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Wheels -
178mm spokes
Motor Only -
24" rim (only needed if your rim is not 36 hole)

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So our e-bike wheels with the motors that we offer in jack 35 are uh 26 inches right and they come with these wheels. I mean with these rims and then with these uh tires right. This is great. If you have a bike that uses 26 inch wheels, but if you have another bike sort of like this one here that it's slightly smaller and it's 24 inches, then that wheel just will not fit in there.

So let me show you what you can do to put that motor into a wheel that fits in there right. So here we go those wheels that we have are 36 piece. Uh spoke wheels right, so you'll have to get this kit right here or a kit with uh spokes 36 pieces that are 178 millimeters right and they look like this. This is right here using them and then he's releasing this wheel with the smaller 24 uh inch wheel or whatever rim right.

This is the rim that was originally there. If you have any rim that is other anything other than 36 spokes, then you won't be able to use it. I tried doing it on the original one that came in the bicycle, but it didn't work. So i had to order one and now he's releasing it here and by the way to release it.

You have to basically uh you, you have to watch it. You know some video of someone explaining how to do it. It's it's not super complex. You just have to follow the the right.

You know order of how you're going to do this right. So here we go all right. So here is the final 24 inch rim. Uh loaded in here so, let's see so the every two on this side, so whatev we ended up doing, is trying to follow a bunch of guides online to how to do this, but they were all different and they none of them work.

So we have to come up with our own thing, or at least we didn't find the right one right. So here's we started from the pivot hole right and then the very next one. So then we we tried it there right. So then you go one two right to the left and then over here you would go one two, three four and then the fourth uh hole.

Then you would put that one and then again one two and then you would count one two three uh four and then you would put it in there right. So you would skip four holes up here for every two holes in here and that's how we did it and then you come around and then you do the next ones and then uh, then you would cross them over the second time that you do it. Then you cross over, so you make sure that you go to uh the holes that are crossing over and it's the same thing once you do the first one. You count one two, three four and then two over here and then one two, three four and then you just repeat that same thing on the other side now will that work? I don't know, i seems like it's going to work now.

What we're going to do is just put the uh the thing in here put the tube and then put the wheel and then try it out, but this is basically what you have to do to release these things and by the way you can release this into Any size batter uh wheel, right, it's so it's just the smaller rims will have shorter uh spokes in here and um. You just have to if you know we're to post the sizes for this. So this is a 24 inch rim. If you have the sizes for the spokes for the other sizes of rims post them as a comment on this video, so that other people that are trying to do this, then they can, they can do it much easier.

They don't have to order a bunch of wrong size. You know spokes and stuff okay time to test and see if we got it straight, how how straight is it? Oh, it's perfectly straight. Look! Okay, so we're gon na have to i'm gon na have to watch some more videos. Okay, so now we have to figure out how to this is the attention i think you got ta turn it and get it get the right tension in the right place to get them to strengthen, but wait.

So, oh, oh nobody see it's even this way. So we're gon na have to both ways not just side to side but down right now the wheel would go like this. If you get on it, you would wobble up and down see how this moving up in there a little bit. Okay, so we're gon na mess with it a little bit good yeah.

I think. Okay, so you just find the high points and then you tighten them and then the lower points you loosen them up a little bit right and then it's that's kind of fixing. So far, it's actually working. So there you go there's a couple of removable slots.

Still we just have a symbol. Stand here. Yeah. I just need a fixed point to be able to tell you look at the height all right.

I think we got it pretty close. It's still a little wobbly, but nothing bad. So you probably won't be able to feel that at all when you're not the way it was yeah it was it was. It was really wobbly at first.

You could see it without a reference. So the way we did it eventually essentially is from the valve point um. We essentially grab the first two to an adjacent one yeah, the two that are, it doesn't matter where these are because you just turn it. So it's the only thing that reference point is that the one up here yeah i just, i think that we just needed a place to start yeah right, so it was going to be that first hole.

So we got these first two and then we crossed them. We went one this way and we counted one two three skipped one and then the next one used the other one yeah. So we started this one goes to the first one. This one goes to the third one, and then you skip one and then you start again yeah, so you skip one per for each one, because that's all going to be on the other side.

So then we went to the next two skip one, and then we went this one to this way. This one, this way right, skipping one. So every two here it's every two here is skipping one over here right, yeah, well, every single one, skipping one right. So, starting here we're like this, we got the first two crossed them.

We went to the first one and then we went to the third one, so we skip one and then you skip one and then from these two cross them. Okay went to this one skip one. Oh, i see and then we, when we get over here, you skip another one and then you skip another, so you're always skipping one, no matter what, because that's going to be for the other side, such a weird thing, to explain: yeah, you know this one, this One it just doesn't sound like anything um yeah, so i think whatever point you pick, all you have to do is skip one on the end over here. Maybe it's just easier.

The way i did it skip two skip four, then you know skip two and then you skip four and then you put that one in there and then you come back and do the the outside one yeah. They will need your help on the video you're asking for like. Oh can you help me with something? Do we have yeah? Do we have a bunch of these that are like bent or missing uh spokes or their? Let's go look at them, yeah? Okay! So, oh look at that. Someone was asking for rears yeah.

I think these are. You might be a different kind. No, i think you're just missing the poker. Oh, but this one has it.

Oh, i see so there's some of these that are like warped and missing. Maybe some some of the spokes or they're they're, crooked or whatever, because i got crush on the pallets and stuff right yeah most of them are complete, but okay, so we! What we're gon na do is we're gon na post, those, maybe at a discount, so that you guys can use those to release them uh, and we do have a few that are already uh out of the thing right. Oh probably that one over there yeah. We have a few up there and then we have a few in here, but mostly there's another one over there.

Oh yeah, okay, all right all right, so i hope this is a little bit helpful of any of you guys out there that are thinking of using these with different size, wheels right um as soon as we have like a palette or two palettes of these uh Ones that are bent or somehow compromised that are not. You know: 100 uh ready to use we'll post them on our website at a discounted price so that you don't have to buy one, that's pristine and you could uh. You could use that right, um, otherwise, you'll just have to order a regular one and then take the spokes out and then just put new spokes in there. So thank you for watching this video we'll see you guys on the next one.


8 thoughts on “Using the POPULAR 26″ Bafang Hub motor on 24″ wheel”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kenneth Mills says:

    Please l need you to do me a little favour.
    I want you to help me purchase a 48v lithium battery and a 48v electric hub motor for my DIY project.
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon…

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cory Yalowicki says:

    Yo. Every single brand and model of wheel will require a different size spoke. Even within the same size wheel. You need to measure it yourself or use a wheel calculator. But to be honest if this is your first shot at building a wheel, this isn't the video to watch.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lightning Rod says:

    Lacing Wheels is a disappearing Art Form, there are many ways to string or spoke a single wheel, some are fancy , some are practical, some are, …well,m..insane.
    Putting a 24, or 16 inch Rim spec'd for a 26 inch wheel will SIGNIFICANTLY increase torque

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars calholli says:

    How does the new wheel effect speed? It should make it have a little more acceleration, but a little less top speed… but I actually wonder if the lower gear ratio will lower load enough that will allow the motor to have a little higher RPM and still get the same top speed? I'm interested. Please do some tests on acceleration and top speed please.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim K says:

    Another thing – powered wheels are as strong as the strongest riders. Stick to 3 cross or 4 cross lacing for strength. These hubs will eat 2 cross lacing over time and radial lacing before you make out of the driveway.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars chibanix says:

    hello i am French i do understand that you cannot ship batteries but that's not a problem as you gave Europeans sellers but could you ship the motors only ? as they are "second hand" and i suppose with no guaranties and there is no hazard on those ?
    thanks in advance for your answer i could probably buy like 10 or 20 off those

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tyler Durden says:


  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jose Arrasola says:

    From – motor stand point is about 8” the most you can go to a lowest wheel size is 20” ! I tried it already and I’m the one who ask you for a better price if I get four from you so I can give better intel in what can be done on a dime but never got an answer so I got one from Amazon which is about the same price and was able to get all the layout I needed ! I hope this helps anyone who wants to try this out jag35 does have the faster shipping !

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