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Let's talk about the eevee west m3, i'm michael bream, with ev west and seven years ago we started our little electric car speed shop, so we could help people make classic cars go faster at the time we were looking around for venues and there wasn't a lot Available to electric cars and we came across pikes peak and they actually had a class and we ended up building the car purpose built for pike's peak. We ran the race in 2012., we ended up setting a record for the fastest uh street legal electric car to go up the hill. Now the car that michael is talking about is the famous m3 342 horsepower and 850.4 pound-feet of torque. A few years later i signed wait.

That's that's a fuse right that ain't no fuse. I am so confused. Oh that's, weird! Something going through the blue section there like what's going on here. This is like one of those japanese puzzle boxes.

No, that's not a capacitor! You know what that is: it's got weird labeling for a cap. If you know the meaning of this, please explain if that guy looks scared. Jeez. This thing is scary dude.

So today, i'm back at ev, west and well, let's go check out what these guys are doing. There's a car behind you a little. So you have more power and more effective power. Plus you have a broader power band yeah.

So it's fun because we both have advantages like i've got a weight advantage, it's going to be close, you've got every other advantage, goes to you, but i got a weight advantage and i lost 30 pounds dude. If i win by this much i'll, be like yeah. Okay, well, post race analysis. I don't think either of us expected those results.

It's quick! That's very quick! I honestly totally expected to lose and by no means uh. Both of these cars are super fun. You have those little pucks. So then, after you take off all the screws, we got the fun part.

You got the phone and you're gon na pry it out moment of truth. Ah, oh all right everyone. How is everyone doing uh welcome to what is it today, tuesday, tuesday? I guess to this week we're doing it on tuesday live chat, uh giveaway, live battery giveaway. You know, q, a whatever you guys as all always works out.

You guys dictate where we do and what we talk about. Then we'll watch a podcast in the middle of this thing, we'll hit the like button. How many likes do we have oh 23 come on? We got to do better than that and once we hit the hundreds, uh and 200 300 400, then we'll start giving uh we'll give a better battery and also we're announcing today that we have uh, i'm going to be part of the holley high voltage event. That's going to happen next weekend in sonoma, california, and so, as a result of that, we are going to be giving away some aftermarket products for your.

It's like a kit for a model, tesla model, three right. So if you're a tesla owner, we will give you a link so that you can go and sign up for the giveaway and then i'm gon na announce it live at the uh at the event there um other than that. What is everyone talking about? I just saw someone mention about the ipo going for rivian, yes, who's who's signing up. I i have the chance to sign up uh, but i been so busy that i haven't gone as if you know you have to go and make a new account at this new place and then because it's not a completely open ipo from what i understand.

It's just open up to a select few right: um. Is it over valuated? I think a little bit maybe, but i think there's has enough money behind it. I think that it's gon na hit so here's the thing they did there like. If you guys are uh a few of you said they played the long game years in development, solid product plan up and running.

They'll do great. So that's true. I think in the long run they will do do uh great, except for we don't know how they're going to handle the production hell right. These are this is a new company.

They don't know how to produce cars and mass-produce cars right, uh and so like tesla. They work they're gon na hit some major growing pains right, uh, i wan na say it's a tougher time to try to learn to make cars right now, just because of the whole uh chain, supply shortages and backups - and you know just the global state of shipping Right um, so we don't know, these guys are not elon elon, you know, is very creative in solving problems right and working on the pressure. We don't know these guys are gon na. Do that they've been, you know, taking their time developing this product, they've done it right and stuff.

So how are they gon na deal with the high pressure uh things now they have been delivering cars to amazon, for i wan na understand right. So i don't know. Um, and for that reason i don't know if i'm gon na get in, i just don't have i don't know if i have the time, i'm so busy here trying to get ready for this next show trying to get do some videos for our products here doing These live q and a's for you guys. I take this series, so i don't know if i'm gon na have time to go, make an account and put some money in there and just you know, kind of a bet on rivian to see, because you know if, if you put some money on right now And the company does great, then you stand to to you know be in there from the day.

One now also there's uh a chance that it's over evaluated and it releases at one price and it kind of you know dips down for a while and then eventually it'll go past that and then so yeah. Maybe it's better for you to wait. You know and then a few days see where the thing does and then you know and then ah you never know it's just you know it's one of those things um, let's see here: uh silquitos utilization, el mejor, 18650, majorca 2700 or 1866 he's asking if 20 18 650 sells or 21 7 100 uh. It depends what your definition of better is right.

Uh, 21 700 are the newest technology and there's nothing different there other than the actual physical size of the cell right. So the ratio of battery cell to um casing is a it's a little bit different right uh. The ratios are a bit different. So then, therefore, there's a little bit of different uh advantages there on the 21 700, but this is a new form factor.

So it's more expensive, so you know it just depends what you're, what you're building what you're trying to do if you're trying to get battery like cheapest battery didn't know 2700 are not. The best 1860s are the best because they there's so many of them out there and they're mass produced by many many players in the market, and so, therefore, you might be able to get better deals right, um, yes, this depends um. Let's see here my name, my new wait, my new blue80 ac 200p doesn't pack enough need supporting battery help yeah. Okay, so i mean i have tons of these projects uh that will connect to the ac200 via the solar port uh, all the ones that i've done for all the previous models will work on this one.

I haven't looked at this close enough to see if there's a different way, that we can attach an external or battery pack uh, so we will you'll have to wait for me on that. I have thing sitting here and in fact someone has sent me a message to check the actual rv plug to check the polarity because they they think that it's backwards just like it was on the uh ecoflow. But i don't know why. They think that i don't know if there's any evidence supporting that thing or i there's just a guess on their part, but i will check all that eventually, i just again, i haven't had time jose arasola.

Thank you for the nine dollars uh uh. Let's see safe bet to invest after they make uh, don't make their december deliveries. Ah brian there we go see, i'm waiting for a vivian and i've been waiting for a long time, and i i haven't heard anything you know i'm one of their customers and i think i'm really early in the queue i've heard nothing. So i don't know when they're going to be delivering they.

They said that all right, the well actually they haven't said, but i've read elsewhere by the way, we're talking about the review in here uh the company that is going to go ipo tomorrow or the day after that or something and it's a private or limited ipos. I believe i've heard stories that they're only making like two cars a day right now, so yes they're starting it's going to be slow, but at the same time, well they've been setting up this factory for a long time. Now it's it's been years. It's been 10 years since we're developing this car right, so i don't know why it's going so slow.

It sounds easier than it actually is to make a car, i'm sure uh, but yeah we'll we'll just have to wait and see how well they do production hell. Um i tried the other to become a member and somehow my cart won't flag says jose. Oh thank you for that uh! Oh. I wonder why.

So this is just a regular youtube feature. So if you have youtube, google doesn't like your card. I don't know why. That wouldn't be um hello from costa rica, pura vida says gerardo perez.

Thank you for joining me. I haven't seen anyone who actually has a rivien or a lucid who has done a review yeah they joe they haven't. They haven't released any to actual customers. I believe the first customer car was actually like, maybe uh um, an employee car.

I believe so right. So not i mean technically because he paid for it he's a customer, but not really a true customer, and you know i think it's you know still insider people that have them. I think um, how come they don't call them 1865s. I that is a question that we all have tom summers by the way: hi tom summers - um, nobody knows really uh or do they know.

Maybe someone knows but as far as i know i i know i've seen elon asked this question. He and one of the things that he was talking on battery day or something he talked to me goes: why are they 18650s? He goes so he named his 2170s because he's like, why do we need the extra zero like? No, it doesn't make sense to me why this does 18 657 extra zero. They should be 18 1865 and by the way, they're the only ones that come 2170, so everyone now calls them 21. 700S.

Who knows? Why is an industry that has been there for a while uh, let's see how long before soil state that solid state batteries take off? Who knows, we don't know uh what hurdles they still have to get through right? I know that people keep pumping them like if they're the next big thing - and i don't know - maybe they are it's just seeing a while um. Where do you recommend to buy batteries? I am from mexico and i don't know where i can get a good quality batteries. Well, i mean for the us, i would say you buy from my web store and there's a few other people that are doing what we're doing and we're selling sometimes new cells, but if you're abroad, in other places like china. I think china is the only place to buy uh batteries.

I don't know anyone in mexico, that's doing what i'm doing um, and so that is a problem. I see that my thing is kind of stuck. Are we still good misa, yeah? Okay? So my screen over here is just um. Let's see, where do you recommend yeah? I read that one over there building um hey.

Would you i would like a few 48 volt battery packs to buy about one kilowatt each for my home, solar, yes uh. Unfortunately, we don't have too many 48 volt packs. At this point you will probably have to build them right now. I have a lot of 36 volt packs and we're building a bunch of things with those and but um yeah.

If you buy, you know lithium phosphate cells, or even you know my little setup with the 7s boards with the 18650s, you can put two of those in series and make 48 volts there's a few ways that you can get to 48 volts, but you you'd have To build them or find them um i out of top my head. I can't recommend one other than just getting. You know ready-made batteries, um frank. Welcome to the channel uh he's a member.

The only other way to expand the battery would be to open it up and solder a connector in line with the built-in battery, but that could be dangerous. That could be dangerous if you're, trying to yeah yeah. If your batteries are off balance by way too much right, um also, i it also would introduce a few problems. Well, it depends.

If you go before the bms, then i guess it would be okay, but if you go after the bms, then the unit will turn itself on, because the unit really doesn't have a switch. The switch that's on the blue eddies, all they do is actually turn on the bms um. So that could be a little messy but yeah it could be done. It's just.

You know, it'll take a little bit of uh tinkering to get it there. Did you hear about nikola motors? No, i didn't hear other than their scam uh. Their right are is in the the ceo or former ceo was. Is it mia like on trial, for something they're trying to get them for some kind of fraud charges or something but yeah? No, i don't.

I haven't heard any new advancements. There's lenny gabriel welcome to the channel. Thank you for being a member uh new orleans. The last zero means round sell.

Oh, i see round cell you're invited to the ve learning center christmas party for december at ev west, wait party four of december. Isn't that the same time that there's gon na be a show at that might be a show? Isn't that autotopia? I think that's a show in la that everyone is going with the evs anyways. I don't know you might you guys might want to change the date, because you're not gon na get a lot of people with electric cars to show up there. Um, do you still have plenty of e-bike motors says lenny, gabriel um? I personally don't have any of my warehouses right now, but my supplier does.

As far as i understood, there was about 3 000 of those left and i know they've been selling a lot. We've been sending a lot of traffic to them that video is still getting quite a bit of traffic and now it's redirecting to their website, so yeah, i'm pretty sure, there's still some there. I haven't asked our supplier to see how many of those are left and we likely to get some more in the next shipment. It's just the ship, we don't know when the shipping is going to be um.

I really want to know how far along toyota is. With their new battery tech, they've been developing quietly might be in for a revolution there. Hopefully, hopefully they make something. That is good um.

That's the best way to do it like. Why are like all these other announcements, there's just a bunch of hype, and you know, after a while, we're all just tired of the hype, we're like whatever i'm tired of i'm like yeah sure what chemistry yes bring it on bring it on when it's ready. Send me a sample, we'll put it, you know, we'll put it two spaces and see but yeah. It's just we're kind of tired of that.

I have to chime in here uh human man, our generational talent, with the ability to speak in a manner that works for so many you have inspired me to start the planned process of diy battery bank. Oh blake, johnson. Thank you for that. We i try to do what i can here right, um.

What's the future of the bird scooter units by the pallet? Only are you going to sell individually, maybe 10 i actually fit. I just finished editing that video it's gon na go up uh. Actually it's it's! I uploaded it so it's scheduled to be to go live tomorrow. So the short answer is no there's too much, there's not enough value in those scooters um.

I think that they're not worth the same as the other ones, and so we can't put the same amount of work and they require more work than the other ones. So, for that reason we decided that it's just not commercial. You know it's just financially feasible for us to work on them, so we bought some of these just to try them on and see, but now the only way that it makes sense for me to uh sell these by the palette, because i don't want my guys Spending time on this i'll give you an example right. So i have a bunch of things that we're doing, and i have a small team of people and so like like let's say that they devote you know 15 20 minutes to a scooter just to get it off the pallet put it in a box.

You know wrap it around, you know maybe clean it or i don't know whatever. Whatever needs to be done, so we can sell it to a customer right say they spend 15 20 minutes uh. Maybe i'll only make like 10 of profit in that product right well. For that 15 20 minutes he can work on 10 other products that make me way more than ten dollars right, and so i'm you know for me, it's better for to for the the use of their time right, my small team's time to devote it to these Other products right that can make me more more money, um this one's over here, i'm like literally not making any money he's like maybe i'll, make 10 bucks, but then i'll just have to give that to the employee, because that's going to cost me that much for Him to process the thing right, so that's what we're at! I don't want to sell these things so high.

That is no there's no value there right um and i don't want to get into doing those because i don't want to have to hire another person because then, all of a sudden now i have a huge team of people. I've gone that route. I've learned my lesson so now i'm trying to operate this business with the with a very lean uh but more efficient team uh and that's a lot easier to manage um yeah. That's just this is where we're at.

So that's why they're only going to be available as a whole palette - and you know someone's there's. You know we already have customers at the bottom and apparently yeah they're, it's feasible for them to get them work on them, sell them at a higher price and make quite a bit of money, maybe double their money. You know doing that. It's just for me.

It's not because you know my my whole setup just cost so much more! So that's the problem. I almost forgot to hit the like button yeah now, let's do that. Let's hit the like button. Uh 75 likes as soon as we hit 100.

Then we'll give the giveaway um. What is the diy price approximately these days to put together one kilowatt hour powerwall? Well, that's a small power wall right. So it's going to be kind of expensive because like well, i mean i'm not really um. I i'm selling battery right now.

I like a 130 dollars a kilowatt hour right and it already has a bms. The only there's problems with it, like you know, and challenges restrictions is that you know you have to work with the 36 volt battery and most of it it's like ready to go, you don't have to change it, you don't have to rewire undo it, and then We put it back together right, so that's where i'm at right now um and that scales up really nice once you're starting to talk about like 10 kilowatt hours, and you can get it for, like you, know: 1500 bucks or something um, and that's what i'm trying To push for some reason you guys are don't seem to get it because those batteries that i've been pushing they're not moving as much as some of the other ones in the past right and i'm like these are the same thing. I don't know the the the uh. The message is not going out there clear enough and you know i'm making more videos and i'm doing more projects with them.

Eventually enough of you will get it and we'll see what i'm talking about, and then you know you guys will stop buying more of those but uh yeah, 130 dollars and they're going to be quite easy to connect, i'm even making the little things to connect them. All together so that you can just make the box put these on. There, connect them and then you're ready to go on a 36 volt uh. You know diy power wall um.

Do you have fun at sema? That was the best part. Uh yeah sema was fun. It was a lot of walking around. There was not enough time to see everything.

Um yeah i i should have been more prepared, but at the same time i just wanted to go and walk around. I hate preparing for things right so now it was fun. I still have one more video to make just kind of showing you the highlights of what i saw. I took the camera and i suck at recording just my headspace is not in the recording thing right now, so i'll have to make craft the story afterwards.

On the edit - and i want to do that so then we'll we're going to do that joe. Can we do a local pick up at your warehouse? Uh, yes, unlimited basis. Yes, i'm trying to also limit that, because if i let a bunch of people a bunch of you guys come then you know they don't have to hire another person just to take care of the people who want to come and ask a million questions and shop And see every one of our pallets, and you know what i mean like: that's that's the thing so we're i'm trying to upgrade this as as lean as possible as efficient as possible, so that we can. I can keep the prices down right and uh, and so so yeah everything all the things that customers have asking me something that i'm like.

No, that would just puts a big dent on my my thing. You know on my numbers here: um, let's see 30 kilowatt hour giveaway at a hundred likes, yes hit the like button uh, let's see how already did that the four crate motor i i want to be excited about the four crate motor, but it's kind of not A hundred percent there, yet they don't, they only offer you the motor and there's. No. These motors should really be in like a set: it's a controller, uh and then the motor, so that you could just connect your battery right and it really should be battery controller and motor.

That really should be the whole setup right. So, oh there we go. We just hit the 100 likes, so let's do the giveaway uh megalodongles. Yes, those are done.

I am gon na shoot. The video hopefully to this week before i leave to sonoma um battery shipping is a nightmare. Yes, it is it is. I don't know why i got into this business, but it's uh, it's terrible! It's it's yeah! I uh yeah, i'm like one day, i'm not gon na be shipping batteries and i'm glad that that day is in the future.

I'm gon na enjoy it. But for now i got a bunch of batteries and we're shipping it out. We kind of figure out what we need to do just to get all these stuff up to you guys and it's working out for right now, right so uh. Let me load up the thing here: they should also offer the battery as well.

Yes, i believe so frank. I think it should be a whole kit that you could just bolt onto your car and then you can uh get the thing going. Okay, all right! So let me pick uh the winner for the 100 like and then we'll do the live, we'll do the podcast thing and and then we'll come back for the other ones um. Here we go.

Okay: let's do that by the way you have to be in the usa to win and all you have to do. Is there we go painted by jrc food, please any new sales coming in. We do have a bunch of new cells coming in. Did i bring those in here? I didn't.

I have some samples and they look pretty pretty good. I just um, i shouldn't get too excited about them because a lot of times i get samples and then they never make it. I'm like. Yes i'll, buy those.

How many you got send them in and then they just never get in here so food? Please! Congratulations! For winning! You want a 20 uh sell battery pack uh. If you you can build a bunch of things with those. If you don't know what to build and hang on to it, because i'm going to be making a bunch of projects and yeah those are those are going to be very, very cool. Coming up here, um, we are addicted more batteries.

Uh. I don't think i have enough knowledge to go uh to go electric bike. Just yet. Oh come on yeah.

You do well there's one way to get well, there's many ways to get knowledge, but one of the easiest ones i found is just to get your hands dirty. Go in there try to build it scratch your head. You know figure out why it doesn't work, connect things backwards, burn some things up after that you're you come out like you know, knowing a lot of what to do a lot of what to do and a lot not to do, but it is really uh it's. I think it's the best way to do it.

I mean you know a lot of people like learning through books and you know through classes and that stuff in that school. I never learned that way, so i got one way of learning just to actually go ahead and do it right uh. So if you have the ability to learn by reading by watching someone else do go for it, and i know a lot of people do because you know i see it. You know.

I see you guys mentioning that you know so. Many school teachers tell me that they show my videos to their uh students and i'm like what in the world that just sounds wrong like. Why are you doing what? Apparently, some kids learned from some of my videos doing things here and there right so anyways um? I don't know anything about the podcast who's the podcast today misa, oh kaya, okay, kaya slide beam, uh, there's another youtuber that i've been watching for a long time. This guy is really good at forming uh, very compelling, like mini docs, about companies and about ventures that either go right or go wrong, and many of you might have seen his videos.

It's called slide beam. He actually sells a product and that and he's going to explain that on the podcast, but i most of us probably know him because of the videos that he makes where he doesn't really talk about his product. He just presents to you a story about some business venture that went south or just the background of a story and he's really good at what he does. I admire the thing that he does.

I want my videos to be more like his and stuff and he was a guest in my podcast. So i want to show you that and then after that, we'll come back 80 more likes, i'm pretty sure we're going to be at 200. By the time we come back and then we do the next giveaway we'll also do the giveaway for the uh members, lenny gabriel's, a member glenn reynolds is a member. Frank is a member right, so this are usually ronnie.

Tatum is a member. So if you guys hang out to the end of this thing and then we'll do a giveaway, just amongst you guys, the odds are pretty good, because i only see like four or five of you here and if you want to be a member all you have To do is hit the join button uh somewhere in my youtube channel, and then you can, you know, perform part and for that one we're doing a 30 cell giveaway uh battery giveaway, which is a little bit bigger, uh yeah, it's a different battery, so oh yeah And by the way, also, we have another giveaway wait. How do we can you play the uh graphics or is it a link? Okay, so we're gon na put the link here. Also, i'm going to be at the holley high voltage event this coming weekend at sonoma.

California, that's up in the uh bay area, just north of san francisco right holly is a company that makes a bunch of automotive stuff and now they're getting into evs and so they're. Promoting this event, they're going to sponsor us going all the way up there. I'm going to take my bus, i'm going to be there for both days. If you want to see the bus, if you want to see a bunch of other cool, i know rich rebels is going to be there a bunch of other people that we know are going to be there uh.

You should probably head out, but if you have a tesla, a model 3 tesla they're, also sponsoring a giveaway, and it's like an aftermarket kit. I don't even know what it includes so we'll have to is that in the thing, hopefully that's in the uh in in our instructions or our page that we're gon na put here uh so yeah. Keep in mind that i'm gon na announce the winner there at the show uh but to enter you just have to go and click on the link and then sign up. So if you have a tesla model 3 and if you want some goodies for it, just sign up there and maybe you can win those from our sponsor holly all right.

So let's play the podcast and then we'll come back and do more of this and then a few more giveaways and then we'll call it a night. Okay play the video all right, kaya welcome to the jehu, garcia podcast. I only have interesting guests. I like to start writing.

I only have an interesting guest in my podcast and that's why you're here? Why don't you tell us a little bit who you are and what you do, yeah thanks a lot for having me guys, i'm the ceo of a company called slight bean. We help uh startups uh, make really cool pitch decks and we help them raise capital raise capital. Okay, so for like i, i've been watching your videos for a long time right. You make this incredible.

Uh deeply researched videos on companies right, uh and pretty much their demise. You you've cornered that you do forensics right, it's what's it called yeah yeah. So we we sort of take advantage a little bit of the shelter for the of people. Seeing companies they hate or or might have hated fail uh, oh i see is that one thing: no: even companies that you used to love, but then eventually they went away and we're like whatever happened, is so-and-so right right.

There's, there's a nostalgia there as well. A little bit, you know, you know some of our most successful videos like uh boost it. You know there was a lot of hate towards boosting because they were, you know in the end, overpriced boards. Uh juicer is another example of a company that you know that just makes very little sense and kind of people appreciate hearing the story of their demise, but yeah with others like messenger.

It's definitely a nostalgia thing same with moviepass yeah moviemas was one of these that we're like scratching our heads. By the way me and my wife got a movie passing, and i remember early on i'm like this. This is not gon na work like this is not i'm like. I don't know how this is working, let's go see movies and i remember reading an article where it was like.

Oh, we all just basically went to see movies this summer on someone else's time on investors, dive and they all lost their money, and i remember going like yeah we just they just took us to the movies. I'm feeling good about that. Somehow i don't know why. But uh, yes, you have a whole series, it's called forensics or something, and then you basically very deeply research videos into uh the company's culture and their ceo's actions, and a lot of and one of the things that i like about, you is that you do not Refrain from um well, given your take, sometimes you refer to these as like jerks or you.

You don't refrain from like you're, not neutral you're, always like uh. I remember one. You said this will go on history as as a thing to not do by the ceo, like when you're, explaining how some of one of the ceos let go of a bunch of people or something i remember which company it was but um have you ever gotten In trouble, because you you you do that like because you give your take - is you're not on unbiased you're kind of like give your opinion so far. We so far we haven't, for the most part, there's stuff that people are always going to be sensitive about usually uh in politics, but you know with company decisions and stuff like this.

It's it's rare. Unless a company has a passion is following or in the country a passionate set of haters uh, you know, and some companies do right. The the apples of the world have that uh unless you're, unless the company has some of that most people, don't don't know enough about the story to kind of have a strong opinion against what we said. Yeah.

I guess right if you're a successful or whatever uh public figure uh in the industry or you know in a company um, i guess you're open up for criticism and all you're doing is criticizing and a lot of times your audience are you i mean us, your Audience we agree with you because you're for the most part, you're you're, you know it's not you're not being wrong when you're calling somebody a jerk or a or a criminal. Sometimes i think you can call some of these criminals because they have acted in criminal ways. That's why their companies are usually you know not doing so yeah. I don't think we go out to call anybody a criminal unless they've literally been charged, because i think that's bms.

Yes, yes, so a lot of the times they have uh. So anyways. You have this series and that's where i know you from, but you have this company and it's weird because you're essentially using that it's a that's entertainment. More i mean it's.

I i don't know i think uh there's those are popular because, like people like me, are entertained by those stories, but also because we're interested in the subject matter about of running a company or being in business and stuff and it in some of the stuff. It's actually educational right. We we don't know what it is to be in a company. We, a lot of us, don't know how to run a company.

We've never been in that position, and so sometimes when we watch your videos, i think it's educational right and but then you're always making an allusion to this to your company and a pitch deck. And i mean i still don't even know what a pitch deck is to tell you truth. I was like what is a deck? What is it that you guys do um and how do you do it uh yeah, so my i mean our company started as a presentation platform. We we came up with this uh artificial, artificial intelligence system that replaces the role of the designer in presentation.

So if you're, if you're doing a powerpoint uh the thing where you will waste, the most amount of time is arranging content arranging the layout, picking a font, picking the colors and the and people waste a lot of time with that, so we built a product that Focused on solving that part, and - and we we did for the most part, the the problem or the challenge we faced was that you know going into an established company and replacing the way they do things, meaning powerpoint uh. It's tough uh. Google is struggling to do that and they're, probably the one closest to doing that with their with their office or the google docs suite um. So we we decided to refocus our efforts into into startups.

Why? Because startups are building this pitch deck, which is their presentation for investors, uh, summary of their company, it's tough, you have to you, know, write a lot of content. You have to iterate a lot of times. It needs to look its best because in the end, it's the first glimpse of the company that an investor will see. So people are willing to spend more time to spend more money even on on on these presentations compared to the average presentation.

Uh that that people will make and that's what we that's what we help them do. Um the company started as that and as we grew our user base, uh gross subscriber base. You know that includes, of course, youtube uh. We started figuring out other things that people also need as they're preparing their pitch tech.

I see so so. This is very specified. It's like a powerpoint precision, but it's very specific, a very specific reason: uh and it's for startups to to get capital right, startup, capital or fundraising, or something okay. That is so, for those i mean who knows who's watching this, but for those who don't know like people uh do rounds and they have different names right.

I don't even know the names of these rounds of funding that companies have, but i know some are called, exceed money right and then later levels are different or whatever, and so do you like the people, your clientele. Do those people know what they need, or you you're having to explain a lot of stuff to them like normally they come to us when they do know what they're i see what they need. Oh i see so so. They're already educated enough to know that you they need your product yeah and the value, because you're this product is based in on um uh.

It's not like a one-time thing right. It's like a server, it's like a monthly service or something it's like a recurring uh. Yeah, so you know our our main product is: is a subscription subscription, uh yeah? So, ideally, you know they'll use it for their fundraising process, which usually takes three to six months like that's where we originally provided value, and you know eventually, we realized that it's not a great business to be in where people need you love. Maybe they love you and they love the experience for three six months, but after that they don't need you anymore.

Either they run out of business or they raise money, but either way they don't need us anymore. So that's why you know we started building a bunch of products in parallel to um, to retain users longer, but to monetize them differently, as well and kind of like the secret sauce that we've uh sort of been leveraging is. This is the is youtube. Certainly, the content that we do um, which which puts us in a very unique position like this youtube channel that we have is funded by the company uh, but it has my face on it.

So it's it's a curious thing where uh people think i'm a youtuber. Sometimes people watch have been watching this content for weeks. They think i just own this channel that we called slight bean and then they figured that sniping as a company and it does things and it sells services so uh. It's a curious and advantageous position to be in where uh you know they.

They think they think i'm just a youtuber uh when in reality, they're just they just landed in our marketing scheme. Yeah i mean i got ta tell you i'm one of those persons. I just started enjoying your content watching because again because, like the companies, i'm involved in some of the companies that you've done before and i have certain interests in those companies and then your videos would come up and then i'm watching them and then eventually i'm like Wait a minute, this guy there's something tricky going on here. No there's nothing tricky! It's like i've used.

I kind of doing something similar to you, like i make content uh and eventually i i'm monetizing that by selling a product right and it used to be someone else's product, but now it's my product. So i'm basically now advertising myself, which is essentially what you're doing right: you're you're, using this content to raise awareness of your product and your company and your venture right, um and you're, offering services there for for people that are interested in business so yeah! This are your it's a it's a pretty good concept and i think you're executing it well uh. I want to congratulate you in that because yeah, it's it's working right and you've done videos where you have laid it all out and you basically your business plan and how you operate in the whole thing: um, even some of the financials of your youtube channel and Stuff you you've you've done that video, where you share that and it was. It was pretty interesting to see to see that right, uh from this side, because i kind of do like i said, i'm kind of doing something, similar uh and that's why i wanted to have you on, because i have so many questions about your business model that Uh, it's interesting, okay, so one one of them that i want to ask you is you said that you're using oh man, what did you say, you're using some kind of like machine learning to do the pitch decks to do the presentation yeah? So you know what what we discovered, like, i said, is that the most painful part or the people part where people get most distracted and where they waste the most, where they waste the most amount of time on a presentation as as on the design.

Why? Because you're you're presented on powerpoint or google slots or whatever you're, using you're, presented with this white canvas, and you have to figure out what you're going to say. So what content is going to go on that slide and, at the same time, you have to figure out how it's going to look the design so how it's going to be laid out? If what's the title, what's the you know what goes here? What images font sizes and doing those two at the same time, if you're not a graphic designer, it's just incredibly distracting and not very efficient, so we we proposed an interface where those are separated. So all you do is add the content and you don't have visibility over the format. So you know this is a title.

You know this is a paragraph. You know this image is going to go on the slide, but you don't we kind of enforce that you don't care yet about how that's going to look and then yeah. We created this uh artificial intelligence system that, when you click it, it generates thousands or thousands of versions of that slide with that content and finds the best one um. So you know we're looking for traits uh.

You know the way it works it. It's called a generic genetic algorithm, so it's like evolution, so imagine when evolution, kind of reaches the perfect uh, the perfect whale or the perfect dog or the perfect human right. So we're looking for the perfect slide and that slide is is, is a slide and we define the traits of that perfect slide. So the ai generates a thousand slides and we we look for the perfect one so that that's probably the one that has uh the most amount of uh space for text that allows the image to be shown in a good size that has everything lined up.

That has the title where it should be: that's readable, so we we we iterate over that and we kind of find the ideal slide. So that's the that was the original premise of our product, which kind of worked well. For that specific scenario, i see so it's more technical stuff rather than because i was thinking about this right like like the v, i don't unders, i don't know anything about the vc world venture capital people right like, and i had a conversation with someone else in The podcast where they were saying like you know these are incredibly small groups of people that are funding companies right and so in order to get into these clubs into these groups. It's it's really hard and you have to know someone and a lot of these people.

What they do is they usually fun or or ventures that are their friends are involved in and friends are friends you know, and so you have to work your way into these. You know social groups or social. You know things, and so i'm like i i wonder like i want i. What i wanted to know is like, if you had an insight into that or like do you know what these people want to see the the kind of presentations that they like, and then that is the the thing that your your ai is is is also our Ai's really or strictly a design thing right.

It's design that the ai solves the content of the the content of the deck is another part that we saw, but we solved that differently and - and we solved that by sort of studying the decks of companies that not only have been successful, not only have raised Money, but also were able to create a fantastic story in in a 10 or 15 slide presentation, one of our favorite and one of the most sought after examples is airbnb because they made their deck public uh. You know their first money in was, i think, 2009, and you know a few years later they made their deck public and we came across that thing online and we figured well. This is a this is a pretty fantastic deck. The way they were able to summarize the story talk about the vision, without you know, being too greedy without saying that they're gon na take over the world like they eventually did founders the founders, the founders at that time, weren't expecting that they were, they were raising Money for this to be a really sexy, big starter, but even the size that it is now so looking at that exploring how they presented it to investors, exploring where what traction they had, what they were doing when uh when they raise their first money.

I think it's incredibly valuable for other founders right, so we do that. That's, i think, the other half of the story. You know we take these decks uh, the ones that are public, and we really do our effort to find any information about the the decks of relevant companies. We make them available as templates.

So it's not the template in the sense that you think originally like just a bunch of designs, but actually the story template is what we would call it uh that has okay, so here's what airbnb did they? First, they first put the problem, then the solution. Then they talked about the product and so on. So you can sort of copy that template copy that story and and use it for your own decks and then apply the ai for the design. Ah, i see yeah yeah, so that's that was the thing that i was like because i see again i i'm i've never raised capital.

I don't know what it is. I don't know what the process is right. I wouldn't know what how to do it um. So i don't even know what it is a lot of the times when you, i see some of your videos and then you're explaining, because you have some videos that are technical about the process.

You do some q and a's right and you help some people. You answer questions from people and so i've watched a few of those and i'm like what are these people talking about? I'm like i don't. I don't even know what a pitch deck is. First right - and so then i i have - i mean i'm a curious guy and i have started businesses before i've never raised any capital from i kind of done it all myself and that's the only way that i know how to do it.

So i've always been kind of interested in like how are other people doing it. What is the other way to do it? Because that's almost like the proper way right of doing it, i mean i don't know if it's proper, but that is what people do in silicon valley. They they go and they raise funds, and you know they. They write up a business plans.

That's the first thing and then - and i i'm not from that world, so i kind of had to just do it my way, and it's not like that it doesn't mind, doesn't look anything like that. I kind of figure out how to make money first and then i figure out how to set up a company. You know, and i failed a lot in things. I think that other people - don't you know, i figure.

I think that i have an advantage in certain areas, but i have huge disadvantages in other areas, like sort of like this stuff like if i had to raise money, i probably wouldn't know how to right. Like i no clue where you know, people that you talk to on the daily have some idea and are successfully probably raising money um. How many clients do you have like how many people use your your software? Oh, it's one of um sliding users, probably the two million people. By now, what holy, crap? How big is the the venture? Capitalist group? I mean a lot of people want to start companies.

I think that not all of them, not all companies, can or should raise investor capital. That's one of the things we we we're trying to fix as well. Um, which is like. Is your company really a venture fundable company? And we talk a little bit about that in in our videos um, you know, like i said or or a hair salon.

That's not exactly right, exactly! That's, not the type of business that that needs a pitch deck, at least in the format that we propose. Uh and we try to help those companies in other ways and that's a little bit of the of the idea. Like we've, we originally started as presentations as a whole like any presentation we could solve with this ai and we still can again. There are other problems and the main problem actually is that most of these people have powerpoint or google slides for free on their computer.

So why would they pay us and it's a very, very valid reason - uh not to pay us, so we we shifted, we pivoted. If you will focus on the in this group, the startup group great, that worked, we worked on marketing and we we had some successes there and what what's happening now is that well, we have all these companies that are coming to us trying to raise money. They shouldn't uh, but you know we managed to convert these companies anyway right they, even though they shouldn't be raising money. They shouldn't be worrying about these things.

They think we can help them. Uh they're they're, using our product they're willing to sign up, and that's a you know as a business. That's a powerful thing to have that that audience that you can convince to do something uh, it's just the thing that we're convincing them to do is something they not all of them should be doing right. So that's the you know, that's where this kind of new version of the company comes from, where, where we we take a more holistic approach to to how companies are built, we've done it ourselves.

We've built a company, we raised money for it. We we're still operational. We're a team of 34 people now um, you know so we know our way around this and - and you know, we think we can help these businesses in some other ways. You know one of the one of the new things that we're building is this product that helps them track subscriptions and we've experienced this pain ourselves today, slime bean, we pay man - i don't know 25 30 000 a month on subscriptions like click up and intercom, for Support and gmail and and it's just adobe, the stuff that we use for that, the team uses on their day-to-day activities.

It adds up and very quickly. You come across things that somebody paid and forgot, or that you know two teams decided to pay separately and you have two accounts and one thing, and you just realized because you know, as the organization grows, that kind of thing happens so our next product that we're Building is it comes from our understanding of this problem and we figured okay. So it's a problem for us. It's likely a problem for others: let's, let's build a product that solves it: ah wow yeah.

So now it's like, once you have a team once you have a company and it's running, how do you get rid of all the inefficiencies, at least that sort of stuff and that in that realm of things and the subscription-based products and stuff, that's right? Yeah! That's pretty cool yeah i mean i guess it could be a really big problem. If, if you have a large team of people right it does the these uh bills, add up yeah and that's sort of the stock. That scares me so tell you to share a little bit about me. I started a company where i started manufacturing this little product.

That was niche and nobody else was doing and it was in between there's two markets and it was a. There was a hole there and i just you, know, popped up and started producing this little thing. I grew really quickly quicker than i is my first time around. I didn't know anything about business and what i the way that i would fix problems would to be like.

Oh, we need to make this faster well, you could only do two a day, so we need four, let's hire someone else. You know, and i started hiring people that was my solution to everything. Next thing i knew i i had a ton of like employees, most of them were expanding. Looking at me for answers - and i didn't have a lot of answers - didn't have time to figure out.

You know, and so very quickly. I got to the part where i didn't know where i was at. I didn't know if the company was profitable. If i was making money, if, if, if i you know, was bloated in one side, if i had too many people, you know i the financials, i had no idea what was going on, and so that was essentially the problem and it it bankrupted me like the First company just went down it didn't go down as quickly as it started, because it kind of started overnight and in the span of two months i think i had to hire like 20 people kind of thing, all my friends that was another one of my stakes.

I hired all my friends and family: that's a big, no right, big no-no for that, because then what happens is that you don't want to let them go when things start going bad because they're, your friends and family, you know, and so essentially all the money. All the profits, all the uh yeah, all the money that the the company had generated in those like first year or year and a half or whatever, then essentially, i just spent it. You know giving people jobs that didn't didn't need that i couldn't afford to they.

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