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Hey guess what eco float just sent me another delta pro, let's check to see if the how they fix the polarity issue on that plug all right. If you don't know what i'm talking about their pre-production units of the delta pros had an issue where this plug here was wired backwards right, the polarity was flipped, and so the viewers on my channel caught it and then uh. They said that this just was a problem that was on the pre-production version of this unit, that the production versions, it would be fixed right, and so here we are about a month later and now the production units are rolling out and they're ending up a customer's Hands, and so now they sent me a production unit. How can i tell the difference? Well, first of all, this one's all dirty because i put my hands over there, this one's still kind of - and it still has the uh the sticker here.

So this is the production unit. This is the pre-production unit, so this one i fixed it, and i showed you so let's do that test that i suggested people do. This test is pretty simple right. The neutral and the hot were backwards on this.

So this is the hot and this should be the hot. So the way you check it is using a multimeter set on ohm setting, and then you know preferably put it on the beeping thing, so you don't have to look at it. So the way you test it, you put one probe here on the on the small uh and the the pin that is closest to to the other connector right. So you put one pro there one here and if it beeps that means those two are connected.

So that means this one is the line. Originally, this was uh came wired as a neutral which is backwards right. So this now is the production unit and it should do the same thing now i fixed this one myself, but now you know: oh here we go there, we go so they fixed it. So this is the hot uh leg yeah.

This is the neutral okay. Now, let's, let's take it apart to see how they fix that, if they just just change the the wires or they change anything because remember this is pre-production. This is now production unit right and so maybe we'll see some changes inside. Let's take it apart all right, so here are some changes.

Now they put that uh. They put that glue in here right. It's like silicon uh, so that these connectors don't work themselves out when uh we'll buy vibrations and stuff right uh. I see some new gaskets in here that were not on the original unit right and so that's also maybe to eliminate vibration uh.

Maybe so they could fit better. The top could fit better and it won't rattle. There's a few changes in here uh. This cable looks different.

I don't remember what how the other one looked. I think it was all it was uh. It had shrink like this right. So now, let's look underneath.

Oh, i see look at that yeah, so they just they just rewired. It wait a minute. Wait a minute all right. This is where i am right now, so, instead, eco flow, what appears that they did is instead of flipping these two, what they did is they flip this ones so either now, both of these now both of these match, but either both of these now are wrong.

Right backwards, or both of them are right, uh, one way they could have fixed. That is by switching the polarity of this right. So then, the only thing that would be wrong would be the colors right, so the positive appears to be the line. The negative appears to be the neutral, so if this is backwards from the other unit, the pre-production unit, then that's what they did.

They flipped these. They changed this harness right and then they just so they wouldn't have to change the the length of all these right. But here is the pre-production and it appears to be the same yeah. The negative appears to be the neutral and the positive seems to be the uh line.

So these are the same so either this one - i i don't know. I guess the only way now to check is to to do the old test right here right. So this is the pre-production right and according to this one line, one orange line in the center means open ground and, of course, that's to be expected, because this thing doesn't have the the neutral bonded to the ground right. So with this little thing that it's also by the way, this came with the ecoflow delta max, which is weird that they would include that in that.

But they didn't include one in this one but anyways. I have one so then you put it in there and that what it does it bonds the neutral to the ground and see. Now we get the two amber ones uh which, if you read here, correct, wiring, nothing on this side and then two ambers right. So now let's try the production unit and see if it does the same thing all right.

So, let's start up the production unit here, boom 30. I've done nothing with it. I just took it apart: okay, uh. Let's turn on the ac.

Look at that so um, i'm gon na hook this up, but i'm gon na turn it off before. I do that because reasons to believe that it is backwards. So if i ground the line, i don't know what it's going to do. Is it going to blow this up or short it out? I don't know, but i'd rather start it and stand back.

Look at that it works, so they fixed it. They fixed it. Somehow i don't know how all i'm thinking is that maybe what they did was they just switched this and they got the inverter right the board inside there to flip and to change the polarity inside of the board. This is pretty genius now.

Why is this genius right? Because it is, was the easiest way to fix this mistake? Sure sure the cables are wrong. Maybe right the colors are wrong, but who cares about the colors nobody's gon na care right because nobody's supposed to be in there anyways right, uh and it's? Hopefully it's only gon na be in this batch on on the second batch. Here's the thing most likely by the time i cut this. This mistake, all of these hardnesses were made - maybe thousands of those right so instead of having to remake that which is going to cost a bunch of money like you know a lot of money, uh, then what they did is they did uh a hack like a Software update, i think, where they swap polarities on the inverter, and that way the only change they have to do was to change this backwards, just so that this would be matching.

The end result is the same thing is that you got correct polarity on both of these on all of these connectors and that's what you want right, the end customer at the end, all we want is just to be able to use it and not have any Problems with the polarity of this right - and they have achieved that - and they achieved that in a very clever way - and i like that see, these guys are smart. These guys are pretty smart, and here we go. We get to see a bunch of lights. Blinking inside here i've never powered this unit with this uh yeah.

With this this cover off. But here we go so there you go. I can confirm that eco flow has fixed the polarity issue that they had on the pre-production unit now on their production units right and they did it in a clever way uh. So these guys are smart.

I like this company. I, like these products, sure nothing is perfect right. They got one thing that was wrong, but they fixed it and so, as a consumer. You should not have to worry about plugging this in here or worrying about the polarity.

It's just it's just gon na be right. It's gon na be done correctly, so there you go ecoflow delta pro for the win and by the way, now that i have two units i'll be able to test the uh. Hopefully, the you know their full ups unit thing with the 240 and thing i'm hoping that they send me the right hardware. Now that i have the main two units to do that right, and so i'm gon na do that in the future i wan na.

Do it i wan na power this whole building this whole building right here with those units right here right, of course, if you think those are too expensive, which i don't agree there, these are pretty advanced pieces of equipment and stuff, but you're more like me and You're into the diy boom, i'm also going to be finishing that power wall finally uh along with all these other projects that i'm doing right. So whether you want backup, you know and do it uh as a diy project or whatever or you just want to buy a store-bought unit like this or some of the other ones that they're in there uh go for it, enjoy see you guys in the next Video bye, what no way four hundred thousand well, let's go check. How did they know you?.

12 thoughts on “Ecoflow Fixed the DeltaPro Reverse Polarity Issue”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dominique ___ says:

    I love DIY .. but TBH, I'm just not smart enough with electronics to take the risk. I have been looking at these all-in-one units for over a year, because I want people smarter than me to design and build what I use. I settled on EcoFlow because of the reviews you and other YouTubers have provided. So thank you VERY much!!!

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Talking To Cockroaches says:

    All they had to do is mount the RV plug socket right side up and reconnect the wires correctly. !!!!! Looking at the layout it was to be this way from the start, however someone decided to invert the inverter plug to invert the RV inverter, Yeah what he said,.?? Probably some of that Jack Rickard's Chinglish mixup.. Ha Ha RIP Jack.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rick Huizinga says:

    This confirms line & neutral are consistent between the 20A & 30A outputs, but do they match the line & neutral on the AC input? This is the important part for the scenario you mentioned in your earlier video. I.e. AC input connected to an outlet in your home, with an output connected back into your home via a transfer switch and the neutrals are bonded together in your home's main panel.

    Edit: Jehu, can you plug the Delta Pro into an AC outlet (to put it in pass-through mode), and plug the circuit tester into the Delta Pro to see if it reports reverse polarity?

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Kubsik says:

    I have a request for testing: the DeltaPro states a max input voltage for the solar input of 150V. Do you have a variable DC power supply that goes over 150V? I am curious if there is some cushion built in, how much over 150V, and if so does it trip some kind of protection, or does it fry something in the unit.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Quan Diy says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would think an inverter output doesn't matter which one is live or neutral as it is isolated and floating with respect to earth ground (the actual earth via grounding rods) unless it has a UPS function which would have a pass through mode in which case the input live and neutral should be the same as the output.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars uhjyu ff says:

    All the receptacles are and were wired correct except for the 30 amp. The wires are not long enough so ecoflow moved the wires exactly how I would do it, and you did it by extending the wires because the wires were too short. Ecoflow fixed it the easy way you fixed it the hard way! I know you won't believe me, but ecoflow did not do a software change only swap the wires just like you did. I guess I have to explain the wires have two ends one end is on the receptacle the other end is on the terminals of the source. You swapped the physical wire on the receptacle and ecoflow swapped the physical wire on the source terminal end. Whew!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Tingle says:

    True craftsmen will always care about the colors of the wiring. Some one might be doing work on the unit and get injured due to relying the wire coloring. The coloring of wires is governed by regulation…it serves an actual purpose….primarily personel protection.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lit Noregrets says:

    Hi. Love your videos. You examine things no one else does and teach me so much. I was wondering for camping if you would recommend the original Delta or the Delta Mini? Assume they are the same price. The main differences I see are more capacity and inverter size in the aDelta vs. app support in the mini. You probably know of other technical differences. Thanks for all your help and videos. 🙏🏽

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars This General Millennial says:

    I think you're comment about the wires not being color corrected is wrong I understand that the point of this video is kind of talking about everything else of the battery and I understand that not anybody is just going to open this up and start messing with the wires however there's a reason why there are electrical codes out there and even electrical designs are meant to actually coordinate with the electrical codes out there. At best if they did the wiring right kudos to the manufacturer at worse they're not doing any service to anybody who may want to actually have a third party electrical technician coming take a look and repair these things if they go bad.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars My Six Sense says:

    Jehu you should show how to hook up the split phase product to your panel when they send to you. This would be beneficial to those of us who don't want to pay electrician if we get these products. Of course anyone doing this should be savvy with electrical wiring.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jonathan Sperb says:

    But you didn't test on the situation where the issue would happen. In UPS mode, with ecoflow's input connected to an outlet. The test you did with the polarity checker doesn't mean anything, just that the 10A outlets have the same (correct) polarity.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jose Arrasola says:

    This is the reason why I prefer to build my own which I know will save money and for those who don’t want to just buy one , trust me these are very easy to make and once you make one you will be come addict to making more and by the second one all the items needed it pays for itself !

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