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Ecoflow Delta Mini -
750Wh Battery -
Male XT90 to Female XT60 -
XT90 splitter -
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As you can see, i have my choice of solar generators, but my favorite one is this one right here: okay, and the reason why uh this is my favorite is because it's both big and small at the same time. What does that mean? Well, it means that it can do 1400 watts right, which is big. You can power big stuff, coffee makers, a big grinder saw you might even be able to weld on one of those smaller welders, right uh, but it's small and it's light right and it's cheap. It retails for about 999 dollars about just under a thousand dollars uh, and it's got all the cool features that all the eco flows have right.

So the only thing, as far as i can tell the only thing that it that is missing uh that it doesn't have, is the ability to have uh uh to expand the battery right. If you take this, this is perfect to go camping, it'll, probably power. All your devices that you need, while you're camping right, but if you need a little bit more battery right - and you would want to take this as opposed to the bigger one, because the bigger one was just bigger and it's heavier. That does have more battery right.

But it's also more expensive and stuff, so this might fit your use case for ninety percent of the time, and it's just that ten percent of the time you're like i just would. I just need to have extra battery more capacity because i'm gon na stay there for a week or something, and so this is gon na run out or so you can bring solar panels stuff right, but in case you didn't have that, for example, uh all the Other bigger units have the ability to add more battery by having uh external batteries that you can connect right. This is the only one that doesn't because it's the the small unit right but well, you can use some third-party batteries sort of like this one here. This is a new product that we have jack 35 and it's just four battery packs put together with the little pcb board here, and you can charge them with just the regular little um.

You know scooter chargers and then once these are charged. This is 700 watt hours, which is about the same as this. This is 800 watt hours, so you with one of these they retail for about 130 dollars by the way uh so for about 130 dollars. You can double the size of your battery on this, and so you can use it for twice as long right, and it's super easy to install.

All you would need is a little cable like this. That goes from an xt60 connector, which is how uh the eco flow likes to be connected. It's got that the male part of that, and then this is an xt90. Our batteries have the xt90.

So let me show you how to connect it. Let's grab it connect. This to the battery side here right and then these batteries have all these lights, have four lights. When they're blue, like that and they're all blue on they're, not blinking.

That means the battery is 100 charge if they're blinking they're less than 100 and if they turn red is that means that they are charging. That's when you're charging right and then the other side of this cable, then you just plug it into the solar charge port over here and it's a 42 volt battery. So it's within the range of a solar panel, for example, and so the eco flow will think that you connect it a solar panel and it'll just start charging, and here we go it's charging at a rate of 300 watts, so think of this. As a 300 watt solar panel, that is very small and it doesn't need the sun right.

You can charge this at night, no problem right, and so then you can charge this uh in the morning for the wall, just using the the power wall uh or using the a wall charger. Basically right. So so there you go now you can double the size. This is a 67, it will go all the way to 100 and the battery will still have, you know, will still have half there and if you need it to put more well, you could add a secondary battery here, and let me show you how you would Connect that you will need something like this, which is a two to one two xt90s to one, and then you connect both of them and there we go.

That is what the connection looks like it's just as simple as that. Here's a little y uh some wires have cables in there so that you might have a little bit extra uh, more more cable, more uh slack there until you can reconfigure this ones, but by the way you can just keep adding these. You could have a huge battery if you wanted to, and then you could run this thing for a very long time now. The only thing the other bottleneck will be the charging speed of the solar, inver uh controller on this unit right uh.

At this voltage it will be about 300 watts, but if you're using loads at around 300 watts or less than 300 watts, then this thing will keep going continuously for until your entire battery runs out. But you could put you know a giant battery. You can put 10 of these 20 of these and it could become like look like your power wall and then, as long as your any of the loads don't exceed the 1400 watts that the ecoflow meaning can handle. Then you'll be able to to do that.

Good and by the way, and if you wanted to charge these batteries off the solar, all you need is going to be a solar charge controller. So solar panels and solar charge controller that you can set to around 40 42 volts maximum of 22 volts, because that's the maximum charge voltage of these it's 36 nominal, but those charge all the way to 36 right. So that would be as simple as putting a solar panel right here and then connecting those right into that, and so, when your solar panels are producing electricity right, then the charge would be coming into uh this and then onto this now, if you wanted to keep It simple: you could just connect your solar panels directly into the ecoflow, and then you would just connect turn on the ac and then connect the these to the charger and connect them to the ac input. And so the energy would come in from the solar panels into the ecoflow will charge its internal battery, but also then will flow out into the ac inverter and then come and charge these batteries there's a little bit more inefficiency there right because there's a lot of Conversions from ac to dc and back to dc again uh, but you could get it done that way.

It would take quite a bit of time. Well, actually, no, it wouldn't um, i think, with the higher voltage dc panels, this thing could go higher than 300 watts. So if you have, you have a lot of solar panels, you could charge these batteries rather quickly the battery here and then all the external batteries. So there are many choices there to do this.

There are ways to do it and uh there's flexibility there, and that is the reason why this the eco flow delta mini is my favorite uh, solar, solar, whatever power pack or solar generator, as many people are calm. Some people have an issue with that name, but i don't care. It is what it is people call it. That's what it is um.

So there you go now. Of course, you could use these batteries also to charge every single other ecoflow delta product out there, because they all charge the same way using the same connector in the back. So it's pretty much similar configuration to do the max the delta max and to do even the the pro and so, but those don't need them, because those have their own batteries that you can buy from the company right. So if you wanted to use those dude you can now, if you wanted to save some money, you would lose a little bit of flexibility and some features and stuff.

But you could definitely save a lot of money, because these uh 130 dollars well they're kind of a steal and they're very easy to use and we have them in stock. So there we go. Thank you for watching this video. This is just a little update to show you what these little batteries can do, and then they can work together with the whole range of these products.

By the way is the same. Uh would be with the blu-ray line of products, but it would just be a different connector and i'll make another video showing you which connector you will have to use for that line of products. All right, we'll see you guys on the next video bye all right. Let's check on the seat 99: it's tapering down to 199 watch, so this is gon na stop pretty soon because it's charged this thing to full full capacity.

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    this over the blueetti EB70s ?

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    Mmmm I need to try 36v because this seems interesting

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars grindychum says:

    How would you go about adding a volt meter (like those cheap $10 meters that just show voltage) between the battery and the eco flow? Could You just wire the meter in the extension cable, like right to the xt90 end?

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Gane says:

    That's awesome

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