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A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
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All right, finally, we find an all-electric truck here. Let's go check it out, so how big is the battery 105 kilowatts of base 135 and 180 kilowatt hours? Oh there's: a single motor quad motor all-wheel drive four motors up right now. Look at this up to 180 kilowatt hour battery pack right 440 miles of range they're, saying with that of course yeah. It's almost 200 kilowatt hours, 0 to 60 in three seconds uh.

He said it's about a 400 volt pack, and you know it's got four independent motors all-wheel drive. This is going to be a really clearly cool electric. Pretty pretty awesome. I believe so much in this car that i've actually placed a pre-order for one of their cars.

They are going to be pricing, even though i can't afford them at this point. They are not going to deliver into two years from now, so i don't expect to be broke in two years. I expect to be in a better place financially to be able to afford to buy one of these vehicles, and so, if that is the case, then you will see me be riding around on arizona all right. We're live at the fully charged event here in austin and we're going to go check out the vivian people.

Rivien is going to be my first brand new store-bought electric vehicle, we own a model 3, that is for my wife. I drive my classic volkswagen diy electric cars, but this is gon na, be the first one i'm gon na buy. I am a fan of the suvs, more so than the trucks, but i did pre-order a truck just because i knew that was gon na be the first uh one to hit the market, and so then i i got the truck and then also the suv. I really got to have candid conversations with the engineers, and i am surprised that uh, some of these guys are kind of diy and they have their own conversions and, as no surprise would be, they watch my channel just pretty weird thing that these guys, that are You know pretty involved in the design and engineering of this.

I mean this next company that i think would probably be as big as tesla right um on the utility side of the electric vehicles moving forward. You know they watch my videos, which is crazy. So rivien is holding these first final events where they, you can test, drive the rivian and so we're here to do that we could just we could just move in there and just live there yeah. This is my house now right.

Bye. I see you never you just drive on to your next address and then you're like get up there. All right, yeah, yeah, okay, i'm finally gon na get to do a vivian test. Drive i've been waiting for this for three years now.

So finally, gon na happen. Okay, so here's crystal getting into her rhythm for the first time. That's me: why did you choose in case you didn't know? Why did you choose great because it it was calling my name suck it in? Let's do it, let's get a thumbnail. If you don't fit in the back seat, you can ride down here you get the whole truck whoa.

Okay, back up more get all the way back here right here that way, you get the whole truck there. You go and you're pretty short, so your feet aren't touching the other end right yeah, i knew it. It has a button, so you can get out. Look at that.

They thought about it. Yep, hey! You know what this is probably bigger than some of those japanese hotel rooms what's happening here, he's actually cooking and of course, i'm gon na have to let crystal do the drive, because it's gon na be her car right uh. I might get to drive it whenever she lets me, but uh we'll see how it goes. Thank you tell people yeah.

That was probably me. Oh, it's kind of an automatic to it. I'm going to be handling everything on this screen here: drive modes, ride, height, uh suspension, uh, stiff or soft for um for sport driving or off-road. So have you you've driven an eevee before um yeah? I have a tesla awesome um how about off-roading? How about off-roading? In an ev, no ma'am all right, let's check that off our bucket list today, everyone buckled in okay - except for that one time, though, that you that was an accident okay, i didn't mean to do that um.

So we are gon na use our drive stock to go into the drive and to drive here perfect. If you take your foot off the brake, you'll notice, the hole um it'll hold for you. Additionally, you don't have to put your foot on the brake um when you put it into reverse: oh okay, so if we just touch it into reverse right now, beautiful brings us to our uh rear view. Uh backup cameras we'll be using the front cameras to go over some hills and things today, so it is awesome, so there's cameras on both sides of the yeah yeah.

Oh that's cool! So these, i want to say they're um in our side mirrors here, uh-huh yeah and then, if we go up to the front, i could have used that this morning there we go all right. Shall we get started sure awesome, so we're gon na uh push it down again back into drive and we're gon na head to the right here? Okay, just kidding, i can't reach that was a little too high, but i'm i'm glad you can move this without moving this yeah right. Yes, okay. Additionally, these seats have uh heated and cooled.

So it's really nice in the summer time and they have a usb plug over here. Is it like the back of the head and also like purse hanger or umbrella hanger yeah? No, there's, there's plugs everywhere and usb c plugs yeah. I'm not sure if you want your heat peel, yeah, okay, awesome! So we are going to head to our our right here and uh at that last hay bale we're going to come to a complete, stop and flyers going to. Let us know if we are good to go.

Okay, oh, i haven't driven the truck in a while this thing's big. We used to own a a pilot which is about smaller, still stop yeah. So we can head to the right here. Okay and we will uh maintain 15, okay um, i'm sorry, you said you used to own a truck a honda pilot which is about a suv about the size.

A little bit smaller yeah um. I used to work for carvana um, so the pilots were were always uh purchased um. I want to say an additional in addition to um like the buick encore and things like that for families um, which is why the suv and truck market is like blowing up. Yes, yeah cause, she got a tesla and it's cool.

I mean it's an amazing car but yeah. I guess she misses the like just the size. You know to being able to pick up five friends. You know you didn't miss paying for the gas, that's true.

So we can accelerate to 230., but but yeah um. Just you know gas uh in addition to the zero to 60 um. It's just phenomenal. There's no traditional! You know uh, there's no lag of a traditional vehicle, so it's just super cool.

Maybe so here with your hands on ten and two, we are going to make some swift uh, like lane changes almost feeling for the body roll. This isn't one of those uh dirt road pavements, so you know with your tesla yeah, so we'll go straight ahead here. There we go we're going to head straight we're going to stay to the right side and we'll we'll go down along this uh. I want to say billboard or fence.

Okay and we'll do 40., oh doors lock again or do they they don't lock. When you put in drift yeah, they were locked. Oh it sounded like it could have been. A rock it sounded suspect, is on the move.

I'm kidding comes a smurf yeah pop is hard right, more targets on the move, so here we are going to go uphill, i'm going to change it, oh feel that regenerative, braking and we'll head um straight up here, we'll go to the right and then we'll make Another heart rate here you'll it'll, really focus on the uh bumps, so you'll notice, like potholes and things and that's like no big deal, for example right here, so i don't have to slow down. I just keep going yeah. We keep going wow. Look at that.

It's like nothing so off-road, auto high, for example, right here, the truck's like whatever. What was that you know and then we're gon na continue here and we're gon na go straight ahead, sort of like into the sky blast off. I know right launch rocket, so i have um. This is like the coolest job in the world.

Um i feel like, like, i feel like something cooler would just be nasa. I don't know we're gon na descend here and then we'll come around this curve into artichoke valley. I like to call it oh they're recording what up the media team out here today and here we'll do our country road at 25.. Take me home, i don't even know i was telling them yesterday.

I was like that's the only part of the song. I know i know right yeah. I don't even know the rest what'd, you say 25 yeah you're doing great. So so this is the team that records all those that media coverage, that is on the website and everything.

Okay, that's that's a serious hill up there. We are gon na turn on our cameras here. So we are we're gon na maintain speeds of seven to ten um and then towards the top. We're not gon na be able to see over we're gon na really rely on our front uh cameras here.

So when you reach the top we're going to slightly angle to the left and come to a stop for a photo op, okay, perfect, okay, yeah, that's no sheet, though i think i'm going to hit the thing is you can appreciate in the video, but this is A really high a steep. I would never do this on my own. That's what i'll tell you right now and then i'm saying yeah. You can't see in front of the car we'll stop here.

Let's go ahead and reverse! Oh because you were supposed to turn over there, i heard a little angle to the left. I thought she just meant the wheels, not yeah and then we'll pull forward and we'll come to a complete, stop perfect right here. Okay, awesome: we will push this button into park and if someone would like to give me their phone, i can jump out and get a photo so they're like low all right. So i'm gon na count down three two one, and what i'd like you to do is um press on the accelerator.

Okay, all right, i got my old bar ready head back against and three two one: okay, that was intense and we were going uphill, yeah, wow, and so that was some on. What setting is it like? A sports ball yeah, so that was in sport mode. Okay, distributes uh power to the rear, wheels um, we're gon na continue straight yeah, so sport mode distributes power to the rear. Wheels similar to you know like a quarterback, jack, viper, um and then conserve mode here distributes power to the front two wheels um.

Also, saving you know energy, and then you have the all-purpose which is all-wheel drive. If you're a daily commute um, then you can feel like the hug of the road body. Roll a little bit was way different from when we first started, and then here you'll notice. This dirt path, okay, we're going to pop it back into all purpose and we're going to head up this dirt path.

Here, okay, there we go everyone's belly: okay, yep, we'll uh head straight and i'll make a right. This is such a nice view too, like it's a pretty place to do this test. So um, are you too familiar with the microsoft uh wallpaper uh? It's just like oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, it was uh, take the photo was taken somewhere out here and i guess so. Speculation is that the guy was paid like a hundred bucks, microsoft.

Um i mean we had artichokes out there wow. We have pumps everywhere, which makes it great for our. You know, test ride. Yeah, it's like suspension is great.

It's an air suspension or just it does have air suspension right, yeah, yeah, okay, so that's what that's, how you adjust it up and down to the left? Yeah dangerous, i know, keep going left again. No, like i like it. Oh my gosh, i like i said i would live in this thing like ricky bobby, oh yeah, shake and bake baby. So how was that? It was good.

We were waiting three years to get this test track. Are you even more excited for your configuration? Yes, i don't even remember what i put on it. I just remembered it's been a while white yeah. That was the only thing i remember putting.

I don't think we have a white one out here today, but it looks great especially you know, because i've only liked white uh in regards to like cadillac white. You know like the pearl white, but our white has like a pearl like uh iridescent to it too, and i like these other colors, but just again because it gets so where i work. It's just there's wind, there's a bunch of diesel trucks. All the time like it's just dirty yeah, so i'm like, oh, which one is the first edition green, so the the launch is in is in the infield with the bike on top.

Oh, that one yeah this one, oh cause, that's a little bit lighter. I guess it's like a hunter green or something yeah. This is our forest, okay and then, and then that one's more of a not matte but uh like an army, green yeah, yeah army green, is perfect. I remember thinking like i won the launch edition, but i don't want that green because i don't know maybe in person i'm going to be like.

Oh, i should have got it, but right yeah, all the colors look so different in person like they look better. You know check out yellow where's yeah that one too yeah yellow grows on you, where's um that speaker yeah. So a speaker is right here. It is here.

Okay, i was looking there, but i didn't realize it looks like a speaker um. You can charge your phone right here as well uh-huh. Additionally, you have the ring cooldown too, yes, yeah, and if you were to leave this speaker uh like at home, it would give you extra space uh under here as well, for stuff, oh to put stuff in there. Additionally, when the vehicle is in drive this won't.

You can't remove it, oh okay, so that's just it in there. Yeah just locks it in there and then you park, or you know you put it wherever and these are motors or no. What did you do to read? Yeah they're just supposed to buttons? Oh okay! This is the lock, though your mother's gon, na love these these handles yeah. She missed that when uh, like a carabiner for when you go, you know rock climbing or things like that.

It should open. So you also you could i would pull oh okay. Okay, put it in your bag like an actual yeah like an actual keychain. Okay, nice yeah locks in there.

That's cool cool right, very, very cool. We like it, do we get to like peek in the back with the yeah, if you yeah, if you'd like i'll i'll, show you right now the bed of the truck yep. Yes, absolutely, sir, your ride is over. Thank you.

It was a little bumpy. You could have been nicer too nope nope.

17 thoughts on “Rivian preorder holders get their delivery dates”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Glen levenhagen says:

    jealous! lots of vids on this truck. watching Atlas too… they are the next EV Truck.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kermit says:

    Great trucks!
    To bad they won’t turn on in 2 years without all 15 doses on your passport..

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Garg710 says:

    I don't understand why you only have this many subscribers. You deserve at least ten times more than this. You're very educational and family friendly viewing.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ron Pierce says:

    Cool Truck, take off the mask, it muttles your speech and doesn't protect you from anything.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars carity says:

    really bad ringing at the beginning on show room floor, not sure if you can hear it

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vega says:

    Ah yes the pickup truck for the ultra wealthy
    Im waiting for my cybertruck maybe next year it will show up

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars R Hama says:

    Oof just spec'd one on the website… came out to $93,000 with the max battery pack. Definately not for the working class.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Hagarty says:

    Cool truck!
    How deep of a water Chanel can it ford?
    Not white for me, how does the blue colour look?
    I look forward to seeing a few of these around.
    Keep smiling!

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mark brown says:

    Rviann is built in Normal Illinois. They bough a Nissan plant that closed down.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Greg Yohn says:

    With your wife driving to work, why does she get it? Won't you need a pick up more often? Tesla not good enough?

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mark Rothenberg says:

    Way cool looking EV and excellent features. Only thing I don’t like is having to touch the screen to change features. What about hand controls on the steering wheel? Or voice control? Rivian and other vehicle manufacturers need to rethink controls for safety improvements.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars antonwearsakilt says:

    Can't wait to see a whole bunch of electric car nerds walking… As most of our power in the West comes from fossil fuels and most of these cars tap into the grid which is powered by fossil fuels.

    Wonder if Biden's dark winter will come and since most of these high vehicles will be sold in California where law and order once was enforced, how many will be stolen from their owners?

    I'd love to see a hydrogen vehicle.
    Just think how easy it would be, use solar to grow algae to make hydrogen. Use that hydrogen to power said cars/ trucks emit nothing but H20.

    Or let's build expensive lithium cars and trucks that depend on large scale grid ties to operate.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hu Dini says:

    I like the EV truck concept, but that front fascia. Do they have to make it so fugly?

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars kuhrd says:

    I will be interested in an electric pickup when they make a stripped down one with a full 8' bed. Don't need anything but the ultra basic options.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fishing with Billy says:

    I hope you are able to test real world towing capacity with yours when you get it. Will it be 50% range or higher?

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    I like them I think it’s the best looking truck out there for EV I don’t know how much they are I know they’re a little pricey but they’re still awesome vehicle with a lot of cool attributes

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