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Okay, we're at the la auto show here, and the first thing that we see is this so electrolyte mechanica. This is the car that was supposed to uh use those motors that i bought those 35 motors that i bought on auction. It was supposed to power this tiny little car. They, i think they decided to go with like a chinese motor instead, and so that's why i ended up with a bunch of these motors, but that kind of gives you an idea.

I'm going to use two of these motors for my bus for my buses future buses, so they should have enough torque to have a single gear. Um, let's see, if we can look in here, see you can see the motor not really can't see. Nothing can't see nothing trunk. There you go uh.

No, this is uh. No, it's uh, it's a custom one, but it's yeah. It's we actually uh interview these guys. It's got two motors one in the front one in the back.

It's got a custom battery. The the body is all made out of carbon fiber. You see that and it only weights like 80 pounds or something like you could lift it up like yourself, it's so super, but it's got that little motor and a little diff. Okay, that's pretty cool.

This is one of the uh most uh impressive, builds that i've seen at sema and now it's here. This thing is 100 carbon, fiber body and it's super super light, and these guys are doing very good because their technology is uh very advanced. It's got torque vectoring. Two motors: in there it's got a ton of power, it's a pretty pretty cool vehicle, it's way better than what meets the eye here.

There's a lot more technology, okay and here's, the new one that is coming from electro mechanica. This is supposed to be a uh replica of the road speedster uh, the porsche speedster right. I wonder what kind of motor uh they don't have anything on it. It seems pretty stock from the inside and then nothing on the other mode.

Let's see if i can ask him some questions, uh approximately still a prototype, but approximately 190. good idea. Is it a steel body or is it a fiberglass fiberglass, that's a replica! Okay. Can you open the thing to see inside so these are.

Are these all custom or the same ones that are uh? So we've been building cars like these for about 40 years? Ah, okay, internal combustion engines obviously yeah, but we actually paid for the licensing from porsche to replicate this model, the roadster, but it's electric right, electric. Yes, it's an electric drive truck and and the motor, so the motors is similar to that one that you guys are using on this totally different. Oh okay, wow! So it's going to have much horsepower this one's gon na have like 181, ah, okay, wow, okay, yeah! So this is going to be a performance version of that vehicle over there yeah so totally different con. As you see we're sticking to niche, i mean this is going to be approximately 140 000.

That's 18 000 vehicles, yeah um, but we've modernized. It's got heated seats. Air ac that looks like a regular, you know, am fm radio, but it's got bluetooth and everything. So, ah, okay, yeah! This is pretty cool.

I we actually, i electrified one uh with evie west okay and it was basically a replica, but it only had the same motor that you guys are using over there. It was like a hund, you know 60 horsepower or whatever uh, and it was fun and everything. But yeah, you guys are doing a higher version of this. It's nice people are interested in it they're, like that's kind of an iconic look right, and it's like especially here in southern california.

You know, and the thing about classic cars is they're a pain to take care of. I don't know yes, they are, you know, even if you're doing well financially, it's just one of those things where parts are extremely a lot of maintenance. Yeah i mean you have to drive it, but you can't drive in too much. It's very.

You know what i'm saying it's very particular as to how you have to treat it yeah, and so it's on an electric drivetrain. It's you know, the maintenance is very minimal and it'll last for a very, very long time. Yeah yeah it looks beautiful it. It really does it really does.

I hope you guys make a bunch of them all right. Thank you, okay, right at the entrance here we have uh, you know all the electric cars on that side. There's the rivien, there's uh the hyundai. Definitely electrify is the theme this year.

Okay, this is edison. Future super futuristic builds uh, looking cars here, there's kind of like a minivan kind of like a minivan, a work, truck kind of thing and here's a passenger version. Sorry here we go look at that it has a it, has a cyber truck look to it shape but uh. Obviously, this is much more traditional build yeah, it's kind of a weird car, and then they have the race ones so like if you're getting into racing and stuff and you're like oh okay, they're, the ones that win all the sprints gtr4 really now.

This is not a cheap one right. This is like 250, something okay, jesus, gtr, 4s! That's that's the that's the watch. You can't ride that one. So i don't like it.

Wow look at those brakes. They're like bigger than our cars tires. You need to stop that machine. Well, yeah performance, machine, okay.

I just finished saying that i don't like modern cars, but man look at that car. That thing is beautiful: that pain that color geez. This thai can look pretty amazing, pretty amazing and here's the electric version. Why does the gas version look better because that's like a hatchback cross turismo, that's the cross tourism.

How come they don't make? Why does the gas one look better than the electric one? Why they don't know? It's not about you when you get in the new subaru, sultera eevee suv, it's a good feeling, knowing that you're part of the company helping to make a difference power. Your adventure with a subaru suv of electric vehicles, the all-new subaru solterra. It's snowing, oh because now it's snow, this is pretty cool. This is like um they're, recreating this this scene, like it's almost like a movie.

I like it even the floor, is screens there's even fake snail. Coming. Look at that, oh and now we're at the river. It's pretty amazing.

I like this. This is like a set a movie scent. I want one of these screens crystal. I want one of these screens.

We can put it in a room, yeah yeah, so they need to do something with the grill which looks weird right. They don't need a grill, is it even a gas car? No, this is all electric, so that's all electric. So here's the thing it looks funky, but it probably gon na beat the wrxs and like because these are super quick, so yeah, especially if it's all wheel, drive and they're making them for outdoors right, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, i mean that's subaru's. Only outdoors, that's what they do, so you can't open the boat and it's got fast charging, so you could travel with this.

You can go to yosemite, you can go to. You can go to new york on this one. If you only think because this is a fast charging, you put it in there - charges like up to like 100 almost 200 miles per hour. I think it puts it so you're there for 10 minutes.

You put like enough to make it to the next one um. I wonder how far you can actually go, there's like a whole bunch of people like taking their cars out. So this is the inside of this subaru. Does it look funky? I wonder what this is.

Oh, that's just a little door. Okay! Well, michigan state really! So this is more like a like the crossroad. Is that, like a little suv right, yeah, it's more like a yeah, it's more! It falls under like the crosstrek kind of thing. Okay, 444 prototype vehicles, actual race car.

There you go. This is not fake. It's too! Nice to be an actual race car, a dedicated oil. What does he do? Go slow, so they don't uh, get it dirty electronically, adaptive dampers! Let you sniff are you sure i kind of heard that maybe outside they do? They have like a thing? Okay, so here's the lightning truck the f-150 electric.

This is the best-selling truck in the united states and they were going to work with rivien, but i guess they just announced that no riven's not going to be part of this either because ford realized how to make. No, i think now ford is going to work with someone else - volkswagen, i guess to make their electric motors or whatever um but yeah this. I think this started as a rivian truck uh underbelly with the ford you know thing and then now it's not look at that. The lightning here is the uh mock e, which was introduced last year at the show here.

Oh i guess you could do it really. Apparently, you could just do a test in here. What let's sign up for this? How do you sign up for this this? Is it all right, how's it going pretty good, pretty good all right. How about you guys doing well awesome glad to hear make sure you guys have seat belts for me, so this is the brand new gt performance model, this one's about 480 horsepower and 600 foot pounds of pork wow on a track.

I could do zero to sixty about three and a half seconds in this car three and a half. That's pretty quick, sadly we're not on the track today. We're inside the convention center yeah, but we're still gon na have a good time. All right.

All-Wheel drive right. An all-wheel drive dual motor, so we got one in the front one in the back and then we sit on the battery packs all right, launch mode enabled wow. That was one like 20 feet, like you still had way more in there right. Oh yeah, i still got a little bit more in there, but that wall is coming up quick and i lose my job all right.

Oh yeah yeah, it's so weird that they let you do this in such a small area. It's great i mean we're all professional drivers. You know they like to think we're, not gon na wreck one of their cars. That was so good.

You know we're going on. Like day nine of this stuff, all of them still intact, yes, we meet again truck yeah, i saw it at seymour and then in san francisco. This is like three weeks in a row four weeks, i'm following around, are you following me, or am i following you? What in the world is this? This is the new kia, all electric concept: ev9, okay, oh the interior, looks nice futuristic. Look at that! It looks like it's got: uh, okay! Let's look at the kia skateboard! Look at these motors see that's so simple! That's it motor transmission axle, you put one in the front on the back pattern: center, 100 years of development and then they're like someone else is like right.

They that's a tiny, tiny gear box. Well, it's only it's only one gear yeah! That's it ten to one yeah yeah, but those things are like ridiculous, so much weight to a car yeah and they look glasses and then lose power. They lose power and they're a source of like problems right because they're, not because they broke down because they're very complex, so there's complexity in there. This is nothing.

This is a motor and then a couple of gears to go from 10 to one ratio and that's it a differential. No, no, no, it's single gear, yeah single gear, probably see if it's a single, it's just a belt driven. Oh, this belt moves up and down and creates the feeling of gears yeah, so that changes the ratio. So this is a single ratio.

It's probably like they're, always like around ten to one yeah and then, and it just has to diff here and then one connecting gear and then here's the the motor pinion. That's it oh. Actually, this is the motor pinion, and i think this is probably the the oil have a pump yeah yeah, so that when the motor spins it just lubricates yeah intercooler here this is a whole system in all these two gears diff and then one in the front. That's it and battery in the center 3d printed uh electronic parts.

These ones are fancier orange, oh and then that's going to go into the ocean. Fisker i'm, like oh power, says the word power right there on the door with a little sideways screen. Yeah make it make it i'll buy one, maybe if you make it, people will buy it. Okay, just as a reference look at a regular traditional system.

I think this is a hybrid. This might be a hybrid. So, look at how many parts look at how many system hoses wires, intercoolers uh with exhaust systems and then the tiny battery i mean this is this is ridiculous. Yes, it'll run on two um fuels right and it's way more efficient than just a regular gas car.

But my god look at this thing. There's no way this is cheaper to manufacture than just an electric system, no way there's two cars in one right here. That's what we're looking at this is the only thing interesting in the uh nissan booth. Is this classic? That's a 240z vietnamese company huh two prototypes.

They look nice! Okay, jaguar has the eye pace there. We go. Oh look at this. The mirror little screen here.

Little screen there, oh look at this light. Look at this light. You, like the light, does that stay there or they added that. I don't like all that.

Well, yeah, well, yeah, because now you're used to just nothing, but people still like this, so this is chevy. According to the president, this is the company. That's leading the way in electric cars. They have zero electric cars here, nothing, the hummer's, not here uh the volt has been recalled uh.

The other bolt was discontinued. Um yeah there's zero lectures here and somehow this is a company. According to our government officials that are leading they invent, they practically invented the electric car according to biting uh. There we go so i guess we can skip that whole thing.

I don't see it's in there: okay hundred hydrogen uh trucks by hyundai and then there's a whole electrify america as a whole road course over there now the charging stations. What is this, though? Another company boom? Look at that? Okay, these are two motors they're separate, see they don't have a diff, they just have so there's just the gearbox and then comes out. So it's an electric differential okay. Now here we have the mullen 5..

This is an all-american company is going to be manufactured in tennessee, headquarters is in brea, california, and they have two models. This is a 55 000 one with dual motor and then it's a tri motor. That's going to go for seventy five thousand dollars and it's got all kinds of you know: upper stuff like leather seats and all the stuff, and it's a tri motor here are the uh 95 kilowatt hour battery good for about 325 or at least estimated epa range. But see how the mode tri motor is basically like a tesla plaid setup.

Here. It's got no differential over there right because it's got two motors and then the front will have a bigger motor with one differential in there - 220 kilowatt 400 newton meters of torque, so yeah. This is some serious power platform here. Look at this! No, i don't know where they are.

Okay, we got ta go mom five. Another electric american company he's been in the make for like 10 years, just like riviera. No way you can make your own car there you go crystal. I think you should not get your ribbon and you should get this range of 50 miles, 2 kilowatt permanent, magnet dc motor.

It's a dc motor there you go proves that dc motors are not there. You go crystal. Why do you need more truck than this? This is all the truck you need or another one here, another three wheel, car look at that the little scooter, so this is called indie ev, this company indie uv, purposeful, digital two. That really moves.

You, okay, spell what's up with the porsche's hey these broncos. These are these are cool, looking cars i like them, i never used to like them, but now i'm starting to appreciate them. Wow, look at that suspension work that they did on this one someday i've been feeling this way for far too long. Kept me um is is thank you.

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