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All right, so i just finished watching this video right here, don't buy a tesla powerwall by a truck. This is from engineering, explain! Okay! Let's talk about that video! It's very interesting! What he's talking about here! But if you want to watch the full video, i will include the link in the description, but basically the gist of this video is: why buy a tesla power wall that costs about 500 dollars a kilowatt hour right instead, when you can buy a ford lightning truck That has a 98 kilowatt hour battery pack for 41 000 that breaks down to about 400 dollars a kilowatt hour. So you pay a hundred dollars less per kilowatt hour and your power wall or your battery or backup battery has four wheels that you can write to the store you can tow things with it. You can do all these other things with it.

Right and look. I mean he's right he's right. Why pay 500 for a battery? That only does one thing when you can get. You know, get a battery for a hundred dollars less per kilowatt hour.

Um you'll have to buy much more right battery uh and when it does more things right, but there's some limitations. Obviously - and he mentioned some of the limitations like uh, you know you have to buy much more battery, which is true uh, so you have to spend more money to get that that deal right, uh also the lightning truck. It's still, i mean it's, not 100 vaporware, but it's still not out you you. I think, there's long waits to get them right and i don't know if that's is the price that is gon na go out.

You know, like remember, tesla. The 35 000 tesla model. 3 car that was announced and promised, and i mean i don't think a lot of people got it. There's a bunch of people pre-order.

I ended up buying a tesla, the cheapest tesla that i can get, and it was more like 40 dollars right and at that time there were still people waiting and they've been waiting more than two years for their thirty five thousand dollar tesla. So, just because someone says hey we're gon na sell this product at this price next year doesn't mean that they're actually going to do it right. Uh. The model 3 is a perfect example of that, and this could very well do that until they start being delivered to customers for 41 000, then i'll believe it.

But until now i'd be like maybe maybe they're gon na sell one at forty one thousand dollars and then only the higher trims are gon na answer and end up paying more than that uh. That's very possibility right, but the other thing is also that if you have a battery that has wheels on it and there's more than one thing, then you're gon na run into a lot of situations where uh you can use your battery uh. In a case of emergency, because it's not in your garage because your wife has it and is traveling or is doing something other, it's the same thing that we're running with the iphones iphones do everything, and so for that reason you could almost do nothing with them. Right, like you know, i remember wanting to make a phone call.

While i was recording flying a drone and stuff and i'm like. Oh, i can't because my phone is being used to fly the drone. You know - or you know sometimes when i'm going someplace or whatever, and i want to take a picture uh coming into manhattan, for example, and i oh i can because i'm using the phone to navigate, you know, and so it's like it does everything, but because it Does everything you can't do any of those things so so having too many purposes for the one thing it kind of is kind of productive right, and so there are those sorts of sort of things right. But here is the biggest flaw in this video and by the way, i'm not hating on guy, i think, he's great uh, even though he a few years ago, i actually reached out to him, and i proposed some collaboration and a video about electric cars at that Time he wasn't talking about electric cars and he kind of ignored me right, but you know that's how it goes.

He's a big youtuber, i'm a nobody. You know whatever don't tell me personally uh, i don't take a present um, i'm not hating on him, but here's. The biggest problem, why i'm saying why pay 500 for a tesla powerwall and why pay 400 for a lightning truck? You know moving powerwall when you can just buy scooter batteries for a hundred dollars a kilowatt hour right. I made this whole channel the last two years.

I've been making videos on how to reuse repurpose these batteries, uh that are coming out of scooters, and you can you know you can build big batteries by the way. So, let's say that you wanted to make a 98 kilowatt hour battery right. That's a huge battery! Uh, how much would it cost you well 100 kilowatt hours, you're talking about 9 800 right, so you could buy this 98 kilowatt hour uh using out of these scooter packs and you still have thousand dollars to spare. You can go, buy a thirty thousand dollar truck and you get your battery and your truck and you can use both of them at the same time, uh separately right, you don't have to like one or the other, or you could buy all kinds of things.

You know, i don't know it's just you know, there's there's all gon na be obviously other costs that come with buying that battery, like you're gon na, have to put them in boxes and connections and put uh. You know uh subpanels, but the same would work with all of these things. The same you would have to do with the tesla powerwall and the same. You would have to do with the truck right, and so those are costs that are on top of just the actual cost of the of the battery right um.

But definitely it's a good thing. It's a real thing. I know i sound like a crazy person saying diy or battery for storage your home battery, but there's a lot of us doing it. I uh, i see all the batteries leaving my warehouse every day.

So therefore you know, i know that it is happening right. I don't know i don't know you have to take everything that i say with a guaranteed, i'm just a sales person at this point just trying to sell you something right, but no i mean look, you can uh buy batteries from all kinds of sources. You don't have to buy from me just might happen to be really good and aggressively priced a hundred dollars a kilowatt hour. To give you an idea of how low that battery price is that's what tesla super purposely uh pays for their batteries right this multi-billion dollar company that are buying the most amount of batteries, as anyone else in the planet is paying somewhere.

I think somewhere below 100 kilowatt hours, but i don't know the exact number. Let's just say it's a hundred dollars right. So even let's say that right, so 75 uh 75 kilowatt hours for a model three, for example, so that means they're paying seven thousand dollars. For that battery and the rest is just to make the car right, so it kind of makes sense, then that's how they make because you're asking yourself: how can ford sell that truck with ninety? You know ten thousand dollars worth of battery and sell it for forty.

One thousand dollars, but it kind of adds up yeah. They can do that because then they have three thirty thousand dollars for the rest of the truck, and we know that a big car manufacturer doesn't, you know, doesn't cost them thirty thousand dollars to make uh a truck. You know the chassis of the truck and stuff right, it's probably more like ten, so they're, probably spending about twenty thousand dollars for to manufacture the vehicle and then they're, marking it up a hundred percent and then they're selling it to you for forty thousand dollars. So the prices add up and maybe gm, not gm uh ford is going to actually release that truck uh with that price, but maybe not.

But while you wait to find out or not, why don't you just build your own diy powerwall, using the scooter battery packs uh that we have? We have several models. Some of them are easier to use and i'm uh gearing up to actually do a video where i do by the way i already have done a video where i show you beginning to end the whole process, how to put a box in your garage or in Your wall and then connect these batteries, connect them to to a uh, inverter and then the other stuff uh, and do it right, but i'm going to keep making those videos because the batteries keep changing right. There are batches uh, the ones that i did the last video on there were about 10 000 of those batteries that were available and they're gone now right, because a lot of you guys will jump to the opportunity or do do that right when the prices are, That good, there's a lot of people say yeah i'll, do the the work right, oh yeah, so what's the catch? There's got to be a catch because there's no way that something could be that cheap and not have a caveat right. Well, there are some right like well, you got to be.

You got to be able to do some kind of diy, build some stuff connect things together, maybe build a box. You know, uh, some knowledge of like electricity is uh would be very useful. Um also, the other thing is that if you have a giant load like more than i would say, four thousand watts right so, like a single load, more than four thousand watts. Well, maybe this battery systems see.

Let me explain to you battery systems. Backup systems come in uh, a range of standardized voltages right, so 12 volt uh, it's a standard, it's a car battery right, and so they make a lot of inverters that come in that center. Then, if you want something bigger than like two kilowatt or something, then you can get a 24 volt right, that's another standard and then from there it goes to 48 volts right and that's a big stuff. That's something that 48 volts will run your entire house.

It can run big loads. You know 12 up to 12 kilowatt uh. We i have some inverters that you can daisy chain. You can run.

You know, you know 50 kilowatts right. I don't know like 12 of those things together, daisy chain um. Now these batteries on the scooters they don't come at 48 volts at least not the ones that we currently have in stock. They come in 36 volts, which is better than 24, but a little bit not as good as 48 and the biggest drawback to them is that there's a lack of uh inverters right.

So there's not a lot of equipment that works for 36 volts. For some reason. 36 volts was in use for some reason they skip like 24 to 48. They don't you know all the the manufacturers, they don't do that, and so that's the only thing.

So if you have a bunch of loads like if your house, even if you have a giant house or a big place, but all your loads are small, less than 4 000 watts, and none of them are 240 right. They're all like 120 volts, which are most of the appliances here in the united states, then um. Definitely this power wall can do it because you can put a series of inverters to power individual um, uh circuits right. So let's say even and that's why, like, even if you have like a 3000 watt load that it's at 120 volts like oh yeah, you just put one inverter for that and they're super cheap um.

You can get the budget ones, there's a bunch of different models and stuff that do 36, but that's the limitation. They only go around 3 000, 4, 000 watts and then, after that, they there's no there's no more and there's no split phase that i have been able to find right. So that's kind of the caveat right. If you have a giant, a big giant load, more than 4 000 watts and 220 volts, uh and i'll, give you an example, for that would be like a an electric uh dryer like a clothes, dryer right, um or a range top.

You know oven or a cooker. You know whatever, sometimes those run into like 240 volts right, uh and so those you won't be able to power with those because uh there's no inverter that converts 36 volts into that sort of stuff, but other than that. Most of us and most of the appliances that we use so for the vast majority of people, you would be able to use one of these power walls right. So do it! Why not uh? If you want to know how to do that, i'm going to link the video where i show you from beginning to end how to make one of these power walls using these batteries, this type of batteries, uh and uh.

I will be making a future video uh, showing even you know in more detail how to use the ones that are currently in stock, which are actually easier than the ones that i did in the past whatever. So if you're interested in doing a diy, uh thing and save yourself some bucks, we live in good times. We're able to do that now. All right! Thank you for watching this video we'll see you guys on the next one bye today, i'm going to show you how to turn 20 of these scooters into a big power wall all right.

So how do we go from the scooter to the powerball? Well, you see each one of these scooters has batteries inside this is a battery and then inside this tube there's another battery and there's all kinds of different uh versions. Right, there's another one here. This is a 30 cell from another uh model of these, and all of these are scooter batteries, so we're gon na turn one particular model of these into a power wall. So, let's start step one you got ta install an enclosure for your diy powerwall metal.

Enclosures are typically really expensive, and so what i ended up doing here was making my own, and i made a whole video, showing you exactly how to make this. You can actually get all these pieces already pre-cut and i show in the video how to just put together. You do need a few tools, like maybe a drill with drill bits. You know and uh a rivet uh baker.

You know and uh. Maybe a chop saw to cut some of the aluminum angles that you put in here, but i will link that video on how to make this custom aluminum powerwall box in the description of this video. So for now step one and this video is to install it. Mark the holes mind, step two: you got ta install the megalodon, that's what we're calling it here in house.

This is basically the same product that we have as a single double triple and quadruple, but this one is much bigger. You can put up to 10 of these batteries the scooter batteries and it will handle all the logic that it needs so that you can charge them and discharge them safely and those other stuff right. So we have two versions of them. We have the master board and then we have the uh slave boards, the master one.

The only difference between the masternode is that the master has a meter built in here, and it's got a current sensor and stuff, and so it will keep track of all the energy that goes into your battery and out of your battery. So this is going to be the way that you tell what what your battery is doing and the state of charge and all this other stuff right and so then the master one has that and then you could add slave boards to that. So, in this case, we're gon na make a pack that is gon na use 20 of these scooter batteries right. So we need two of them right and so, in order to add a second one, we make this little board right here that will just bridges one to the other one and connect your mind, my you.


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