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All right so we're currently living on a 12 hour power outage in my neighborhood, due to the santa ana winds here in southern california right they knocked down probably knocked down a tree, and i fell on the line and my whole neighborhood is out of power. Now, since last night, so the ecoflow to the rescue, this thing is pretty cool because i didn't have to install anything. I basically just plug this into the wall turn it on, and now my house has power right. Uh you have to do you have to disconnect your house from the grid.

Uh i'll know when the power is out when, when it comes back because the this will electrify and it'll have stuff right in there right and then i can disconnect my equipment and then uh do it that way right, but yeah it could float right. This thing is right now, uh, finally selling it was on pre-production and uh. Now you can just buy it and use it as a big battery it'll power. Your house probably power my house for a couple days:.

One thought on “Ecoflo delta pro 24 hour power outage no problem”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Flores says:

    Here from Chicago
    I hope everything is well!

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