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1) Where can learn more about batteries?
2) Where can I buy Lithium Batteries
4) Where Can I buy Solar Panels?
5) Where can I buy a Battery Management System
6) What parts do you use on your Samba?
8) Why not use Supercapacitors?
A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
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Have you ever heard the saying that buying a car is a bad investment because you lose, you know five thousand dollars as soon as you drive it out of the lot, but that traditionally has been true. But now let me show you two examples of cars that do not do that right that car over there is a classic bw bus. I paid you know 5 000, but i put 20 000, but i could sell that for 50. 60.

000 right now. So the longer i keep that car, the more value that it will accumulate right. This one is a new car, and so this is another example of a car that i bought for 42, 000.38 sticker plus financing stuff so 242, the three years ago. Right and so now that we bought another, the rivian another electric car, then i'm looking at what am i going to do with this? Do i want to sell it in three years now, three years later, i could sell this car right now.

The going prices for this car with this specs with 40 000 miles it's about 42 to 45 thousand dollars. So i could sell this car after using it for three years and still make like a thousand dollars at the very least, get a hundred percent of my money back. That is kind of unheard of in uh, the car world right, but two examples right buy a classic or an electric car. Like a tesla.

I don't know what the rivien is gon na do, but we shall see in three years:.

2 thoughts on “How much value did my tesla lose in 3 years?”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars M Allen says:

    thank you for your free speech

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Darin Dougherty says:

    It's not so much that it is a Tesla but more the times right now. I bought a 17 F-450 2 years ago for $62000 and just traded it in and got $68000 as a trade. They since sold it for $75000.

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