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Oh look at this electrolyte. I use the electric gt setup. Okay, that was pretty cool. I like this.

This is the remember uh aram had this. Did you send them a picture, sent a picture yeah. I took a picture, but i didn't send it tell them. This is what you need to do.

This is yes, you should have done this to your corvair. This is nice, so clean okay. So here's one of the color that we pre-ordered go check it out. I never seen the little camera there there.

We go. No camp kitchen, the radio is oh, look you get to hear the radio that sounds, doesn't sound that great by the way. Is this an altar? Oh! No! This is a. Is this a custom one and it's got a am controller.

That's pretty cool matt how's! It going i'm jehu nice to meet you, we met at sema yeah and you didn't take your car. I didn't wouldn't was done yet it wasn't done. I just got the hood on last night. I just got the fenders on a couple of days ago, so i've driven it once before this, but i didn't have the fenders bumpers or the hood on it.

It kind of looked a little uh. Oh, you were driving it. When you were driving it. It was.

It was like without the hood and stuff right, yeah. No wonder why people have given you the looks yeah all your neighbors were like i drove here today and i uh people are still giving me looks it's a unique, weird, looking car and i noticed that you left the the grill is not there, so you can Still see that there's no engine in there just thinking about leaving the hood off, so you could see there's no engine, but it looks so much better with the hood on. But i love that yeah. You can just see that it's kind of empty in there.

So i think i'm gon na leave it like this. I like that, like the look yeah, so i've been following your build for a little while uh, it's been pretty interesting. You have a really good way of explaining your thought process when it comes to. You know figuring things out, um yeah.

Well, i think i mean i'm figuring out a lot of this stuff too. A lot of fabrication stuff, i kind of know, but the electric stuff is a little bit new to me. I've worked for electric car companies for most of the last 10 years, but i've always been on the vehicle side. So a lot of this is still new to me too.

So it's like you know. I learn it and i want other people to be able to to dive into it. Also, so i try to gather the information up into um, a way that people can can follow along yeah, hopefully make it a little bit easier for somebody. Dude you're great, like you're, i i posted a comment way back in the day, you're doing the large work when it comes to this stuff, because i started looking at your videos because i'm my bus over there that's a terrible car like the suspension, is just terrible.

So you have to redo it right or put up with it, and i thought i'm just going to redo it. So i started watching some of your early videos because you were, you basically had to redo the suspension of this guy too right yeah. So i kind of just took the it's all. So hot rotting is weird.

Like you know, everybody uses the ford nine inch, but nobody uses a nine inch rear end from an actual ford they use the after market or that, like that, weird, like drag racing, guys, still use the anglia spindles from a ford that hasn't been made for 70 Years, it's just that this aftermarket grew up, and so now everybody's using all these aftermarket parts that happen to have the same geometry same thing with a ford mustang too. So the whole front end is all these aftermarket stuff from the mustang too suspension geometry is pretty hard. You change one thing: it changes, it does another thing. So it's nice to be able to you know, be a little creative with some of the parts, but just sort of maintain an existing geometry that i know it works well so yeah yeah.

But you explain because i don't know anything about suspension. I had to start learning and i'm like. Oh let me look at the internet, see what people are doing and your videos popped up because you're explaining some of these things. That are, i mean, maybe for you or now known things, but for some of us are like.

I don't know how to figure out some geometry, like we didn't even know any other stuff right, and so you, you have a really cool way of explaining that stuff and especially on a car that now you are driving it. How is it driving? I mean other than the electric stuff we talk about that, but, like suspension-wise i mean it feels pretty good. It's so noisy, because the seals are all like totally chewed up yeah um. I have a hole through the trunk into the into the trunk and then from the trunk into the ground.

So it's like so noisy that you can't you can't tell uh it's just distracting but as far as road feel yeah uh yeah. Every time i go over a bump, i hear a bunch of creaks and weird noises, but it feels all right. So i think it's pretty good. The suspension has got air suspension up front, so i'm still trying to like tune uh how high and what uh pressure to put in the air suspension is kind of funny, because to get more height you add more air in there more pressure.

So it's stiffer the other way around. You want it's different when it's lower, but it doesn't really work that way. Yeah! That's why i don't want to do air suspension on mine. I've been looking at this system that does it's.

It's a hybrid hydraulic uh. It's a hydraulic, but it's it's only on the same shock. Like you know, it's not like you don't need like an extra pump. It's like electric.

I think they have their own little pump on each actual actuator or whatever the ram uh. It's really expensive, but it allows you to actually raise and lower the car without changing the stiffness. So you can do that if you have two airbags, um sort of fighting each other uh mountain bike - trucks kind of do this internally and i'm surprised it's not a bigger thing on cars in cars and it's actually a little disappointing that you know you could get It on any mountain bike, but not in a car size. I don't know if you can buy it.

It's certainly not a thing. That's relatively inexpensive and freely available widely available we'll have to make it, maybe because who wants to change their their right? You know suspension feel right, like you just want to change the actual uh and i've been thinking about doing electric. You know how there's those electric rams so they're not hydraulic. They have like little motor gear like gear, rammer, yeah model x, doors use those okay.

So i'm like there's some that are really strong, that you could actually lift the car or put four of them, and then you could. You know i'm like how come people are not using this yet like, and then you put the shock after that. So then you adjust your thing: yeah, that's what you're saying um, maybe with the caps like that, if you could have like a bell crank where you have your suspend your shock on one side and then you have a electric motor that moves the uh, the pivot Of the belt or something yeah yeah, i'm like how come, apparently they do a lot of this stuff, like in racing like i've, been looking at the cantilever suspensions because, with cars, like i don't know, you run into the problems where you don't have enough room to Put like bigger shocks - or you know, there's other stuff, and so i know the race cars they do it by just reposition the shocks and the direction and stuff, and i'm like hey, maybe that's what we need to start doing: yeah yeah! If i do something weird like i was saying, with the two airbags uh working against each other, i have plenty of room in under here. I could just put a bell crank in that's right: it's all sorts of stuff.

So if you don't have a motor in the way object yeah, let's figure out something else with that, that's right! So how about the electric stuff? What is what system did you end up using to control the tesla motor enginext engine, so yeah, it's uh. Basically, the only game in town still weirdly, like i've, been working on this for almost a year and i've kind of expected, aem or ev controls or engineerics, or one of these guys to come up with a production controller and it's still just nginx they're great guys. Um they're very helpful. I couldn't get this thing to charge yesterday and i emailed them i'm like hey.

I need help right now and they immediately remoted into my computer and helped me figure it out. So um wait because you have a complete model. Three model: three drivetrain yeah battery the whole house from the battery, which is like the battery management system, the uh dc dc uh contact starts and the charger contactors yeah charger uh, oh so you're. This is a legit model.

Three honestly, if i had there's like a handful of other parts, if i had it would be the entire powertrain. If i had the cooling, the thermal management cube, if i had the front control module, maybe a few other modules um, it might have actually been easier and then i wouldn't need the controller. But yeah i mean it's essentially entirely uh. Well, this supercharge uh.

So i have a whole video on that. Oh so um, technically uh, it's probably so. I got it from a salvage car, so the vin number is probably in tesla's. Well, let's see how it is so you have i'd, have to have another part of the car that communicates with the supercharger.

That says, i'm okay to supercharge, okay, and i don't have that. Okay, i have to have a thermal and active thermal management system that uses an ac compressor, because supercharging is one of the highest thermal loads on the car. Yes, so i don't have that if i had those two i could probably use it, but tesla doesn't allow supercharging on swaps or salvaged vehicles. So as soon as i pulled up to a supercharger and plugged it in somebody take a picture that picture go on instagram.

Yes, they would see it they'd, send me a cease and desist yes, but you're, saying technically it could pass. It could happen yeah if i added a few components. Yeah. Actually, if i add active cooling, if i put an active cooling means like i use an air conditioning compressor to cool the coolant yeah um, i could probably use evgo or one of the other high power charging systems.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah, okay, but i'm not gon na go in any ccs combo. So it's like. I don't know if i'll ever need that anyway, yeah you're, i mean it depends right like you're right for around town. You don't need it but like if you ever got this thing where it was dial in and you're like.

This is what i want to drive. You know and go on a trip or whatever you. You might want to do that, but i mean that's in the future. That's the holy grail, i think of the even convergence is to fast charge.

Yeah i'll give an example. I came in my bus yeah, but it took 50 of my battery to get here and now i have 50 to get back home. I'm like i'm kind of short. That's why i have those batteries in there and i'm charging it yeah.

I wouldn't have to do that if i could just pull up to the nearest fat dc faster yeah, just you know for ten minutes and then on my way at home, right so yeah. So that might be a thing i had in the future. I'm definitely going to have air conditioning because it's black and hot and it's really hot. So if i do that, all i really have to do is put a chiller in there and a valve to run that through the the battery and keep it cool so yeah.

In the future, here's a a crazy story. I talked to ottmar evanhart. He is one of these guys that was part of tesla way back in the day. I know okay, so he was going to convert a car a whole swap, and i told him i go, how are you getting a supercharge then he goes i i know uh jb jb struggle, yeah jamie's trouble.

He goes. I called him and i said hey. Can i supercharge and he goes yeah if anybody gives you a problem, just email me and i'll take care of it. He doesn't work there anymore.

So i think that probably is out the door now, but that was very interesting because that's the same thing right, it's like if you show up with a weird car, although tesla's opening up their superchargers so eventually so they're doing that. I think i haven't dug in this too deeply, but i think that they have some tax advantage or some advantage in norway or in europe for doing that, and i think that's why they're that's what they're doing. I don't think they have that advantage. Yet in the u.s here i think they're probably doing it to make a little more money.

And, oh obviously, it's not gon na be a thing that i don't know that it's a good thing for them, because there's already, if you're a holiday weekend and you go to a tesla supercharger on i-5 it'll - be lying around the block. Yes, it's going to get way worse, if there's a bunch of porsches well, but wouldn't they have to now start charging those uh the only way they're going to open it up is if the other uh manufacturers start pitching in to develop the infrastructure which that has To be, you have to be like and that's why it hasn't happened. You can use it, but you have to put up 20 000 chargers in the next six months, yeah. Something like that.

So eventually it's gon na happen. I think, maybe if the people are willing to pay to play right yeah, i guess i mean on the side of consumer. I guess we could always try to hack a thing and plug in or whatever the fun thing about. This is like you, you know, tesla can make it harder and i'm gon na find a way out around it and i'll make it harder.

It's a challenge for the rest of us. Oh yeah, let's see well, this is a cool cool, build man uh, you just are finishing it i mean. Is this still a work in progress right? Yeah? Totally? Absolutely i mean i have my uh honda as 600. I've had for 10 years and that's still a project.

It's still already. I just love working mine is 10 years old yeah. I guess it's still. You know, i'm still tweaking it every day, yeah yeah, because that's the fun part of it right, yeah, um yeah.

I mean i love having the car and driving the car, but i also love building it, maybe a little bit more so yeah. So once you finish this one, do you see building another one uh? So i have another project lined up. You have another one already. Quite talk about it, yet oh okay, uh, and then i have why finish one when you can start another one, that's my saying right there um what else there was uh.

I don't know if i'm gon na do another classic eating swap just yet okay um! I do have kind of actually have a couple of projects. One of them is an eevee uh yeah. I don't really wan na talk about too much right now, but i have a couple ideas and uh they're gon na be crazy, too. Okay, yeah all right.

Well, i we've been enjoying uh watching your progress here. Uh, it's nice to see it out here in the show you're, the only one that has uh this kind of car out here right is there another? Do you know of any other conversion like jaguar drywall, like old jaguars, so there's a couple companies that are doing conversions of old british cars in england and uh? I don't know if they've any done any old jags. I know that there's been some uh e-types jaguar types that have been converted, but i don't certainly nobody's done it. Nobody really cares about the mark.

Five, the only other car that jack made this year was the xk-120, which was like the fastest car in the world. When it came out, oh so this was like way overshadowed by this amazing other jaguar. This car has sort of spent its whole life a little obscure. Ah, this is the middle child.

It is yeah, it's like yeah. What well, what year? Is it 50.? It's a 50 50.. This is early yeah, but there are so. This is sort of based on a bentley merc, six and uh i'd be surprised.

If there are people doing bentley mark six tv conversions soon. You know because that stuff is so old, so expensive. So hard to find yeah replacement parts for it at some point, it's you might as well just show the new motor in there if you're gon na shove, a motor in there might as well be electric yes, so your other project is kind of ratty right. The honda, the honda right - are you planning to finish this one or just drive it like that, so i'm kind of on the fence uh somebody repainted this at some point and they did at this poor job.

So it's originally this gray color and the black's peeling off. So i'm definitely going to clean up those spots and clean up some of the surface rust and probably polish up the chrome. But i don't i'm sort of on the fence. I might pay somebody.

I hate bodywork and painting, so if i do it, somebody else is doing it. I'm gon na give them money, but i might have it all repainted black, but the problem is. If i do that, i have to re-chrome everything because then this chrome's gon na stick out yeah. I have to go back in and fix all you know yeah.

It's! It's a never ending story like it's yeah and by that time, like fifteen thousand dollars into making the car look pretty, and i don't actually care if it looks much pretty. I wan na feel, like i said, fix up the watching paint but uh. Well, i don't know if this is already a thing, but, like the number one question in my uh youtube channel is: when are you gon na paint really yeah? When are you gon na paint it when you're gon na paint it yeah like what's up awesome so so this is not the original buzz. This is actually i have four of them.

This is the second one yeah that i have converted the other one. I finally parked it so that i can paint it, but i refuse to you know, drive a modern car or whatever. So i'm like, i got this one in the interim yeah, but the number one question is like: when are you going to paint it when i'm going? I don't know i think part of it is that i grew up in a time when there was just this over uh, i guess of uh of old hot rods where people took these old cars and they put like a thirty thousand dollar paint job yeah body, Like chrome, everything - and it felt like so overdone to me that something that has a little bit of a personality from its age feels uh more genuine and just more interesting. So i do think this car would look super cool with a super nice paint, job and shined up, chrome, yeah, but, like i said, the money and the fact that i feel like i have a lot of personality right now.

Kind of makes me not want to do that. I see. Well, i don't know. However, you decide to go.

I think it's going to be great um, although painting a black would be probably more than 30 000. yeah. I think so. Yes, because it's the hardest color to get yeah yeah, because every little thing shows those like yeah.

You have to paint it like two three times you know like if you want to get it like, like nice, nice, yes, nice, you know so yeah. I that's the same thing that i'm looking at so my deal is to build a bunch of them and ran them because, like that's the only way that i can justify owning a bunch of cars right yeah, so i'm like okay, i got ta have some that Are pretty because people like pretty yeah, that's true, i think, there's a thing that people are starting to appreciate the old patina stuff, but not everyone right yeah. I mean i take my honda out and people love it. People love the way.

It looks and uh. You know people will walk past six million dollars where the mclaren's and ferrari is to look at my rusty old honda yeah, because it's different it's unique and has personality. So like i uh i like that, i don't know if everybody likes it but yeah. But if you like it, it keeps you driving yeah, you won't the thing about the older cars like this.

Is that you don't mind driving it, because you don't have to protect that 30. 000 paint. That's yeah! That's another thing is i don't want to like park in the back of the parking lot and take up two spots and really worrying about it. The whole time, i'm anywhere, you don't want to be that guy.

I don't want to be no, it's like it makes it not buttery yeah, it's got a couple of dinks in it already and it gets another thing then set another one to the collection yeah. I'm not gon na lose any sleepover. It's not gon na ruin. My week yeah: well, that's cool, uh, yeah, good job.

I i'm a fan. I've been watching your videos thanks and i'll, keep watching your videos until you finish it or start the next one yeah all right, we'll never be finished, it'll, never finish, all right! Matt! Thank you for this. Thank you. Maybe all right here we are at the auto autopia 2099 and i made it here with 50 of my battery, so that means i would need 50 of my battery to get back home.

So i was a little bit worried about that. So, while i'm at the show, i've been charging using the ecoflow pro and look at this - i mean i'm charging at 3, 200 watts right. So i've done two of these already that's seven kilowatt in there when this one's done, i'm going to be uh. 10 7 is 21, so i'm going to put 21 kilowatt hours back into the battery and i have a couple hours more.

So there's another one that i have charging over there. I might be able to do 30 kilowatt hours back in here and put exactly 50 of the battery that i used to get here back into this car. How crazy is that? That's pretty crazy and it's happening with the ecoflow see enough um off the shelf battery that you could do uh. Obviously we can build your own diy i'll show you guys how to do that later, uh in the future, and i've done this in the past too.

So if you want some um inspiration, you can just watch some of my older videos, but definitely this is possible. You could totally do it. Here's a little setup. We have our videos over there playing there.

You go brother, oh, what's the package that this comes with. Oh um, that's just an add-on accessory, oh it's an add-on, so it's not! Oh! I thought it was like a whole thing that you have to get so. This was launch edition, launch edition, yeah and then it's got the off-road packaging, which is the 20s and the specific underbody protection and the total, oh, the off girl. Oh, i see i see, i we have a launch edition order uh, but i don't think i got that package um.

They changed the blend around a little bit. I think the offer is like a two thousand dollar ad. Now, oh okay, our launch is still, i think it's one of the color combos is included and you can get green if you picked it just right. I didn't.

I actually got white yeah yeah, we initially, but we have a chance to pick this one up early from the factory uh. Are you guys employed, or are you guys just regular? Oh okay, yeah yeah, because that's oh okay, yeah cause? That's that's. The word on the street is that okay, it's employees first and then yeah we're supposed to be starting non-employee deliveries march april. Right! That's what we got next month, oh next month, oh because the other thing was that people would said that all the january had moved on to.

So those are the suvs that one they're we're probably going to do the first couple this month, but the volume of that's going to be uh. We actually have two. We have an suv and up t1 and the amazon everything else. That's already in prototype.

It's good thing that uh, the the fourth thing didn't work out, because you guys would have been a good stream. Well, it was that's pretty covered. That was the announcement, for that was people are making. It seem like it's bad news, but i think it's more good news than bad news well and you don't have to leave right now.

We have this space for a little while if you want to hang out and have some more coffee and all that stuff, but but uh, thank you all for coming and we really appreciate it. Um we as auto journalists. A lot are told. Oh, the enthusiasm is going to go away when eb's come out, they're not fun, to try they're, not interesting they're, not you know why bother and i think every one of you folks here today is a testament.

That's not the case. So thank you. Thank you. So much for being here, uh we're here till four, so hang out talk to everybody have a good time bye.

Everyone can catch up with the thoughts in your mind, they're everywhere, and it's hard for me to bear cause. I get so lost feel just like a boomerang cause. You change your plans every day and you don't seem to care what i think or how it affects me. Since i lay my eyes on you, my baby, i just wan na make your dreams come true.

Do you feel the way i do my baby? Do you see me like? I see you love you, but i don't need you. I only want true love cause. You are finishing my sentences when i don't know what i'm about to say.

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