'm back here. It feels good to be back home. So let's do another one of these things. What is everyone doing? I'm doing a 20 cell 36 volt pack set up for my blue eddy eb150.

I wonder if that's gon na work, i hope that's gon na work. If it doesn't work, uh do just double up on your batteries because those batteries are kind of wimpy. In fact, i just shot a video today explaining how to use those, because people are posting that the 20 cell batteries are not useful, uh they're. What do they say, they're useless someone said, and i'm like they're, not useless for e-bike.

What are you talking about? All you have to do is know what you're doing double up use two of them, because they uh they don't put out a lot of current. That's the problem right and i explained the video why they don't put a lot of current there's smaller batteries. There's less of them and the way you do it then uh, you add more and then you're able to get the power levels uh where you want them and stuff um, so you're winning already since you're here to learn about batteries. Yes, never heard of hemp battery hurt salt herd sugar, huh yeah hemp batter.

Imagine that tweakers would be uh. Well, not tweakers. What are they? What are the people that like to smoke weed? They call them something else. Right, reefers reapers would be uh trying to eat your batteries.

Imagine that uh nice brakes are important. Use hydraulic disc brakes. Yep i put disc front brakes on my beetle. Uh pause hit some spot wells and be right back someone's building a battery right now i've been doing my own testing on my batteries and i need more battery.

Yes, we all kind of need more battery. Uh, don't forget to hit that like oh yeah, hit that like button, how many likes are we right now 33, we got 70 more to go so hit that like button, so we can do the first giveaway we're as if you're here here for the first time We do these giveaways uh every time we hit 100 likes right, 200, 300, and then we watch a podcast in between there and stuff and then we'll do a giveaway on the members which are these people who have joined our channel uh. We have a few of them here, like mv uh, louis moton. Um you hit yeah, you just you can join, you don't have to join the channel.

Obviously that costs a little bit of money. I think it's like 4.99 uh, but obviously, if two or three of you show up, then you know the odds of winning. The battery are pretty good because i reserve one of these giveaways just for them right. Just to show my appreciation for these people that uh, you know, throw a few bucks my way just for uh, you know just for watching the channel.

Do you still like the delta mini? I do like the delta mini. Why? Why would i not like the delta mini anymore? Did something happen? I am not aware that something happened, but i have it there and i i got ta make a video about it, but i i haven't i'm just i'm just so busy uh, i'm actually here. Only today, i've been here for the last the weekend and i'm actually out uh on my way to sema tomorrow in las vegas. So if you guys are there hit me up, i want to meet up with you guys, because a lot of you guys like batteries and a lot of you guys, like the diy thing, uh, probably a lot of you guys watching this channel like cars, electric cars Right and modding right, hot rodding and stuff, so all that stuff it lives in this realm and that one of the big shows that happens.

It's uh happening today, actually, the first day in las vegas, it's called sema, it's not open to the public. That's the only bad thing, in fact i wasn't. Even i can't even get in i'm only getting in because i know evie west and they you know they have a large crew that is going this year. So you know they had an extra batch or whatever.

So i'm gon na go in there and uh, but uh yeah. If you happen to be there hit me up, send me uh a comment or an email or a message: uh, probably an email be better because i don't. I gets comments and messages everywhere. I don't read them all.

I just can't, but yeah send me an email, and then uh. Hopefully i can read it and you know we can meet you guys. Lewis, moton says resistance is futile. Let the force flow around you.

There. You go he's been watching star wars recently, anyone hacked the bosch bms so can't resell their batteries uh. I wonder which bosch you're talking about just a regular bosch like drills and stuff, or what do you ever worry about? Emp protection for solar and diy solar power? Um, i don't you know, but i do talk about it from time to time. I think it's one of these things that most people don't know what like a solar flare, for example, the damage that is gon na happen and how it's gon na ruin all our modern, contraptions and stuff right um.

I think it's interesting to think about this stuff. It's going to happen, it's just. We don't know when right, but the likelihoods that having it are quite quite high, actually so uh. I don't know how to protect against an emp thing right.

I know there are ways to do it, but i just haven't looked into it. It'd be an interesting concept and conversation. I guess to have. Maybe for a podcast uh, i said screw the milk crate.

I had plastic sack, uh they're in an rc charger board and gang them together, not to get 36 volts inverter building a mini power box 12 volts. While watching here. Oh there you go, are you going uh, 4s, lithium or phosphate, or are you using lithium ion batteries? The booby trap the new power 2 bms. If power's cut, i came to see if the humping dogs are back yet no, i should get them back.

My poor dogs are at home alone right now. We we now we leave them alone every day for a few hours, and i feel bad for doing that to them because they're not used to it. You know my parents used to live with me at my old place, and so there was always someone home with them, but now you know i leave to come here. My wife leaves to go to work for a few hours and so yeah they get to spend some time alone, which is not cool for them, but you never know uh.

Let's see, how is the split doing this please doing good? The split is gon na be at the holley event. If you were watching it from the very beginning, the holly has a high voltage event. That's going to happen at sonoma in two weeks. When is it when's the date uh? Let's see the 19 the 13th? Oh, my god, it's next week, so not this weekend, but the weekend after 13 and 14 and sonoma.

So if you're anywhere in the bay area get your tickets, go to sonoma, uh and they're we're gon na, be there we're going to take the bus out there and we're going to be there along with, i think, rich rebuilt is going to be there and a Bunch of other people, um yeah, it's going to be pretty cool. I think i haven't taken the bus to a to an electric car show in a long time, so i'm gon na miss the same show but hoping to get out of the race. Wait next saturday to see what you're doing down there uh i want a triple-a battery. Can i win bosch? E-Bikes use can bus that battery won't even turn on without that data signal every 200 milliseconds what okay? So it's very similar to those e-bike batteries that we were using the okay 200 right, so obviously there's a way to to spoof that, like we did right and by the way, i'm not taking cred for that.

Someone else figured that out. We just kind of because i had the most amount of those i had literally had like 8 000 of those batteries at one point, and so i was like great - we can use these without taking them apart without ha. You know we would just spoof them and we did so i'm sure the problem is that probably there's, probably not enough of this bosch to to you know make it worth it for someone to look and spend time. Uh spoofing those.

But if there is, you can rest assured that we will we will hack them. We will figure it away if there's enough of them right. Uh, there are bags that you can put small devices and protect against emp could also do fairly cage for larger things. Yup there you go, they sell some decent emp, lightning protection device for your mains, oh really, huh, any new battery packs, uh, ah new battery pack.

No a lot of the old stuff is coming back in stock. We're supposed to get a shipment today, but it didn't happen - and i don't know what's gon na happen this week because i'm gone the rest of the week, so hmm yeah, but some uh for those of you, lithium iron phosphate. 8S. Remember we had some sony modules that we were getting for a while some of those are going to come back again.

I don't know how many uh i don't know when, probably next week, sometime when i'm back and then yeah. So those are, those are cool because you can do 24 volts. You know lithium-ion phosphate and i think a lot of you guys like those they used to sell like crazy um. Let's see hello, 24 volt power generator interest, um yeah uh.

What are we doing here? What are we checking out by the way? How was new york new york was pretty good. I liked it, but it's weird to be away from home and in a new place. I don't think new york's for me, like you know, to live it's. It was kind of weird it's i always got like.

The city is great. I like the city because it's got a lot of like energy there's a lot of things happen. There's a lot of people there's you know. There's a lot of life happening there.

Um i've always experienced it just in short, bursts. You know like a week at most, but this time i wasn't in the city i was on the outskirts. I was in long island and you know like the summer life of new york. You know i got a taste of it and i'm like i don't know if i like this, it's okay for two weeks, but after that you know, and then it started getting cold and i was out of there.

I'm i'm happy to be out of the the cold weather i don't like cold weather so but yeah like the city, i love one day. You know it's gon na be uh. I'm happy that i can go back and visit and visit. My friends in the city are you going to lecture or show some displays? No, i i didn't sign up for any of that stuff um, i'm just going to be there and hang out outside uh and my bus is going to be there uh yeah.

That's that's! As far as i sign up to do for this show um, let's see e-bike vision, make third-party batteries for bosch, but don't ship to uk and make their own bms thousand euro for 70 550 watts wow. I have 520 cell 36 volts 7.5. I'm connected to the adjustable dc power voltage and it charge at the right voltage. Yeah.

Do you have any more es4 scooters? I do have more coming in the next truckload um, probably about 100 of them coming in. I just don't know the date of the of that shipment, i'm putting together like a shopping list. Oh we kind of have to do it sooner rather than later. Black friday is coming up.

Good thing, you remind me so yeah. I might bug my supplier to get that truck shipped out, maybe this week, so i have to put a shopping list. Basically all the things that i want. It's like.

We have this type of batteries, those types of batteries. I know i'm gon na get some grit tie inverters like those big ones that we used to sell back in the day. We, i think, i'm going to try and get 12 uh. What is it? 4S.

Lithium-Ion phosphate packs those two ones that we got six months ago and then you guys just bought them all like within four days. We're gon na get more of those um we're gon na try. I'm gon na try and get some of these 40 to 13. S14S.

15S - i don't remember their. I think there might be 15 - that's 50, like 52 volt e-bike batteries. They have some of those and i'm going to try to get some of those in here um i'm going to try to get more wheels for e-bike wheels because we ran out all those for a while. You guys bought all thousand of them that i got um.

What else are we getting um there's a few more things, but yeah. Definitely i'm trying to get all that stuff in here before black friday, so that we can. We can offer all this stuff any news from new york adventures. No, i put a little video.

It was just it's kind of boring. I can't really talk about the tv show and the thing, but you know it's okay, i think it's gon na. Hopefully it's gon na turn into a good thing and i'm gon na be proud of being part of that. Uh adventure and then i'm gon na, like you know, then when it when it airs, that's the problem about these productions they take forever.

So i probably you guys probably don't want to hear anything about this production for six months or seven, eight months or something and then one day in the future, it's gon na be like. I remember that time. Okay, here it is uh that kind of sucks. I, like uh, you know immediate gratification.

You know just saw calling. First, electric motor conversion sounds interesting to motor lithium batteries. Yeah, he kind of needs to see he needs lithium batteries instead of those lead acid that he used. I kind of commented there, but it's kind of long shot.

I think he's in the uk. I can't even ship any batteries to him and even if he did right but uh, definitely somebody in the uk probably should reach out to him and get something to him. That it's better than what he's got! You know that it actually is not that bad to use the lead acid batteries on that thing, because he's going to use it once on out every two weeks or something, and it's got all the time in the world to charge it and it could charge slow And it could keep it charged the entire time, because lithium lead acid batteries do that and he i think he probably needs the weight for the so that the cutter does the thing i'm like. I might let us it might be.

Okay, it's, like probably a uh lawnmower, probably not a case. You know one of those cases that you need the latest technology, so i think he's probably fine, which is fine. I can't say that often about anything, i'm like. Oh everything needs lithium-ion batteries, they're, probably better.

You know, but maybe not in this one case, um used to know a puerto rican chick from the bronx had great weekends in new york. There you go. Do you ever think of opening a second facility? Ah, no, i can barely handle this one. I i'm reluctant.

I reluctantly opened this facility because i wanted to spend more time making videos and learning to promote. You know developing my promotion skills, but the problem is that i couldn't really make enough money doing that at the level that i am at, and so that's why i had to okay. Take a little break from promotion set up this build this. You know this this.

This business from the ground up get a warehouse, get inventory, you know, put up a website, do the whole thing and that took a long time almost took like eight months or something that's why my videos are sucking and my channel is not doing as great right Now i'm putting videos but they're, not getting a ton of views like i used to, because i took quite a bit of time off right, so i don't want to open another facility. I don't this is not the thing that i want to be doing. I don't want to have a huge amount of like employees and i it's it's a great way to make money, but it takes a lot of your time. You know - and i haven't maybe one day i'll - be able to just like hand it off to someone else and they can run that side of the business and then i can dedicate a thing.

But right now it's i don't know how to do that by the way i just i never done it so here's my you know this is going to be my attempt, but yeah before i can do that. I need to kind of figure this one out. You know um yeah, and this is probably about as big as i want to get for right now. I have like very you know.

I don't want to get like. That's not like my mission in life. For me, it's not like to get rich. You know.

I just want to be able to get a house for my wife paid off. I want to be able to get my buses, you know my bus fleet off the ground and have that as a side business, maybe by then i'll. My interest will go somewhere else and i'll try something else, but right now those are my two main goals and by the way those are gon na take quite a bit. That's like two three million dollars that i need to get that done so yeah.

You know. I'm saying i don't want to get rich, but i need like two three million dollars to get. You know my plants off the ground here uh for some people watching this they might be like well yeah you're trying to get rich uh. I guess right: it depends where you're at it depends.

What uh depends on your perspective, which you're looking at this but yeah, i'm not trying to grow this company huge, and you know so i can become a multi-billion billionaire. You know like elon musk or that that's not my that's not what drives it was not. What gets me off uh out of the bed every morning, so um lead is the best shield to emp there. You go see his lawnmower.

It's already emp proof because he's got a bunch of lead acid batteries. Uh. I was looking to build an e-bike and the 36-volt packs that you sell that are not a weak. Do you need to add a connectors to use them and charge them uh? I don't know which ones guillermo um, the 36 full packs that you sell, that are not awake.

I i don't know which ones i know that we're selling we're selling so many so you'd have to specify which ones are talking about. I do know that we're selling some okay packs now that are missing connectors that are maybe like, have some damage on the side. Yeah we got to the bottom of the bin, you know, and all the ones that had issues we left them at the bottom. Now we're starting to sell those and and at a discount price uh, but they're yeah, but you'll have to figure some things out.

I don't know what it is and they're all different. You know that sort of stuff, if those are the ones you're talking about. Maybe yes, you'll have to put connectors in some of them, not all of them. Some connectors are damaged.

Some connectors are completely cut. Some you know um, let's see where are we at with the likes 87 likes come on guys? Let's go: let's hit that like button and we'll do the first giveaway um in the uk, we can't get it even from the eu. They just won't post it. Oh, is that because of wreck brexit or has that always been the case? Is that anything i don't know it's it's a problem.

Yeah shipping batteries are a problem just to to begin with, but shipping internationally has been a problem for the last couple years. That's why i don't do it. I used to ship internationally and it was okay, but then it was just too much problem. Too many packages were getting lost.

We were losing a bunch of money, we were getting like unhappy customers, i'm like. Why am i doing this? You know, that's not what i want to do, and so i just just quit shipping it and actually all together and it sucks, because a lot of you guys are watching from abroad, and i want to be able to help you build stuff. But it's just it's. Just too hard it's so much trouble, it's not worth the you know the trouble um lithium, all the things.

How long is it going to take the summer to get to sonoma? Look well we're towing it there we don't have. We don't have the time that it requires to ship or to drive a car. The other thing is like my bus is not to the point now where you can drive it like a modern car. It's got a lot of play and the thing you know i i drive it about a hundred miles and then it's just very you get tired because you it's not like the tesla, where you, you know, click the thing and then you're on open road and you're Tweeting and you're talking to whoever's in the car, you know it's like the the classic car like that, like the bw bus, especially the one.

That's in my condition, like in the sama right, like it's you're, like 100, committed to driving this thing because you're like trying to keep it in between the lines you know so it gets tiresome. You know, after about an hour or two hours, that's all you got you know, and so and then you got to sit around and charge for a long time, because this thing doesn't have fast charging capabilities. Yeah. Definitely we're not gon na we're gon na drive it up there we're just gon na tow it up.

There uh nothing wrong with trying to get rich uh yeah. It's just you know it's just not my thing, uh too, better to specialize than one thing or a few, not the entire conversion. Okay, let's see where are we at ten more likes order from china and if it's wrong, try and send it back that worked here? Just stuck with whatever they said that pretty much i've ordered many things from china and i get completely different, i'm like well, there goes my money, because what are you gon na do? Uh? Let's see three likes away. Oh a hundred likes.

We just reach a hundred. Look at that, i'm i'm late to look at the thing. 104.. All right! Let's do the first giveaway.

Let's do the thing here. The first giveaway is gon na be from the thing remember. You got to be in the united states and um, because i can't the united states - oh my god, because i can't ship outside united states uh. All you have to do is go and make an account.

If i call your name, you just go to go to make an account. Then you email us at support jack 35 that you're the winner and you know i think my guys asked for some kind of proof. Like a, i don't know, maybe like a screen capture than your name and then matches your name on your channel or whatever and then uh yeah and then we'll just ship. One put one in your cart.

Send it out. That's the easiest way that we've found to do these because you leave it up to me. I forget and weeks go by and then people are like hey where's, my winning battery so anyways. Here we go random.

Random boom right here, pin message: it takes forever wow. He can't wait. He's not okay, we're gon na have to do that, one again because he's in ia. I just read it sorry, i you know uh.

We have to figure out something to give to these people whenever that's the case, because it's not their fault they're, not in the united states. I get it. I get that, but as of right now, i just can't send anything to ia or to the uk or to any anywhere outside the united states. Okay, here we go.

Let's do another. One boom come on, pin message elias, except, i think green and andy ain't doing business anymore. There we go elias um if you're in the united states. You just want a battery uh, send us an email and then go to the website and then do the thing.

All right, let's play this podcast. I think today we're talking with an author and he's talking he's written many books about different subjects, but i think a lot of them were like kind of conspiracy theories and he's proven some of them right by the way. So, if you're into conspiracy theories, skepticisms are always are always interesting to me. I i spend quite a bit of time thinking about those but anyways uh.

We had him uh in a podcast a little while ago. Now we want to watch it and then, after that i'll come back. If we hit the 200 likes or 300 likes and we'll give those giveaways there, then we'll also do one for the um, the members of the channel, there's quite a bit of here like frank and derrer and mv, there's probably more. If you want to be a member, you just click the join button and the thing and then we'll do a giveaway of the 30 cell battery uh giveaway.

For that one all right: okay, let's play the podcast and then we'll come back after that. Edwin welcome to the jehovah garcia podcast. You are a researcher uh, a writer right, you're, a prolific writer you've written more than 200 titles. It's 200 editions, oh 200, editions; okay, so uh it's about 12 books, okay, okay, some of them are in um, 20 or 30.

Editions like edwin welcome to the jehu garcia podcast. You are a researcher uh, a writer right, you're, a prolific writer. Have you written more than 200 titles. It's 200 editions, oh 200, editions.

Okay! So uh it's about 12 books, okay, okay! Some of them are in um. 20 or 30 editions like ibm and the holocaust is in japanese, chinese, ah, okay, many other countries, so each of those is additions and it's about uh, not quite two million copies in print wow. That's quite a bit: yeah yeah! How long have you been doing this, for? When did you start writing 50 years ago 50 years ago? Yes, so he i'm i'm glad to be talking to you, an author, because let me set it back a little bit. I am, i primarily a youtuber right.

I uh i'm a tinkerer, i like to learn things here. I grew up wanting to be a filmmaker, but then i uh started doing this technical stuff. You know like my interests and, and then people started getting um inspired by that, and so they started asking me how how they could learn. What i'm doing you know, and i thought well, i don't know you just do it.

I mean that's how i learned. I'm just doing it you know and that people think that's a weird answer: they're like no. No, no is it there a book. Is there a course that you can take in this subject matter that you're? Did you now you're? You know you know becoming an expert or whatever, and i'm like.

I don't think so. No, so eventually enough people were watching and stuff that a few people wrote books using some of my research as as a base for it right and they would send those copies to me and one guy. In particular, i got the book and i was like. Oh, my god, this guy, it's everything that i'm doing everything that i'm discovering it's right here in this book, i'm like wow.

This is great. So then i started um recommending that book to people and to my viewers and next thing i know i'm selling thousands of books. You know through affiliates on amazon, right and so and then i started thinking like. Ah, i should probably write a book, but the the task seems daunting to me.

I'm like wait a minute like it's. Just not just anybody writes a book like you know and like how does how does this work so now that you're here i'm like? How does one go about writing a book because it seems like you have to be well versed in a subject right, so it means that, like there's a ton of research that you have to do to to to write a book right, let me give you the Advice that i commonly give to the many people who ask me how to become an author and how to be a writer and how to write a book? Okay, don't do it, don't do it! Okay, all right uh! It is um uh. First of all, there's uh! No money in uh writing books. Unless your name is jeff really jeff's.

Well, we can always change that name. I mean no jeff, but jeff. Okay, jeff bezos! Oh well! That's true! Yes! Yes, okay! So to write a book, you need to be uh. You need to master your topic generally, 99 of what you know is left out of the book that you're writing.

Your book must be timely and timeless the books that i'm writing now will be discussed for the rest of my life and the books that i wrote in the 1980s and 1990s have been discussed every day of my life since then. The the topic of the book that we're discussing today, which is internal combustion, is one that i wrote in 2006, so it's 17 years ago. So when you write a book, you have to be able to eternally defend what you have written for its accuracy and precision. You have to be able to do so at a moment's notice and uh.

You need to make a difference in an indifferent world, and if you start with that, then you have the ingredients necessary to approach a topic, but um there's a great deal of sacrifice. It's the only reward is knowledge, integrity and um, and the um and and the satisfaction that you are changing the world for for the better by providing in information or illumination. Yes, yeah so see. I i guess i i share a little bit of your view, because when i look at writing a book, i'm like wait a minute.

This is this is not you can't just like write a book like? Oh, i think i know what i'm talking about and then just write it right. Uh. I think, there's a lot of people, probably that do write like that. But that's probably not what i wanted to do right and i thought like listen, listen, typing and writing are two different things: yeah, okay and again, just because you have a piano, doesn't mean you're, a concert pianist so um the uh, the ability to write to public To publish the ability to have your stuff yourself cross cross-examined: these are talents that have to become skills and they're not recommended.

So anyone can get a book published these days. You can vanity press. Anyone can do a youtube. I suppose you can make a youtube.

Even i have a youtube now and uh, but but as far as publishing goes it's deadly serious you're not allowed to make a mistake, and if and if you make a mistake, it can be very costly and as far as i'm concerned, there's no saying i'm sorry In publishing wow, yeah yeah and there's no money right, i did see the the amazon thing where amazon has been very aggressive towards publishing houses. They've been kind of putting a lot of people out of business in a lot of uh in a lot of markets and well, let me deal with a topic. That's close to you. I've done investigations of general motors i've accused of corporate criminality, genocide, uh, being traitors to this country, arming the nazis, i've um, i've, i've investigated honda for subverting cng cars and subverting the the home refuellers.

I have exposed ford for its association with the nazis with adolf hitler and that's just on the automotive side. I've also exposed the carnegie institution for its involvement in genocide in the united states. The rockefeller found foundation for uh, similar uh uh, grievous activities. So when you write this stuff, you have to be bulletproof yeah and i'm happy to say i'm over 50., oh okay, yeah 50 years, no retractions, no corrections, no requests for corrections; okay, yeah, because so you're you're throwing shade at some very powerful entities there so that That don't forget, ibm, yes, which organized the holocaust, all all six phases of of the holocaust, and i assure you tomorrow morning the lawyers of ibm and honda and general motors and ford are not going to call you and say uh.

Why did you say that? Why did you say any of that? Yes, what's the question wow, that's crazy! Okay! Well, yeah! So let's talk about uh, the one subject or the one book that you wrote about the internal combustion right and and the story about these companies. Well, you know this company's. Not doing the right thing and a lot of times, um yeah. How did you get interested in this in that subject? I've done a lot of human rights, i've done holocaust, i've done genocide, and so i tried to get off of that topic and every time i tried to get off of that topic onto something uh of uh of import.

I found it was taking me right back to that topic. I decided to deal with uh oil, addiction and iraq, and what did i do? I found out that iraq was uh very important in world war ii. They had been a nexus of relationship with the third reich they were involved in in the holocaust. I tried to get to eugenics, which was the attempt to um uh wipe out 90 of the american population in favor of a white blonde blue eyed, anglo-saxon or nordic uh superior race.

When i that came right back to the holocaust that came right back to genocide. I went into oil oil addiction. I found that oil addiction has intersected genocide and oppression, uh oil fuel energy uh throughout the sun throughout the centuries, and revealed to me what um had been done in the realm of batteries uh in terms of um illicit batteries, uh fake batteries, corporate production by the People of corporate corruption by the um entities that were creating the batteries and, of course, general motors. It was then that i realized that, while general motors was um uh committing grievous um uh uh undermining of american mass transit, they were motorizing, the third reich for the invasion of europe, and not only did they build the blitz truck for the blitzkrieg.

They also helped make the ju-88 bombers, the panzer tanks, the torpedoes and the land mines. This is one of america's greatest core corporations and of course, the same thing happened with uh with uh with henry ford, so i always try to expand my portfolio, but the intersections kept coming back and it always came to human rights. Now i suppose, if i were a gear head, i could only be concerned with cylinder ratios and uh and compressions, but i'm going to leave that to you. Yes, wow yeah yeah, so i mean it's.

It is amazing that so much of our modern world has ties back to that right. The world war ii was like 65 years ago, 70 years ago. Now. What is it like? Something like that right and yeah? It's still all ties.

You know it's weird, i'm driving a car, an electric car, and it's i mean it's - that's literally the nazi car right there. It's such a weird thing like that was commissioned by hitler himself. You know so he uh he uh tried to create the people's car. The volkswagen uh, but he never got it off the ground um.

The most popular car in germany was the opal which was secretly um controlled by general motors um, okay yeah. So then he gave this to porsche right and then they developed it and right by that time, world war ii was over by by by the time uh the car had had been uh proliferated, yeah, it was over, but of course they did have prototypes going back To the to the hitler era, one of the things you must understand is that the third reich, the germans were not motorized, so they had all these fancy german cars, but they were museum pieces. They were made one at a time in order for them to move to mass production. They needed the american secrets of mass production that were held by henry ford and uh and general motors.

So that's what they did. They um these companies came to to the nazis and offered to motorize them and remember no holocaust on horseback, no invasion, no invasion of uh uh europe on horse on on on horseback. So once they mass-produced all of these vehicles for the nazis, they needed to build something called the autobahn and once they had the autobahn, they needed oil. There was no oil in germany, so they had to make a common cause with the arabs.

Who would give them the oil and that got them deep in to the middle east yeah, so oil yeah oil has been pretty important for a long time and um? Would you think what do you think the next energy, because so it's energy right, essentially that's what they needed to to fuel the war, to fuel all their stuff, all their ambitions to kill all those people and you know to whiten the world, essentially right, um? What do you think the next fuel source is going to be? You think i mean there's oil to go around for the next hundred years. Right um. We are not running out of oil uh, but just remember that um, the use of oil is older than the existence of civilization itself. Uh um, tens of thousands of years ago, cavemen were using oil in in in blumbus in south africa uh as an illuminant.

As a sealant, the um uh, the idea of uh um of using oil for um, illumination, uh and even for vehicles, was uh uh older than than anything we know about in the united states. In the uh, the original oil came out of seeped out of rocks. There was an ooze and that ooze was petroleum, so petra means rock and oleum means oil. It would be gathered up and scooped up the oil that you are thinking about.

The oil that you are referring to is industrial oil oil, that's drilled for once oil is drilled. It does the same thing it. It must be utilized in the same way that you utilize a battery or electricity. When oil has a gusher, it can either be stored.

Transported used or it escapes we're, wasted, yeah wasted uh, so the first oil gushers of industrial were in pennsylvania and pennsylvania in titusville. Ohio was in titusville, pennsylvania rather was um. Uh was like the uh uh, the middle east of the 1860s and 70s oil reason really wasn't discovered in the uh, wasn't discovered as a viable gusher until 1927.. They suspected it was there in the late nine in the late 19th century, but and they knew it was there from the um geologic studies, but they couldn't drill down and hit that gusher until 1927..

Ah, i see yeah, that's actually not that long ago. So yeah most of these oil that we've been thinking out of the ground has been since the 20s since or almost 30s right. No, the oil that we've been industrially drilling has been since uh eight, since the eighth late 1860s, but it hasn't come out of, but it came out of. In indonesia it came out of pennsylvania, the oil that uh from the middle east didn't.

There was a little bit of oil in 1908 in persia, but it was highly sulfur sulfurated, so it really couldn't be used. The oil that we know of today that comes from the middle east began in 1927. 27. and do you think, there's plenty of oil.

There do we do you think uh we haven't hit peak oil, it just depends uh how far down you want to go. You want to go below the seabed. You you want to go uh 20 miles down. You want to go eight miles down.

The point is: how expensive will it be to get that gallon of oil and remember it's not just the extraction of oil. You have to transport the oil, so the there is an externalized cost of oil and gasoline. You think you're paying two dollars three dollars: four dollars at the pump. The fact is, that's just the localized cost.

You also have to put in the environmental cost you have to put in the military cost. The transportation cost the diplomatic costs. So imagine if you want to sell a battery yeah, you said it, but in order to get that battery you have to send the entire us navy and and and the fifth fleet, to escort it to your place in uh california. So now you see the troop cost yeah yeah yeah well and now.

One of the other arguments that comes up like with renewables is that the use of rare earth metals right so like uh, cobalt and isn't cobalt used in the refining uh process of of crude oil. So to make gasoline they have to use cobalt well, uh. I think where the rare earth materials come in, more importantly, are the fuel cells and, of course, that's something that's in your area, but they need these various rare earth metals to um to help advance the fuel cells. And, of course, that puts us in a predicament of saying: where are we going to get these we're going to get these in china uh? So once again, we're we're over we're under a dip, a dip, a diplomatic barrel, yeah yeah yeah yeah, but i think it's also used in in refinery.

So you know it's like it's not like we're not using these. These are rare and they're scarce because once they're rare, but also because we're using it quite a bit, you know we're using and so that's why. I think the oil industry doesn't want these batteries because they're some other they're going to fight for some of these resources too um, and also with all the other metals and all the other things right. Uh.

That's why elon wants to have that locally mine he's bought some property here in the united states. I think in nevada or something and he's gon na try to mine some stuff here. Is that crazy? I mean i i don't know like. Do you think? Do you think batteries have a future? I'm i'm like looking at it from every angle that i can, and i don't know what you call i mean you can use the word battery and you can use the word storage yeah one day, we'll i mean uh, you can uh call it a a battery.

What is a battery a battery's two disparate metals connected by an appropriate medium and uh? There is a charge and a discharge as they exchange uh along the way, and that creates the electricity now um. There is no a battery expert or scientist or a research and engineer anywhere in the world, and no one on your show who can explain why those particles charge and discharge you can you can comprehend what they do, but you can't explain what they do, but there Are many other ways to do? Storage, um? If you expand the concept of battery and just use the word storage, you can store heat in uh in um in molt, in in molten beds, you can store heat. There are people who want to store heat and nano. There are people who want to store energy in certain materials which will absorb them and give them out uh forever sakes.

There are. There are people working on on that in wearables, where you'll have a micro amount of electricity. How much well it might be enough to power your um. Your phone might be enough to power your tablet, but the point is every time you walk every time you move there'll be a little bit of uh piezo electricity that is uh created, and all of this is part of the larger picture.

We have to look at the biggest models of energy and storage and the tiniest ones yeah yeah. Also, i didn't hear you talk about uh mechanical batteries, so you know there's this idea where, like you, can use like solar energy or something to like raise a big piece of like metal or something that's heavy. You know and then let it drop again and then that'll run like a little generator, the same motor that left off 99 yeah, so there's quite a bit. They use uh.

They use that same concept in uh dams too. Right to so, they pump water up a dam that is higher in elevation than another one, and then they run the thing and so there's there's yeah batteries mean a lot of things right. There's there's a lot of energy storage. I think the the uh right now the hot issue is the lithium batteries right, because those are the most power dense energy, dense right and but they yeah they use they still a lot of them use some rare earth.

Metals, whatever battery is going to succeed is one you've never heard of yeah. These are batteries which are being developed today, which we have no idea. If they're going to be involved with new new forms of life which are being developed right near my home in suburban washington, where they're trying to experiment with the creation of of engineered um, uh, um microbes, that can generate electricity um, there is bacterial energy. The amount of energy we can draw out of a bacterial reaction is very, very small, but it keeps getting more and more we're talking about combining materials in different ways, so we're basically primitive in in the idea of of batteries.

People come up with all sorts of materials, but really it's the material and the medium that we don't know. Yet that's going to revolutionize batteries, storage and energy, yeah yeah, i thought elon was going to talk about the next generation battery technology right in the battery date. I don't know if you were aware of that like a few months ago. He had a thing and he did you're busy and he didn't.

He talked about the current uh lithium battery technology and how he plans to improve the current technology. Well, because the current one is the one we have today yeah, so if we really want to to advance, we don't want to actually just um uh get to the top of the mountain and look out and uh and speculate what's over the horizon. We want to actually get something done, so we have to use the best available solution today and get to another one tomorrow, but the naysayers are going to constantly call you up and say: oh, we can't get enough percentage out of it. We uh this doesn't work that doesn't work uh, it's all a work in progress and it's been a work in progress for centuries, yeah yeah, that's true yeah! You have the limitations of reality.

I guess um. What do you? What do you think of uh? You know recently the mars rover uh or they you know nasa landed a rover and that one had a nuclear battery right it created. I was just discussing a nuclear battery um earlier this afternoon. That's those batteries have been working flawlessly.

Remember what is a? How does the nuclear reactor work? Do you know jehu, just basic just creates heat and then heat is used to either create steam or or the it's a water boiler, yeah or or that other thing where they use the that piezo thing also could work right because it creates heat or it's called Uh thermal coupler, i think, and it basically yeah uses heat it's one of these things that you can put on the fire. The irradiated rod gives off heat it's put into water that creates steam. It turns to turbine, if you had a tea kettle, a giant tea kettle. It would do the same thing but you're using uh, irradiated rods and those have extreme power.

They um they last for what could be a quasi eternity in our terms and, as a result, they're a very, very efficient form of energy, but they are dangerous. Things go bad right. When things go bad, they go very, very bad yeah. Do you think uh? The fear is warranted right because we we had a lot of power plants right, uh nuclear power plants in the country and they were clean.

They were efficient um, but we had a couple mishaps or a few mishaps throughout the year female island, through mile island. We had a movie called the china syndrome. We had chernobyl chernobyl yeah, we had fukushima fukushima yeah, that's the la the last one that we all got to see unfold in front of our eyes yeah and there have been other mishaps. It takes eight years to get a nuclear reactor online could be 16 years, so it's become an impossible dream.

I believe we have to find a happy medium, because i can tell you right now: you are going to have oil spills. Every year we have small and large oil spills equal to one exxon valve valdez every year. Wow, if you want automotive transportation, 44. 000 people a year are gon na are gon na get killed.

If you want airplanes people, there's gon na be uh aviation. Mishaps edwin welcome to the jehovah garcia podcast battery right. It creates just discussing the new. This could work right because it creates heat or it's called uh thermal coupler.

I think, and it basically yeah uses heat. It's one of these things that you can put on the fire. The irradiated rod gives off heat it's put into water that creates steam. It turns to turbine, if you had a tea kettle, a giant tea kettle.

It would do the same thing but you're using uh, um, uh, irradiated rods and those have extreme power. They um they last for what could be a quasi eternity in our terms and, as a result, they're a very, very efficient form of energy, but they are dangerous. Things go bad right. When things go bad, they go very, very bad yeah.

Do you think uh? The fear is warranted right because we we had a lot of power plants right, uh nuclear power plants in the country and they were clean. They were efficient um, but we had a couple of mishaps or a few mishaps throughout the year female island, three mile island. We had a movie called the china syndrome. We had chernobyl chernobyl yeah, we had fukushima fukushima yeah, that's the la the last one that we all got to see unfold in front of our eyes yeah and there have been other mishaps.

It takes eight years to get a nuclear reactor online could be 16 years, so it's become an impossible dream. I believe we have to find a happy medium, because i can tell you right now: you are going to have oil spills. Every year we have small and large oil spills equal to one exxon valve valdez every year. Wow, if you want automotive transportation, 44.

000 people a year are gon na are gon na get killed. If you want airplanes people there's gon na be uh aviation mishaps. If oil is trans, is uh transported. There's gon na, as i said, there's gon na be oil spills, whether it's by vessel pipe or a tanker a truck tanker, and so we have to find that happy medium where we can have a secure nuclear battery nuclear facility that is regulated with enough security on.

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