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A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
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All right, quick video today, i want to show you the charger uh. I made a video on how to make this charger how to order all the parts yourself, but here now we've made our first uh batch of these and it's only like 25 or so so. They're gon na sell out quick, but today i want to show you what you can do with it. This will put out uh 15 amps right, so it's just eight of the of the scooter charges put together inside of this custom-made pcb enclosure and, as you can see, you can see the chargers in there there's eight of them and there's a gap in between them And so there's a fan on this side and a temperature switch, and so when those chargers start getting hot, then the fan will kick in and it draws uh air from within inside which makes the whole thing.

You know air going through here and it goes through. The full chargers - and it keeps them cool enough to be able to work right, so it puts out 15 amps, which is about 500 watts uh. You can use that to charge fast charge, one of these batteries right through the output, and you can you can do it with all these batteries. The r5, the r5s you'll just have to change the cable on that one put a more common uh xt60 connector.

If, if you don't can't find this one right here, uh the new eb4 is right. These batteries uh will also do 20, amps out and 20 amps in no problem and then the 30 cells. But of course the 30 cells might not take 15 amps. I think these will top off at 10 amps, so this is really good if you're going to build a multi-pack battery system right.

So if you put 20 30 of these packs and then to charge it quick, you can do this and you can put one of these or two of these depending on of how fast you want to charge same thing with these now these ones can do a Single uh pack can be charged at 15 amps, no problem right, uh it'll, just not be that good for the battery. If you're quick charging them, but you could do it right, it's just not good for the life. Uh they'll degrade a lot quicker, so i don't recommend you doing too much of that. If you want your batteries to last a long time, but definitely if you're building a large pack 20 kilowatt hours worth of these, then yeah.

You want to charge at 500, amp, uh watts or a thousand watts. You use two of these little chargers, and these are the the exact same charges that were built and designed to to charge these. So they have all the safety features. They have the right, cutoff voltage to charge and to have the bms kind of balance, the cells at the end or whatever so yeah.

Let me show you how we're going to charge one of these and then show you the fan just kicking in all right. So i suggest uh connecting the charger first and then uh on the dc side and then connecting the ac side. That way, you don't get a spark in there and it saves your connectors and stuff if you're having a connector disconnect. So there we go.

You get a bit of a spark on the d8 ac side, which is weird so here we go. We have this meter that is going to show us there. We go so it just reset to zero, and here we go 14.22 amps, 500 watts, uh and the battery is at 35 volts right now and it's climbing up to 36. now 35.7.

There we go so, let's see how long it takes for this fan to kick on for these chargers to get hot um to be able to kick the fan on, and so there we go. We'll do a little quick time lapse of this, so, okay, so the power the fan has started now took about 25 minutes, or so i think for the fan to start so foreign all right. So down is tapered down to three amps. It's been an hour charge.

It to 41.51 so yeah, that's it! It took an hour to charge this battery. It's probably taking an hour 20 minutes to fully fully charge it. At this point, the fans still going um and the chargers. I noticed it warm, oh actually they're cooling down now um.

So yeah this i don't know when it'll turn off, but i think it eventually will turn itself off so yeah. This is working s design. You can get these at, uh and they're great for charging your scooter battery packs battery systems right at 15, amps 500 watts.

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