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A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
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All right, let's do a video here we are running a crypto mining rig. What are we running here? So we're running a bunch of these graphics cards right so yeah right now we got six graphics cards running two uh 30 70s and for 1660 ti. Okay, two power supplies which we probably don't need both of them right now, but we were just sort of distributing that power a little bit and uh and that's the that's the rig, that's running and then just a bare minimum. Just like a processor and a motherboard.

Just a regular computer right i mean you can dip in there it's an older um, uh intel, xeon processor. It doesn't need to be exam processor. The reason i'm using that is this is an old rig that i had that it works fine, for you basically just need anything. Ideally you'd want like the cheapest lowest power processor - oh yeah efficiency you can find for for efficiency because that's not making money but uh other secondarily, ideally whatever you already have yeah that's collecting dust that you basically can't sell on ebay, because it's not really all of It and not performance wise.

It's it's yeah! Really! You can't get memory for it anymore, it's really hard, so it really doesn't. Do you any good? It's basically e-waste, so we're making putting the e-waste to use so the best job. For that thing, right now is just to yeah. It's it's just it's it's just wrangling.

The gpus is what that was what the processor is doing. Right, yeah, the pro the gpus are doing the work that that's the that's the supervisor. The cpu is just sitting there. Sipping yeah, so we set this up a few days ago and we walked away thinking that it was going to be on, for you know the whole holiday, but the first thing that happens is the very first night: it's a santa ana season.

So you know we get some rolling blackouts with santa anas and power goes out and i'm like jehu gosh, if only there was a thing that you had a million of it that would have and here's the ironic thing this thing was just sitting there for months. Like i did the review on this thing and it has a ups feature and it's sitting there on the other room, we i'd never crossed online to to use it. We thought well down the line. You know our grid.

Is it's uh pretty stable? It shouldn't go down and the first night that we connect this. It goes down. The power goes down. So now we have this blu-ray ep 500, which can do up to 2000 watts, we're only using about 800 watts on this little system here so yeah.

This thing should run good. We figure that it's going to run about 6.2 hours well with efficient efficiencies, maybe six hours or maybe a little bit under six hours. So the power goes out. Uh it'll keep the computer running and then it should stay now.

We just figure out that maybe your network equipment needs to be on a backup too. Yes, the router uh. The router needs to be powered back up too, but i don't know. I wonder if i guess the internet, if your router has got a battery back up and the power goes down your router stays on whatever the substation your substations connect to is that that's got ta, have a battery yeah yeah yeah.

So i think five hours or something so if you're you're back out. So if your blackout is more than five hours yeah, this stuff starts, even the cell phone towers start going down so like on a 12 hour blackout. If it's, if it's localized like big enough yeah, your phone's going your internet's going, even if you have voices, i mean it's totally, not life and death. I mean everything goes down, it's like whatever yeah, but you know it.

I mean every hour that it's every second, that it's down you're, not making money, yeah and um. You know it's it's i mean the the cool thing about crypto mining is that when you get your rig set up and running stably just hit it? Let it run, and you just for kind of forget about it. You check on every now and then make sure your rig's running your things online. You don't want to just have to keep working on it.

You know because then it's not that sort of passive income that you're looking for yeah yeah. Ideally, you want to run stable and a big part of that is making sure you have backup power, especially if you live in an area where the power tends to go out, yeah and and then step. Two will be to actually power this off of uh, some renewable source or maybe even off. So the way this is working is just this.

This will just serve as backup, but we're still going to pay a lot of power during the peak hours right. So the other thing is to have a system that will run off of batteries that are charged on off peak rates and then run them on peak rates. That's the next step, and then after that is to put some solar panels and then run it off the off-grid. The holy grail of crypto mining is renewable energy, but that's really i mean that's.

The holy grail of anything that runs on electricity is, is renewables and the whole argument's about you know. Oh crypto mining is terrible for the environment because of how much electricity uses, i think, is a totally lame argument, because there are ways we can we. We know how to solve that problem. Yeah we have the technology yeah.

Not only do we have that technology, but we need to move our entire energy sector to that technology. Anyways, like we already know that so trying to ban crypto mining because it's using a lot of computing power, it's it's like. Well, no, that's not that's not the problem. The problem is, we need the energy, that's that's clean dirty and we need to clean the energy.

We need to clean the energy and we know that - and you know so - um yeah, that's my rant vote. There's dave the energy yeah, and so the reason for us doing here was just to generate some money with these, because we bought this equipment back in the day and the. What i want to do is learn how to do this with batteries, because we have a ton of batteries, there's a bunch of energy in them, and i i get we get this question a lot. Actually we get this question like how do we power our thing? It's kind of a kind of a perfect uh situation because, like crypto mining is it's a super great nerd project.

If you're a computer, you like building computers and you get like you get to plug the things in and you get to get your graphics cards and and then like look at this, you get to look at this and then, of course, there's an app on your Phone, you know anything anytime, you can. You have an excuse to uh. You know, monitor your computers remotely, like that's amazing right so um, that's a cool nerd project, but then the power side of it is what yeah who's totally into so and he gets to figure out how to power it, which is a whole other nerd project, but Still, it's all great, you know we're all we're all learning from each other and supporting each other and that'll be uh. That's super cool, so one of the issues that i don't know enough - and this i want to use this to learn - is how efficient are these power supplies? Can we because these are just providing, as i understand the 12 volts to these cards right, three and five volts and five volts, but i think those are like different.

I don't know we'll see how many of those can we do this, because if we have a battery bank you would have to go to ac and then go down to dc. So now there's a bunch of conversions there that are, you know they have losses, and so, if we can stay dc the entire way and we can power these just from a battery just on dc, then maybe we can. I mean we can increase 10 percent efficiency. That's a huge number 10 over yeah over months years, yeah yeah months months and months.

Yeah is huge, yeah and totally of course it can be done uh if you think of like a like a laptop uh. This is the same hardware as a laptop just bigger, but all the components inside your laptop are all running off dc on the battery, so yeah um yeah, so that circuitry is figured out in there yeah i'm. Definitely not the guy. That's going to want to crack one of these open.

I order another one. I already ordered one because i'm going to figure out like which ones i think the cards only need 12 volts. Now i don't know, i have nothing to base that, but i think it's probably that's the way to go and if that's the case then yeah we only need to figure out how to make. You know 36 volts into 12 volts, which is already a common conversion, because if you think about it, every golf cart out there, the motherboard needs the motherboard needs different powers like the cpu yeah.

That might actually need different voltages. Well, you're right that the energy consumption you could maybe run as like an interim step. You could maybe run just a motherboard off of one of those off of your your power supply, computer power supply and then run 12 volts from the batteries to the graphics card, and those are the ones that are consuming energy yeah. You know 700 of the 800 watts are going to be the carts and they're the rest of them.

These are all doing right now. The um, the 1660 ti's are doing um about 83 84 watts and the 30 70s are doing well, one of them. 130. 156.

Watts, because it's not quite as efficient but ah and those two big cars are producing the same as the four smaller cars right yeah. The 30 70 is about twice as fast at ethereum mining as the 1660 ti yeah. What's our total hash free, does it say or does it have to add it up? You know that's kind of the thing about nice hash. Is it it uh like? Sometimes it gives you like a total, but i mean it's basically uh uh.

It's basically 240.. We're right around 240 200 per second, which is pretty good for a single single rate: six gpu rates. 240. It's not bad a lot of people when i posted this way back in the day when i bought them, a lot of people said: oh you're wasting your time.

You can't make money with these graphics cards anymore and i'm like i don't know, that's not what i hear from a lot of people. It's definitely still it's definitely still profitable. You know the market is, is very, is highly uh highly fluctuating and uh yeah. I'm definitely not the expert to know on that, but it's the type of thing that even the experts don't don't really know, agree.

You know - or they understand, what's going to happen so at least for now it's still profitable to mine yeah, and we have a few more. We just kind of run out of uh ports in that system, so maybe we're gon na get another one set it up. Here and see what we can do, i yeah i'm really interested to see what the power consumption of a system like this is. It seems to be pretty simple.

I think once you set it up, it's like 800 watts, it's just 800 watts throughout the night and whatever right, yeah and i mean right now, we're doing other stuff on it. I'm cloning, this hard drive and the monitors on so it's going to be 800 plus. It's going to be up now, but once it's i mean dialed in sitting here running it's pretty constant yeah, which is the easiest way to figure out what your power com consumption is on a on a static load like that yeah and then every now and then You'll see the power spike a little bit, because windows decides to install updates or something. Oh, i see, yeah has to run a little bit of cpu power to uncompress or whatever right all right.

Well, this is coming up we're going to be messing around with this and figuring out how to power it more efficiently how to use batteries, how to use solar equipment and yeah stay tuned if you're interested for that sort of stuff it's coming. Finally, finally, getting these cars to use they've been sitting in a box for six months or whatever.

17 thoughts on “Time to experiment crypto mining using batteries”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars gama harrison says:

    I did a set up for a guy in murrieta ca with 12 325 watts Qcell panels a midnight classic solar charge controller and a battery back up using the spim08hp batteries one 72 volt battery pack the other one 58.8 volts using middle Atlantic UPS units it’s been running for over a year and a half without a problem they also have dc to dc converters that can power the units just Gotta make sure the battery bank is big powerful enough to run that 24/7 also keeping the battery pack and the units cool down it’s very important the ups units have 3 large cooling fans both battery packs have a temperature sensor so when they get hot The fans will turn on have a good day And thanks for making videos to help out the community

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Robertson 👉 omlhacks on telegram says:

    I ’ll never stop saying the good news about you sir because you change my life better after I lost my job thinking how to feed my family

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hippo says:

    GPUs only draw power only on 12 V, see the PCIe power connector pinout, there are just 3 pins +12V and otherwise ground. Same for the ATX CPU power plug. Keep in mind though that it is also allowed to draw up to 75W from the PCIe slot on the mainboard, so I would recommend to also power it from DC directly. The 24 pin MB connenctor needs additional 3.3V and 5V rails, but only low current, so 5A DC/DC modules will be easily enough. Either build it youself or use a prebuilt PCB, for example the PicoPSU.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars THEpineapples101 says:

    Cool experiment, keep it comin'! Everyone keep calm and ignore crypt0 scammers/trolls, it's JUST a mathmatical technology like anything else, sheesh 😹

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gutorov Mike says:

    And here we are sitting without GPU and manufacturers telling fairytales about silicone shortage and miners/scalpers sitting on a pile of GPUs thinking they are successful businessman

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Boss Garage says:

    I been thinking about this solar mining subject for some time and you would be a great way to see how it's done.
    Please make more detailed videos on this Senpai!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Terminal Insanity says:

    you've become the meme.
    now you just need to put graphine batteries on the blockchain and you'll unlock the solar roadway to zero point energy in the cloud

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ecospider5 says:

    What port on the motherboard do the video cards plug into. I know they are using an extension cable to reach the mining frame but where on the motherboard are they connected?

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars fernando suete says:

    I have seen many of your videos, and other good youtubers and they have served me a lot of motivation to start my own solar system, thank you I will leave a link of a battery that I will use in case you can give me your opinions the other components are a reliable 48v 3000w and a 60a powmr controller and 4 270w solar panels

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gregory Thomas says:

    There are DC-to-DC regulators to run the systems directly off batteries…look up how to power desktops in automobiles without an inverter to get equipment lists.
    The video cards themselves are 12VDC but it does need to be regulated power.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars OffGrid Aussie Prepper™ says:

    JEHU U NEED A PICO POWER SUPPLY TO RUN THE MOTHERBOARD,. ITS 12V 190WATTS, THEN SUPPLY REGULATED 12V TO THE VIDEO CARDS…. IT SIMPLE.connect hi amp relay from the 12v power rail on the PICO to give power to the video cards when u turn on the pc.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paulo Melo says:

    The question I had in my mind was answered by you. Can we use the battery and avoid the DC/AC and use the AC/DC used by the power supply… I would like to see your thoughts on this.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars noBudget Productions says:

    just power the board of a nice 550W PSU nearly all the used power is 12V, as more stable 12V, as better…. I think it would my be possible to run it of 3S 18650 WITHOUT ANY CONVERTION!!!! My GPU runs well from 12,5 to 11,5 Volts, if I had a second card, Iw ould try…. <3 do it

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kims👉 I recommend HackerBrady ON TELEGRAM says:

    OMG 😳 ⬆️🔝never believe it was real, this is amazing a whole 2.5BTC just for me alone I can't keep my eyes off this. I don't really know how to thank you for this lifetime changes .he just make my dream comes true.. i still can't believe it true.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kims👉 I recommend HackerBrady ON TELEGRAM says:

    OMG 😳 ⬆️🔝never believe it was real, this is amazing a whole 2.5BTC just for me alone I can't keep my eyes off this. I don't really know how to thank you for this lifetime changes .he just make my dream comes true.. i still can't believe it true.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kims👉 I recommend HackerBrady ON TELEGRAM says:

    OMG 😳 ⬆️🔝never believe it was real, this is amazing a whole 2.5BTC just for me alone I can't keep my eyes off this. I don't really know how to thank you for this lifetime changes .he just make my dream comes true.. i still can't believe it true.

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BTran says:

    You should be getting way more than 240 mh/s on that setup. Have you done proper overclocking? For mining ether, what you are mining now, you can undervolt and underclock the core to save electricity.

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