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1) Where can learn more about batteries?
2) Where can I buy Lithium Batteries
4) Where Can I buy Solar Panels?
5) Where can I buy a Battery Management System
6) What parts do you use on your Samba?
8) Why not use Supercapacitors?
A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
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Hey: let's talk about batteries all right here we go, as i explained to you guys in another video. I got a bunch of these weird one-of-a-kind batteries right we get these small batches of batteries and sometimes they just stick around because they're, like that's a weird battery. It's like there's, not a ton of them. So what do you do so they tend to stay there and then eventually i get to them, so i'm barely getting to them, and this is a cool battery.

There's only one pallet of these, so probably around 200 of these available, and i want to take a look at it today with you guys to see what it is and how we can use it. So, according to label, here it's a 36 volt battery 14.5 amp hours. So it's about 522 watt hours, so half a kilowatt hour, not not bad! For a battery of this size right um, it's not too heavy, and it comes in this extruded aluminum aluminium case. For those you guys from the uk that, like to point out that i you know, i'm not saying it correctly: aluminium box or aluminum box for the rest of us um.

It's this model, which i am not gon na attempt to read because it's like 20 numbers in letters uh and here's the thing it's from what i can tell there's not a lot of info about this on online. It's a e-bike uh battery right. It's got a connector and another connector, so it's got a charge connector, which is uh, xlr, cable, and then this is the actual connection. It's got pins for data and stuff, but i haven't been able to find that i was trying to like oh if we can find that connector it would be great, but we didn't, but here's the good news we did find the charger right.

Actually, we didn't just found the connector and we just made a bunch of chargers because we have them so should be able to charge it, and then now we just have to figure out how to change this connector or you can leave it. There add another connector that you can use for your own project. So first, let's take see if there's voltage on this guy multimeter put it on dc power. Okay, so it seems to be that our at least the bms seems to be off because it's only showing uh well, it's showing negative 4.81 volt yeah.

I have it backwards, so i think that's why so 5 volts not even 5 volts. Let's connect the charger and see if we can wake this guy up, let's plug it in and see what happens. Oh look at that. It went up to 7 volts, but look what's happening with the charger.

It's turning on and off on and off right and the reason why that's happening is because this battery is discharged uh too far down right, and so it's exceeding the the power output that this charger can do. And so because this thing has safety features this charger. Then, when it exceeds it, it just turns itself off and then it turns on and turns back off, but every time it turns on just momentarily, it adds a tiny bit of charge into the battery, and eventually this voltage starts going up to the point where now The load goes down below the threshold of this, and then this will stay on and it'll start charging the battery see it. We started with five volts now it's up to eight point: nine.

It's uh yeah just crossed about nine volts, so we'll leave it there for a little bit and see if that works. If that doesn't work, then we'll try something else, but i think five to ten minutes. This will be on and it will be charging while that battery is charging. I have taken another one of these apart uh you take screws off and it just slides right off, and so it turns out it's a 10 s.

5 pay, i believe it's 5p. So it's 50 cells and these are good quality cells. Look at that they're samsung inr 18650 dash. I don't know because i can't read it because the holders are in the way but they're samsung batteries, so they're good cells.

They have a bms and the bms has two a charge and a discharge um port on it, and then it also has a data. Three three wire data uh connector in here that i don't know how to use, but it doesn't seem like you needed to be able to operate this battery as you will see later in this video um. So that's what it looks like on the inside! I'm going to show you how to change or add a connector in here, so that we can use it right, but first we got ta wake that one up and it's getting there. Look it's in just a little bit short time now we're up to 10 volts on the discharge port.

So let's wait until this charges up a little bit more all right. Let's talk about safety! A lot of people will comment in the comment section of this video and say: hey what you're doing is not safe. You shouldn't wavy waking, these batteries up, they're defective or something and there's some truth to it, but not really. If you look at the whole picture, there's not right.

These batteries are so discharged because they've been sitting in a pallet for x amount of time. I don't know months years, i don't know, and so they themselves they will deplete, because the bms has logic that has to remain on to be able to keep the battery safe right now, if that gets too low for too long, then yeah there's a possibility that Some of the cells, some of the groups of cells, will not wake up right and will be damaged beyond a point where you can use them right. But if that's the case right, then the bms, which we have no reason to believe that the bms is bad right. Now it could be bad, and but we have no reason to believe that it's bad for for as far as we can tell the bms on all these batteries are good right and the only reason why they're they're so completely discharged because they've been sitting there for A long time, but if one of these groups of cells does not wake up, then the bms will not uh wake up and will not let this charger charge the battery right now.

Can the bms be faulty and yes, but then now you're talking about two failures right uh at the same time, and so how likely is that? Well, it could happen, but it's very unlikely right and so look just in the time that we're talking here, the bms. Obviously, now uh has turned on because now we see 29 volts on here and now we see a solid red light in here and so in a matter of a few minutes. Now it's charged the batteries enough to get past the the minimum voltage, which is about 30 volts right, 29.47 or 29. I guess that's the, and now it's gon na charge um.

Can this be dangerous? Yes, everything can be dangerous, but it's very unlikely uh that you can hurt yourself doing this right. The battery is still together in its own casing, which is uh made out of metallic substance like aluminium or aluminum, and this is also a safe charger that puts out very little power. It's only like two amps and so charging this battery at a rate of two amps. You know uh.

I think the bms will step in. If there is a problem, one of the cell groups does not wake up or drifts too far apart from the group, and so then this will stop charging. But if not, then this battery's just gon na charge all the way up, and then we can do a capacity test and see where the health of the batteries are. At this point you know there's the other thing that maybe this is a usable pack, but it's kind of already too degraded, and so maybe it's not worth you know a lot because then it's there at the end of the of their life right but uh in Our experience has been that these are still 90 to 95 good.

They have been put out of service for other reasons, other than cell degradation right, maybe the bike broke. Maybe the program ended uh, maybe the the whole program or these devices, or these bikes or uh micro mobility devices were sold because the company couldn't make money or they couldn't get permits for the city. There's all kinds of reasons why these happen right, but they're also sometimes yeah they're, just they're, just bad. It was like one was faulty and then they were sent back to the thing and then that got put in there with all the pallets of all the good ones right, but for the most part most of these batteries are good, and you know i think, uh.

That's what we're seeing when we're you know, processing thousands of these things. I literally have hundreds uh, tens of thousands of uh individual kinds of batteries right to put together. It's like a ton of them, and so that's what we're gon na do here. We're gon na charge it up a little bit and then i'm gon na show you how to put a connector in here so that you can use it.

Okay, now that this battery is awake, the thing that you have to do is change this plug right, so that you can use it. So i'm going to install an xd60 connector, and so it requires you, you can't just take these screws off and the connector won't come out because it's bigger from the back. So what i'm going to do is take out this hole front and then drill a hole here and then we'll put that in there and then we'll solder it inside and then we'll get to use it. So here we go.

This is the connector that we're looking at this big one here right. Okay, look! So the charging is fused at five amps when the discharge is fused at 20, amp, okay. So what we need this wire, the black one here and then this one right here, so we're going to drill a hole. So now we can put this connector in here, so you're going to have to disconnect it and solder it.

The first one we'll use some shrink tube. Then we move on to this one right here. This is the positive we cut it peel. It back.

Solder shrink tubing, okay, and at this point you got everything that you need in here. Those cables are not going to be doing anything just leave them in there. Now you put this back into the battery uh, making sure that you use the uh. You know they installed this rubber seal in there, so you can keep the water tightness of this battery.

All right and there we go - we added this little connector to discharge it. We're gon na make sure it finishes charging. Now we should be able to put a little meter here there. We go look at that.

So what can you use this battery for once that? It's finished and working well, it's an e-bike battery, so you can definitely use it for an e-bike, a diy e-bike right, but you could also use it to charge things like sort of these guys that are very popular amongst people, um that want to be off-grid or They just want a backup solution. This is the blue eddy ac200. You connect it on the solar charge, port and then it'll start charging look 400 watts it'll, take the half a kilowatt, that's in here and i'll put it in there just in case you're running low, and you don't have a place to connect it. So you can buy a few of these.

You can, you know, charge this thing in full. You don't need no dongle. No! No! This is just a simple cable like that. You can also use it to charge your ecoflow delta max.

For some reason, if you need more energy than than this, then you can just keep adding a bunch of these on the solar charge. Port and it'll start charging it uh yeah to 300 watts right now going into the battery right. You can add a bunch of those and you can charge those. You could also use it to charge the on release and on reviews.

So far for me, anyways ecoflow pro right. This one has the same connector in the back just an xc60 and uh. Here we go it's doing uh about 300 watts right now, even though the battery is 100 here, but you can connect it. And finally, you could also charge your on release.

Blue eddie, ac200 max uh, it's doing 500 watts just uh like the original ac200, all right! So in the comments i from time to time see people asking me: why do all my products, uh and projects require for the end user or you guys to do things to it? Like you got ta solder, a thing you got, ta put it together. Why don't? I just sell something that it's ready to be used, and there are several reasons for that right. It i promote diy, that's what i do here. I am excited about making things uh experimenting with things, and so that is what i promote, and so, if you are here on this channel, watching my videos and you're interested in my projects, it's probably because you like me, are diy and have that spirit of doing It yourself right, but if you're not if you're asking right and you don't are not interested in being diy and you're not interested in doing any or learning to to do these things, then, probably the reason why you're here watching these or i'm interested in my products, Is because you want to save money and the problem with that? Is that the reason why the batteries and the products and the projects that i'm doing are so affordable? It's because their diy is because that's one of the benefits of doing things yourself is that you can do it for less money than buying a product already made right.

The the product that's already made has a lot of labor and yeah a lot of times that labor is chinese labor, and so that's why they can uh give to you, for you know, inexpensive here. What i'm doing is here in the united states and so for. Every little thing that i have to do, uh to a product or to a project including my time. Well, that's worth a lot more because the cost of living here in the united states is really high and so labor in the united states is quite high.

And so, if you're having a trouble understanding that, then that that's the reason why the reason why things on my store and in my website uh and the stuff that i promote is so affordable. It's because it requires you to do part of the work part of the labor, that it will take to get uh a product finished and ready to work right, and so that is the reason why i don't offer stuff already made, because i would have to well Be more expensive, uh, frankly than the competition that uses offshore labor to build some of these uh. You know some of these electronic parts right and by the way we do use electronic parts to come from china, because china is the only one that builds some of this stuff. But but in order to make it a fully functional finish project, then uh you have to do some of those some of the work.

That's that's the rules the which we operate here in this channel. It's a diy channel, unfortunately, and if you're not on board with that. Well, you know i do review products that are already made uh and finished uh that are commercially available, so you could also buy those. You don't have to feel bad.

You don't you know. We all take choices in life. We don't all have to do the thing that we're doing. I just decided to spend quite a bit of time, learning about batteries and stuff, but i totally understand if you are not right, you just want to use a battery.

Good click on one of my other videos, where it has reviews uh, explain to you why they're good all right at least try to explain why they're good and why they're bad and why you know it would serve a purpose or one purpose or another, depending on What you're trying to do right so there you go! Thank you for watching this video, we'll see you guys on the next one. Bye.

15 thoughts on “The $49 dollar 500Wh eBike Battery”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Swan P says:

    I resisted subscribing cause i am into ebikes. However watching you improves my diy skills which are nonexistent. I am smarted for watching you. Also you are latino and i encourage and support diversity on you tube. So right on to you.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bo Holbo Rasmussen says:

    🤬🤯 DAMNIT MAN!

    You used the thing to charge things and stuff with the rechargeable thing, and that’s NOT HOW YOU DO IT!!! 😤

    😄 I’m so happy to live in a country where if you do something stupid (because you’re an idiot) that caused an injury, and it wasn’t explicitly warned against in the user manual, and you tried to sue the manufacturer. You would more or less be laughed at by the court system, for being an idiot by doing something stupid with a product, outside its intended use case, and then try to put the blame on anyone but yourself. You wouldn’t even get close to plead your “case” in a courtroom setting!

    (I’m from Denmark, where personal responsibility to keep yourself safe, is regarded as an important part of being an adult.)

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KOKUU says:

    I adore your efforts man! As I’m your follower i want to order items from your website but apparently says that no shipping option to Italy. Just sad I can’t reach you.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Jacobs says:

    Im building a recumbent trike and had myself a battery custom made by a guy from Sanyo cells. 58V 42Ah for €650. Absolutely awesome pack. Not brave enough myself to make it, and a normal ebike battery this large would be like €1300.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars wishbone20t says:

    I found your channel from the $150 bike project in which I will be building one soon. I am a self confessed DIY cheapskate… hell I may ponder a way to do it even cheaper. Also I think you may benefit in a liability standpoint to not sell turn-key projects, I wouldn't.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rhian Taylor says:

    Have to say I wouldn't charge that low-voltage battery that way. It is widely recognised that a really low (<<2.5v) li-ion cell should be brought back with a much lower current than might normally be used for charging – say 0.05C or less. Also, forcing the power brick to turn off presumably due to over-current into lower than specified load voltage (8v) is not exactly going to extend its life. For a few $ you could use a boost converter with CV and CC control that could initially be set to 50ma and perhaps 41v using the power brick as the input source, then turned up once the volts reach 25 – I would personally want to monitor individual cells.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Milner says:

    I'm sure that a very smart person with a 3D printer could make a suitable plug/adapters to fit that battery.
    Personally I think your Xt60 solution is so simple and adapts to a wide range of applications.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars redfirekla says:

    Can you modify one of these to be used as a car battery replacement or even something more simple like a ups system for your modem router or other computer hardware.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars lizardzman says:

    Hey Jehu , my question has nothing to do with batteries. With all your contacts, was wondering if anyone could show how to make a side cart for an ebike?

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J Bond says:

    I see how you used the pack in the video. It would also be nice to see how it could be used with something that would output 110V AC (without having to pay a few grand for the larger battery pack). Something like this could be useful for a laptop, or stringing a few together for a job-site table-saw.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MBKS says:

    I could run my workbench lights for a month off that pack…lol…right now I run them off my Anker power banks…do you test them before you post them for sale?

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JJ74Q Formerly Jailbreak says:

    It’s not Unfortunate This Is DIY channel. It’s Unfortunate People Cant Figure that out on their own. Near as I can see, if they complain then they are just trolling. Haters gonna Hate.
    Love you Jahu.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ilies Valerian says:

    count me in for the next batch for 3 of them. one for electric bicycle, and 2 for for an solar backup microfarm. I want to add whatever connector, shrinktube, cabblekit and recommend me please an invertor for 220v,50hz Belgium ,standard.Thx man! You are number 2 in the most influential people from my viewpoint after Musk 😃 Good job!

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zwillmaster says:

    would this work for 2 36v (42 fully charged) 12.8 amp hour

    i dont really know about this stuff..i want 72v …i know that i can take i can bypass the bms but leavr the charging bms by
    battery+ to bms+ to controller+ & battery- to controller-

    so whT if battery- (battery 1) to battery- (battery2) to controller-
    then bms+(battery 1) to bms+ (battery 2) to controller+ ? whould this work i have no idea

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sean McNamara says:

    How can batteries be available at $100/kWh? Latest reports suggest prices are heading TOWARD that, but I didn't think we were there already. Are these used?

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