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Dude, let's go to king of the hammers. Let's talk about the evie west m3, i'm michael bream, with ev west and seven years ago we started our little electric car speed shop, so we could help people make classic cars go faster. At the time we were looking around for venues and there wasn't a lot available to electric cars and we came across pikes peak and they actually had a class and we ended up building the car purpose built for pike's peak. We ran the race in 2012., we ended up setting a record for the fastest uh street legal electric car to go up the hill.

Now the car that michael is talking about is the famous m3 342 horsepower and 850.4 pound-feet of torque. A few years later, i signed all right guys, let's make another video. Let's answer some of your questions. If charging 16 cells at one, do you need to put here's an interesting question, you're asking if all the cells have to be at the same voltage for you to be able to charge them together, uh, let's test that today negative to negative positive to positive 1.4.

Look at that, it's 2.2 all right! So after two hours, the only question left to answer is how much charge did it get so i'm gon na test it right now, so you want to build a diy power wall. I'll show you how to do one using these as batteries and these as your inverter, you can build a small diy power wall. Let's get going, you have those little pucks. So then, after you take off all the screws, we got the fun part and you got ta pry it out.

You ever wonder what people think about our electric conversions see the reactions on this 70s porsche 911. Oh, yes, i'm here at the ev show san marcos. California - and here is crystal charging her tesla in the solar trailer. So this is a smart one.

It follows the sun. It tracks the sun. It's got tesla batteries in there. Let's see it's charging, what's it putting in? Oh, my god.

It's charging at 32 am 243 volts. Wait what okay, yes, wow! This thing is actually charging no way. That's cool! Okay! Oh look at that. It just adjusted to follow the sun the sun's there.

Now the panels are facing it empty. What's going on here, it's raining again in california. Did that just miss the truck yeah. By about this much yep today, i'm going to show you how to build this electric skateboard.

As you know, electric skateboards are a thing now they've been a thing for a while. There's the expensive ones, there's the cheap ones and everything in between, but there's a new breed of electric skateboards they're off-road and you got a glimpse of one of them. Last time i was in new york and i got to meet vitaly, which runs the portable electric vehicles channel on youtube. He built himself this beast of an electric skateboard that supposedly does about 55 miles per hour, which is just insane.

So i thought i would show you how i would build one on the cheap using all the shell parts to keep the build simple. So, let's get started, let's make a power rule positive, positive, well, they're, not super, even but they're, okay, and just like that, we assembled a one kilowatt hour. Battery pack, 24 volts ready to be used. So this year we decided to up our game a little bit.

We had our friend joe rubenstein, come out with his cinema camera right. This is an alexa. Even though it's big and bulky we thought it was. I'm live, hey everyone.

How is everyone doing? I find myself currently in new york city, and so that's why? I might look weird or sound weird. In fact, let me check my thing. Oh okay, yeah. It sounds good um, it's weird, because i'm three hours difference and i didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but it kind of does uh just to think that i'm ahead, everyone right like when i get in like like when i texted my you Know you guys back there like uh.

It was like towards the end of the day and i'm like oh wait a minute, it's like 11 or 12 noon over there back in california. That's weird! I'm still kind of adjusting to the time differences uh. But what is everyone doing today, there's 61 of us here in the live chat today? What are you guys building? Where are you guys visiting from and uh? What are we going to talk about today? Should learn this samoan slap dance? What's the simone slap dance, oh by the way, they're making a reference to that video that i uploaded this morning um you know as i i don't know if you guys know this, but i've been getting back into the groove of making videos and it's hard to Do one video a day, but you know eventually you find this little groove and you start going and then as soon as i'm getting there boom, i have to come to new york and then it just throws a wrench in the whole thing right. So i'm like well, okay, i'll just upload last night, i'm like before going to bed, i'm like uh, okay, i'll just edit this one little thing that i have there you know and then uh that's it's me dancing why i had it on my phone, and so I uploaded that that's the reference to that just got off of work.

Me too. I literally just got a full shift in uh restoration shop here in new york, we're working on an av conversion um and then i'm off and i'm like. Okay, now i can go and do a live stream or something because you know fridays are the time right, and so i'm actually earlier than usual right, but at least for the east coast, guys who's on the east coast by the way put it in the comments. Who's in this ghost, because then that means you and i are now in the same time zone and then we can hang out by the way i have the weekend off like it's such a weird thing and i'm, i guess i'm gon na go into the city Right go to manhattan.

I haven't been there in two years. So are you guys in new york who who can come party with me in new york city? Kids? Because i don't know anyone out here, i'm in this little town, uh just outside of the city. I think i'm like 40, i don't know 30 miles or something into long island. It's called hicksville.

So you know i don't know anyone here got my mega charger in new zealand setting it up, says trotter mag wheel, mind control, wow and by the way, uh. Thank you for being a a channel member, all those that have the the green uh names and the battery icon there. Those are channel members. These are people who have uh they're, giving us a little bit of money every every month or something.

Thank you for that appreciate it backup power bank in the works temecula. California, look at that temecula, a lot of the guys in the crew for this tv show that i'm doing are from temecula. It's weird, the the purdue one, the producers uh yeah. It's two of the producers actually yeah they're from temecula um atlanta is a new york in the bw.

No, no! No. I flew here last night, uh two nights ago two nights ago, had to fly in here yeah now it's uh, um east coast. Right here. Look at that charlie nurse, it's in the east coast.

How far do you want to go it's saturday morning here? Oh man, no, that's really hard new hampshire! I'm in queens! Look at that terrace of oil um. I can't afford to build a pack right now, but my plan is to put at least a hundred and power in my box truck workshop thanks jehu for the giveaways yeah. There you go. Hopefully you can win something.

So you can start your battery who's in new york, um yeah. Apparently i'm in a dancing mood um. Let's see here heard they had some fine hicks. I hear that dude.

I heard that i'm staying in the in the right hotel in this town, because the other one that's where it's uh, it's a little sketchy over there. They said hey jacob greens from canary the cannery islands. I bought a pre-built life before total 100 amp hour when charging and when charging it up the victron battery charger. One cell goes to 3.65 and the other uh three stays at 3.4 long text yeah.

That means one of your battery modules or one of the battery cells is a bigger or smaller. That one is smaller than the other three, and so that's why it gets up higher before the other ones. Yeah, that's what happens with these uh lithium-ion phosphate big cells. The the variance between cell and cell is sold so great at times right and so yeah you have to.

You, have to actually match them and if you get a pre-built battery and manufacturer doesn't pre-match them. So they can. You know like fit their similar size right. Then you get that you get stuff that it's like, oh it charged before the other ones.

You know, there's an imbalance or whatever yeah it's common problem to add. I need help. Building a battery that can plug into a j1772 port like uh. Do those ports just power a charger or go straight into the bmx battery uh? So you you do need some kind of signal to give the edsc, which is that that box, that has the j 1772 look, and i can show you how to do that.

In fact, i might be able to do that on monday, because i'm currently working in building the um, the contactor box, and so that box has the edsc or abc2. It's called and there's this tiny little thing that you can buy, it's called abc2, you can buy it at e, sells it and that little circuit basically spits out the right. Uh commands to basically wake up any public charging station right and then after that, then you just actually do the physical connections through the j1772 port and stuff, like that, that's i'm gon na do a video one day. We'll do maybe like a solar generator that you can charge at a public car charging station right it'd be cool to do that because then you know you can charge it fast, uh, new mexico, mountains.

Let's see victorville california. This is robin robert woodstone. There you go uh any time frame on when the dongle for the 30 ct batteries will be released. What's the 30, the 30 cell ones uh, i think they are working on them.

As we speak right now, uh we got the boards and we have the cables and i think part of the crew that was gone. You know i we have a small crew and a couple of them were off and vacation time right, and so they just came back right before i left, town and stuff and so yeah. I think we're working on those uh how's, your bw. Do you still drive around? I drive it every day.

You know i have to leave it at home, but yeah i drive it every day to work and stuff. I choose my 36 scooter. What does it say? Packs can't wait to hook them up thanks for inspiration on the diy e-bike made two in naples and i'm gon na make at least three more for buddies. Then next year i want to make an electric motorcycle there.

We go yeah next thing, just a little bit bigger project right, launch cycle. I think lewis is not in the in new york. Currently, i think he is traveling outside of new york, so i just i just you know it's the wrong timing off topic: question a request: could you do a walk-through video on the components of an e-bike controller, uh yeah? Maybe one day i just i don't do a lot of e-bikes right, so i don't, but i do have one planned in the future. There's gon na be a 72 volt system right and so yeah.

I might. I might get a chance to do that with the ebike controller. Do i need to stay for the giveaway? The date tonight is pre-approved. Oh well, i'd say no, not necessarily, but i think if, if there's too many comments here, i think when i do the random picking the comments, maybe your name is gon na.

I don't think it shows all the comments from the very beginning. I think it's like it starts hiding some of the first ones so yeah, if you, if you leave in the earlier part of this livestream, then yeah you might not be able to. I might not be able to pick you. That's a winner kind of thing.

Yeah um: what's this giveaway about it's, just i'm giving away battery packs uh scooter battery packs right um. We have a lot of these and there are a lot of projects that we're building around these, and so i'm giving away because a lot of people well, you know it's like a lot of people can use them for a bunch of projects to make little battery Packs to make e-bikes to make uh scooters to make diy power walls, solar generators, all kinds of stuff: um live uh, your channel, keep it up, i'm retired and just starting a small cordless two battery repair business wow. That's interesting, you're gon na repair, cordless tools, yeah you're gon na need uh some powerful, 18650s and 21 700s. Because that's, i think, that's what you find a lot of these days on the power tools right.

You find the uh those kind of that and they they are high c rating, usually with their power cells, kind of thing. Um, let's see here. What else do we got need a 48 volt battery for my mpp iv65 go diy or big battery husky, uh yeah. I'd say: yeah: you can do either one of those, although i don't know what uh oh yeah yeah, you could go diy, but also you can buy a big battery.

I don't know what big battery is putting in that particular battery and i haven't reviewed any of their products lately. So i don't i couldn't say or recommend uh. You know anything say much about that particular thing, but it seems like it's good right. I think other people have uh reviewed them out there and they're, probably okay, let's see only 69 likes.

Oh 80 likes now come on uh, oh yeah, and by the way, we're gon na give away the batteries at a hundred likes, so 20 likes to go, and then we have a thing: oh, my god, okay seriously, if this thing just fast forward, i think this Is just what it might have been, i think i'm way behind right, getting any more uh 16 gold uh coming. I i think we still have some of those brian uh, no brian darren, they're, i'm. We might still have some of those. As far as i know, we haven't sold out of those if they're not available right now, it's just because we it's hard to keep track of every product that sells out, because we, especially when they're getting towards the end of the pallet, we usually try to play It safe and not, you know just sometimes we don't count well, it's in the actual pallet, and so all we do is we kind of you know we estimate you know it's like.

Oh, that looks like a hundred packs, but just to play it safe. Working on this eight, you know kind of thing, you know and then and then and then you come back and you're like. Oh, we just sold 80 and there's the pack. The palette still looks the same, so maybe there was more like 280 in there, like.

Oh okay, so then you end up having them going back and put more in there right, but that's basically that's just so that we don't have to spend time counting every single palette every pack and the reason is because we're super busy you guys are buying. Quite a bit of product and we have a small team and so we're just trying to streamline our processes and so we're trying to just do things and that's that's the reason why sometimes things products show sold out that are not sold out in our website. It's just because we haven't gotten around to counting more and making sure that there's more put back um yeah, it's yeah, it's uh, it's painful, drawing pains. I guess right, um master board.

Okay! Is there any chance? We can get an 1865-48 volt master board like your 12-24 ones, for iron phosphate for our phosphate, so i did didn't. I think i only had one we just released, one that's 48 and it's for lithium iron phosphate, um, yeah didn't. I think i think we have that, and i just did a video like not too long ago, yeah a couple days ago, um i'm going to order a charger for the scooter pack soon. Oh yeah do it sooner rather later because we're running low and i have purchased a lot of them.

I just don't have them in my warehouse, i'm we might run out before i can get back and get them. You know, get them delivered and stuff um. The the hawaii ev rental gig ever work out. So that's for the future.

You know it's a lot of money, a lot of work to get that off the ground and because i'm basically running a business right now and that's like a future business. I can't throw all my time and money in there. It's it's just going slow, it's yeah. I was gon na it's gon na require like a million dollars, i think to get that off the ground, because these cars are expensive and i the way i want them.

I want them to be very compelling and very safe so that i have to do a lot of homework and a lot of work. I have to develop a lot of products and systems to get them to the point where i will feel like they're ready to be rented right, so yeah, i'm working every day or every week devoting a few hours every week. At the very least, you know uh, but yeah, it's gon na take a long time for that project to to get done. Yeah um, i'm just learning about raw sell, builds.

I have so much to learn. Yeah, there's a lot of stuff there, but you know it's. Never been better to get into this uh there's so much info out there and yeah and the battery prices are coming down. Uh lewis is roaming, the country crime fighting.

Do you know of a good battery welder system? I don't because i've always looked for ways to build battery packs that don't require you to buy a welder, and so i that's why? I'm my knowledge of a good spot welder, for you know for sales, is lacking. Sorry about that um. Any plans to shoot better to the uk and or europe in the future yeah, i don't as of right now. No, i just don't know how to do it.

There's too many restrictions. There's too many rules, there's two yeah. It's just you know yeah. I just don't see how we're gon na do it right now.

I think, if things change, maybe then it'll be easy easier to make yeah. I just i for right now, i'm like yeah. That's it's too hard. I just don't don't see myself doing it, because i just don't have the manpower to to do all that work and a lot of the products that we're dealing with it just they're.

Actually, not they don't qualify to ship oversea right, uh and it doesn't a lot of stuff doesn't make economical sense right. So by the time that you get it, it's gon na be the same price as maybe new coming from china. So it doesn't make sense to order from me so yeah. That's that's the problem.

There's multiple problems that are existing shipping batteries to china to europe um. Can these 20 cell scooter packs be put in series to make 72 volt? Yes, i have done that. I'm currently running a test pack with the 3s, so three of those packs running in series for 111 volt nominal, like yeah, 30s uh, and that's running on my bus right now and it's been running for the past few months. Uh and i haven't had a single problem with them, so yeah it's it's possible to do that.

Um. Have you seen the new sender power station seem to be pretty good? I don't know if i have, i want to say they probably reached out to me months ago, so i can review it. But at the time i thought yeah, i'm too busy and i got too many of these other ones - blue eddies and eco flows to to uh review. So i i just i never.

I don't think i ever answered that or i might have told them. No that i wasn't interested in getting one or something like that, but if, if that's the one that i'm thinking about, then i think right, um can a good brand 1860s living cell last for 15 years yeah. I have uh. I have 13 year old battery packs on my bus right now.

It's running fine and you know very little degradation. I still have. You know like at least 95 percent, like that um original capacity in my pack. So oh so we have 111 okay.

So i'm a little behind here. Let's pick a winner because we just passed a 100 likes um, i'm going to pick just a random comment and i'm going to make it uh, i'm going to tag it or pin it, and all you have to do is be live in the united states because I can't ship batteries outside in the united states, um and uh. If you win. If i call to pick your comment here, all you have to do is just uh.

Go to make an account, put your info in there and then email us that you are the winner. You know and then uh we'll just use your account to put a battery in there in the shopping, cart and then we'll just ship it to you. So here we go. The winner of the 100 like battery giveaway, is gon na, be boom who's.

This uh pin this message. Let's see, do we know okay, eso's call shots thanks for the inspiration on the e-bike me too. Oh, i read that comment there. You go eso skull, shots, congratulations, you're, the winner for the 100 like battery.

So as soon as this hits 200, then we'll do another giveaway, um yeah. There we go. Did i pick you guys uh? Well, not a bunch of people say. Where was i in the comments? Let's see, 18650 sorry, i meant an 1862 version of the master board in 48: oh icse, um yeah.

I guess we can do that. It would have to be 14s. That would make a 48 volt board yeah, but not lithium. Iron phosphate, so those are just for lithium-ion cells right for lithium-coaxial um.

I saw the video on the frosting master board and this one yeah yeah. I guess we could do that soon for right now, yeah we're only making the we're 24. Yes, we're only making 24. um does anyone know why there are so many ships waiting to talk in long beach? I don't.

I actually saw a story about this um this morning. It's they said that the things are so bad that a ship arriving today at our coast in california would likely at the speed they're going right now would take. Uh would take about six months to be offloaded. So imagine this if you order batteries from china and they come in a boat because you order quite a bit like you know, i don't know like a big battery right.

It would sit in the boat for like six months waiting for it to okay. First, it would take a half a month or something to get from china here, and then it would sit there for six months right at the speed that which they're going right. Now, of course, now i think uh just to prove the thing that it's supposed to work 24 7 or something so yeah. I don't know what the deal is, but i think it's all.

They said it was related to covet 19 right. So it's the pandemic. Basically, stop production, and now i think everybody's ordering more so there's an increase of the huge bump of just regular stuff, that is, that was ordered. So so it's just it's they're trying to catch up.

I think i think that's just what it is according to to the news right. I don't know you can't believe 100, what's in the names um, but yeah. That's definitely unfortunate, because we need our stuff from china now looking for me, i'm selling a product that is not in china. All my batteries are sourced locally right.

I'm trying to find new homes for batteries that are already in the united states, so it didn't affect me too much, but you know connectors and wires and wire harnesses and all these little things are still have to come from china and so um. You know we have to order them and ship them through. You know, air by air or whatever, that costs more money, but you know it hasn't affected us that much, let's see alex jones fox news. Is there a kit to make a 12-volt pack from 1860s? No, there isn't because um 18650 is victim.

Carboloxide 1860s don't make great 12 volts, so at least they don't make good automotive, uh 12 volts right uh, and so that's why it's either it's too high 3s is too low. 4S is too high you're going overcharge one or undercharge the other one. So it's just i'm like yeah. There are some applications where people are successful, using them like uh car, audio, high performance car audio right.

But in that case they use forest and they literally are undercharging those cells and they they that community kills quite a bit of cells, and maybe it's because they're, not all you know, charging them correctly. They're not charging them fully they're, just kind of under charging and so they'll run. You know, they'll run their system way too low, and so it kills a bunch of them. Oh my god.

It's about time. That thing stopped. I don't know if you guys can hear the air condition over here, but what's the best 1860 for power, 2 batteries rebuild uh, i mean something like a q30 uh, the sony dtc56. Those are really good but really expensive, but those are the high power ones um.

What other ones, what other ones uh? You guys know that put out quite a bit of power, uh, there's that brown one. What was that one called somebody makes that you guys can post it in the comments here. I'm sure you guys remember um, thanks for turning me into battery hookup they've been pretty instrumental in supplying me with cells. For my various projects.

There you go, they they uh have a lot of good products in their website and they have good prices. Um. Let's see, i'm gon na have to skip ahead a little bit because i'm falling behind so far back. I didn't even think about china orders being backtracked.

I was about to order battery cases and bms's for e-bike batteries yeah. So you could do what we do and just order. You know bhl like air shipping right and if you can anything else, you're gon na have to pay for shipping which we do and if that's still it's an attractive thing. You know, then, that that kind of works out but yeah if you're gon na order, like a date lot or something yeah, don't do it yourself get stuck a chip for a long time.

Let's see thanks for the answer about plants, she betters the uk and europe future appreciated. Better hiccup does, but it's usually another double uh in cost. Yes yeah, so i'm like dude yeah. Do i want to sell really expensive batteries? Or you know batteries with super expensive shipping.

It doesn't make sense right, so yeah a lot of times doesn't make sense. Yeah it's just i don't. I don't know if it's a feasible business plan to ship barriers to europe. I think it's better for europe to source them locally and then someone could sell them over there and we're starting to see that a bit there's a few guys that i know of a guy in italy there's a guy in amsterdam.

I think that is doing that. Uh, there's a few of them that pop up in our groups and they're starting to do that. So it's not like 100 percent. There's not there's not possible.

It's just not as prevalent as here in the united states. Um. Let's see here for safety, i chose abms with the bluetooth connectivity and charger with the fuse, so uh one can check the voltage of the different packs as they are charging hmm. Okay adopt a senior battery today.

Reuse is greener than a recycled. Definitely it is yeah and it's it's less wasteful right because a lot of stuff that you might want to recycle - maybe it's not there yet, and you still have some life in it. So you just need to use it uh pcb firewall question. Would you consider doing a 10s version? Those gtil inverters, don't run so great uh on lower range 7s voltage, huh? Well uh.

I don't know if i'm gon na do a tennis version because of all the scooter packs. Those are already a tennis and you don't have to build them because they're already built all you have to do is just buy them and you know, put them together, connect them into these things yeah. So we have a tennis kind of cover. There's a lot of these batteries and they're available so yeah.

Maybe look into that look into all of our scooter batteries they're ready to go. They have good cells, they have bms in there. If you don't want to bms, you can quick quickly. They come out and put connectors in there there's ways you can work around it.

If you don't want to use the bms, but i'm like just use the bms is there, you know already it's a free, bms and yeah, it's not powerful, but you don't need it to be powerful. You need us to for a hundred battery packs to work together and give you five amps each. You know, and you got a ton of power in there um. Let's see, can you make a video for apartment dwellers to have a power backup? Please include hardware installation to the power box, yeah, that's an interesting thing.

There yeah and i thought quite a bit of that. I actually in the past i've uh there's some there's some projects that i've been thinking about. Do that um? Is there any significant difference in one hour per kilogram between eighteen six fifties and twenty one seven hundred, i think, there's a slight increase. I think right just think about this and it makes sense.

The casing is bigger on that cell. So when you get a battery pack, you have less casing material per a given size right so like okay, so let's say you're doing a one kilowatt pack. Well, there's going to be less 18, less 21, 700s and 18650s. Therefore, there's less casing material, and so then your one hour per kilogram - and you know so gravimetric uh and volumetric uh uh density, it's gon na it's gon na be a slightly it's better right, but i think chemistry wise.

I think it's the same right: they're, not they're, not advancing more. It's just the cells are 30 bigger. So because of that you know, then you get less packaging materials. When you make a battery pack um, i hear you build larger than 10 pay.

Is it advisable to use cell level fusing i'm still personally reclaiming cells to build pack, but still playing with my options? Uh yeah, you could do it, you could you could do cell level fusing um, that's how tesla does it right and it works for them. So yeah you can totally do that uh. Can you make a video that i can already get down? Is there anything there, and i already did that one too, this thing is not is uh. I already did that one huge power problem in puerto rico.

You guys need to take your energy security back. Yes, i saw a video about that. I think yesterday, once again, puerto rico is uh. Having problems huge problems that sucks yeah, i think i mean look while you wait till these people figure it out right people in charge.

Uh man, you got ta, take control of your energy needs to just kind of do your own thing. I realize that everyone can do it because it costs money and not everybody's got the means right, but yeah. It's just putting your faith in people running systems, you know yeah, i don't know. Hopefully uh.

Can these 20 cell scooter packs be wired in series to make uh yeah wait? I i thought i already answered that right: uh, pac or willow fred, no, the bms works. I have a three of them in series working on my bus right now, um yeah. We did a thing on puerto rico, uh for maria and uh yeah. It sounds like we might have to do something again with these other things, any videos plan for putting the 20 cell packs in series.

Yes, i do have one because we have so many, and so i'm going to do a bunch of projects those including putting i want to try up to four, because that is the perfect voltage to run my new systems on my car. I want to make a car battery using those and it it's. It's compelling enough to try it right, because those batteries have enough energy density, basically they're the same cells that i have on my bus right now. The early tesla modules, except they're way cheaper that i paid you know way back in the day, so yeah definitely uh.

I will be doing a video with that and i think i've run i'm running on my successfully at 3s. So now i'm going to try and do something at 4s and see how they, how they do, would you ever get lto batteries from bmw cars, uh yeah they become available? I don't know that chemistry, so i don't. I don't know the details. I don't know how it would work or whatever but yeah i mean if bmw's put them in their cars and uh for sure they will work.

Well, let's see um. I need help finding a chart to an affordable, yukon navigator. Any ideas, no not really um. Oh, my god, i'm going really slow what about doing a video on a bug on 4x4 electric conversion yeah.

We need to do that. I i think that's in my future. I i like bajas, i like um yeah, and i want to do a 4x4 right. All-Wheel drive is that what it means - or you mean the 4x4 - is that set up where the wide and the but usually that's what it means right.

Like all-wheel drive, um uh mathematically 2170 should be more dense, something i learned: building fpv drones as the motors are measured. Similarly, the motors with more circumference packed more volume, yeah yeah, maybe you're right - are those the ones from the most recent video new to all these love watching the videos and would love to be able to build a powerwall one day. Um. I don't know what you're talking about or what you're asking about latest video you can put them in series.

You just need to put a protection dial across the output of each 10s, parallel bank chicago diodes, with voltage rating of at least 45 volts, and current rating of system or gtr. The energy crisis will grow and spread yeah, and it's it's not just it's. In many places in the world right now, so it's crazy, uh energy needs to be decentralized. Early adopters will prevail.

Yeah, i think that's gon na be the future of energy anyways. Just because you know it's just sounds gon na work. Um. Can you please make a video about turning a prius into a plug-in? I don't know if i can commit to that um.

I i don't like priests per se, but i've been looking into buying a prius um powertrain right, like the transmission, because the they have the right ratio. I think that i might need to be able to do some of these conversions that i'm doing for my buses. Uh, i don't know - maybe let's say never. I guess sadly, but our biggest problem is government corruption yeah, i think that's everywhere.

Unfortunately, the diodes protect the bms mosfets for more revolting in the event that any of the tenants blocks have bms shut down. I'm making a recirculating water wheel that has a pump that pumps the same amount that is used to run the pelton wheel back uh to the upper containment tank huh lto batteries have 10 000 cycles huh. I have land out in joshua tree next to the park. Yes, for his uh all-wheel drive or baja bug for off-roading, i will contact you, i'm ray hey ray okay, you're close to me in joshua tree.

I have five apc 1500 sx battery backups units that all need new batteries. What is the best way to replace the battery can idea? I want batteries for the apc units, um yeah, i'm pretty sure you could do that. I don't know you just have to figure out what voltage they are. If they are 12 volt, then yeah pretty much you're not going to be able to use lithium called oxide cells.

You'll have to use lithium iron phosphate uh and if they're 24, then you can definitely use little colossal. Any 18650 won't work on there and then 36 they're very rare, but if they just happen to be the ones you could also use a 10s uh, 48 yeah. 14S, can you can use uh battery packs and build better depends on 18650s pretty simply next uh. If i had money and space, i get edison batteries.

Uh, let's see where am i uh self recharging electric vehicle in the future? No, i don't see it in the future. You always need to charge it um. I can't wait for one day when tesla battery uh cell demand is less than supply, they would sell completed structural modules perfect for bus conversion yeah. I don't know that's one day we'll get there.

I guess yeah yeah battery hookup offered 12 volt ltl batteries from bmws right. When i got notifications, they were sold out around 120 yeah. So probably it was a small batch of them uh. So, that's probably why you couldn't get any.

I believe there will be. Let's see, i know i never see props. In the background, have you ever looked at the ed aircraft places near you eating eevee aircraft uh? No, i don't know what the eb aircraft thing is. Part-Time as an e-bike mechanic, i would like to know more about the class d amplifier technology that runs the brushless motors huh.

I don't know anything about that. Uh. Did you ever post uh the weight of your 6200 milliamp hour 50c 2.7 lipo pouch cells batteries that you're selling? Also? What is the max voltage? You would series wire a roughly five kilowatt pack. Oh, i mean i wouldn't wire it whatever voltage, you need it.

Whatever you're powering is going to determine your voltage but uh. I don't know if i we ever did upload or post the week, maybe brian there can can do that for us, um yeah. I think there's a there's a few products that are missing like size and weights. Sometimes you forget to do that.

Love the video idea for a j 1772 public car charging uh believe it's a one, kilohertz square wave signal it uses. I would like to try to use one to charge. My e-bike with a type 2 socket here in the uk. Yep should be pretty simple that that little abc2 unit that avos sells it's pretty reliable and we use it, and i you know, i charge my car all the time and i charge it in many public stations um.

Thank you very much. The next e-bike is for an electric trike or a friend that has been way weakened by covid, and this will give her some freedom back. Oh there you go. Do you have an old video talking about the basics of what a bms is and why it's needed? Um, i do, i think i've made several.

I i don't think i've ever made the perfect eb um or bms video, but i think i've talked quite a bit about it in many places and in many videos i just couldn't tell you which one in particular uh yeah. You just think in the future. I think maybe i'll do one uh, maybe while i'm here in new york cause here's the thing i do i'm busy during the mornings uh, but then i have the afternoons free and so i didn't come prepared to do. Actually, i did come prepared to do some videos, but you know maybe quicker videos and to the point i think, are i'm finding way more success in those, and i think people find them more interesting and more useful, because it's quick and to the point you know - Skip all the story and the thing just get to the point, and then you know they're easier to search.

They use you to find the answer right away. So maybe that's what i'm going to be doing? Okay, 186! We're getting there come on! Keep liking, keep liking. That like button, so we can do the other giveaway um. Is that a lithium battery themed shirt? Yes, it is, it is um, it's supposed to be the top of a battery and it's a play on the lion there lithium ion but yeah.

I think we need to change this a little bit more, so it looks more like the top of the of the 18650 yeah. This is going to be on tv on the discovery channel, because i was today building that battery uh, the contactor box and uh yeah they're, basically shooting me all day, just building this dumb box, it's going to be pretty boring. I don't know how much of that is actually going to make it into the show, but if any of them makes its show, this shirt is going to be prevalent. Uh.

Airbus has a cool new, eb aircraft design. Oh, i see i'm a battle. I need to take a class to start watching videos there's a bunch of videos, a bunch of info on youtube about batteries. Unfortunately, yeah self recharging, electric car exists it's ugly as hell.

Well, i mean my bus is a self-charging car, but it doesn't charge more than it uses. That's definitely you know so it's it's. It should be called self-charging car right. It's it's many things before that, but it also is a charging car.

It's done. Let me see he made a video parallel ac couple. Ups, yes, um about 6200; okay, seven more likes! Let's see! Where are we? How does someone get in the members only giveaway, oh so yeah i just have to join the channel, become a member and then at the end, we're gon na. Do a members only giveaway right, so yeah so we'll pick, and i think there's only a few of them here that the beginning of this live chat.

There's only five of you here, but i don't think there might be more currently seeing some e-plane stuff on youtube and just wonder if you saw any of it. Ah yeah. No. Can i make a 48-pack for an apc battery backup yep do uh 14s, you, you could use a couple of our boards pcb board modules and then connect those in series and that will become 48 uh there we go.

We have a new member. Thank you for joining the membership. Two more members, look at that uh yeah, just you just got ta hit the member somewhere in here and then we're gon na do uh. Okay, 200! Look at that! We just hit another tigra! Thank you for becoming a new member and queen foster.

Thank you for becoming a member. There. We go 200.. Let's do another giveaway here, random giveaway and then we'll do the member giveaway all right.

Let's see here so the new. Oh, i have to um pin this message. Okay, come on here we go here. We go random.

I'm just gon na pick this one right here scot-free. You are the winner, sir pin this message. There we go. Scott free just won a 20 cell battery.

Okay. Let's do a member giveaway now, let's do a member giveaway and by the way, if you haven't commented, just comment uh so that i can pick your name because it's gon na be random. Here, i'm just going to go boom and then the this first number. Oh there we go look here is the new replacement uh there we go they're, double seven uh you're, the winner of the third cell.

Okay, now we're gon na play. Uh podcast, i'm gon na take a break, go, get something to drink and then uh once the podcast finishes. We'll come back and if we hit the 300 400, then we'll do those giveaways and then we'll do another. Member giveaway and uh we'll call our night all right play the podcast, ollie and andy.

Welcome to the jake, garcia podcast podcast, hey no problem! I only have interesting guests in my podcast. I always like to start saying that and that's why you guys are here. I came uh upon you guys in a video i was, you know i was doing the youtube. You know going down the rabbit holes on youtube as we all do and you guys have a little video about hacking.

The es4 scooters right and you go into very, like detail how to change the software. Do all this stuff, and - and the reason i was interested is because we just bought like a giant truckload of them and they're they're they're brand new, like not brand new they're unused, and i was like well we're gon na need to figure out how to do The software we're gon na do right, so i was looking and i was doing that and i came on your thing but as it turns out, when you start looking into your other videos, you guys are pretty busy doing a bunch of other stuff right. What is why, don't you explain to us what you guys do on your youtube channel, like what sort of projects are you working on uh, yeah i'll? Let ollie start with this one, all right, all sorts of crazy stuff i mean we haven't documented. Most of our most recent projects, because it's just so much work, i mean you'll, know anyone.

You know how hard it is to edit together those videos and, like you know, just 10 hours of premiere pro for two hours, not even two hours. Like two minutes of content, you know like it's, it's just so much effort, but i guess our videos are primarily about our projects through middle school, early middle school, um, early to mid middle school and those sort of entail. Ah, did we document we didn't document the gas powered scooter um, but just sort of anything that really caught our attention um at the time sort of whatever we were interested in just building at the moment, um yeah. We would spend a lot of time.

Yeah i mean we would spend a lot of time in ollie's dad's garage because his dad has like an amazing. You know workshop in the garage so and we live like a few blo or a few houses away from each other. So we would just you know, hang out in his garage and build. You know, work on different projects.

I think our first project was uh, a potato cannon, um yeah. That was like the first time we actually recorded something that we worked on and like uploaded it to youtube. Ah, that's cool, so you guys been doing this for a while, because now you're, how old are you guys? I'm 18. yeah, i'm 18., i'm actually a freshman in college now you're in college now yeah.

So then you guys started middle school doing this yeah. So you guys been doing you've been at it for a few years. That's pretty cool! So are you guys any of you guys uh either of you guys doing like pursuing like a career in engineering or something like that? Yeah i'm actually studying electrical engineering and computer science right now um, but i'm trying to focus more on the electrical engineering aspect. Yeah.

I've recently gotten into like designing pcbs and stuff like that um i used to be mostly interested in the software side, but um like hardware, is super cool now so yeah i've been just like trying to focus on that. Oh that's cool! You're ahead. Let me tell you you're: they hate the game. I just learned how to design pcbs like last week or so two weeks ago, and i've been going crazy.

Like all these ideas, and i'm like, oh man, you can do this, i'm trying to use pcbs for everything. Now i know like pcbs are so enabling for like projects yeah, so how about you ollie? What do you? What do you, i'm still a high schooler? So i also just sort of self-teaching myself how to design pcbs, but i don't know in high school. I had a big drone racing phase um and, as i worked towards you know, i've applied to all my colleges now, so i'm just waiting for responses and a lot of them are engineering colleges, um so hopefully getting into mechanical or electrical um and then maybe mixing In some cs there you know all the colleges are different and sort of it depends. You know how they mix the different majors, but i hope to get like a well-rounded engineering education, because i'm not exactly sure what i want to do.

Um yeah yeah i'd, say you try everything right because you never know. I think that's how it always works out like i never thought this is what i was going to be doing. When i was growing up, i didn't know i had no idea. I thought it was going to be a rock star.

I thought i was going to play guitar. You know, because that's what i my interest was at that time, but i never thought i was. I mean i had interest in all this other stuff right but yeah. You never know you're, just the only way for you to ever know is to try it and to be there and to kind of explore it um.

So yeah i, if i you know, if i'd say any advice, it's just try a bunch of things. Whatever peaks. Your interest you're doing and that's the cool thing you guys are young. You guys have a head start.

I think, on a lot of us, because a lot of us that we were older were like man. I wish i would have done this when i was younger. You know uh because then it would have been cool so that video with the scooters, that's pretty in-depth. So luckily i mean i don't know if i want to say luckily, because i i i don't want to say that i'm afraid of learning stuff but um.

I fortunately for us, like most of those scooters that we got they kind of worked out of the box. All you have to do is kind of uh. The batteries are like dormant they're, because they're so they've been in the palate, for i don't know how long many years or months or whatever, and so then the bms's are off right. So you have to like put power back not on the port, the charging port.

You have to go into like the battery terminals and then put power and then once you wake them up, then you can charge them, and i don't know what the deal is with the software that they have in there, but it almost doesn't seem like it's. It's the one that these ride, sharing programs or companies uh install right because they usually have a lock right, so they're, probably usually are like normally locked and you have to unlock them with some some software right. These ones are just they're on, like once you power them out or whatever they just go and there's no way to lock them. So i'm like, oh, let's just sell them like, so we started selling them.

We started riding them around and i didn't have to go to the thing, but like that, video that you did seems like it's pretty advanced right like you have to do a bunch of things you have to download programs and then code, and then you have to Take some of the pcbs and and solder some leads on the thing, so i thought, like man, that's going to be tough for customers. You know to to do that right. It's like you have to be kind of hardcore. What kind of response have you had to that video all sorts of comments and questions? I guess first thing i should say: is that i'm not a developer? I didn't come up with anything in that video.

That was just sort of me being like hey i'm in like the depths of this, you know discord, scooter, hacking, server, um, and you know why don't i just make a cohesive video so, like your average joe who has an ebay account and soldering iron can sort Of do it for themselves, so a lot of the stuff going on in there. I personally myself, don't even understand um, it's sort of just like just following steps and you know getting it to work um. So it's a lot of steps yeah. It's very complex, different steps, but it's a pretty complex process and yeah.

It's like you put it all together. You aggregate all this information put it together. Now i think anyone can follow it. I mean you still need to be patient.

You still need to be able to understand things right. The my biggest thing is that i needed like a pc or an android, and i'm like i'm on a mac like screw, that you know, but definitely for people that want to try and wake these up. Uh and and there's a lot of people that are trying to do that right because there's a thing yeah i mean we've gotten hundreds of comments on that and then hundreds of thousands of views. I really didn't expect it to like sort of take off.

I guess you know the scooter companies with their es4s the whole es4 fleet just sort of imploded when they everyone realized, you can just hack these things. You know people were taking them off the streets and stuff. I was getting mine at police auctions. You could get 10 of them for like 70 bucks, just like like just piles and piles of scooter, and i don't know i've seen photos in la where they just have like claws, just picking them up in the dumpsters.

You know it's just like they're all over the place, so i'm buying them from the guy that got remember, because that story went crazy when the claw was coming out and and grabbing all those e-bikes and stuff. Okay, that was a leaked video from a recycler and so that recycler got in trouble because this shouldn't right because he was getting paid for them. But i think the the companies the ride sharing companies got such bad pr. Because of that, because why? Like perfectly good e-bikes and scooters like, why are you destroying them right, and so i'm buying them from that guy right? That guy i mean truckloads kind of thing of this stuff right and so i'm buying that all that stuff and i'm trying to find re reuse, like you know, find different applications for them, and so i've been following your channel and all the cool things you're doing With the batteries and power walls and stuff like that, i think that's really cool yeah.

That's that's what i'm trying to do, because i think in like it's it's i mean it's trash to these companies right, but it's not trash like a lot of these. That was i'm like. How can you get a truckload full of like unused scooters like this? Don't that's you shouldn't go. Yes, you know, you're, like you, shouldn't, go back to china because that's what is always happening.

People like recyclers, usually don't know what to do with this stuff, and they don't know who to sell it. So the only ones that were buying for many years was china, and then they would put in a ship and a container, and it would all go back to china right and then over there. Their people know what to do with them. They're like.

Oh. Let me just hack it. Let me you know, flash the software and then put a new sticker and ship it right back to america, sell it to us again so yeah that that guide, i think, is, is probably very helpful to a lot of people.

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