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1) Where can learn more about batteries?
2) Where can I buy Lithium Batteries
4) Where Can I buy Solar Panels? Flexible -
Glass -
5) Where can I buy a Battery Management System?
6) What parts do you use on your Samba?
7) Why not use Supercapacitors?
A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
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All right guys, let's talk about these batteries here we got a pallet of these ones in here it's on one of these another small batches of batteries, but this one i think, they're gon na be coming in regularly, or at least that's what they told us. You know, there's no guarantees, but apparently every month there should be some. You know like a pallet half a pallet to one pallet of them. So i think it's useful for us to go through and tell you what they are okay.

So they look like this. They have this little molex connector in here. We don't know what these batteries were designed to power uh. So we don't know much more than what's in here um.

It's a lithium-ion battery 14.4, volts 4.1 amp hours, 59 watt hours, right, um and then the rest is just nothing very useful here so 4.1. Let me see so that's uh, there's two there's eight cells. 14. That means it's a 4s for uh, 2p right uh.

So there's two cells in parallel, so together they're 4.1 amp hours right. So that means what they're like 2 000 milliamp hours. Oh, that's pretty weird! I have an 18650b less than 2200, but according to this, so i took one of these apart and i looked into the cells of my cell inr 18650a right and i'm looking at that here and i can't seem to find that specific model. All that keeps coming out is the 20 is the p26 a which is a high current uh mali cell, with like 35 amps right, but i don't think this is it now this bms here has these mosfets, which are 4955 n, and these when you look at Them for them you realize that they are 30 volts, 48 amp, mosfets, right, uh and channel mosfet, so there's four of them uh.

So that means this is probably could put quite a bit of power and then uh. Then there are maybe evidence of that and the fact that three of the cables are the negative and then three of the cables are positive that are going into this little plug in here right. So the this is probably like a high amperage or high power battery pack um the molex connector. Let's look at that is a 43020-1001 that is the mating connector to this one right here right.

This is the uh. I don't know this is the female and then the male would be this one over here. I think right is that what it is? I don't know if they call female or male on this one, these molex, but this is exactly the connector that you would want and you can search for that and then now you would have a mating connector i'll put a link to it on one that i Found on amazon now the rest of the stuff here, the rest of these cables. I they're data connectors and we i don't know how to use them.

We don't know what they are, but, of course this is designed for some probably some proprietary equipment, which we don't even know what it is, and so, therefore we can't look it up right so for right now. What i want to do is i want to test the internal bms to see how much power they'll give it before it stops working right or before it shuts down. So let's test that right now, all right, here's our setup, here's our load, it's a heater! That is going through a 12-volt inverter that is going through a meter here to measure how much power we're gon na get out of the pack and right now it's continuously getting 10 amps we're going to increase that and see where, if we can find out where This quits and um we're gon na apply more so that's 10, amps, 13, okay, so about 13 amps all right! So there you go! That's just another one of our small lots of batteries that we have uh check: jack 35. We get a bunch of them all.

The time we kept new ones, and so, if you're looking for a good deal on sales, we're always putting stuff out there right. So, thank you for watching this video we'll see you on the next one everybody's been saying that you're up to no good everyone has been telling me that you got me hood you're, playing a big time. You're feeding me lies everyone. Sometimes the truth is hard to see, but never so i'm happy.

I got freedom.

14 thoughts on “14.4v Molicell battery Pack”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Conrado Poole says:

    Are these now out of stock? The link takes to a page not found error.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Garrett McElroy says:

    So these can be charged through the mains with the bms working correctly?

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Keeth says:

    Jehu, these cells seem perfect for making a booster pack for the Bluetti EB150 and EB240 solar generators. I know you built that other board to use with the 12V packs to boost them, but that solution doesn't deliver power at the maximum rate that the Bluettis can absorb. Four of these in series will deliver 57.6V, close to the maximum voltage, and the amperage can easily accommodate the max 10A demand of the Bluettis. So, according to my calculations, a 4S8P pack of these would deliver 576W of the Bluetti's 600W max input, and 1,888Wh, more than doubling capacity. The main issue to overcome would be to find a charger for it. Have I overlooked anything?

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joseph Haviza says:

    Can I charge them as a group or do I charge each only? because I will build a 48 volt system….

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bobby Tyson says:

    I have a request. Can two Atlas 80v lithium rechargeable batterys be connected and work on a 1000W E-Bike? I'd love to see such a build as well as your other subscribers. Love ya

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steve Polhill says:

    Could these be paralleled together to make a deep cycle for an RV?

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Benjebike Scalia says:

    Hi my name is Ben. I just wanted know if you have any small packages that come out to 60volts.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike B. Pyro says:

    Dude you need to be more cautious and always blur your license plate number.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rick Random says:

    We use them battery to back up power on a gps tracking unit or a least look just like the ones we use

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars steve myers says:

    males have a penis….so whats connected to the batteries now are "male" – females receive – the one you found online will receive the Male.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Major Powell says:

    👀 Was that a sneak peek of your Delta Pro review at the end there? I keep checking your channel every day for that!

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars josh green says:

    I would be willing to bet these are from either a Server pc as backup or in robot vac's/lawnmowers

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Battery Mooch says:

    Nice to see Molicels available! Thanks for this video.
    Those Molicels are rated at 20A non-continuous, limited by a max allowable temp of around 75°C. Their true continuous current rating, single cell in free air, is going to be in the 10A-15A range. Of course that has to be lowered when the cells are in a pack, heating each other up, and the pack is in a case or other enclosed space.

    That 48A number for those MOSFETs is a VERY short pulse theoretical max rating which can’t be used for anything over milliseconds long. The datasheet you had for those MOSFETs showed on the first page that they have a 16.7A continuous current rating at room temp (which is impossible if they are running) and a 10.5A continuous current rating when hot. Those four MOSFETs are probably two parallel sets of two, back to back. This results in about a 21A continuous current rating for them if the PCB is well designed for heat sinking.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars fading_starz says:

    If these batteries were prismatic cells I guaranteed you they'll sell out before the end of the day..

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