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Sandy welcome to the jehu garcia podcast uh. I only have interesting guests i like to start by telling my guest. I only have interesting guests and that's the reason you are in my podcast today and why don't you tell us a little bit about what you do and when you started you are your your history is very interesting. So a lot of people would like to hear that um, okay, so um.

What we do is we basically work on normally new product development. So we've worked on aircraft missiles, bombs, um, kids, toys, barbie. We worked on the space station and uh, but normally what we work on is automotive products and projects. So sometimes a car company will need help, reducing cost or getting rid of quality issues or upgrading technology and they'll come to us and we'll we'll help them out.

So normally is that the design phase it's where we can do the the best job and then we also work with companies that need help with manufacturing. So right now we're we're working on several different projects from a manufacturing standpoint, um, mostly uh, mostly new electric vehicles. We we still sitting on the floor right now are four or five diesel engines, big diesel engines for um. That would be for uh, um class, eight trucks and in uh four transmissions again for class a trucks, and we have barbecues and um um.

Just a myriad of different things: uh plus uh. We have three three-wheel vehicles on the floor, three-way that we're working on wow, so the the the the ev thing is just because that's where uh a large portion of the automotive sector is heading into right. So that's why you have so many or such a big interest in that and that's why you have some of those people yeah. I don't want to go to hell.

I think that really what it what it works out too, is that uh, if you do good things, um on the planet, god might look down on you favorably, i'm hoping anyways, so um, so we're looking at what we should be doing. Um and um then moving ahead and moving on and doing that in a technological area, that's kind of like what i'm into so um. We are still working with ice vehicles and in in the case of those diesel engines, we're trying to figure out how to make them run more effectively and efficiently and with less pollution. So that's that's what we're doing with those ones and same thing with the transmissions.

So the better you can make a product, the better everybody is going to like lifestyles and be better so with the ev situation. Well, um. It's obvious. I mean two reasons: one it's good for the planet, but even better than that um, it's the future.

It is the future. Why should i waste my time on thinking about things that are old-fashioned or maybe not as uh as exciting, so uh we've uh we've dived into um evs, with both feet, um and uh? Here we are so i i think that uh, quite frankly, this is the wave of the future and i'd rather do exciting things, especially in my old age than boring things so um i see so much. Are we you're a fan of the technology? From the engineer side of things, but also a fan of like what what it means in the in the overall uh scheme of things right and for the planet, so they run better. Oh, that's cool, so you're also a fan of uh, the environmental issues that run into it yeah.

I think a lot of us that aren't tvs kind of they. We hit those two little check marks right. It's like we like them because they're better cars, i think or they're very uh, cool machines, wow, there's another reason: um i used to race a lot um. I don't anymore uh, but i do like to go fast and uh.

Quite frankly, electric cars are faster than uh ice ice cars so another another reason very compelling machines and and from the technological side it's like they're. I don't know. People like me like to say, like look. Electric car systems are simpler.

You know there's not as many moving parts and is that is that a fair assumption is that an accurate uh, yeah um. If we look at the highest levels or the high level, he probably got about um - probably have about um. I don't know nine nine. Ten thousand parts in an ice vehicle and you probably got about um four thousand five thousand parts in a um in an electric vehicle, so wow.

But if you start looking at things like, oh the laminates and you start tearing it down to uh minutiae stage, then then they've got about the same amount of parts. But at the end of the day, the the laminates are all exactly the same and the electrical wire that you have in the stator. It's one long piece of piece of copper. So these things um these things kind of average out um.

But but at the end of the day uh, what's really important is maintenance and maintenance on an electric vehicle is next to zero and maintenance on a on a uh ice vehicle is uh significant, so that's glenn high yeah because a nice ice car, it's mostly mechanical. Well, it's kind of like a computer now and it's got quite a bit of electric - got a lot of computers, there's a lot of computers inside of a car, so a nice vehicle and at the end of the day, when you start averaging everything out, you know Um, this one's got an engine control module. This has got a battery control module. This has got a um, a inverter and on and on and on you start fiddling around and those things kind of come out almost as a wash.

It depends on how good the design is. Tesla's designs are quite good, so it's pretty much a wash. If you look at a bolt or maybe an id id4 or something like that, then um you get you get more electronic stuff going on, but they've got too many boxes, but hey um everybody's moving in the right direction. You know this is a very similar situation from moving from um moving from steam power.

I mean that was good for a few hundred years and uh and then getting into diesel and diesel electric um. Now we're moving from um internal combustion to uh, full electric, and it's the right thing. We just you know it's just like everything else. Horses to cars to evs seems like a fair, a fair um way to way to move it's, it's good for the economy, good for um, ecology, good all the way around and it's fun, they're they're a lot fast, they're, fast and fun fast and fun again hits All those little marks we like fast cars, we like simple cars.

We like new technology right uh and it's good for the environment. I mean come on. How is it right so the trifecta right yeah, so so from an engineering design i mean so would your i mean for from a lot of us right like i'm, not really a car guy, i'm turning into a car guy, apparently because now, but really the the Catalyst for me to become a car guy was the the tesla. You know the electric car yeah uh.

I wanted a car that was that was exciting. That was new. That was, you know, innovative or whatever, and there was nothing. I looked at bmw and i'm like what are these guys doing? They're just doing the same old thing, they've been doing forever right, and so i thought at that time.

Tesla had announced their new car and i thought whoa. This is electric like wait. Wait wait a minute so then i couldn't buy one so then i had to make my own. You know, so that's my my entry into this thing.

So for a lot of us, that's how you come into the our our realm right, like we're fans of the mission of elon's mission of the car, you know the electrification of uh, you know of the automotive world and stuff, and then you you come up because You are an engineer that takes cars, buys them right or have bought them and then tear them apart, and then you analyze down to like very gradual detail right like how they're built how they can be, and then that information you you yours, you sell it to. There's customers that buy it right for you right from you, so yeah, so that that part of our business is uh, probably less than less than five percent. Okay um we do mostly. What we do is for companies that want to keep that information to themselves, but but i will tell you that um long before tesla, maybe even before you were born, there was a there - was an electric vehicle that we worked on, which was the ed1 and ev1.

Yes, the one behind look at that one and on the other wall, there's a bunch of other things that talk about dv1, so um. We worked on that and you mentioned bmw um. The first electric car that we did on spec was the uh, the bmw i3, tearing that apart um man, the technology in there was astounding. We were really impressed.

Nobody else was, though, nobody wanted to talk about it. Uh, there's a um there's another thing hanging on a wall. I don't know where i know where the article is, but this is um. This is what my picture looked like.

It's oh here it is right here there it is so um uh. This is uh. This was out of the sae magazine, um, on the anniversary of the 100th anniversary of of the car and so uh. You know, what's your projections and i said uh 100 years from now, the car will float and you'll you'll be able to control it.

With your mind and it'll, be electric and there's going to be big clouds. That'll uh generate electricity so that you won't have to have any radio lines, and you know all this stuff had already been talked about by uh by nikola tesla. He said that there's there should be no reason why we couldn't convert um um electrical waves into something that would kind of distort gravity and on and on so i put that up. What did the other guys say? Oh the big v8 in a hundred years.

From now, we'll still have big v8s, so um uh. When we tore apart the bmw i3, we thought people were going to be interested in the new technologies and guess what we were horribly wrong. They didn't give her at all. They didn't care because why? Well? Because we got big, v8s and and that and not even tesla, not even the bmw people felt that it was worthwhile, and this morning i had uh.

I had today's been a big talking day. So if i start coughing i'll tell you i'm not, i don't have covet it's just uh, no, not yet, but if it happens, um there's a secret cure for this scotch. You can't go wrong. If i start coughing, um kim my lovely assistant here will run off.

Grab me some scotch and i will swill that down and i won't cough anymore, but in the interim um yeah we we were really surprised. No one wanted to know anything about the bmw i3, but it was loaded with i mean they welded um. They did uh aluminum die, cast parts and welded them to extrusions. No one had ever done that before the battery pack was really extraordinary.

It was made so that you, if it wore out you, could pull out the battery out of your car, and you could put it in your house and we thought that that was extraordinary and uh they. They did a lot of really really cool things, except they didn't do a real good job on the styling, which was the most hideous of all cars ever. I cannot believe how ugly a bmw i3 is. Really that's interesting.

Yes, i don't think it it's ugly. Well, you and there's maybe a dozen others that i think it's cute, but not me that was the idiot um, but it didn't look like a bmw and it didn't drive like a bmw. It did and i hated it when the uh, when the when the extended range little motor, came on and scared the living daylights out of me. It would kick in and it was it was kind of it was.

It was weak right, it was noisy, it was weak and it didn't have the same amount of power kind of thing yeah. So here's here's a little side story because um not too many people, know this but uh. But anyway, we had ricardo in to talk about a project and whatnot and one of the english guys came in and he said: hey you're uh. What do you think about the uh, the the i3 that you turn apart? I said it's got a lot of good stuff, i'm not! I don't know what to do.

I don't know what to say about the engine. He says. Oh wow. We designed that engine.

I said really what a pile of and we got into a big discussion. Apparently he was the lead engineer on it, so um yeah. I said why is it so noisy what it did you put like bolts in the top of the the cylinder heads or sorry inside the combustion chamber to make that extra noise and when i had no sense of humor english guys, sometimes don't have any sense of Humor, but on on on the electrical mode, it was pretty fun car to drive right. It went fast yeah as long as you as long as the extended range motor didn't kick in, it was a it was, it was fun, but it was short range.

I mean initial range, i couldn't believe it yeah, it was a tiny little battery and it was a little motor and it was a little car yeah. It was almost meant to not. We've always claimed that a car manufacturers don't make cars like electric cars ugly on purpose and make them expensive right. They sub out all this uh work so that it's really expensive, so they can say like hey this.

We don't make money here. These are not. You know this there's not viable cars that we can make, because they don't really deep down. They don't want to make them is.

Is that a fair assessment? No, they don't want to they. They do not want to make them, and they don't put - i mean they're, not serious, so they don't put the right people on the job. Now the bmw i3 had a lot of really good people, but they were um crushed. I guess pushed into a corner and not given free reigns to do things but but like i said, there was plenty of really good ideas from a technology standpoint on that car and still is, and by the way i don't know if you're aware of it.

But if your viewers want to have a 54 000 page report, they can go to monroe, um uh monroelive youtube, whatever anyways there's a page and you can buy it for 10 bucks because i lost so much money on that thing. We just we're just selling it to people who want to know about uh. You know how what what is involved in one of these reports so for 10 bucks you can buy a 54 000 page thing. Um corey will corey our president will be happy to help you out, but it will cost ten whole dollars, ten dollars wow.

So so that means you went granular i mean you went down to how they, because that was a pretty crazy car. It had a carbon fiber like unibody kind of thing right, yeah everything's in there too, every adhesive, every everything everything about uh, how they do that plus there's videos in the in the uh appendix and all kinds of stuff wow, but, like i said, 10 bucks cash. Cash money yeah wow. So although we will accept credit cards, credit cards, bitcoin you'll accept ethereum bitcoin, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, the whole thing: well, that's good uh yeah, and then we will get to see the kind of work that you do evaluating these.

You know. Uh so then, now you're kind of doing that you're doing that privately for companies that want to do that right and they they get your services but you're also now becoming kind of like a public person, because now you have a youtube channel right and you're doing Quite a bit of videos you're going into podcast sort of like this one and talking about the stuff that you do, how? How is this going? How are you liking this part of the of the business? Well um? I never liked my picture taken and now um. So i i'm looking for a new house and um because we've been living in a condo for a long time and my wife - and i you know mostly, we work so a condo kind of like works out. But now it ain't working out so um.

The neighbors are too close and whatever so we decided to look for a new house. So i'm looking for a new house, that's real close to the tesla center, because i i'm going to be buying a um, i'm going to be buying a cyber truck so um and giving up my jeep rubicon so um so anyway um. I i'm looking near near the tesla uh portal, um for delivery and whatnot and um, and i said i'm just gon na drive in and find out if they've got a super uh superchargers here, so i drive in the uh in the gate or whatever not the Gate but the parking lot and um and um i swung in looked around, i didn't see anything i pulled back out and i start buying my as a leaf. I don't want to go inside, so i i come riding up and and a kid in a black tesla shirt comes running over with a mask on and he said sandy.

What are you doing here? Well, you're talking about frightening, i mean i. I don't know that many people and i'm not, but these guys all knew me and the next thing i know i had a couple of guys uh. You know talking about this that and the next thing and everybody knew my name and it was really kind of um extraordinary, so um. So i mean that that that kind of like says to me anyway, that this has got gotten too far gone totally out of control.

So um, no we're we're fans of you. You know, because you you evaluate cars and you're, evaluating something that that we have subscribed right. We believe in the mission of the tesla and the thing and electric cars right now and i'm like oh wait, a minute you're an insider in this in in this industry and you're, giving the okay or you're not just the okay, but you're. Also saying like hey, this needs to right because you're like you're evaluating this, for what it is and if, if they need to work on making door panels or door gaps, you know even like you're you'll call it how it is.

It's not just like you're. Just one of these fan bases right, so i had. I had good things to say about a variety of different cars that we leave torn apart, and i had good things to say about tesla and - and i also had bad ones, i mean when the bmw came out when the bmw i3 came out, the absolutely it Had without a question of a doubt, the best ff fit finish, quality assessment analysis of any vehicle we'd ever had i mean it was phenomenal um and it was electric and and even though it was ugly, even though i didn't like the styling everything about it from A technology standpoint was wonderful um, but when tesla showed up with their vehicle their first vehicle, the gaps were bad. The doors didn't close um.

There was so many things wrong like buttons that you pushed didn't, go anywhere, these kinds of things, and so initially i panned it because it deserved it. But then we got rid of the um array of the seats and the doors and went on. We started looking at the electronics and uh and the powertrain okay and the suspension suspensions to die for the great it's a it's a bmw suspension. Basically.

Well, i don't want to say that, because somebody from bmw will say yo stole our design but uh, but at the end of the day it's a um. It's a really good, very, very tight um steering system, good suspension, excellent suspension, yeah. So the only thing that was wrong was from the uh from the belt lineup or from the door. Sorry, the door sills up.

I didn't care for that, but everything else i liked yeah, i see yeah so tesla just didn't know how to make cars essentially - and rightly so. They never made cars before should be expected right, like they're, not a car manufacturer they're, most they're, mostly like a technology company right, and so it would be to yeah, but there's no, there's no excuse for that. There's people out there that could help them out. Even if they didn't want to hire me, there was other guys that that definitely could um could do a bang-up job on their paint, department and whatnot, and when i talked to elon i said so.

What was the bad paint? Well, we, you know, we tried to move up the assembly line, speed and we were getting the cars out a minute fast and well. A minute fast is a minute fast, so pushing a car out like that. The cars are they're charged right, they uh they have a charge when they come out, not like a not like a a battery charge or something, but the the cars have electric static charge and when they, when they come out with that charge, every piece of dirt. On the planet wants to get close to that that vehicle, so you know wind up with paint uh dirt in the paint.

That's like a kid's mistake, so they they should have done something different. Somebody else could have anybody who knows paint departments would have said. Don't do that you got to do this, put a oddball line in or whatever extend the time in the ovens or extend the ovens or extend the vestibule. Even so, yeah there's a yeah, so it was uh.

He doesn't like to ask too many. He doesn't ask for a lot of help so, but he has hired people to come from the car industry right like didn't he buy like. I know he hired like because he put one of the mistakes that he did was put too many robots was. That was yeah one of the things yeah i don't like too much yeah, okay.

So, prior to me going to ford, i was in the machine tool world for chip cutting and also automated systems, and i worked on the very first unimate robots in uh in the 60s about the time your car there was built, yeah your bus, so um. I know a lot about what you can do and what you can't do with a robot. So if you look at a robot and you think about what is a robot okay. So when i first talked to people about how they're going to design their plant and what and i talk about robots - and i say you know what is a robot - there is always a revolutionary blah blah blah.

No, it isn't a robot is a blind, one-armed idiot. It can do one thing that makes it an idiot. It only has one arm and it doesn't have any eyes as a rule, and if you have to put eyes on then you just increase the complexity by about a million. So you really want to try and make it so it's easy for the robot to pick up something over here and put it over there.

That's what they're good at don't do anything else with them and uh. They didn't do that. They thought that somehow the robot was going to be like magic, like a human being right, doesn't work that way, not at all. They are not human beings.

If you want things done in a good and right way, uh design it. So it's designed for a robot and then guess what you can't justify them. There's no return on investment, and i've proved that when i was at ford, that's why when other people came in and said, hey how come you don't have so many robots, no room? Why why should i? Why should i extend the assembly line for that? Well, you got to be kidding. You get better this and better that and they never sh.

They always show up every day. Well, that's not 100 true fella because they need maintenance and um. And that means that when they're down, i can't put a man in to get the job done. But if a guy doesn't show up for work and put somebody else on the job yeah, but yeah.

But you have it nothing, you have it there's no return on investment, uh, there's another reasons that you use: robots the 3ds dirty dangerous and drudgery, those three things um. So, if um, if uh, if i, if, if i want to go stupid i'll, put all my and by the way it's not the first time i mean leonardo da vinci invented the first robot, it was um. It was a um, a drummer uh. It was a mannequin that could play the drums and the reason that he invented.

That was because what he really wanted to invent was the next generation soldier, a knight that would go onto the battlefield and uh and swing his sword and basically kill other robot knights. He thought that was a good idea. It never worked and then there's a bunch of other people that went in between there, but but the best example of um. Modern-Day stupidity was roger smith, who said we're going to robotize everything and get rid of those nasty employees.

Okay, he bought out tens of thousands of robots, they all failed. They failed because the design wasn't there and elon musk. He fell into the same trap. He could just talk to somebody who knows about this stuff.

It makes things a lot better. You don't you don't! Wind up in in deep deep yogurt, so what it's actually what he ended up trying to do was reinvent the wheel when it came to manufacturing cars and mass in a factory right. No, what he did was he made a mistake. He shouldn't have.

He shouldn't use robots, he should have. He should have asked somebody, okay, so here's the thing. I know a lot about what i know what i don't know. I hire somebody for i don't i don't know about finance.

I i know that i i'm honest with myself and then i go and get somebody who's really smart. Somebody who's going to help me out. I don't claim to know things about um romance, not good at that ask my wife and um so um. So the thing is, i i try and steer clear of anything that that might put me in jeopardy.

Same thing is true for guys that don't know what they're doing when it comes to putting a car together. If you put a car together at production rates, it's a good idea to have people that uh that that you know can guide you like, for instance, uh guiding. Okay. So do you know who the uh, what the the dimer exhibition was like? Okay? Well, where they, a bunch of people in a wagon train, were going to go to california.

They wound up getting into the mountains, they got lost, they got snowed in and they wound up eating each other. Okay. So, at the end of the day, you don't want to get a bad guy. You need a good guide.

You find out somebody who knows what the heck they're talking about and they'll help you get to the point you need to get to. If you don't do that, you're going to wind up in um production, what's that in production, hell production hill and he shouldn't have gone there, he he deserved better uh than that, so he he do. You think he learned his lesson. Is he now doing cars better? Like the gaps seem to be getting better, the issues seem to be getting better yeah.

We saw we saw quite a few like we had that model 3, which i mean was pushed out or the yeah the model 3 and the model y they got pushed out. They were early builds and he didn't quite understand what was going on. But when i took the trip i um the first one, the first really good looking car i saw was in denver, colorado and um. I was totally blown away.

I didn't need my gab gauge. I could use my baby finger, it was perfect and uh the interior was brilliant. The paint job was fantastic. Um.

Everything about the car was just absolutely first-rate, yeah easily as good as a bentley wow. It was an excellent shape. Yeah excellent. I was really impressed and then i saw a myriad of them once i got to california.

I saw a whole bunch um, so the the car build can't be you can't throw them under the bus for that anymore. It's just fine. It works just fine. So he's learned his lesson and he and that's the big thing.

Some people learn lessons and get the job done. Others never it'll, never happen they. Just they can't do it yeah he seems to yeah. He seems to be delivering a lot of the promises that he's that he's saying.

Maybe the timing is off a little bit, but uh he's usually late, but he's he's he's making big promises right so i mean i know people like to be critical on him. I i just saw a thing where people are criticizing the fact that he he says he spent his time. Engineering and people are like yeah this guy's, not an engineer. You know they go down the minutiae, like he's, not he's not a.

What who said that yeah there's people like if you go to like twitter or whatever you know, there's always idiots saying things, but it's like they criticize them like this guy, like says an engineer, but engineer means a thing. It's like a very particular thing and he's not that you know okay, so here's the deal. Okay, what's the root word of twitter, twit? Okay, we might as well stop right there. I don't do any of that crapola, but i'm gon na tell you um the this.

This this is something that uh that that was revolutionary. In its day, there was 50 50 chance that there would be electric cars and ice vehicles and they were selling at about the same rate. Okay, but then something happened in 1908, a guy who shouldn't be able a guy who worked on cash registers, invented the electric starter for a car. His name was boss, kettering know what else he invented fast drying, pain, wow on and and also freon.

He was the guy who invented refrigeration wow. You know he was giving a speech one time and some jamock actually came up and said: hey. You have no right to talk about chemistry like that you're, not a chemical engineer and whatnot, and this is kind of like i mean it was, it was recorded. He said, oh well, i'll have to be more careful and the audience went nuts.

They laughed their tail off at this professor who said you're, not a chemical engineer. What are you kidding me? Here's a deal there's plenty of engineers by the way, thomas edison. What was his degree in, i don't know which so at the end of it, how about henry ford? Oh wait. He didn't have a degree either.

In fact he didn't get out of high school at the end of it. We we keep telling ourselves that oh education means something. No it doesn't, it mean yes, it does. It means that you have the capability to learn.

Apart from that zip there's, it tells me nothing outside i've got phds, i've got master's degrees, undergrads, high school and some guys i don't even want to talk to, because you know what i hire talent. I don't hire education. I hire talent. I want guys that are enthusiastic workaholics.

That kind of thing whenever somebody says that elon musk isn't an engineer he they're full of - and i mean tall yeah, i okay. So what didn't come out in in the in the interview? So we went through the spacex platform. Uh we looked at a bunch of rocket ships for about two hours. Then we we went in and for a half an hour i talked to elon musk.

Then we did the the little recording which took about an hour and then when we got done, um corey was packing up to get out and uh elon said: hey we're gon na have a design review of the uh. The falcon rocket you wan na hang on uh. You can sit in if you want. I sat there for two hours watching a non-engineer.

Are you kidding me? These guys are losers. Anybody that would put out something like that is probably sitting on his mom's couch in her basement smoking, dope or something. But i'm telling you what anybody that knows. Anything about anything period knows that elon musk is a brilliant engineer, and that's that i don't give a rap.

I mean really he's gone to. He went to school in in south africa. He went to school in canada, he went to school, he taught school, he taught at princeton or he doesn't know what he's talking about. These are clowns that don't know they're they couldn't wipe.

They couldn't shine his shoes. I was going to say something nasty but see. I didn't want your uh, i didn't want your uh and your your youtube thing being ruined or whatever yeah. No, no definitely so you got to sit in in one of these meetings and you got to see how he deals with this.

Well, his top level engineers right. These are teams that are designing and by the way, these are not easy. These are rocket engineers right, like they're, designing rockets uh, it's known kind of widely that designing rockets is kind of hard. You know rock rocket science, it's and he's doing that.

So when he's doing that with the cars i mean yeah, he knows what he's doing i'd say. You look at the design of the um of the um, the model y, the new actually in the model 3. As well, the new um heating and cooling system um that um that system is is designed like if we were designing rocket ship kind of parts, that's what they would look like. They don't look like a standard automotive kind of operation, because there's usually lines of demarcation between this guy's job and that guy's job, so usually wind up with more parts than you need that that product that we saw uh with the octo valve and the um and The heat pump and everything that that was brilliant, uh, a brilliant way to uh to show how um how the product could be built in a in a new, more effective and efficient way, really really smart stuff.

So when we were looking at the rocket engine, they were talking about issues that they had with manufacturing and blah blah. I don't want to get into it. I we didn't sign any ndas or anything, but it's their product, and it's not my place to yak about it, but they were talking about one thing by the way. This is at 10, 30 at night yeah, so he works 30.

Today, these guys had already been there all day. Long elon had some kind of a. I don't know what it was frozen dinner or something. During this thing, it's um his um incredible secretary, unbelievable secretary.

She came in and and plopped something down in front of. You haven't, eaten eat this okay good, so he he ate whatever this thing was, and while we were watching 10 30 at night, he gets up early works all day, 10 30 at night he's still in there he's still and by the way, so was his whole Team, not just the team at spacex in brownsville, but also the um, the team in california. Some guys were speaking with an accent i couldn't quite understand. Uh.

These guys are my kind of guys they they're workaholics. They would get a job at monroe in a heartbeat that that's the kind of people that he's got and that's the kind of uh that's kind of like what he expects as a matter of fact, at brownsville they don't have a if there's a hotel there. I didn't see it. Um you'd have to go to some some other city, so what they did was they they built like a.

I don't know haciendas or something like that, so that um, so that they can sleep there and that's what they so they work all day, walk to the uh in-house hotel, whatever you want to call it grab some sleep and then get back to it. The next morning, actually, one of the best things that i saw when i was there was um was a sign hanging on a wall. It said uh, something along the line of um uh. Nobody changed the world um on a 40-hour work week.

Yes, that's that's profound knowledge, especially when someone says. Oh, we need more time for texting bowl, that's a bull. That's we don't need more time for texting. We need more time to getting the job done.

So yeah he's doing big things. His projects and his promises are. Are big i mean people say: hey he's late or whatever he'd like to be critical on him right, but i mean he's changing the world right. This guy's, pretty he's pretty special right right.

Uh you've met, i think, he's i think, he's the only hero in the united states period. Actually, i i think i i i can safely say that maybe the world - i don't know anybody else and i keep my ear to the ground. I don't know anybody else. That's uh that's doing what he's doing with anything anywhere period, yeah, yeah and he's and he's making waves in so many of these markets right.

The car manufacturing uh rockets now uh the the buying holes uh underneath uh uh cities, i mean yeah, the boring yeah. Have you seen the boring thing that he has in hawthorne we were supposed to? We were there for an event and we were supposed to go through the thing and then i think i think it was it got too hairy like they were going too fast and the the tunnels are really small. So i think they were like yeah. Let's not take all these people through these things, 100 miles an hour kind of thing, but uh yeah, it looked pretty, it looks it's a crazy thing like with elon is like wait, a minute you're going to make a tunnel and then you're going to put an Elevator, that's craziness, like you're, just you're talking craziness and then you go to a place and you're like see it and you're like oh yeah, it's totally possible.

Look. He just did it yeah everything's possible? When it's obvious, i don't. I don't remember what great philosopher said that, but i use it all the time yeah yeah, and so you yeah. So you are appreciating his his work from.

I think a little bit different perspective because you're evaluating like the big picture stuff, but also down to the details right when you get into the weeds of the scars and one of the ones you were talking about, was the the heat pump and that's revolutionary, because Right, the pump, oh, the heat pump yeah on the. Why is that revolutionary? Because, like not a lot of cars, are using that technology in the bottom? If you're using the the heat pump, there are some cars that are using heat bumps, but but what they're not doing is they don't have an octo valve? They didn't make it so it's in a really compact kind of a product. It's like spread out all over the car and it's got lots of extra bits and pieces that they eliminated by putting in the octo valve with the heat pump system. That's where i'm i'm uh! That's where i'm really um uh really enthusiastic about what he's doing about that design? Oh, i see yeah.

I guess i don't know what that is i'll have to go look. Did you make a video about that particular technology? Okay, actually, the the um, the most purchased of all of the reports that we did on the model y uh was the uh one for um for heating and cooling, the the uh octo valve and heat pump wow okay. So you want to know about that and - and those include maybe other car manufacturers, maybe or people the engineers that work for other car manufacturers or maybe uh yeah. We work for other car manufacturers for certain.

Actually, i don't work for tesla um. I don't do it because if i worked for him, then i couldn't make any reports so um, so anyway um, but we work for other car companies, yeah you're a independent firm and then you you're for hire these people hire you to do this work. I'm sorry! The what you're an independent firm and then you you s, you sell your services to other car companies. Is that right and uh, and so if, if a car company wants to have a new product development and uh, there are a number um.

But most of them have ndas, they don't want. They don't want everybody to know that we're doing things with them, yeah um, so yeah. We will help them develop a new vehicle or um, or a new system and whatnot. So when we put the reports out, though those things sold worldwide, um pretty much, everybody in japan has bought pretty much every report that we have um and then same with korea and a lot of china.

Some in europe, not so much and apart from chrysler nothing in the united states. Well, let me rephrase that that's on the big companies smaller companies have bought our stuff because they they need to figure out how they're going to be able to do things in a quick and um and efficient way, and apparently kim just sent you an email with The website links so okay, yeah, we'll include them, and i think so our audience can go and check out your work um. How about in the future? Like i have um, i own tesla's right. I made my.

I couldn't afford a tesla at one point and then they weren't available. So i had to make my own car my electric car right. I cobbled it up. You probably be uh horrified at my work, because i'm not an engineer, but you know i kind of did a diy job um, but then eventually now i have i own uh tesla and then the next car that we wanted.

We like these suvs, like all americans, for some reason, we have this inclination to get like big cars uh, and so i pre-order a rivien uh, both the truck and the suv and one is going to be for us to keep as a car and then the Other one's going to be basically just to review it uh, you know, share big content about it. All this other stuff. Do you see yourself maybe doing one of these reports on arivian or working? We have yes, we have one ordered um. Actually, we have several ordered, but um we worked on uh.

We worked with um investors that were looking for due diligence on ribbian, so we got uh. We got to look at that car inside out um, so i know quite a bit about it. I'm not gon na talk about it, but yeah, but yeah so anyway, during the process uh, one of our guys um, like we had put in orders for ribbon, but one of our guys um put in his own order and um he's going to get rid of Um what he used to tell it as the best suv on the planet, which was the um, the uh jeep um trailhawk um. He he said, there's nothing in the world like it on and on and on and on, but after he drove the um after you've.

Driven the rivian around in the desert in in arizona he he said i want one of these, can i get a? Can i get bumped up or whatever, and so he made some kind of an arrangement that had nothing to do with our due diligence, but they did wind up with a couple three billion dollars. So something must have went well or the the people that we talked with um. They were happy with our report. Oh i see so.

You've done a report already. Oh, i see. No, that report was private. That was for an investor who was thinking about putting 1.2 billion dollars in whoa, okay yeah.

I guess that wouldn't make sense, they would want to know hey these guys get their act together. Is this going to be good, or is this going to be a car? That's going to be full of problems, and so they wouldn't want someone when investors decide to do something like this um. They ask a lot of questions and we do due diligence work. Um like i said we don't talk too much about who hired us but um.

We were hired three or four times lately for that kind of work and um. They appreciate and by the way, not everybody got a big gold star, a couple of them like we just absolutely flat out said this is not where you want to stick your money. Wow, i see so again it's the same thing. We tell people the truth and son of a gun.

Uh we get return, customers yeah, so yeah, you evaluate. That's that's crazy, so you're like doing it big, like in a larger scale because see this is what we are a lot of us youtubers. I consider myself like a youtuber at this point, because that's where i do most of the time make youtube videos and i'm kind of doing the same thing you're doing right. I'm like i did people send me these products for evaluation, and then we do like, like a public review.

We're like oh, this battery is good. You connect these things here and i take it apart and like oh look at these batteries and these cables and the thing you know but uh yeah, it's like you're doing this at a larger scale with, like you know, with the cars and the bigger companies bigger Parties that are involved in the whole thing, so i'm kind of fan of it because i kind of i guess aspire to be. Would you do when i grow up? You know what kind of thing that's good. Well, i um the only difference between you and i is i.

I won't accept the car um uh for evaluation uh for free um, so uh that gets in into an ugly territory. You know. Well, we gave you the car, can't you say something nice about it. All the interest yeah yeah, so it's better.

If we just uh we'll, i i think it's better to stay independent, so yeah i see. So what do? Can you share some of the projects that you have coming up in the future? So, like you said, maybe we're going to see some ribbian stuff, maybe some of the stuff that you'll be able to share yeah. So the ribbon we'll be definitely doing that the cyber truck. We have a cyber truck on order that will tear apart.

We have a id4 on order to look at that um i'd like to try and get a um a couple of chinese vehicles, they're difficult to get in right now, but uh, but we'll we'll, try and do that. Um americans will accept chinese vehicles. They will americans will accept chinese vehicles. Are they going to be like? Yes? Oh, this is no no.

This is this is what's going to happen, so you you're a little young. So you won't remember this, but there used to be this thing. Called the japanese invasion. Yeah, it happened.

It happened in the 70s 80s that kind of a thing and what happened was um. The big oem said: oh they'll never amount to anything. Let them have the small cars people are going to want big giant. Well, guess: what there was an oil embargo and the japanese went from zero um zero market share and they basically gobbled up a huge portion of the american market.

Same thing is going to happen with the chinese. The chinese are going to show up and by the way they make really nice cars. I have i i used to i i didn't do anything last year as far as china was concerned, but as a rule i did i spent about three months a year in china. I was doing a lot of work in china and i will tell you every car that i got that was chinese made now it might have been, it might have been a you know, bmw or whatever, but in essence it was a chinese vehicle that was made In china for chinese market - and it was as good as anybody right now um if you talk to different people, they'll tell you different things, but if you have a car that's made in canada or mexico as a rule, it's going to be better than what you Made in in the united states really i don't know why, but the gaps are better and the quality is higher and things like that.

Maybe it's because they i don't know why. But anyway, there you go um, wait until, but if you buy a a japanese car, that's made here in the u.s or a korean car, that's made here in the u.s or a bmw, that's made here in es i'll put it up against anybody on the planet. Anybody it doesn't matter who so wait until you see the chinese cards that are going to come swinging in i'm going gon na be telling you right now there won't be funny gaps, there won't be uh. There won't be anything where one door panel is green and the other one's blue.

None of that stuff is gon na happen because they've been trained by the best and they will be primo kind of vehicles and people will aspire to them. They will. They will want those cars and that's kind of um, that's kind of like what you're going to see in the very near future. Very future i mean they're going to come in real soon and a lot sooner than than the uh.

The guys in the ivory towers at the big oems are going to be ready for and and by the way, i'm not just talking about u.s car manufacturers. I'm talking about the europeans as well they're, going to get shocked, really really shocked at what what's going to be coming in from the chinese. So keep your eyes peeled for that, and and we won't care that they are chinese because aren't they kind of like we're. Not so friendly with them like it's a brand new, well trump was unfriendly with them, but um.

He cost me a lot of money. I didn't vote for him the first time but um, but i i didn't vote the second time at the end of the day. Um trump was trying to turn back the hands of time, and you can't do that time and tide. They don't work.

So if somebody would have say done something in um in the clinton era about shutting down china, that might have worked then, but you can't do it now. Yeah. There was a lot of people. That said, don't wake, the sleeping giant and the sleeping giant is china and they did.

And what do you do now? You you suffer the consequences and, by the way, they're not going to go away like japan did when their their economy blew up because of um because of a um, a real estate bubble. Um china can't blow up it's there's billions of people there and they've got tons and tons of backing and they they own all the reserves. Our biggest problem here in the u.s is um everything's been sold or we don't do it. So i don't know if you heard, but gm is going to lose about a billion dollars this quarter, because it can't get chips.

Why can't they get chips? Oh just trying to ain't selling them and uh, i'm telling shortage, yeah, yeah, yeah and then batteries? Okay. What are batteries made out of lithium uh? Where do we get lithium? Not here, and what else do we need? Oh, we. We need cobalt, we need this well, who owns all the mines? Nobody here, that's all chinese owned. Well, chinese, i mean even if it's naturally, we painted herself in a corner with uh with raw materials, so yeah, and that's why elon's plan to source this stuff here, the raw materials in the united states and nevada or something it's it's genius right i mean that's The only way that he's gon na probably be able to compete, yeah well, a lot of people like myself included.

I feel that um elon is probably gon na, buy the um the nickel mine um up in up in canada and he's already said, i'm going to go and buy lithium clay. Now, i'm not familiar with that that that type of mining - normally it's open, open pit mining, but one of the biggest uh areas for lithium and all kinds of other rare earth materials is um is basically called the badlands between canada, united states, there's tons of stuff. But you can't refine it and the reason we can't refine. It is because people say: oh, it's bad for the environment, really.

You know it's bad for the unemployment. Unemployment is bad for the environment and that's kind of like what we're going to be looking at. If we don't start looking at, you know, sometimes you have to swallow hard on some of these things and we definitely need to be mining and we definitely need to be processing and we definitely need to be creating batteries here with our own materials and um, and Right now, there's a bunch of countries, not just the united states that are scrambling around trying to either buy back or capture or expropriate um, uh mines and whatnot that that are owned by the chinese. So do you do you think so people don't won't care that these are chinese brands that are coming in? They should see a pretty car and they're going to be like.

Ah, i want one hang on a second. What you have to do is you have to remember back so um. We had just ended a war with the japanese and, and it wasn't a friendly kind of war. I mean if you've ever stayed up really late, watching um aerial tv.

You can see all kinds of john wayne movies and you know bonsai this and shoot guys there. At the end of the day, my dad he said there was no way that any japanese car he's a lot of a lot of expletives. There was ever gon na come into his property ever never, okay, and i remember when i was working as a tool maker guy drove a japanese car into the um into our parking lot. So the first thing that happened was um.

Somebody took this guy's tools and threw him out into the ditch. Okay, if you're a tool maker, you don't want anybody screwing with your tools, so they threw all his tools in a ditch and then about eight of them picked his car up and took it into a vacant lot and left it over there. And you know what there was a ditch all the way around it. It was very difficult for him to get that car out and no one would help him that's kind of like what you had for uh like animosity, and that was in canada.

That was like. I came from canada that was a that's a place where you can get in a lot of trouble uh by discriminating a lot of trouble like it's career, ending, thank you, and here we go gentlemen. I uh i have to do this or i'm going to be coughing, my brain coughing, my brains out. Oh no yeah.

I got to take the medicine i do, but you only got three minutes. So what's your what's your wrap-up strategy? Well, i just no. I mean i i want to thank you for being here and showing us a little bit of your knowledge, uh we're fans and we are tuned in to what you're doing um and yeah. We appreciate all the work that you're doing.

You recently had uh the chance to uh interview elon and you you've uh published that in your channel right. What's it, your channel is just sandy monroe. No, it's a monroe.

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