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All right, we got our production version of our headway, bus bars - if you remember we tested these. These were the samples that we got and we figured that we should probably get rid of all these little extra just features that are not needed and they don't help. The the bus bar in any way but actually might harm it in some way right, including these holes right here, the the uh in the middle, because this is where all the power goes through and it so it creates a hot uh region. Here a heat spot right here right, so, as you can see, we took all those off there's no more holes here other than the tiny, tiny little bias that we put in there and that's supposed to help connect the top layer to the bottom layer, uh and Supposedly help the with the heat dissipation there and stuff, because now it creates more of the solder stuff that is in there.

But i guess we'll test that we'll put it on the battery here and then test it again and load it with 500 amps uh. We did remove these holes, so there's no more of those holes in there, and now we put them over here now. Here they don't uh harm the you know the the electrically this bus bar uh other than that um yeah got rid of all these other stuff. That should be i'm gon na replace it here with these same cells and then we'll run that same test and see how it goes all right here we go, there's been a few minutes now at 356 amps, and that is the heat signature that we get out Of those bus bars 450 amps on the other side, let's look at the on the other side and similar heat signature.

There 45 degrees about 45 degrees celsius 46, because there's some heat buildup right there, where the terminals are at too, i guess, but not nearly as much as the other 466 holding at 11.3 volts all right and the voltage is getting low enough for the uh alarm To start going, which is lower off load, a tiny bit to bring the amperage back up, but this battery is running out of energy. There we go, looks like about 11 they're, starting to there. We go see so here we go 412 amps and i think that's it. The battery is oh 200 amps still pulling the single there.

We go. Yes, so the uh, the heat on the bus bars there never goes above 50 degrees. All right, when you stay around when you stay below 500 amps, it doesn't go above 50 degrees celsius, all right. So that's how these uh production version of these bus part plates based on the pcb one ounce, copper uh behave on when you load up between a 500 amp load right continues.

So i added some vias in here in the center portion to try to decrease the hot spots that was happening there, but it didn't didn't really do much. I don't think it benefited from that, so it, but it didn't make it worse either. So we're just gon na leave them there um. The next step for this project is to add the secondary board up here.

Where, then, we can add a bms, because this battery right now is just bus, bars uh. The cells are connected in series, but there's nothing preventing you from running as a pack that is on balance, and you know the kid you could kill cells or it could be dangerous or whatever. So so now we're going to design uh a board. That is, i don't know.

If it's going to be the same size or smaller, i guess it can be smaller, depending on the uh bms's that we're going to get. I have two that i'm trying right now and i'm designing the the uh, the pcb here and they're 100 amps right and we can put up to two and we can put them in parallel so that you can have a 200 amp battery pack here now, if You guys need more than 200 amps on a bms put it in the comments and then, if you have one that you want me to try and make a plate that just screws on top of this one and then it has the you know, then it's got Posts in there that you can just connect, but then the battery will be completely uh done right through bms, then post a link on the in the description and then i'll look at those bms's and then we'll see. If we can design boards right because that's we can make a bunch of different versions depending on what uh people out there that are gon na want to use this battery uh have a preference. So there you go.

These are available at I think they're for, like i think, they're like 50 or something 49, maybe for these ones or 29. I don't remember the the price but uh if you want to get them at the cheapest price. This is also an open source project and you can go and download the cat, the gerber file, so that you can also just print these on your favorite uh pcb shop in china, and that way you pay the least amount right, probably half the price of what I'm charging uh for the ones that are already made right, but then you'd have to order.

I think a minimum of five. That's usually how most of the pcb houses work where you have to the minimum is like five. So if you just need a pair of these right a set, then you can go to and find that product there. We also have links to uh the a couple sources where you can get the headway sales, because we don't stock these.

These are really hard to come by because they're very popular and they usually sell out and most of the second-hand websites and our partners that sometimes get them right. So there you go. Thank you for watching this video uh, we'll see you guys on the next one. All bye is that the warehouse is that the warehouse all right picked up both batteries from jacober, a 48 volt and a 24 volt.

Now, let's go take them and test them. This right here is a 2.5 kilowatt hour battery 24 volt battery by jack burr. I.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kaiser's Quest says:

    A company in GA came up with a battery cooling film. I forget the name tho

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