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1) Where can learn more about batteries?
2) Where can I buy Lithium Batteries
4) Where Can I buy Solar Panels?
5) Where can I buy a Battery Management System
6) What parts do you use on your Samba?
8) Why not use Supercapacitors?
A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
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This right here is the rivien r1t. It is the first modern production, all-electric truck in the market and as such, it's better than most other trucks. In most areas, except one refueling, electric vehicles have to be charged and, as a rule of thumb, it takes longer to charge than to fill a gasoline car with gas. Now, how much time does it take? Well, in the average it takes about 25 minutes to put in about 150 miles worth of charge and that's in the fastest chargers and the slower ones it can take up to hours.

And so, if you're doing a long trip, you're gon na have to stop several times to charge and at the end of a long trip it might add up to hours of extra travel time and for the most part. This is not a big issue, because we as humans, uh, want to stop. Every two to three hours to you know, eat some food to stretch our legs to use the bathroom that sort of stuff and it usually works out. But at times, if you need to be at a place, if you're trying to make a deadline or something get to a place, that's far away and you just want to drive straight through well, electric car is not going to.

Let you do that because you have to stop. You know 30 minutes to an hour to charge maybe several times depending on how long your trip is, but i have a trick to show you and how to make how to minimize the charging time while traveling far all right. So i'm just topping off here because we're gon na go right into the desert here. So i don't know, probably put like another 25 miles.

While i uh grab something to drink - and i just went to the restaurant, so yeah 50 kilowatt hour kilowatt chargers - are not a hundred percent useless all right. Here's one trick that you can do to make your uh battery and range last way way longer uh. If you're traveling to far distance, what you do is you get behind a big truck uh and it works uh differently according to what cars are in front of you like, if there's a car in front of that big truck and between you and them, it works. Even better, as you can see, that's what was happening here and you can check how well you're doing just by putting the efficiency uh meter right in front of you and you can be checking right.

So right now we're at 363, but i think i saw it as far as high as 370 uh miles per kilowatt hour. So that's very, very efficient right, and so, if you are going to go a long way on a trip, you basically are taking a little bit of the energy away from that vehicle in front of you. They're wasting all the gas by breaking opening the the air gap in there and then you're just benefiting from that by staying behind and it closes behind you right so it just it just helps your efficiency simple little trick there we go so we're back at the Eevee go station the same one that we were been here two three times, but we got the one on that side over there to connect to this truck this one on this side is not working and there's another person over here. That seems to be on the phone with them, trying to figure out why their car, it's a pulse, start won't charge and we might have to get on the phone with them just to try to figure out why this station is it's.

It's crazy. The amount of yeah, it's telling me the same thing, yeah right. It's just not happening just like the first time. It wasn't happening and it took them to do something.

So they did something over there on their end and then they got it to work, but it almost seems like they have to do it with different stations, because, like that's, this station's not approved with this car. Somehow i don't know it's weird. Meanwhile, tesla uh drivers, they just think they can just park. I wonder if it's the same guy, i want to say last time we were here was also a wide tesla.

Maybe i don't know, but he's not plugged in so it's weird. So the rivian is not a compact car, but sometimes you can kind of put it and park it in the compact spaces. This is definitely bigger than a tesla model. Three tell you that much, so this is definitely gon na be a problem right.

There are so many electric vehicles now that these little stations with two four six charging stalls are gon na be often taken up like this. I can't charge here, i'm gon na have to move on to the next one, while the tesla supercharger over there has like. I don't know 20 stalls there's definitely charging over there.

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