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All right, let's compare the paint jobs just to see uh how good or how bad? Where does rivian paint? Jeff stands right, one of the main issues that it's got. It's the orange peel and just in case you don't know what orange peel is. It's that bumpiness, you see how it's got a bunch of the reflection there yeah you see all that stuff. That's all orange peel! It looks like the surface of an orange right, but let's look at tesla's paint job.

Here's a three-year-old tesla model. Three. Does it have any orange peel and you know what let's see here, let me see if i can catch it, but like uh yeah, look at you see that that's the same orange peel right there teslas aren't that much better. That's it's a little bit different texture.

It's a little bit less defined than the ribbon, but it's all over the place there it's right there. So what do people tell? Okay? Let's look at some other car over there. We have a fiat 500 over here. Okay, so let's see, let's see you know what there's some orange peel here too, it's not perfect yeah.

Look, let's see if i can capture it with the thing there it is you see it doesn't feel orange peel. Now, let's look at the subaru. Subarus are usually good cars; they uh, okay, right here on the fender first, first one in the center there, let's see if we can capture it. Okay, you see how the trees are like.

Yes, it's there, it's also there. So what are we talking about? I mean it's, it's all over the place. It's right here. They have orange view.

All of these cars have orange views. Look out of the car, all the cars that i have at my disposal here. The only one doesn't have orange peel is my bus, no orange feeling because it doesn't shine, but what the hell are we talking about here we're just looking at this with the microscope, because it's a brand new car and because it's uh, you know nearly ninety thousand Dollars uh or this one is nearly uh. Ninety thousand dollars, if you were to order it today, i get it yes, uh paint jobs should be perfect.

A car should be perfect when you get it, but the reality is it's not, and we don't. We didn't expect that from the tesla's i didn't, i mean i know that tesla did suffer. You know a bunch of controversy at the beginning, because the paint job was not that great. But i think three years ago they had already figured out all their issues and when we got this one i was like.

Oh, i got lucky absolutely no issues with it. The gaps are good. The the paint jobs are good like the whole car is painted. I know there's some issues where, like this stuff wasn't painted here on some people, uh panels were falling off stuff, but three years ago i think they had already gotten it, and i mean look at that.

That's a lot! That's that's all orange peel right there. So what are we talking about here? Is that a real thing is that a real issue, or it's just a thing that exists in on cars? What do you think? Let me know in the comments, if i'm crazy or is that this is not a it's. A non-issue or yeah they should be, they should do better with the paint. Now their gaps are a little bit off in a couple places there, but again like who cares? I don't care, but i know some people will care right.

So this is it. Is it that bad or i've seen uh reviews of these guys? That said, the gaps are all good in theirs right, so it's maybe not systemic, not across the board and the whole production line right so put it in the comments. Let me know what you think all right, so the paint job is okay, it's no show quality right, but it's it's pretty good uh. I wanted to wash it because it was dusty had been sitting around for a while, and i just so.

I could see the paint right to see if i needed to do the color sanding. It's called right, which is you get a super fine thousand two thousand three thousand grit uh sandpaper and when they do, is they they sand it by hand, and they knock down all the orange peel, all the high parts in the in the paint and then they They buff it right and then now that they buff it. Now it's a much more even uh surface, and so then the shine is just like a mirror right, but it turns out that this might already have been done, because i keep seeing this like white powder, which is indication of uh yeah. You see like there's some in here uh there's in several spots that i've been cleaning.

You see right here and i think that's the that's the that's the uh, whatever the compound that they use the polishing compound right. So i might not need to do that. Uh, for the most part, this is like you know, pretty good, pretty good paint, um good for daily drivers, good, it's gon na be good for a for uh rental right uh there are. There is some shoddy work in here that they did now.

They put quite a bit of work into this bus. The the floor in the front is new. They replaced this part right here. So here's part of the shoddy work.

You know i would replace the whole thing they sell this entire pedestal here. So you could just replace the whole thing, but instead they cut it right here and they just add and then like now you have a seam that doesn't belong there. It's it didn't used to be there right. So i don't know that's kind of shoddy there um.

As far as the paint there like this, the uh, the dash, which is a part that you know everybody looks at because it's right there, it's not shiny, like the like the outside of the car, which tells me that they probably did not sand this, and they Did not polish it, so maybe i will have to polish this. Try it and see if it can be done, if not and then maybe reshoot it or something like that uh. There are some things that i noticed, for example, that are also not shiny. Like this part right here - and you can see it, there's a panel that comes in here and then so the rest sees it, and so it's not shiny like they didn't sand.

It see here's more of the compound right there uh the floor was replaced. This part was replaced and a lot of other stuff they yeah they did the dog legs. They did a lot of work into this bus to repair the rest that it had, but some of it is a little bit shoddy. You know it's not perfect uh once, but it's it's all stuff that once you finish it and cover it up, you won't be able to see it the only the only way you can see it is right now that it's all done and taken apart and you Can see that this right here, i'm pretty sure this is really hard to get perfect, but this is wavy, and so you, when you're like looking at it like that, you can kind of see it right, because it's because there's just a bunch of yeah, it's gon Na be really hard to get that perfect, so other than that it's pretty cool and i have all the parts this is probably gon na, be my own first bus that i'm ever gon na get to finish, which is pretty exciting.

I all the all my buses are like this. Just you know put back together as best as i can, but no bodywork and no paint so far, so this is gon na be the and i'm going to get to drive. Finally, something that is uh, nice and shiny um, because i'll get i'll get to drive it for a while before i finish the fleet, i don't my my goal, of course, is to send this to hawaii right, and so i don't want to send one car or Two cars: i have to send at least five cars and i my goal is to have 10 because i think that's the magic number, where there's enough business happening that it it's it's worth it. You know you would.

You would pay for the investment and then that whole thing right. So, of course i don't know what i'm talking about. This is just an idea. I might just fall flat and not make money, but, but even if it fails right, i've always said even if it fails well i'll still have 10 buses that are going to be electric and they're going to be either shiny or you know ratty or you know, They're going to be cool: if it fails, if the business fails, then i can sell them and then just you know, recoup all my money, uh and then you know, take it to the bank.

Try something else. Try the next idea to try to make money right, but uh yeah there we go.

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