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1) Where can learn more about batteries?
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8) Why not use Supercapacitors?
A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
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All right, it's time again, to talk about batteries uh this time around. We're gon na be talking about these two modules right here. These are 14 as they come with those like this already taken apart out of the case of whatever they come from um. There's two variants so we'll talk about one first, the ones that we seem to have the most.

Is this one right here and this is uh a module based on the lg hb1 cell, and this is a very particular an interesting sell for me because i, in the early days when i started getting into batteries, i was able to get a whole pallet of Brand new hg h b2s. They were 1500 milliamp hours, so they're kind of small, but they can do quite a bit as i remember they did 35. But someone corrected me and i think they can do 20 or 25 amps continuous right um. So these are very, very powerful cells uh.

There are they're a little bit older in design now and today right there are ones that can do like three three thousand million powers and they can do yeah like 30 amps or whatever. So so. These are you know a few years ago. These were the top at the top, the top of the line when it came to power cells.

So this is a power module, it's a 14s right, so 48 volts. If you're wanting to do um storage right, if you want to use these to store energy and stuff, but this would kind of be a shame to be using for storage really because they can put out so much power um. But on the e-bike world, for example, a 14-s battery is considered a 52 battery. 52 is the nominal voltage of this.

It goes up to like 56 or something fully charged, and it's four cells in parallel right, so it can do about 80. Amps continues. That's what the rating on this battery pack was originally right. Uh, it came with his own proprietary bms, but we couldn't use it so we had to take it off uh and we couldn't sell it in the case that it came in so a lot of times.

We get batteries like that that we can't sell, so this are just modules and uh. These are great because they're about the same size of an e-bike pack, let me compare it to a very common e-bike pack that we have. This is uh uh. I think this is 48 volts, so this is 13s, so this one will do 11 amp hours.

This one is only six amp hours right so about the same size, but about twice the capacity uh in in energy storage, right, uh, 11, almost 12 amp hours - or this is 6 amp hours. But this one can output about close to 80 amps continuous, where this one could probably do like 20 or 25 right. So that's that's the the difference here. E-Bike packs are, you know, for to go fat to go far um or to go fast, and this would be the one to go fast now, of course, you could just put another one right and all of a sudden now you got the same amount of energy As that other one, but now you got a hundred and sixty amps uh of power coming out of that.

If you parallel those right, so you can make a very, very powerful battery pack with these and that's why these are for that, maybe for a go card or a race car. If you want to buy a bunch of these and parallel them and parallel them series them, you could do that. So here's the thing these already have the bms wires right here right and it's got this little connector. All you have to do is just uh install it in your own connector.

So let's say you want to run these two in series right, so that would be 14 has to be 28s, and these wires could just go into your bms uh. You could do that. You could add another one: you couldn't build a 400, a 400 volt uh battery pack using these and then here all the you know just make like a breakout board for your bms cables and it's all ready to go. I mean that all the hard work is done for you here.

It's got all these really high quality interconnects in here with really tough, and i mean these have to be able to withstand about 80. Amp continues right so so this is a very cool battery pack. This one weighs about six pounds uh, and then we have. The other version over here weighs about seven pounds a little bit more.

I don't really know why, but i think these are different cells. I this the pack does not sell, does not say, and you absolutely cannot see them because they're completely covered in here, but this one uh, you can only see the one side in here and the cells seem to be a bit different. No, i guess they're the same cells because they're, those blue, those green ones, so those green ones - that's the the color that i that i got uh originally on the hb2s. These are gray uh, and so maybe these are the original version.

These are the later version of the hp 2 cell. This pack is a bit different in that it's a bit bigger because it's got this extra piece of plastic which, by the way you can take off um - and it's got this bms board in here, and so this is the same thing. You still have the access to all of the of the uh balance leads of the battery here. So if you wanted to do your own bms, it's the same thing and this one's a little bit easier because you got the cable already here and by the way these have their connectors.

So let's say that you wanted to work on this uh and you want to change this, this connector, and so you can disconnect this and complete harness in here, and then you can work on this without having to you know, have the danger of like sparking things And cutting and shorting out the battery whatever right and then you can just come back and then you could just uh do the connectors here. This is, i think, it's a pretty cool design. I really like these batteries. These are very cool.

I wish we we had more um, hopefully we're getting more. You know, never, never say never right, uh in the future. You don't know what future holds first, but this one right here. You would have to cut these little cables and put like a little ring terminal and stuff.

It's a little bit more work, but it's the same thing this pack, it's about the same size. It's the same configuration it's got a little bit different. This one has a built-in shunt in here that you could use incorporate into your design if you wanted to this one's a bit more square, this one lays flat, for example, on this side and i'm sure on this other side. In fact, let's take this thing apart.

I want to take this thing apart, all right, so i've uh taken the screws off the camera because that's just boring stuff screws, but you got all these uh board in here and it's got all the right length. So, even if you were to make another board in here design your own board uh, you could just come back and then desolder these or cut these, and then you know some of the work is already done for you. You already have the the little balance leads here: um. Would that be easier than fix, like uh, trying to figure out this bms, i don't know depends who you are right if you know how to do uh coding and sniffing messages and all that stuff, that's probably is easier to you figure this already out, and it's Already made, but for someone like me or a lot of you guys watching this video, it's probably easier just to make our own board and put a third uh bms in here to be able to use this uh this battery pack.

So then, the rest of the stuff is just this plastic right and then now you have a much smaller battery pack. That is very similar to this one over here and if this one has a cover - and these are the little cables that are for uh the um - it's got sensors right, it's got uh thermistors, so temperature sensors and that one hardwire into the the bms board there. So i had to take cut it off here's another one, so it's got three of them, i'm just going to put those in here, so they don't get in the way. Let's take this just to see.

What's, on the other side, that uh i mean we kind of know, it's probably going to look exactly the same as the opposite side right, it's just uh! Here we go oh yeah. There we go so this has a very uh familiar look. This is almost like what the power tools look like and they're, usually like 5 cells or 10 cells, 5s right, or sometimes they go higher, sometimes yeah, there's like 52 volt power tools. That's that's almost like the same type of um bus bars that they use right.

This this these plates that are nickel plated or whatever and then they're welded into the cells there. So that is because that's uh, the power tools are usually like very high current high power output and they usually use cells sort of like this. So this is very reminiscent of that, but this is in a big pack, big battery pack that can do 52, volts uh nominal right 14s. You can use it for any of the um, then you can use it for any of the 48 volt inverter for off-grid uh applications and all of that stuff.

Oh, my god, did i put this backwards all right, so there you go two very similar packs. The same configuration, probably the same cells, are very similar but they're physically they're a bit different right, so i am going to uh mark these are. This is uh version a right or type a, and this is type b. So when you're uh trying to purchase these uh, if you like this configuration better, then this is a, and this is a b.

We still don't know how many we have of each but uh. We will know eventually, when you see this video, that the stock numbers will be accurate there right uh, it's a small load. We don't have a ton of these. We have, you know, i don't know 100 under 200 of them or something so probably 100 of each uh.

That's probably where we're at. Hopefully i don't know - maybe not maybe more of these - maybe more of that. But at this point i don't know once my we process them, then we'll be able to tell so there you go 48, volts or 52 depending on your usage. If you want to use them for a high power e-bike, there, you go 52 capable of like 80 amps continues.

It's a good deal. Alright, guys we'll see you guys on the next video bye all right. So if you're working on a 48 volt, uh, powerwall, backup battery system or an e-bike or something that requires like four kilowatt, that is very light and the guy is four kilowatt. This is probably the the perfect pack for you right.

So there you go they're gon na be at jack Thank you for watching.

8 thoughts on “This little battery can put out 80a”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ebikedotcom says:

    Jehu that's u say "blue" cells is sanyo RX 2000mAh 20A. I got that cells from EU that's exacly the same packs.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Gardiner says:

    Love your videos and explanations thank you for that

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars moki123g says:

    That is a lot of electronics for just a bms. Can you taks some good close pics of the front and back of that thing? We might be able to help you figure out what is going on.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Reality? says:

    My dream of a 2x1500watt 2 wheel drive electric bicycle is soon to be a reality!!!!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mwas Electronic N more says:

    Do you have 3s 50a BMS 4 18650 3.7v battery

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mwas Electronic N more says:


  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BLH brian hogg says:

    question am useing 18650 cells 13s by 10p at 2600mah whats the total amps from it ???? i also anet to make it upto a 12p can you or aneyone help me with the amps from it please

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Arnob Vlogs says:

    Giveaway some battery 😢

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