Another day, another battery: let's look at this battery that we have on the bench over here. Okay, this battery right here is different than anything that i've been showing to you guys on this channel. It is a pretty awesome battery. It comes like this and there's two sizes there's the little one right here and then there's the big one and the big one is 881 watt hours, 43 volts 20 amp hours and then the little one is 296 watt hours, 43 volts 6.7 amp hours.

And i absolutely have no idea where they come from. They got this little clip here and then this connector here i don't know these are the balance leads and but i don't think they are uh here is what it looks like when they are naked, and so they do have a big i see here, which means And then it's just an assortment of, i don't know fuses or transistors. No, those are not transistors resistors. Maybe this is uh yeah.

This looks maybe like it's a resistor so which means that this does its own balancing, maybe on board right now. This is likely to be proprietary and we might not be able to get into them and there don't seem to be enough. I mean we had like a two truckloads. You know 80 thousand pounds or 40 even 40 000 pounds.

I'd say: let's try to figure this out. Let's send it, you know, i would send it to my friends that would you know, try to reverse engineer and see if how we can do it so that we can reuse this right, use the pack without modifying it. But this is an amazing pack. Uh the build quality, it's pretty cool, so first things.

First 43 volts. That means it's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! Nine. 10. 11.

12.. 12 s. I know all you e-bike people are probably going like. Ah, why? I don't know why? Yes, it would be so much better if this was a 13-s pack, because i could sell this as a 48-volt battery pack, for you guys right and it's 800 watt hours, it's pretty light.

It's got pretty amazing cells, 35, east samsung, 35es. Those are top of the line and here's a another thing that is different than all the other battery packs that i've done before it's got its own heater. This strip right here goes and touches all the cells it zigzags here and then here and then here and then here and then it comes out right here - and this is the connector right here. So this is the connector uh.

Can i disconnect that? Let me see so i can disconnect it well, i can, but we will uh. I will do more experiments on this to see how much current it takes and just how warm it gets right, and so this is pretty cool. I never had and the little one has it too see it's right there and here's the connector. So this is probably easier to disconnect oh yeah.

There we go it's easier to disconnect than that one. This is right there, so we'll do some experiments i'll. Take these guys completely apart. Look at that, it's got a torx uh screws in there.

These are pretty well engineered, uh stuff in there, and so they are pretty nice now. What will we end up doing with it? Well, i there's not enough of these ones for me to spend a lot of time on them right again like what i'm doing these days is i'm moving warehouse. You know the 100. You know it's like.

I don't know. 50, 000 pounds of the batteries a a month or something right now. So when something small comes like this and it's just a pallet, you know it's like well. These are great amazing batteries, but i can't really um justify spending a lot of time on these.

When i literally have 10 000 of these stupid things right, so i think my time is better spent and by the way, there's a whole lot more of these ones right here. So, even though they're less attractive for a lot of stuff for uh, you know that i just have a ton of batteries that are available for storage, and so i think i got to spend my time developing more projects in the storage right. So these ones right here well, you know they're sad, we're just gon na flip them we're just gon na. We got them in now.

We'll just you know i'll do my best to tell you what they are um. I could maybe because see. Here's the cool thing uh all the bus bars are here right, so it wouldn't be that hard to just desolder these and i can get these dimensions. I can whip out uh a pcb that you can just then resolder back in here, and it's got.

The connector for the balance leads on this side and it's got the main input and output, and maybe we can even work out a connector for the circuit. For the uh, the heater in here, because that is pretty cool, if you you know, i don't know what these packs are for, but obviously they wanted them to be able to heat themselves right so that they can charge probably below freezing. And so that's a cool thing that if you wanted to keep that in there, then you can you can you would do it uh? Definitely this these have a lot of um potential. So if you can use very high quality e35s right, 35es samsung e35es in a 12s configuration - and you don't mind - maybe doing a bit of diy - maybe taking a few screws desoldering this board out soldering a new one.

I will uh. I will work on this tomorrow. I will take this apart and then um make the a new board a breakout board, which is just you know, maybe put like connectors in here. So you can like for power connectors and then the balance connectors.

Maybe we can, even if you have suggestion on a bms, you know i can look for a 12 sbms uh. That is just i don't know, 20 amps or something like that. Some some, a 20 amp bms will probably fit in here. We can work it into that board and then we can install it in there and so that when you put put it in there, then it's a self pack, you know but uh.

Let me see how much did this pack potentially push right, so the 35es are at least two c's, so they can push at least seven amps and it's got one two, three, four, five, six so yeah this could push almost 40 amps. I we could. We could put a 40 amp dms in here and yeah. We'll push those cells.

Those cells are not power cells. These are uh, usually the 35es are or the 35es yeah are um. They're energy dense cells right there. They have 3 500 million powers in there.

So they're pretty good um, but they could push seven of them or six of them could push one two three four five, six yeah six could push: uh 40 amps, no problem uh, and so there we go we'll i'm gon na put them on the website it. I think these are really good. I think they're gon na fly off, and you know i won't have time to like do much with these right, because because the cells are pretty good, just uh getting them and just for harvesting the cells right, because these cells are now here's what here's. The little thing that we do know is that these are new or not new, unused right, and so they haven't been.

They probably have zero cycles, so these cells are pretty premium. Maybe they're i'll. Look at the thing in here see you can't easily see us the the date coach right. I would have to take it apart or whatever, but uh they're, probably you know a year too old.

They probably the project that they were going to go into. That didn't. Have didn't happen or i don't know what the deal is with these, but um. Also our supplier says that maybe these can be had on a continuous basis.

So maybe it's a project that it's not completely dead and that it's happening, but for some reason they didn't end up using these ones right here right. So there's a couple of hundred of these available about a pallet um. If you're interested in these, we will put them on our website and uh yeah. I don't know i'd say you probably would not.

I don't know the price yet i'll. Do the math see how much i paid for them and stuff but uh? I will not price them at a premium just so that they can fly out, i'm more interested in just making these available to you guys uh, then squeeze every ounce of uh. You know profit off of any of these batteries, because my you know my main market is these guys here. I have literally have 10 000 of these sitting in my warehouse, so those are the ones that i spend all my time and figure out how to do.

Those are, you know, we're building power walls, we're building cars with those we're building cool stuff. These ones are you know this is a good pop. You know uh yeah, you can build a power wall too. You buy a bunch of these right.

800. It's almost a kilowatt hour here and uh, but you know these are probably best suited for e-bikes uh, e-scooters uh, some kind of like little motorcycle or something you know a couple of these. That's you know. That's almost two kilowatt right.

There you put three of those there boom three kilowatt now: you're you're uh you're going far, and you know, and then, if you've got uh, you know odd, shapes and stuff. You can add these little ones. You know different too, like because they're the same 12 as so, you can parallel all this stuff combinations of these guys so anyways there we go quick, video tonight uh. Thank you for all your support.

We'll see you guys the next one stay busy building projects with batteries uh. I will try my best to keep supplying you guys with the best stuff that i can find out there and trying to come up with projects so that we can use all this stuff right instead of uh, throwing it away or sending it to china, because this Would otherwise end up in china and then they get all the value of this right uh and so why? Why send all their value over there when we can use some of it too, so there we go. Thank you for watching this. We'll see you guys in the next one bye all right, yeah sure enough.

It's super easy to just uh solder. You know heat up the pads here and then they you lift the the little bus bars here right and then you just do all of those and boom. This thing just comes right off right off so yeah. We could definitely build a board that you can put in here and then you know you can put your own bms or you know all that stuff.

Yeah, that's pretty cool, so is me me so so so me all right and i think that's it. We have it, i just finished uh doing the holes here for the screws. Oh there's another hole here, huh i have to check if we need that hole as a pin uh, but there's that one this one that one and then there is this one. I know for sure we do need that as a it's a pin, and i did it right there now when you uh, do go to the 3d.

I couldn't figure out how to do an elongated hole. So what i ended up doing is just doing a cutout right and it shows it there, but it doesn't really show it as a whole. So if we do the 3d the 2d one, it does show it kind of as a home. You see that in there it's just missing the thing now yeah, let's just check to see, if that other extra hole is needed.

Well, what do you know it does? It does need it seed right there, that's that little pin that pin right there and then there's another pen over there. So, if you don't add it, then it won't you'll have to cut that it wouldn't be the end of the world, but since we're designing the board, why not just do it right? Why not just uh make it so that it goes right on there? I think the the distances here are backwards, so just so, what, when you're assembling this you're? Not it's you're, not capable of actually putting it backwards, see that so nothing fits none of these guys line up and those pins literally do not let you do it and the screw uh placements are they're not asymmetric right, and that is a good good way to To prevent, when you have people or even machines, uh assembling this sort of stuff in here, you just do not allow for them to make that mistake, to put it backwards right, and so you just do it by making it in such a way that it doesn't Fit so that's pretty smart design there. So let's do that. One last little thing and then uh we'll finish that design we'll order a sample and then that's it.

Thank you all right. Those batteries will be available at and i will share the file as a project uh, so that you can go and just order. The pcb now remember it's my first iteration, so you there might be some small adjustments needed for it right and if you have some ideas on how to put a bms or some others, you share them in the comments and stuff, i do read all the stuff. All the time and uh you know we'll might be able to help the rest of us make a better battery pack using your ideas.

Okay, thank you for watching this video we'll see you guys on the next one. Bye.

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