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I've seen Many negative stories on FSDBeta Lately, So here I have a chance at sharing a real world example of what can be expected at this point.
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Okay, so we are on a model, three uh and it has full self-driving data and we just put an address on there: whoa whoa. What was that? It's uh, it's a little bit weird, sometimes it'll like slow down or speed up randomly. So it's not by no means perfect, yeah yeah, so this is beta. I mean this is literally, but it's driving on its own.

This is something that's new for me, because we have just a regular autopilot or whatever that just kind of keeps up with traffic and stuff it hasn't turned through their turn yeah. They already did a turn a little bit overturned yeah. So let me ask you this. So you still have to keep your hands on the wheel you don't have to, but you have to check in every once in a while, so flash blue it'll.

It's essentially wanting you to check in oh, i see so so it's different and it's not the same. At the same frequency as the other one correct, okay, so now it was kind of weird it kind of like stopped, like i don't know, like 10 feet before the actual intersection, and now it's going, oh look at that. It went into the other okay. Now it chooses it's checking in it, wants me to touch it so i'll, just touch it where it has a hard time is uh construction zones, construction systems like random, cones.

Oh, like this confused, it's all the lines. Yeah the lines are a little bit. Weird didn't know what to do and they finally figured it out, but it figured out it kind of hesitated back and forth and then the acceleration was weird it kind of took off yeah and then it like accelerate again okay. So then, i told you to check in look at that.

I've never seen that in ours and ours doesn't look like that, because okay there's a car, okay, so kind of freaked out there because there's a car coming in. You have to wonder like if this is the the bleeding edge or, if he's doing this sort of stuff, just to keep you on edge because he's yeah, probably i'm sure it's a little bit of both, because i think he can't make it too good. Because then people would trust it too much, and it's not legal yet right. This is this is beta.

How is it legal for him to have this beta cars running around in the streets? Yeah yeah, it's for sure. It's a, i think. It's a gray area hasn't been completely. I think the fact that it's not like a level five automation is what makes it so, it's still legal, because it requires the driver to still be responsible and still check in and be sure to check in when you sign up for the beta.

It also turns on the camera up here, so it monitors you, so it knows like if you're not paying attention. Okay and and people can do that trick where they put the thing, i'm sure they probably can to be honest with you, because i don't think like. If you put a thing over here, i don't think it'll see it. Oh as long as you're like at least looking like you're looking, i don't think it'll trigger anything.

Oh, i see, but you you are under scrutiny from tesla, so you can do too much crazy, stuff, dumb stuff, because then they'll completely remove you. In fact, he has removed people yeah right and they were really angry and they were like making a big old fuss about it on here, so it doesn't recognize like emergency vehicles, okay, so that's the one thing right now look at that! This is a good test. I was like oh there's a tesla, the guy's like oh there's, a tesla turn the lights off, so it doesn't freak out check it out. How long have you had uh the beta been part of the um? I got on board when 10.4 came out.

So that's like, like a month and a half two months: okay, so five, five to eight weeks, maybe something like that! That's crazy man, hey we're we're on i'm on 10.5 right now, i'm waiting for 10.6 to come out. I haven't got the update for 10. 10.6. So how many rations have you gotten in two months, three, two or three? Three, okay, have you seen huge differences? Yes, uh.

There has been improvements. There has been some regression like right now on this one like at the stop sign. It's like weird it doesn't. It didn't hesitate as much as it does now before before they're saying that, like people already on online are saying that 10.6 and 10.6.1 already is showing better it doing better on like stop signs.

Ah, okay um. What did i notice a difference? I noticed a different like i will try to take like same routes to different places and i'll notice, like oh right here like when i go into my parents house, on arrow without in fontana, there's some spots where it's like a it's like a one lane. But it's a giant lane and the car used to try to go to the curb and then come back to the thing, and now it stays on this side along the center line. So, like things like that, you notice that change.

How about have you? Have you used it on like the freeway yeah, but on the freeway, like the production, all the production cars have freeway yeah, okay, so those are pretty that there's not really have been any changes for the freeway yeah. Okay. I noticed that it always sets the car in the center of the lanes, and, yes, it still does that. We don't do that like humans, like whenever there's like a like a hard thing on the edge we always hug.

The center yeah you're, like i'm gon na, give myself a little bit more room because there's a hard wall over there. It's just imaginary line over here. So it it's pretty nerve-wracking when the car wants to like put you right on the center and you're on edge, the entire time you're like oh, okay, let's just go to the center i've gotten used to it already. So, honestly, it doesn't sweat me anymore, but yeah at the beginning it was kind of like uh.

This is crazy. You got full self driving how? How far do you think this is away from from full self-driving, whatever level, five right level? Five, oh, i think we're still super far by the way. Yeah. I don't think i think there needs to be a for it to be level five.

I think a lot of the other cars have to have adopted it, because i think that's the biggest variable like the car can be doing everything right, but it could be. The human variable is what i think will mess it up, whereas if everyone is on is doing it like, i think the cars react to each other more and they recognize what they're programmed to do more so than what a human would do like. I don't think a car will round the side. Oh, this is my turn.

I'm just going to cut across traffic yeah and a human would do that versus a like a program card. They would rather just take the light, go around or do something different yeah. I think the human variables would keep it from ever being level five, so at least you're saying the regulators might want to have a certain level like a percentage of cars capable of this before they can sign off on it yeah, but technology and and regulation never Really goes on in hand, so that's why that's another reason why i think it'll take a long time, but this is genius right because he's you're literally teaching the cars to do something so you're ready whenever it just takes off just tries. Maybe you have it, you can adjust the so you could adjust like if it wants to be chilly like right there and cut the legs it just so, sometimes on intersections like that it gets confused.

Luckily, there wasn't a car. There was no car there and maybe that's why you did it you're, like you know what maybe i didn't see. Did you see that did it have that turn signal yeah that turns it on so then they plan to do that, but i have noticed to do that like um. If there's an intersection with the curve in it, it might end up, it might end up being another one: okay or if you're merging onto a freeway, sometimes you'll end up.

You'll start this lane and you'll end up on the outside lane. Oh, you shouldn't do that, but yeah you're, like it's fine, if there's no one there but the car, is there yeah? We do that all the time, but we never think twice about it, because we at the very least we we looked. Let's see if there was a car, that's so crazy, so this is cool i mean i think it's done pretty good. This is actually a very good drive.

I don't think i've had really to intervene with anything. Sometimes it messes up and then you have to take hold, take over or at least kind of butt in a little bit, but it's been doing well, it does better during the day for sure at night it does tend to be a little bit more hesitant on Stuff well yeah, because it only uses cameras uh. What was the thing that i just saw on the news he's supposed to take radar off? Well, he already has it off. So if you're in the beta like this car came with radar, but he turns it off, he turns it off.

Ah, okay, so this is without, and people don't seem to get it. That vision should be good enough. They're saying like no, why don't you put all these other systems in there yeah? I think okay, what's gon na happen here i wouldn't mind i wouldn't mind it having both looks like because of the car there and then there's a car coming. Okay, so looking so basically we're like 20 feet from the line and it just hesitates and and then it's like a very hard hesitation steps on the break too much is not just very dramatic, very dramatic yeah yeah yeah, but that keeps you an edge.

I think that might be a thing that he wrote in the code they're like yeah, i kind of have it so that people don't forget that they're supposed to pay attention. Look at that! So you you best! You don't regret paying all that money for the for the beta for the fsd, basically um. If i were to go back and do it all over, i would have rather spend eight ten thousand dollars to get like the performance see like it doesn't see. That line up there, so the line is kind of disappear there, okay, but it will creep up.

Oh whoa, relax. Where are you going okay, yeah? So i would, i think, if i would have done it all over again, i would have gotten the performance just because, but i'd like a little bit more of like that sports car kind of a feel um, because this this is what it is. This is just the regular, that's our plus, so the standard range plus, oh kids, seem that the same way we have us, that's it so i'll just do here and then just tell you like a you pull up right, oh okay, because it doesn't know it. My thing - oh, that's, cool yep, so that.

8 thoughts on “Testing tesla full self driving beta #fsdbeta”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kermit says:

    Hey Jehu, would love to see you do a DIY video on the new $4200 Festool Sys-powerstation

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Summers says:

    Thanks for the drive. Somehow I donโ€™t see this in our future as VW bus pilots.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars dscarty says:

    Been using beta for a while. You really get used to it.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John D II says:

    Having to watch the traffic and monitor what the car might do, seems very unnerving.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Drift Advocate says:

    another tesla just exploded in FL from a crash

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SPACE LIFE says:

    It's been pretty wild watching tesla auto pilot improve over the years.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Maarten Toors says:

    Main takeaway: If all cars would be self-driving; The only fatalities would happen on the track.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Quinn Foster says:

    Someday we will hack this onto your bus from a wrecked Tesla.

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