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Hey there uh welcome to my channel. My name is jay garcia. I was looking at my analytics youtube analytics and it turns out that half of you guys watching the videos right now are brand new to the channel and because of that, it means that you don't know anything about my electric zomba bus, because i don't really talk About it anymore right so i drive a classic diy, converted, bw bus, that's electric, i converted electric right, and so i do work on it. Often i just don't share that much, and so i have some little clips here that i've never shown to you guys, and i thought this is a perfect opportunity to show it.

I also have uh some famous youtubers that um have written in my samba and i recorded some of it and uh i've never shared that stuff. So i figured that today is a perfect day to show you so here's my electric samba at work play the video. These right here are ac35 motors ac induction motors. I'm going to use these on my fleet of buses and i'm going to put two of them right, i'm going to use two of them because they have a little bit less torque than what i currently have the ac50, but two of them.

Uh gets me about and fifty pound feet of, torque right, and so this usually is not a good idea, because these are expensive. This co, the system, the motor and the controller usually runs around. You know by the time you're all done about five thousand dollars. So this you're looking at here this would be a ten thousand dollar uh system right so for ten thousand dollars, a hundred fifty pound feed is like a hundred and eighty uh hundred and eight hundred.

Ninety, like horsepower yeah. It just doesn't add up right, but what i ended up doing is buying all of these on auction, and so i bought like 30 of these systems for about a thousand dollars each right. So what you're looking at here is now it's a two thousand dollar system that has about 180 190 pound feet right, so uh actually 200 over 200 pound feet of torque uh about 180 um. Maybe i don't know, maybe 150 uh horsepower continuous and, like you know, 180 90 like peak.

How does that work? 100? So it's 160 kilowatt yeah, that's like 200 horsepower. These are going to go on here and i am thinking engineering the whole thing. So we can put them now. We can put them one here and then another one on top that's been done.

Evie west, michael dvs has done that successfully and he's got a system that runs over there. Also. The other thing that i want to do is maybe we can put him transverse like this and get rid of this transmission uh and just either go to a single differential or i'm thinking. I can go one motor per wheel and then just don't not need a differential, because now each wheel is disconnected from each other and it's just connected to a simple motor and it'll be like a one to one ratio which would be equivalent of having of this.

On fourth gear, and so 100 uh and 200, pounds of torque would definitely allow this to happen so basically to have good takeoff from the from at zero uh rpms right all the way to like 60 70 miles per hour. Highway speeds right, so i i'm also gon na think about doing that, because it would be a much uh, simpler system to have that in here. All it would need is uh. It would allow me to have the irs suspension that i want to do here and then just have uh these well, these little timing belts here and those are kevlar impregnated, uh, reinforced, uh timing belts, right, uh and they're self they're self aligning, and so they don't Need a lot of stuff in there so we'll see if those can handle the torque.

All we need them to handle is uh, it's 120 pound feet of torque, and if they do that, then that's that's. What's gon na be that's what i'm gon na put in here now. This is mitch and laurie bursma. They have a youtube channel with over half a million subscribers and they do travel videos and they do tech reviews, but in also what they're doing is they're restoring their own bw bus and they have a whole series of videos showing uh in very detailed uh way.

How the restoration is going? I had a chance to meet them at a local bw show in southern california, and so i took you know i let them drive my bus uh, just to give them a chance to experience what it is to drive uh. One of these things as electric - oh, my gosh - this is so cool. I'm scared, you're, like oh wow. This is kind of hard to turn yeah so see.

That's why yeah? I want to be able to hand the keys to someone like you and you'd be able to drive it and be like. Oh, this is not a weird car i want to like oh yeah. This drives just like it should. It is just like a gothic okay.

I was a beverage smart girl for a golf course, though. Oh yeah, there you go, you know this. I got this okay, we might have to do this. Did you guys see the video that i made with the lewis cole he's a big youtuber uh fun for louie he's like a world traveler? I know that guy right, yeah, so louie, you know yeah yeah.

Did you see the video that he did? He converted his business with him. I did not know that he has a series in his channel and he he basically converted his bus in my shop in his shop. No, i didn't want to watch it just recently. He just uploaded five episodes within the last two months, three months or something last two, three months.

How long did it take uh took him six months, but he was only would show up like you know, in the evenings and the weekends, but he did all the work. I just told him what to do and then he did all the work and he told him what to do yeah and uh. I would you do it there we go. We have another convert, another convert to electric yeah, we've cleaned up another app.

I could drive the bus yeah fully automatic. I love it. I mean i don't know how you see with this little mirror, though oh yeah, it takes a little use to yeah, look yeah about 50 miles yeah. I think those are kilometers.

Yeah next is reese from the youtube channel frugal repair uh. He teaches you how to do a bunch of diy repairs, uh on his channel, and so he recently visited me and rancho cucamonga, and so i took him for a little ride on the bus nuts. Oh yeah, yes, it looks like it's a camera, that's floating or something like that. Now they're, the the uh resolutions high enough.

Now that, like you, could actually get a decent channel, it's like almost 6k or something you know like five pointers. Is this like the newest one uh-huh yeah? So, thank you for watching this video, i'm currently in new york city uh, converting a bw bus for a tv show a discovery, uh production right, so i'm gon na be sometime in the future on tv and because it's a tv network project, i can't really share Any details about it uh, but there's a huge actor, that's involved and stuff, and i think it's gon na be cool, but i'm here and i'm doing an electric vehicle and that's why i thought it was a good idea to show you a little bit about my Electric vehicle - this is the whole reason why they call me, and i'm here in new york, shooting this tv show, because i have an experience, converting uh, this very specific vehicle to the bw bus right and so one thank you for watching. Uh we'll see you in the next video uh yeah and if you're in new york. Let me know in the comments here we might meet up, maybe uh in manhattan, maybe in central park or something uh later next week towards the end of next week.

Right uh. I think there's maybe an opportunity for my schedule to clear up a little bit and then uh it might might be possible. So put it in the comments. I want to know if you're in manhattan and if you want to you, know, get together and chat and stuff all right, bye, so baby, you.

8 thoughts on “I Found 30 Motors for DIY Electric Car Conversions”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Guy Ruff says:

    I have a house boat. It’s a 40 ft river queen. Has two slant 6 engines in it. 225 cu. it’s heavy boat but I feel these engines only use small amount of hp to move boat. Like 1000 rpm maybe 1500. But sucks fuel like crazy. I would love your input. Or even the design to remove inboard engines and install electric.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Greg Bellows says:

    Always love seeing new VW content! Can’t wait to see what you do with those motors. The bergsmas are awesome too! Vintage VWs and EV conversions is a match made in heaven. I can’t wait for batteries to get more affordable so I can convert my bus.

    Good luck with the show!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Edward OBrien says:

    Has anyone asked you about converting either a Divco milk truck or an International Harvester Metro Van to an EV. I have both . I an two hours away from NYC in Virginville Pa.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars brew man says:

    Love that Bus man. That 's so great can't wait to watch it. Please lets us know when it will be aired. Sure enjoy your videos and loving my hub motor i got from you. You are an inspiration for sure.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joe Waun says:

    i have a 2006 dodge Dakota with a blown up 4.7l v8 and a factory 6 speed manual ive gone back and fourth about what to do with it and i think an electric swap would be bad ass little truck like that with 4×4 and electric would be awesome

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DanielinLaTuna says:

    Wish I still had my '64 transporter and my '67 crew cab. I sold them in the late 80' because I was too tall; I'm shorter than that now. They took me up and down the west faithfully. 1500cc single ports. Thanks for sharing

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Summers says:

    This is so gratifying! I wonder how you met Mitch and Lori? Well, I do know. I also know what you’re up to en Nueva York. Michael told me. I hope he told you what we are up to at the EV Learning Center.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JAMES T. says:

    The motor per wheel direct drive will not work, the 4th gear thing, you forgot about the ring gear, it is just a guess around 4:1-4.56:1
    If you have the tq, I'd put something like a Subaru diff/rear axel, connect the motors to it, but I'd use the front trans axel, so you still have gears, there isn't that much loss, and possibly a 6 speed trans, allows for low rpm top speed, higher top speed, and low gear for steep hills. Or maybe a Nissan leaf gear box?

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