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I'd say that ravion looks pretty good, told me to add um my payment method, which we already did and then, but it didn't like your payment method, your card. So then we tried another one yeah, and it's still talking to my car. Okay, make sure my connector's plugged in connecting to your vehicle connecting come on. Jareth.

Oh, is it gon na start it's gon na start, okay. So the reason we're here is because uh a an review update and with the update now we should be able to get closer to the 200 kilowatt charging speeds that this truck should be able to get. So. Oh look at that 180.

On 200. 202 session details. This is say info. Let me see what else does it say? No return session details all right.

Look at that 494 amps at 412 - volts that if you multiply that by that that's 203, 000 watts, 204 kilowatts uh, it's already put 3.4 kilowatts in the span of just a few seconds, not even a minute. Yet state of charge is 22, so yeah our battery is pretty uh. Well, it's depleted right. It's uh! It's yeah! It's below one quarter and that's, i think, what's what you need, because this will ramp down pretty quick.

I don't know when i guess we will see right now: let's go inside and check it out on the car, so our said charge limited set to daily 70 and it's a 24 and it's still going at 206 kilowatts in this. Let's put three so ends in 60 minutes 27 minutes just kidding. Oh, how did that jump like that? Okay, uh, but yeah? Basically, this is the fastest. This truck can charge because it's five well, it's the fastest that those stations can put out because they can put out 500 amps and look it's at 495 five and it's a 419 volts.

So i think the only limiting factor here now uh and where it's going to ramp down is in the truck that all the equipment in the truck gets uh starts heating up. I guess how long has this been going on? Does it tell you the session over there doesn't say right how long has been charging? Oh yeah yeah there we go three minutes, duration, three minutes. So, let's see when the fans start screaming and saying hey here we go okay. So then, at four minutes it stopped charging and it says, stop by station and says.

Thank you. Your charging session is now complete. Please return the connector to holster. Now the question is: why did it do that? Why did it charge to 31 and then uh? It just kicked us out now.

Well that sucks and the little thing is red here. So what is it? What is it? Why there's absolutely gives us? No reason it doesn't say only it stopped charging okay, so we're going to do it again, final state of charge. Thank you. Your charging search is not complete.

Please return the connector just what why wouldn't it, let me charge above 32 percent. Okay: okay: let's try it a third time connecting to my vehicle. It's authorizing! Okay, thank you! So it got my card. I think the rivian's fans have started.

I don't know why, because it's not even charging connecting to your vehicle. Okay and once again it charged me 26 cents state of charge, final state of charge. The ratio is zero, it just will not charge such is not complete. Somehow the hell is going on here.

Okay, so now we've moved to the next station to see if this one will charge past four minutes uh. This is the crazy thing. Imagine if you were to pull up here and start charging start your charging session, and then you go. You walk over there by the italian restaurant over there and then half you know five minutes into your charging you're like oh guess what the car is not charging anymore.

I have to walk over there again and try to figure it out like this. Is it's pretty crazy that this for no reason it just disconnects by the way? This is not the first time evie go has disconnected us uh the first time. This is the second time we're trying to charge here. It is disconnected the first time it did and then this second time it has also so um.

I don't know what you go. It says, oh, it didn't didn't, do it right so yeah this time it accepted the car i had saved down here. Look it's the same message. It just said: it's complete it charged me 26.

It keeps charging us 26 cents, but it won't start well. The first session was 9 25. okay, oh wow 10 bucks and it wasn't even 6 minutes. It was less four minutes.

I was literally looking at the thing. Okay, so let's try it again. How many times are we gon na? Try it? I didn't touch anything. No! No! No! This is nothing that we're doing.

This is that's the car says the station. Stop right, stop the session. Okay! Sure knows how to charge my card. It doesn't charge my truck.

It charges your card, but it doesn't charge your truck yep. Oh there's, two more over there. Okay, i was gon na say: we've got one more to try. So there's this one right here and then there's two more over there and there's no.

The app is telling me like it's. It already charged my car and it says connecting to your vehicle, but then it just goes to that. So it just refuses to charge our truck past 32 state of charge now make sure that your vehicle is turned off check out the help center for more tips with charging errors. If you continue to receive this message, please report an issue using the help and support link at the bottom of the site page or within the help center try again or call customer service.

Let's go okay! I love waiting at home all right, so i'm trying to charge with this third station here, but this one won't accept any of my cards when i put the credit cards in here, it says card error, so i guess we're gon na need to try and do The account okay, so this third station here is just just refusing to accept my card. She hung up yeah so, but i keep getting the notifications. They keep charging me 30. Now, there's two 30 charges.

I don't know if it's because uh it's through the app and it's just credited us and then you'll use that to charge or it's every time that i'm actually putting the card here. Charges us 30, even though it doesn't actually charge just says car error. But we tried calling uh customer service and apparently uh they hung up on us. So no luck! So far.

We got uh four minutes of charge and that's about it. From this station from this eevee go station. I guess we can try this uh. No, we can't this one is being uh this kia right here is charging or i don't think it's charging, but there we go all right.

So crystal is on the phone with them and they instructed us to connect the car and now, since that is starting remotely, they seem to have started a session connecting to your vehicle. So, let's see if this works look at that it started charging okay. So there we go again: it's starting 95 100 kilowatts at 32. Okay, it looks like it's gon na reach, full speed.

199. 200. There we go 200 kilowatts state of charge, starting at 32, and now it's 33.. So we click details yeah there we go so 479 amps at 421 volts, but it's still holding 200 kilowatts and it seems like it's going pass now.

I hear the fans on the station, but i don't hear i don't hear fans from the truck yet, of course it's only been well one minute, one minute so, okay, so baby calling customer service seems to have worked this time around and by the way uh about. I don't know 30 feet away from those are these boxes which i uh? Probably. I would say that this is where the actual charges are at and those are just the stations just like tesla, because you can hear the fans starting to go here, probably because uh yeah, our rivet, is charging over there. And here are the transformers right.

There's a big transformer right here and then this is probably uh. I don't know this is like probably just a panel. Oh yeah here are the two transformers all right and i've been at three. Now the fans have started, the fans have started, but it's still doing 205 kilowatts, so pretty good.

Okay. So now we are in minute 13 and now it's throttling down to 300 amps at 437 volts uh, and so it's putting 135 kilowatts. Now it's still pretty fast but uh. What are what's our state of charge? Our state of charge is 58, so yeah only from about you know.

10. I don't know i mean we started at 24 or something like that, so only that second quarter right. If you divide the battery and took four parts, i think you can get 200 kilowatts only from like the second quarter to the from the first quarter to the second quarter right, which is from yeah from a quarter to half battery and we're. Now just past half battery and it's starting to taper off, does it say how long is it gon na take to charge at this current speed? Where does it say that ends in six minutes? Okay? So, according to this, it's supposed to end in six minutes all right, so we got three minutes to go.

Oh ends in one minute, because it's going to reach 70, which is our limit now what would happen if we would extend that and put it 285 with that, oh and by the way. So now it's charging at 100 kilowatts. So it's slowed down quite a bit. Now, if we change that to extend it right, let's see well that make okay.

So it's changing the time. Okay, so it changed the duration of charge, but it didn't change the speed at which it's charging, so that speed is oh, it looked. In fact it went down so that is being throttled by something else. It has nothing to do with this range thing here, uh, it's not in a car setting, it is uh.

You know some hardware, probably hardware limitation. Basically, we change it back to daily and now it's gon na end in one minute. So let's see how it terminates, and this is it does it tell you, okay ends in zero minutes boom. That's it so the car stopped the charging, and now we're done.

Let's go we put in 55 kilowatts, so there we go all right. So now there you go, you can charge at full power 200. We saw somewhere like 206 207 kilowatt hours. Uh charging speeds on this guy uh after the update over the air update right.

So there we go good news for us: quiet dogs, quiet guys.

6 thoughts on “Max 207kw fast charging rivian r1t”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars daniel teegarden says:

    Your Lucky ! With that Green Light Flashing someone coming by and robbing you and taking your truck. Big time advertising flashing light. And how come no one says how much to charge.
    I once had a car that was just like your truck. Beautiful But A Piece of JUNK
    1979 Cadillac El Dorado Diesel ….. JUNK….. $35,000.00 and at 50k DEAD ! LOL no funny

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars paul webb says:

    Welcome to the dreadful world of non-Tesla charging.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cloxxki says:

    I can't understand the amateurism in the fast charging space. It's a ONE FUNCTION DEVICE on each side.
    Why can't developers write a few more lines of code to ensure there is no permanent stop for no reason?
    Why can't car makers and charge providers WORK TOGETHER on rolling compatibility test? It's so easy to make this all out as an oil industry conspiracy, but it's just undiluted amateurism, whatever the culprit in such situations.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Simpler Life! says:

    That’s just the charging curve.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Andersen says:

    Try calling customer service ?

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JakesOnline says:

    Lift the handle until it starts charging

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