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That email is inflation is not 20. What a disaster rivian made a bad decision. They should be focused on customers. It feels like they're breaking a promise.

We have been with you for over three years and all of a sudden right before you're about to take delivery. You're gon na increase minus eighteen thousand dollars more with one swift move. Rivien has been able to anger, pretty much their entire pre-order customer days. Three, two one.

Now what am i talking about? Uh yesterday, uh an email dropped in everyone's inboxes, in which they ribbon announced that they were gon na, be some price increases right, and even though this is to be expected due to the current conditions of the world uh, nobody was really expecting a 20 to 25 Increase in price right and if you think about it, there are some estimates that go as high as 70 000 pre-orders for these, and also the estimates are that about a thousand of those have been actually delivered to customers right. So that means that as many as 69 000 customers just got an email in which they were notified, that their price has just gone up to about 25 to 20 to 25 right. So that's our huge numbers there's a huge disappointment. If you look online, people are losing their minds.

People are cancelling their pre-orders and they're, even selling all their stock. So it's not a good news, because their stock is currently not doing well, it's sold for a certain price, and now it's dropped and dropped and dropped, and so the people have lost about 60 of the stock value right and so, with all of these bad news That keep showing up and now with them alienating so much of their early. You know and the the most loyal fan base right, they're pre-order customers. Well, i don't know if, because vrivian's gon na be able to get out of this well, i currently see this from both sides, because i have two pre-orders with them.

I pre-order one in december late december of 2018 and that r1t the truck, because it's in its final stages of delivery that was not affected by the price hike, but that is a vehicle that i don't really want. I just wanted to be able to get it and do some things with it right, like do some videos. Do some reviews, you know: do some tests uh, maybe rent it put it on touro. I had a bunch of ideas on how to how to make money with it right and so then maybe sell it or uh.

The car that we really want is the suv - and i also pre-ordered one of those about three or four months after the initial pre-order right. So on that one i will get affected by the increase in prices right so now. What i have to decide is if i'm willing to pay the new price, because it was somewhere around 70 - something 78 000. But now i'm looking at for those same specs somewhere around 90 to 100 000 - and i got to ask myself - is it? Am i willing to pay that much money for a vehicle, and the answer is i don't know, but here's the other thing that at the same time as they announced the price increases, they also have announced uh, lower tiers and cheaper models of these cars right they're.

Not available for immediate delivery, which is bad because that means that someone that is due, maybe to be delivered next month and now they're, looking at hike at price hikes at the increased price. Well, they can't just downgrade to the cheaper models and expect to still be received delivery of this next month, because those those new models are not going to be delivered until maybe next year right. So anyone that was expecting a delivery within this year or early next year, so there's no way for you to choose a lower tier and be able to save and still get your car in time now. You'd have to wait extra time right.

So it's either. You have to pay for all that stuff or you have to go down to a bear system right, but even even that there's some some battery. I think specs that are no longer available. They reshuffle the whole thing, so you're still gon na end up paying more.

If you want a delivery of a rivien vehicle anytime soon right so i think a lot of people are disappointed, and rightly so right and they were expecting to pay a certain amount and get a certain amount of ribbian for that price. And now that is no longer going to be the case. Now you can still pay uh. You know the upper 70 000 uh for well less truck, though less rivian, because now it's like the dual motor setup.

Instead of the quad motor now there's like a smaller battery, instead of the big battery there, you can downgrade in the rims and the wheels the upholstery maybe get rid of all those accessories like the kitchen and the tent and stuff, and maybe you'll still come up To the original price right, but who wants to do that right? No one that is going to do that and is going to be happy to do it and so, unfortunately, rivian. I think they made a mistake. I think they should give people the ability to hold their price right. But again i mean i don't know you got ta, keep in mind that these cars have not been delivered and they're not going to be delivered until later this year and next year.

Right and so you know the fact that people have given a thousand dollars for a pre-order, that's nothing! That's like 7. 000 people. That's 70! 000! That's that's peanuts! That's not not enough to save this company right, and so maybe what they need to do is just hike these prices and hopefully they'll survive the huge pr nightmare that they've created. I mean the online forums and reddits are just littered with people that are just done with this company and they're gon na cancel and they're gon na not buy anything from ribbon ever again.

Right, i don't know this is just high. Tensions are running right now, uh. I don't know if they're really gon na you know, maybe by next month everybody forgets once the the higher numbers of these start rolling in and you see them on on the road uh. These are amazing cars.

By the way you when you drive them, i tell strobe twice: uh the r1t and yeah once you, you know once you get on you're, like man, i want one of these. Even if i you're not like me not a fan of trucks, don't even need a truck, but i'm like i'm gon na get one of these, because these things are so amazing right. So hopefully rivien can survive this and hopefully uh. This is just a small moment that elon said that production was to be hellish right.

It's a thousand times harder to make production vehicles than make a few uh prototypes right and drive them around to shows right. So he predicted this because he's going through it and i think rivien is seeing just how hard it is to produce a mass market vehicle right. So there you go sorry for the bad news if you're thinking of getting a rivien well, maybe now's the time to do because there's going to be a lot of cancellations, so you might be able to move up in the queue right. So there you go, we'll see you guys in the next video bye.

I thought it was one of the coolest things yeah, you get your own uh, your own flashlight, just in case and the radio too hey they're playing that sun. This grounding, of course, they are all right, so i'm inside the tent, the brilliant tent in here and uh, it feels pretty nice. Oh, the dog is in here bruce and wayne will be in here. So we have a few options.

We have four screen at the end: vivian blue, glacier, white, mountain black and ellie silver and silver, which one should we get? How about that blue yeah, perfume, yeah i'll, go and get the door for you all right. Thank you up in the front seat. Folks, this one has the regular wheels yeah. This is a 20-inch all-terrain, 20-inch, okay yeah, i didn't get the upgrade, so those are the wheels that i will have.

Oh okay, all right, you're gon na find your um seat controls they're. On the left hand side. Whenever you get a chance reach in and continue up to, 30 hybrid, that's what it's called hybrid high brake reach: oh high brake, okay, that's the highest setting! Ah okay and then we're gon na go back to the booth where we started and we're gon na um. Take the track over and hug the inner lane here: okay and then we're gon na go back that one perfect and then go ahead and take this up to 30.

Please and then standard recreation release the accelerator. It's a lot softer! You feel that yeah, okay, i'm going to continue breaking i'm going to leave it on the on the standard. I just wanted to demonstrate both um hard and high-end standard, we're going to take a left here at the directional signage back to the booth, and then we should have the right of way. Um yeah.

We got a green flag, so we're going to take it back to the left. We'll finish the course. Thank you so much, and then this part. What i want you to do is kind of just go in between the lanes, but going back and forth to kind of feel the weight of the vehicle that's stiff, and then this is soft.

Do you feel any difference? We're going to hug the outer lane this time and then we're going to get to the entrance of the off-road track where you can see a stop plane up ahead. I see over there inside go ahead and come to a complete, stop and straighten out the wheels for me. Okay, perfect and then i'm gon na go and make a micro adjustment to your driver dynamics. We're gon na go off road into rock crawl um.

So that's gon na actually raise our suspension a little bit. Oh okay. Okay should only take a few seconds air suspension, all right, we're good to go, go ahead and now um take this up to 20 miles an hour. This is going to simulate like a country.

Road, so right now, actually i'm going to go into stiff you'll kind of actually feel what you know: the actual road itself, like the pebbles and rocks on the on the ground and everything you kind of feel that you're on a country road, as opposed to pavement Right yeah, i'm gon na go, take your ride back to soft and it's gon na level that out for you, do you feel that yeah yeah it's a little bit softer so now, on the right hand, up ahead, on the right hand, side we're going to injure Some more articulation um, so we're going to take this at three to five miles an hour and i'm going to lower the windows down just a little bit just so we can start listening to what the suspension is doing um and as long as you maintain momentum, You should be good to go and take these corners like you're driving like a large school bus, and so nice wide turns. So what's your claim to fame what keeps you busy uh, i'm a youtuber. Really i make electric cars. Actually i converted a classic car.

Like 10 years ago, no way yeah and now i still drive this - is actually going to be my first store-bought like yeah. That's awesome, uh yeah, and i made a video about this like a year ago that this is gon na, be like my first and i got a lot of views and people were like yeah and people were saying like now. Why are you buying? You know you should make another electric car you know like classic and i'm like yeah, i'm making those all the time. It's just.

I think this. This was the thing that was really exciting to me. Like three years ago, when i sat at the yeah ellie, auto shows like i was mostly blown away, that it was real before that there's a lot of people that are just yeah. You know you never know when, when a startup company is gon na actually go into production a lot of times, they kind of just full disclosure will tell you, you know this is what we expect to happen and everything - and you know so you're one of the Lucky ones yeah well, there's a yeah there's a lot of like uh, vaporware uh, and so i'm so like over it.

You know - and this was the first time that i thought no - this is real like i saw it right like it seems real like i guess i could pick out, and you know what is real and what's not, and you know it's not here we go three Years later, a little bit behind, but you know everything is behind right now right. This is the this is the world the way it is right now so up ahead, you're welcome to stay on this road. You can go in and out of the rest um to kind of feel. You know that suspension go in and out maintaining speed between three and five um, but we wan na you know you really getting to see liquids capabilities.

It's so easy to drive like you know like the steering is so soft yeah, but you have enough feedback from the ground to see what is happening, but at no point is that the thing pulls your hands right like it's we're doing the thing, that's pretty cool. I don't know how this compares to like other off-road vehicles, but it seems like it is. You know it's. I feel like it's.

It's abuse in its own um. You know space, so you know it's. It's like anyone can drive, go off-road. Yes, that's what that's? What i'm taking away from this experience, so you don't have to have previous experiences like if you can and then i'm gon na throw up the cameras just to kind of see like if you are happen to go through some.

You know rough road and you know you're not familiar with. You can actually see your front tire and your left tire your right tire right. So it's a live feed that way. You know it really has a reference always of course eyes on the road, but you know if you're going through some articulation that you're not familiar with it's a great reference point yeah.

How does it feel back there guys it's good good, yeah, oh over to the right? You guys have to make this this course. No this course is already here. This is actually like a a horse backing and bike trail um. I believe we're one of the first ones to actually drive through it um, so it is.

It is really really, you know special for us. How so you take all of these are any of these ones that are driving. Have those those other like bigger wheels with the smart tires um? No, all the ones that are here have the 20-inch all-terrain. Those are all terrain.

The 22s are like what are they called like uh sport, the 22s? Oh, yes, it's like, like more of a performance. Tire, so that would be more for city and less cities and stuff, so so the ride would be a little bit less cushiony, because there's less tires right, but also like i mean less traction. I guess you would say like through something like this yeah. I don't see myself doing this too much other than the fact that, like i could um, but these would be the tires so that these are like all the way around right, like all terrain, yep i'll train.

So, like you know, i up here, you all get like snow, don't y'all like i mean like snow and night, it's on the california. Okay, i don't know i'm from i'm from austin texas, so yeah, no, never like the one time that we got snow. Our whole city shut down, so, yes, it wasn't great yeah, very little rain. It's mostly just sunny down here right, so yeah.

Well, i think it was a phenomena really that the it rained the other just yesterday and yeah actually got some moisture for this um terrain. When i first got here was really dusty, dusty did i see some pictures of like people like it was muddy at one point or just yesterday it was like a like a white one that was super muddy, that someone went most likely. We have one white one down there so on this part of the vistas you're gon na just keep your wheel placement um. You know forward on the track a little more to the right to the right and try to keep both hands on the wheel perfect, but yeah at this point, you're really just feathering the brake and the accelerator.

The regenerative braking is really gon na. Do a lot of the work for you yeah i mean i i'm so like i didn't even have to press it. Yeah almost doing like a one pedal driving yeah, and this is still set at well, because this is the set up for rock crawl. Rock craw cameras will come into play because like right now you have like no line of sight.

The next one we're just gon na be like completely blind yeah we're gon na be looking at the sky yeah, which would be super scary, just a regular vehicle right. It was super scary just going into this with just the cameras i was still like. I can't see this one right here: yeah this one's kind of steep okay once again apply throttle to this yeah. You didn't know where you're going here, then you see the thing over here: you're like ah i'm gon na fall yeah.

The last one has flags, because a little more to the right perfect did you were you part of that uh colorado excursion that they had over there? No, this is actually my first um iteration of our first mile um. I believe the very last one was in sonoma sonoma, yeah um, and this is my first experience with not only with the r1t but also with customers. So this is i'm actually um just with the company about eight weeks now, oh so i've just finished getting certified. I am just as eager to get to start deliveries.

You know so it's gon na be a lot of fun. Have you been following the company before, prior to it no um? I was. I was kind of in my own bubble. It wasn't until a friend of mine reached out to me and uh told me about the company that really brought me like, i gravitated towards it, not only because i've always been interested in in the ev space um, but had no real like um.

I guess experience with it and you know learning about, like you know the company's values and what their statement is. It's just. It's really rewarding yeah. So that's yeah and it's going to be the first one to deliver.

I mean they're already delivering some customers yeah. No, it's it's gon na be a wild ride and i am here for it yeah. I guess on that other course it was. It was hardcore that you needed spotters outside and stuff.

It was pretty intense. All my friends got to go except me, oh exactly! Well! You now you got this one, and now you can you can rub. You can rub their nose in this in this footage yeah do they have the the uh like a film crew? Out of here? No, we did have uh media um was. I was able to come out here and and do some drives and everything the first day i believe um and then that was kind of it all these other rest of all the reservations or for other appointments or reservation holders.

Yeah, that's what's important, yeah you don't see, all line of sight is gone yeah. I happened to go to the sonoma, which is by accident. We were there really for another event. That was what was that like next door, and it was like this um, it's just different terrain.

This is dry over. There is more like i don't know it's a little bit different like more loose gravel. This is a little bit more drier, yeah and, and we didn't have payment like this - oh got it uh. It was all off-road kind of thing.

Okay, so you said yeah we're gon na take a left here. Well, after this next section is just the country road um part of it, so this is kind of the end of the off-road, but then we're gon na go into the zero to sixty yeah and my wife was driving last time. So she she didn't really like step on it all the way come on. What are you doing? Let go.

This is her opportunity and it was on on off road. So it was weird because it was pretty straight. Obviously it was safe to do 360., but it wasn't painful got it, which i think no, this uh runway is definitely give us a maximum experience for that, so really excited. So no one's done the uh the crab.

What is it called? No, the uh. What is the thing where it turns? It's a feature? That's not available yet, but it is going to be available tank truck tank. Oh tank turn. Oh no nobody's done it here.

No, we don't i mean it's, not that's, not a feature. That's that's available. It's not! Even the cars right yeah, it's not even a thing, so i um thank you. So we got a green flag up here, so we'll just roll through here.

Once we get to the dry creek bed, we'll drop it down to five, just to kind of go in and out of that yeah. Are you guys affecting a lot of people tomorrow? Yeah we do about 80 80 to 85 drives a day, so you've been like on dates like today, yep right here, uh we had 80 80 um scheduled drives today, um, so there's a good, a good amount of us we're going to come to the gravel a Bit up ahead and go ahead and come to a complete stop there right before we enter the runway and make one last micro adjustment perfect. So we're not gon na lower down our ride height. Okay, oh yeah! I can feel it perfect.

I'm going to enter the runway here on the right hand, side and then we're gon na get to the stop sign here where it says 0 to 60., so perfect. So, with this 0 to 60 you're going to take it all the way to 60, and then i want you to feather the break down to 40 45, so lightly press the brake to get that down to 40 45. Okay, and then i want to. I want you to relaunch it so when you're doing when you're doing the zero to 60, both hands on the wheel eyes forward, of course, and then i want to hear your foot to the ground and do you want like a countdown or anything? Are you ready yet yeah? I guess so all right, we're gon na do this in three two one yeah that top end.

It's still there like at 60. You can still feel it like. It doesn't taper off yeah and that's what the full like. You know.

Four people there's four people in here so and i had i did not have a light lunch we're gon na take this uh outer lane come back around the official time is three seconds three seconds and that's with one driver of course. So it definitely probably um. Yeah here please stop yeah yeah and then we're just going to go ahead and keep going. Take this up to 30.

Please, once you get to 30 go ahead and hit the drive, stop down once release the accelerator and then now you're in cruise control, so both hands on the wheel and then with the right scroll, um button, you're, gon na actually maneuver up and down. Those are your following distance, so it's gon na be have five parties: five cars spaces um throughout four car spaces, three and two, the lowest one is two right there, where you have it on we're gon na keep it there. We're gon na follow this this lane. Here and then we're gon na approach, this vehicle - that's up ahead, you're gon na see how it reacts to that just hover your foot over the brake, which is the case just in case.

We don't want to crash into that and we're going to see how how it does all right. So this is the how much you're following distance the distance - and this is the speed - get correct. Okay, let's donate on his own okay, disengage by lightly tapping the break and maneuvering over to the left, perfect and then we're going to go over to the right hand, side um! Once we get to the hay bales we're going to drop it down between three and five miles an hour and then we're going to park it and try to park it to the furthest um parking spot on the left.

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