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All right, let's make another video uh on the rivian. Let's talk about service, as you guys know. On my last two videos. I hinted at the fact that it was having a break issue right and on the first video it was just a light.

It was just a warning on the dash, but then by the second time, uh about a week after we got it uh after we went on that thousand mile trip, then the brakes started, making a noise and then eventually all mechanical brakes died. And let me just a little bit background: this car is a little bit different than all the other cars. This has three types of brakes: um and the these are the mechanical brakes right. It's got pads this rotors right and discs and then like pads and those are hydraulic brakes.

Then it also has an electric brake and that electric brake also uses the same pads and rotors, but that only gets electrified or it only gets used when you put it on on the park right. When you put this car on park, then it uses the same hardware as the hydraulic brakes, but it it just has an electric actuator to the act to the and only it's only the rear. As i'm, i think, that's correct. It's only the rear ones that get right, so that's the electric brakes, but then there's also region and region is a braking that happens as soon as you let go of the throttle of the accelerator and that happens uh.

It makes each one of the motors it makes it into a generator and the the fact of creating energy. The byproduct of that is well drag right, and so then that creates breaking force, and so that's region breaking and this car is a little bit different than the tesla's. This one has extra a stronger region. There's only has two settings and it's like strong region or all the region, kind of thing right and so uh.

That's why we could drive this car around without any mechanical brakes for a little while, but then it's like no. This is going to create a really a bad situation, because, while this car, while you come to a complete, stop right, so what happens is then it? It gets a thing that is called a hold and a hold. It uses the mechanical or the hydraulic brakes to get the car to a position where it doesn't roll back or forth or forward, and so that is the thing that will not happen if you're driving without the thing right and so, as of many of you, guys Noted on that last video, where we were testing to see if it was working or not working uh. You guys mentioned that you saw some liquid falling from the bottom here and yeah.

You guys were probably corrected because there we sent it in to for for service and people. You know the rivian support. Uh person was like, oh, that's, the electric brake and i was like. No, i don't think that's the electric brake, but then again you know you would think that the rivian employee would know more than me about the problem, and so i i wasn't arguing with him.

I was just like okay. Well, if you say the electric brake is electric, but in my head i was thinking no, it's not the electric brake. It's the hydraulic brakes. It's the actual mechanical brakes that this car has right so um.

Eventually they they told us that they could pick it up on a monday, but they couldn't look at it on until wednesday, and so basically because when you check it goes, oh well, there's two places they're about 40 miles from where your our location and they go. He said well, one of them has a lot of openings and the other one doesn't have any. So let me let's just try to do the one with openings, which was somewhere in el segundo and then once you check it goes, oh, okay, so those are all all those openings are taken, which means that there's a lot of rivien's deliveries that now are having Issues and so now they're coming back for the service, but then, as it turns out uh, he said: okay, we'll pick it up on monday and then monday morning and then we'll look at it on wednesday and then we'll let you know so we're like. Oh, my gosh, okay, so that's going to be like an old week kind of thing.

I thought, because you know they're so busy by the time they look at it and then the parts you know i don't know how serious this thing is gon na be. But what happened is that then they came to pick it up and uh. Instead of bringing up, they said they were gon na bring a flatbed, and so the guy shows up here in an uber, and i thought, like hey, where's where's, the truck. You know, how are you no i'll just drive back, he says i go, i wouldn't this thing has no brakes and once i showed him that the brakes were all the way to the floor, he was like.

Oh yeah. They didn't tell me this. No, i i can't drive this back and yeah sure, so they send the truck later on in the day and they picked it up. Uh.

You know midday of on monday right, but then by tuesday they basically sent us the report and they we just had to sign for it and and basically all they did was find a loose fitting. So they didn't tighten all the brake lines, which is weird for them to do. But again, this is within 2 000 cars of the first production line right. So i guess all right.

So it's not no big deal. There's nothing super serious! It's just a loose line and for that reason it was leaking uh fluid right, brake fluid in that that's what you guys probably saw on that video and as a result of that, then it was a quick, easy fix. They'll, just just tighten up the lines, refilled uh the system and then uh did a uh bled the system right so to prevent any air, don't remove any air from the lines, and then that was it it was done. They said it was one hour worth of uh of service time right, and then they did a couple other little things like the tunnel here, like uh, wasn't closing all the way in consistently.

So then they just adjusted something the back uh gate here. Wasn't um consistently opening. When you press this here, oh actually, they didn't fix it because look it doesn't so usually when it does it it'll it'll do that. But it's not consistent right.

So it doesn't. It doesn't do it now. I didn't think that was such a big deal, but my wife did, and so she mentioned it on the thing yeah see. So it's not consistent uh.

They they tried, i guess, to adjust somehow uh, maybe this mechanism here and stuff, but it obviously didn't work at least not that one. I don't know the tunnel cover if it consistently now closes or not, but those are minor things compared to the brakes. The brakes are the only thing that i was concerned because those are well, you know, kind of essential to the car and, as it turns out, it wasn't serious, and so then, by tuesday they said hey by the way we can deliver it uh, like tuesday by 4, i think they say 4 20., and so i came home from work early to see if they, but then eventually they said well, it's going to take longer, there's a lot of traffic and you know it's taking a lot longer to get at to your place. So eventually, i think by five or six in the afternoon they showed up and they delivered it.

So our experience was pretty cool. I mean they are kind of a mess. I guess at the service department because we talked to three different people and they didn't know you know like they didn't know exactly what the other one was talking. We had to answer the questions like three times with three different teams or people right and then, by the time the guy showed up.

He he didn't know what was wrong with the car, so he thought he's just going to be able to drive it back and then you know drive it back to the shop and i go well. No. The main issue here is the brakes. You can't drive at this back, it's not safe, and so i guess there are a bit of a mess over there.

You know this is. This is just a beginning, uh. These are the first cases right, the first service that they're providing to customers and so yeah. It's a new company, that's what you can expect when you're this early uh, but i, but we were luckily surprised, uh to only have the car be at service for like two days, instead of like what i thought might be like a full week.

I didn't know right: i was feeding the worst, it's like, oh, my god, something broke uh, the master cylinder is failing, there's some software thing or something who knows it could be anything right, but it turns out. It was just a simple thing: it was a leaky line, they replaced that or they just tighten it as far as uh. The the service uh form said right and it took an hour and then they had it back here. The guy drove it here and you know i don't know he said that is because that's why they can test, and that is true when you fix a car you do want to test it right.

I think it's mostly just because you know having an extra tow truck coming in here. Like you know it's more expensive or whatever, but uh either way it doesn't matter. It is a good thing that they could kill two birds with one stone uh i shouldn't be so mean to birds or whatever say that, but it's they did the thing they tested the car. It's a 40 mile trip all the way out here, just to check that everything was good and they delivered it and right, and so we didn't have to go pick it up, which is perfect because we just you know at the end of the tuesday we had The car here and it was like: oh okay, we had a thing on friday where we were gon na go like, and so you know we had the truck, and so i was like.

Okay, that's it was. I was glad that it wasn't such a big deal. So that's our first experience with service on the rivian. It's a bit of a mess with them over there, but they went ahead and they did got it done quicker than they actually uh said right.

They set our expectations to be. You know, i don't know, maybe like almost a whole week and then they got it done in two days. So that's pretty good. So there we go with the rivian service.

You know.

15 thoughts on “Rivian service”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mistaox says:

    EV enthusiasts are waaaay too forgiving. Failed brakes???….I'll wait for the traditional automakers to get their EV act together before I take the plunge.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars All Electric Family says:

    Thanks for the video! We are anxiously awaiting to hear our delivery date…got our guide, so the wait will hopefully be short. Good to know what we can expect for service. We also know we will probably deal with some issues being some of the first cars off the line, but worth it for how cool the truck is!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars chris smith says:

    Okay so let's stop calling hydraulic brakes mechanical hydraulic brakes are hydraulic mechanical breaks wood have a cable operating them like an older style parking brake the parking brake in this vehicle is electric it's not uncommon nor unusual it's been used for over 10 years and most European cars

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Project Frontier 4x2 says:

    Tailgate and tonneau cover is forgiveable for a startup, even new model. The loose brake fitting is a major q.c. issue. They fixed it, but at this point, with not so many vehicles in circulation, its a good time to bring every single one in to check before it becomes an issue that can end this company before it even becomes mainstream.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rick Tomlin says:

    Isn’t the tailgate mechanism electrical both down and up? If you are manually shutting the tailgate you maybe shutting it too hard for the electrics to be able to release it. Have you tried just using the electric mechanism to open and shut it the compare it to the way you did it in the video?

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KNIFORIA says:

    Looking at your vid it appears that the gate is not level on top, it has a small gap on the left, a larger one on the right. Also, the left top side is lower / not aligned with the bed.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Diogo Sales says:

    Your wife is right. For the amount of money you paid. It should be perfect and the communication error between themselves should not happen ever…
    What a mess!

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Philip Biron says:

    These issues are not uncommon for startup car companies. The other issue it weighs 7000 lbs. See Tesla 2013 an 2014 this is common problems.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bert Ruttan says:

    Unacceptable. First I would have checked and likely fixed it myself rather than wait for the uninformed to run around unaware of themselves. Hence saving myself the aggravation of waiting to get it back days later. Warranty aside who would have known I did the repair? Of course I am a experienced mechanic so I would not expect every day folks to jump in an do it themselves with no understanding of how to fix a simple brake leak. Which begs the question…Jehu…u have those skills, why did u not look at it and go OH, tighten connection, refill and bleed, bam. Done! As for the tailgate release, they did not fix it so what's stopping you bar a design flaw that makes it unrepairable or such? Come on Jehu! I'd like to try out a Ford F-150 Lightning myself.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rob H says:

    Tesla has that latch problem too, I know this because a Tesla was being worked on onsite and I asked the Guy what he was doing ..

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Bradley says:

    Newer vehicles are wayyyy to complicated. I was a Truck Driver 25 years and I noticed that Semis got more and more high tech over the years. All kinds expensive failures and problems was the result.
    If something simple works why change it to high tech BS?

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Jung says:

    The quality of US built cars is not what it should be, well below par with so many companies. Is it a communications problem or is it just a "I don't really care" attitude? Brakes are the most important issues, it can be fatal.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Witness101 says:

    Rivian wants to copy Tesla so bad, they are emulating them right down to the bad fit/finish and just crushing it with copying the horrible service! Nice job boys! Mediocrity is the sincerest form of flattery!

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Harry Crawford says:

    Brake fluid damages paintwork and coatings, I hope they cleaned up any that had got on your underbody after they fixed the leak.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cloxxki says:

    Can one attach a 5th wheel trailer with this, or any electric truck bring made? Because that's the holy grail in camping off grid. Safe towing, power everything in the trailer off the truck if need be. Loads of solar on the trailer, even a large fold/slide out canope with solar. 40m2 or so. Battery in trailer as well to power and charge. And enough of a drive motor to move the thing around when detached from truck. No propane. No fast charging needed unless deep winter or driving more than standing.

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