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All right guys, let's check this out, we got a new load of scooter batteries. Let's check it out all right. This load is about 25 000 pounds of scooter batteries, and these are uh like the r5s. These are the r5 batteries we have on our website.

Right now, selling 40 cells they're panasonic 3200, the 18650bd. So these are really good cells almost like you know, almost the same thing that is on a tesla, for example, so these are tesla quality 18650s and we have a bunch of 25 000 pounds of this stuff and then the new one that we had. Some of these already, but we hadn't list them and we just listed them. These are the r5 shorties and these are 40 cells, but these are lg, uh, 18650mh ones, right so also 3200 milliamp hours, but they're slightly bigger uh capacity.

Here, according to this thing, it says that they are 12.8 milliamp hours right or 12.8 amp hours, uh 36 volts, so 400 473 watt hours, where this ones are rated at 460 watt hours. Well, that's so weird 12.8 amp hours 12.8 amp hours, but yet this one is rated at 473 and this is our 460. How, where the rest? Where are the extra 10 watt hours come out? Maybe what happens is that the bms shuts off a little lower in the voltage range, and so that's why you can get an extra 10 watt hours off of these as opposed to these right right, but those are just kind of rough numbers um those we also Have uh we still got another palette of these 30 cells. These are the 30 cells 2600 milliamp hours yeah.

These are pretty popular. You guys are buying a bunch of them. So, as you can see, this is close to. I did the math, and this is close to two megawatt hours of batteries here, it's pretty crazy, 2200, so 3200 yeah, like 3500 packs or something at 35, 3600 packs battery packs and so they're going to be on our website.

Jack 35 uh. I i do want to look at this one closer: let's take it on to the bench and see the cells that are in there and see what it takes to get one of these working, because i haven't made a video on that kind. All right so here is on the bench. It's got the model number you can see it right there and the size wise it's about 13 inches wide.

I mean long right by about four wide by about three tall, so they're a bit taller than the other ones. That we have in stock but uh. Let's take one of these apart and here's what the inside looks like. It's got the bms board on top like this, it's got six mosfets um and it's got 40 cells and they're stacked three three tall right and they're.

Obviously the mh1s now here's the thing they come with this connector, which is proprietary, and i think we can find it. I just we haven't, found it yet. It's just like the other ones where it had the two power connect connectors there, the pins and then the three signal uh cables right there uh. It also has a secondary connector, which is the charging connector.

So you can charge it through these through this small connector and then it'll balance the whole battery, and i think through here it can do regen charging. But it doesn't it's not designed to run to to balance the thing at the very top right. So you can charge it faster here. I think it's a five amp max charging through this small charging connector, but i think on this one uh inside it has a 30 amp being a fuse, and so i think this bms is rated around 25 amp continuous amps right.

So you can discharge it at 25 amps and you could also charge it uh at 25 amps right, so you could charge it through here and then it's got this other connector in here that we don't know what it is for, but it's it's cap both most Of these have this extra little cap, which means meant that they didn't use it in the application that these come from, and i think these are from bird scooters. I believe now i don't know exactly which model of the scooters they come from, because we haven't done the research to find out yet. But it doesn't really matter for us because we're just going to use them for other stuff right and what are these good for? Well, these are good for e-bikes because they can do 25, amps right and they're small right they're a little bit fatter but they're smaller, so they can fit them in more places on the e-bike. You can make a scooter.

You can uh pair a couple of these and put them in parallel, and then you can run like a smaller like a bigger, maybe power like e-bike or something you could put two of these in series and then you can have 72 volts right at 25. Amps now that's starting to get serious right, but in order to do all of those things you will have to what i do. What i recommend is to change the the plug because uh, maybe in the future, we will find it. But as of now, we don't know this plug right and we don't have it.

We don't know where to buy it. So what i have done here is just change this to an xt60 right. I just got a little pigtail here and then it's not that much work, but it is work you got to do it um as far as all the other stuff here are the other lines, there's uh four of them, even though the pin only has three pins In here you, i they're mostly, i think, for state of charge. You don't actually need a security code, a digital security code to be able to turn this on and i'll show you that right now, all right.

So, as you can see here, the one that we've taken apart, i pretty much cut all the wires here. Uh here are the charging port smaller cables, and then i just connected the pigtail to that right. So there's nothing else there and when you put this uh meter here, then it just turns on and it shows 38.99 because that's the upper range of this one, but it's like 42 volts right completely, fully charged it. And so, if you wanted to use these batteries, yeah you'd have to just put uh.

You know a parallel thing right more than one you just parallel them or you put them in series and then you can run 72 volts in here. So, let's do a small uh example of how we can use these right. Here's our setup, uh we have a grid, tie inverter right. These are the inverters that are made for solar panels, but also for batteries.

This one uh also can accept a battery on the input right. So that's what we're gon na do. We have our battery connected here and then here i have it connected to one of these dc power strips that we sell on our website. This is so that you can connect multiple of these right uh.

This is a small battery. It's like about less than half a kilowatt hour of battery right, but now uh, two now that's closer to one kilowatt right, and so you can add a bunch of these batteries in order to connect them together. You can use some of these and then just connect them together. Here, like that, that's now, that's two batteries are powering this thing.

This is just a meter right, a measuring current device, and then this is going to show it right here and we're going to plug that in there and then see how how you know how hard we can push that one and see how well it does so, Which one should we do? Let's do the one that is not protected. So it's just in case. If we see if we blow the fuse there right, because this thing can pull like 30 amps, so it's pulling 8 10 amps see if it'll do 30 amps. Oh there we go, oh, so i think the the bms yeah, so the bms stepped in okay to re-wake the battery to wake up the battery.

What i've done is i've connected a uh power supply right in the uh bus here and it's gon na put 40 volts back in here. So hopefully that's gon na wake up the battery and then from there we can run the test again right. So, let's plug it in there we go 41. Now it shows 41 there.

Now, let's see if it stays there yep sure enough. It's staying on! So, let's see if it starts there, we go 10. Amps, 25 amps, 26. 27 amps.

Oh, i think it triggered it again. Okay, i just increased it because i think this battery can do 25 amps there we go 23. So, okay, let's see we can get to amps. Ah there we go and it cut down.

So it's around 23 amps. Maybe i think that's where we're at all right here we go, let's see our 23, so 23.7 amps and it's holding all right. Another test i want to run is to see when it will shut down right now, i'm charging it at 10 amps and it's at 42.5 right. So, let's see at what point it will disconnect all right.

So as our little tester demonstrated, these have low voltage cut off on the discharge cables, but they do not have a high voltage cut off so you're gon na charge them, and if you can't control the voltage on the charge uh on your charging side, then i Don't i'd suggest you use the charging the smaller charging connector and not the uh the discharge and not charge them through the discharge cables? Because you will you know you will get into problems right. We just our test here showed that the the cells got all the way up to 4.5 volts and the bms did not cut off, so they do not have cut off there all right. So these are our r5 shorties. That's what we're calling them on our website.

Uh to summarize our little tests here, they can put out about 23 amps continuous right but uh. If you are pulling like the max power out, you'd only be able to use about 30 of the capacity. After that, the bms will shut down the the battery will sag and then shut down. If you want to get the full 470 uh watt hours off of this pack, then you have to do that at a lower rate right somewhere around 10 amps or something like that um.

Also, if you want to charge uh, you can do it through the uh discharge port here and you could do it faster. You could do up to 20 amps charging right if you wanted fast charge, but you got to keep in mind that if they don't have a high voltage cutoff, they only have a low voltage cut off on this plug. If you want a high voltage cut off right, because you can't control your charger, then you must use the charging port, which are will limit you to about five amps charging. So there you go.

These are the r5s they're very compelling they're super cool. They were super light and compact packs, so much that i'm gon na actually use them on uh diy cars, so my fleet of bw buses right because we have enough of these and i'm gon na - keep some for myself. So these are some of the best batteries that we've gotten uh. If you can work within the specs and so the limitations that they have, then these are great.

So, thank you for watching this video we'll see you guys on the next one. Oh by the way before i go uh we have some of these batteries uh in canada. There's a lot of these in canada and we're going to auction them off and they're going to auction in lots of 30 packs right and uh no reserves. So you can get them for three dollars or you can get it for ten dollars.

You or you can get you know, i don't know, i don't know how high they're gon na go but uh here's a good chance of you, someone like you that is looking for some of these uh to be able to get them at a very cheap price. Right uh, depending on just how many people show up to the thing. The auctions is ongoing right now and it's gon na end on the 27th. So you'd have to go to and then you have to register your name there.

So you can start bidding and then put all your info and stuff and then uh. You can just follow the link i'll put a link on the bottom of the description. Otherwise, if you are in states - and you want to get some of these well - you can go to, and then we have them there uh as well as uh. A full assortment of these uh scooter packs right.

The 20 sales of 30 cells, these 40 cells, the r5s and then the all the other ones right. So there you go thanks for watching video, we'll see you guys on the next one stay busy, making diy projects as always: bye, aah uh, you.

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