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A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
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The secret underneath of it is all mustang in fact, that cyber orange mustang gt performance edition shares a power train with this eliminator concept. So this f-100, they of course restored the exterior, but the interior. They put the seats and the dash and the touchscreen and the indoor system, it's all modern, on the interior, that's all from the maki and, of course, under the foot, and what we're showing here is that there is a crate motor. Now, it's not exactly the same.

One that's in here, but this is something that you can purchase from board and put in any of your vehicles. It only needs 205 pounds, so pretty versatile, put it in your car or shop. An suv create your very own easy model and it can have it. Look like whatever you want.

It looks like a retro vehicle great and then we are going to give you 281 horsepower 317 and, as i said, only 205 pounds now. Ford is working on an entire solution for your for your ev, so eventually you'll be able to purchase all of the components that you'll need to build that vehicle directly from port now. Another eevee that we have on display is our f-150 lighting. That's coming into the market this spring this coming spring.

A lot of people have reservations for them already, and it is an amazing truck. Not only is it all electric, but it is still an f-150. It's still a work truck, so you have 563 horsepower 775. Pound-Feet of torque 0 is 60 in four and a half seconds, and you can still tow 10 000 pounds with that legging and you can tow it up a 25 incline if you like, and you'll, have 2 000 pounds of payload in the back of that f-150.

Now the reason that the hood is up like that is because we have accessories and such from that front trunk, so the f-150 lightning can also power your house for up to three days, but it's so powerful. So if you lose your electricity, a lot of crazy weather in the last year, some people lost the power in their homes. You could power your house or you could power a job site. You could have 10 people working and put all kinds of accessories and power tools on the back of that f-150.

So it is that powerful and it is a work truck, a classic icon now, electric gun. So that's what's happening here in the core display. Let's show them the truck, so this is it. This is the f-100 illuminator concept truck it's built on a 1978 f-100.

It has the most advanced ford performance power train that we offer this thing with an absolutely blue home mines in 1978. That is built for tough. Now, you're, looking up now you if you bought this motor on your about 3900 281 horsepower combined uh. This truck has that uh illuminator motor in the front.

It has the complete machi gt performance, edition power, training underneath it, so it's got their rear. So it's about 480 horsepower over 600 foot-pounds and you know for for people who are skeptical electric cars. This is going to save our gas engine cars because if you want to have cars like this, you need to drive something like this during the week. You know.

There's no reason to sit on the 405 freeway, an internal combustion car or 20 miles an hour with 700 horsepower, so use your electric car during the week. Then the weekend you take your mustang or whatever it is. You have out, and you have fun and you enjoy it. I think that's the real future of it.

You know the car was the savior of the american horse. There are more hearts in america now than any other time in history and they're all used for pleasure, and that's what i think classics like this will become. The government won't be cracking down because everybody's driving electric, so overall pollution goes down. So there's a little more lead way for vehicles like this, so it's actually a really good thing and the fact you can get you can't buy that kind of hot spot for 3 900.

I mean yeah that might get you an intake, manifold and a couple properties, but that's about it. You know, and that's the really fun thing about it and it's a lot easier to convert to electric than it is to do, make bell housings and hook up the electronic transmissions and every other kind of thing. So it's really it's really exciting. I mean i really welcome it.

You know it's like a new kind of music there's country, western, there's rap, there's rockable, but it's all music - and this here is all music. Some of it doesn't make any noise and someone makes a lot of noise opposite ends of the spectrum right right, so we are so excited, but we've got offerings still for gasoline engines, we're going to have those for time to come, but what we can do with Electric with performance and jay, you have driven unlocking gt and i think you know what that performance is. Is amazing, yeah, and we put you in this with that kind of power. And what is this way? Oh, it says right there there you go, that's why we have the sign.

Thank you uh. I don't know what it is. We got all kind of facts right, so jay take a look inside. Take a look inside this right.

Here, we've got more, so it's the lockheed gt performance edition powertrain outside there. You go, oh, very nice, but it's also got the maki. The sync 4 screen, so you've got all the navigation and access to it. It's got a maki steering wheel hockey seat.

So it's modern, underneath it's modern inside great truck to drive. You know when they introduced the lock e. I remember a lot of car guys. You know car guys they like progress, they don't like change.

You know what i mean and when it's an electric mustang, the idiot, you can turn it, but it's rear-wheel drive it's faster. It uses less energy. I mean it's actually quite smart, because people know what the mustang name means. It all means performance and fun and sportiness, and now you have that in a non-polluting electric vehicle, yeah jay, i always tell everybody, you know if you haven't been behind the wheel of an electric vehicle, put your butt in the seat and you're gon na have one Heck of a ride, so you got ta, you got ta go out there.

Guys! Everybody here loves performance, you get instantaneous. Torque is everything that we all want. Go ahead and drive one you're gon na fall on it all right. Folks, that's all we got for you today.

Thank everybody for coming. Thank you guys see you later.

12 thoughts on “Ford introduces $3900 electric crate eluminator motor”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alitero Gasolini says:

    FORD 👏🏻 Excellent, I drive a Ford Galaxy 2.0L Diesel fantastic comfortable totally reliable but if there was an electric bolt in kit I would buy one.
    I don’t want to part with my luxurious, safe, spacious Limo and don’t need all the additional hi-tech gizmos that come with a new electric car.
    You’ve got it right at Ford there are millions of customers who simply can’t afford a new electric car.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BearGang says:

    Anyone want to buy and H22a4 with tranny and ECU need to be rebuild base motor also have a sh same thing need rebuild i have a k20c2 17k mils on it with ecu wireing harrness and 6 speed trann plus the gage cluster i am sold im going put this in my 2000 honda Prelude Type SH 4k for this np o no more gas hell yeah deal me in

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jayzo_sayers says:

    An electric F-150? Nice. Just don't make it look fuck ugly and "futuristic" like the Rivian R1T (specifically the front of it and its headlight arrangement) or the Cybertruck and I'd be interested.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ThistleDewOutdoors says:

    My buddy's Tesla S is alright,,, sucks having to sit 30+ minutes every 120 miles or so to charge it at every stop when road tripping…. His has lifetime free charging otherwise other models still cost $ per charge & the electricity still has to come from somewhere so the footprint/emissions of it isnt zero like some may think…

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CoolRaul says:

    These are great but it’s a stopgap it is a transition! Yes it’s OK for what it is for now so you buy this tomorrow and it last 10 years OK but let’s not kid ourselves the next 40 years aren’t going to be hybrids it’s all electric. Or nothing so if you’re rich and you want to spend $3900 for shits and giggles no problem but gas has no place in 10 years not in major vehicles heck not even in minor vehicles

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Denson says:

    We definitely need to go full electric soon or something we can do in America. It's about time we stop making the middle east so dang rich. Not even about pollution its about keeping money here in the states

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andres Cabezas says:

    Ford is so behind the competition. This concept may be good fpr the US market (and a very niche of it) but there's so many other prpblem to solve. Legal at first. Most importantly the.charging network is so bad. Yeah there's work to do.. Amd EV are not the future.. Just another way to do business, kill what's left from the planet.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Frank Blackcrow says:

    People have been doing conversions for years.. Ford now getting to realize there is a market for conversion.. it's a good thing.. but.. that without a battery pack.. their going no where to complete any form of conversion.. as to any thing that says.. this go's with that.. as to what controller will the engine use.. conversions come from people.. not from companies trying to play catch up.. people will then ask is this any cheaper than any other electric motor… too many questions to be answered.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Larry Pardi says:

    They say the other bits to follow. It seems that Ford and GM as well are going to be battery constrained. So the real challenge is going to be other than salvaged Tesla battery packs or home made ones, who is going to offer a battery solution for after market conversions?

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HungryHoagie says:

    Is this the first oem EV crate motor? I don’t think a single other manufacturer is supporting 3rd party installations of their motors. Ford (and GM) have always been great at this, the 5.0 and LS motors are so popular mainly because the OEMs support them. Hopefully we’ll get the same thing but for batteries soon

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JED says:

    Not really griping at Jehu here – Jehu’s not a journalist – but while bouncing about among the Inter-nuts looking for what voltage & amperage this motor might want, I was thinking things like, “Yeahhhhhh – I’d also like to know what a 4680 cell weighs.”

    If only “writers” would do more than serve as shills for industry.

    I did just check performanceparts-dot-ford – they’re not saying much, either – no specs to speak of – no data sheet, etc.


  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Will on parade says:

    I honestly believe electric conversions is going to become big business. Imagine people who are really reluctant to sell their beloved cars. Drive them till the engine dies then but a electric motor and battery pack and make it new again, they just need to come out with plug and play conversion kits for specific cars.

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