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1) Where can learn more about batteries?
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A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
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All right: let's talk about these r3 batteries. These are e-bike batteries. I have made videos about them uh and we have uh. I don't know we have a few of them right.

We have like a pallet of them or whatever and um. I keep seeing a thing. See here's a question that i have. Some of them are like this, but very few actually very few are clearly marked and used right.

This last patch that we got most of them are like beautiful, like they're. Just like no marks like the labels are nice like they're, not dirty um, where's, the other thing in the front. They still have that the little protector um on the on the button and on the little thing here. So i'm like wait a minute.

What is going on here, why are these ending up with me? Why are these not being sold like there's no problem with them like? What's the problem right, obviously, there's reason why they're here, so i'm checking right and what i'm doing is kind of testing them right. I'm like okay, so they all turn on like this. When you apply the button right so they're like dead like that, and then you press it once and then the full you know it shows like fully charged, but then after a little while, then it goes back to that to like low right. So i'm like okay.

So they're discharged, okay, so they're all low. So then what i did is i i brought a charger and then i put them in there and i charge them to 56 volts. There's two variants of these there's a 36 volt version and then there's a 48 volt. These are 48, so a 48 um should be charged around 56 volts or something like that.

Uh 54. I think it's 54.6 or something so i put that the charger and it charged them, and so these two packs right here now the the brand new looking one with no scuffs and even this one that's got scuffs - is fully charged right. I've charged it uh, it did the little thing where, like it shows you this full charge, but then, as soon as you take it off the charge and then you press on the button it does that right. So if you hold it and then it turns off so if you press it once then it turns on all the lights, but then it goes back to zero.

So then here is my here's, my theory. What is wrong with these batteries is this right? Well, that's what i think i think the bms works and i think the batteries are good. It's just the indicator uh and the reason why i say that is because i checked when you turn it on uh, there's power on the on the output, and so i'm like and there's full voltage. So i'm like this, this is a fully charged battery.

Can we discharge it fully and you know and then well it gives us the thing. So that's what we're gon na test right now. I have my little eco flow here. This is just a solar generator.

It's a thing that you can buy. It's a great thing. You can charge it via solar, it's good, so what i'm going to do is i'm going to connect it to the solar input and i'm going to charge this guy with this right, and so i'm gon na use a little meter here to be able to measure How much uh energy comes off of this and, if, like close to a hundred percent right, this is a 12 11.6. I think amp power battery.

If we can get like a 10 amp hours or 9 amp hours or something then i get my my theory would be correct. Is that the only thing that is wrong with these batteries that are seemingly most of them, seemingly new? Is the uh the the indicator here, the state of charge indicator, which is four lights - they always show low, even when they're fully charged right. Let's put that to the test: we're gon na connect it right here and then let it discharge. Okay, so we've connected the battery there.

It is it's on and then here it is it's at 51 volts right now now it's putting out about 5.8 amps uh! This is what this unit can do. I think this unit can only charge via solar thing at 300. Watts right so 300 watts at 50. Volts is about that 5.8 among six amps, so this battery is capable of more, i think, probably close to 20 amps.

I guess we'll i'll run a separate test and see if that's uh the case, but right now we're just gon na see if we can get this one. This meter set right now at 12.8 amp hours right. So this is like 11, so, whatever it's just we'll count down um and see if we can get close to like two or close to three amp hours, right left in the battery kind of thing. So, if that's the case, then we're gon na be good uh and by the way, in order to my load, is gon na, be this uh.

Okay! Now, okay, let's see here, it's uh this this heater. So this is the amazing thing about this. Solar generator is one of my favorite soil generators. It's really small and it's really light, but it puts out a ton of power like this heater right here.

It's consuming 900 watts right, and so this little thing can do it. I think it has like surge up to like 1500 or 1600 watts or something so i don't start like big things right and the only downside to it is that well, it's the battery is small and it runs out really quickly right. So what we're gon na do and the the manufacturer doesn't make extending batteries for it uh. It only does that on the on the bigger module models right uh, but we can diy one and like that these per batteries are perfect.

For that you, just you know, get one of these and they're perfect, because they're already encased they're, waterproof, they're, weatherproof they're they're, tough they're, not if you drop them they're gon na write this. So the only thing is like you'd have to make a little connector we're gon na look into the connectors got a proprietary connector, but i think we can find that online. So there we go now. The test is happening is discharging, and i just got ta make sure that i figure out that this is actually counting because it doesn't seem to be moving 12.8.

It still says 12.8, even though it's removed. So so let me check that out all right in the spirit of time, saving time it's late and i want to go home. I have plugged in two of these the delta mini and the delta max, so both of those guys are charging and, of course now the battery is outputting more like uh, well, closer, probably just almost 15 amps right 600 watts, so we're gon na get there quick And by the way, look at that seven amps, so i think my hypothesis is uh, probably turning out to be true here all right. So here we go the vast majority of them do the same thing.

Do that behavior, where you press it and it goes high, and then it shuts down like that right, there's a couple: i'm gon na take one of these ones that doesn't, for example, this one doesn't turn on. I think it's just probably just discharge way too much. So i'm gon na charge it and then see. If that's the case - and these are the 36 volt variants and it's the same thing see those do that here's another one there we go it's doing the same behavior.

So there you go mystery is solved. The reason why these batteries are uh not being sold as new is because the little lights that tell you the state of charge, don't work, but otherwise everything else seems to work everything else uh operates just as it should it's just that you won't be able to See with the lights, what the state of charge is. So if you need one of these batteries for your e-bike, well, here's an opportunity to get one at a discounted price. Alright, guys! Thank you for watching this video we'll see you guys on the next one bye by the way you get a discount.

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