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All right, how is everyone doing welcome to this live event? It's a pre order. Wait. Is it a pre-order? It's not a pre-order. This is uh, oh the computer.

What happened my my screen went blank um, but i think it's just here. I think i'm good live because i can see it on my on my thing. Uh, the computer went like in uh this uh screen saver mode. I think so anyways uh.

What was that saying? Yeah? This is uh. The sale like this is that second batch of the blue eddie ac200 max ac. Eb. Let me see what are the numbers here? It's too many there's a lot of model numbers right, but it's basically the ac 200 max um and then the b300 and b230.

This is a b230 external battery that works for both of these and then there's also the ac 300 and then the b300 external batteries right. A lot of people are waiting. A lot of you guys are either have blu-ray uh already products and we're waiting for these ones. These have already gone on sale and, of course, because a lot of you guys asked blue eddie to not put them on crowd funding right because, well you know people don't like the crowdfunding there's some scams that have gone there and you know they're less likely with A big company like a blue eddie or whatever, but you're they're, still like hey, which i don't understand, i'm gon na make a video later on explaining why i don't agree with that.

Whole thing that these big companies shouldn't use, crowdfunding uh i'll, explain more on that later, but um, because so many of you asked for them to not put them on crowdfunding, then they actually listened and they didn't put this on crowdfunding. So what they're doing now is that they're putting batches they build them and they're somewhere in production, either shipping already to the states or to different parts of different markets or whatever, and then then they put like put them for sale and so then there's an event. Sort of like tonight, it's gon na start at seven here, so we have uh. What time is it? Do we know 6 19., so we got 40 minutes to go and they're gon na go on sale and then people buy them and then they run out right and then the next batch.

So this is the second batch of these uh units and i think, there's more available than the first time around right. So i wrote down all the because there's there's quite a bit of stuff that they're offering this system right here is different than the competition. In many ways that it's a lot it's way more uh expandable, you can use it in way. Many different ways right, um and it gets confusing.

The downside is that it gets confusing, but the upside is that you might find the right. You know combination of these products that they might work per more like you know better for you right, and so that's what you have to put into the balance like you want one of the other systems. You know it's like. The real competition is between the the uh deltas right, the acoflow delta pros and the max or this system right here, the blue, eddy, ac200 max or the ac 300.

I think that's what it's called ac300 yeah ac 300. So here we go. You'll get your ep pro and 2021 if you're lucky it says mmm. Yes, i think those are running.

Are they running behind? I don't know if they're running behind, but i know they were scheduled to leave at a certain date. I haven't paid attention um, let's see what are you guys talking about here, uh one of the complaint companies that jay who works with ships to canada uh? That is true, uh someone, the batteries, if you guys are talking about us interested in this live blue eddie. What's good jehu um we had to go over our last trip with the lead acid battery three to five month, ship wow yeah that um battery clearing house - oh yeah, better clearinghouse, i think, does ship to uh canada. So yeah just go to our website and then i think we have a section that says like it gives you options as to who ships to other countries than us us right and we kind of gather all those in there and put them there.

Um i'm going to make so here's the thing of making your own blue eddy. I do. I am going to show you as much as i can talk about all the features of this thing, but i'm also going to show you a diy one here that i quickly made like 10 minutes before we went on here and you know i don't want to Stop on everybody's toes or stuff, you know they. These companies are, you know it's a symbiotic relationship.

They they they use us, but we use them also to create content. They use us for to gain access to you guys right. You guys are audience we i you know. People like me, work really hard to gain your trust to gain your thing or whatever, and so then they're like hey.

We want access to all those people, maybe they're. Looking for a battery system. Maybe can you can do the thing right? So it's so it's uh, you know it's a two-way street. You know and it works certain ways.

They definitely don't pay us for a review. They don't pay me to say a thing right, but i mean you know. It's implied, i think, sometimes that maybe your die gon na trash it and i try to be honest about the whole thing. I try not to be uh too close-minded, obviously, because i know that i'm just one guy and i have one perspective and i try to look at things for several perspectives to see right um, so that i can give you a much broader perspective and much more And more angles, so you can make a better decision right.

So that's what we're doing here. So i i don't want to step too much in their toes and you know say: like hey: buy these batteries because here's the thing our diy batteries are so much cheaper than this right, but also they require a little bit more work. So there are pros and cons to everything, and so, but i am going to show you one tonight just because we can right and by the way, i'm sorry. I don't have a full review of this, for you guys, i'm sorry, blue eddie.

I don't have a full view. I know i owe you i said i would release it. I would uh upload it by today by the 15th when this would go on sale or whatever, but i i just couldn't it's just there's too much. I have too much in my plate right now, and so i'm sorry, but i'll do the review uh i'll work on this and it'll be a better review instead of rush like this, so i just decided to go live tonight and just you know, kind of talk About the little bit that i know about it, so if you have any questions about this system, then do post it in here because it'll, you know, it'll help me figure out, because maybe you guys are not even interested in this acapulco run says.

Thank you for the 500 pesos by the way, mexican pesos. Look! That's how i i don't even know how that's so you ride 500 pesos. How can i get this in mexico, so you're talking about these um, i think they're available worldwide go to uh. There's a link in the description of this live stream, which ca hey misa.

Can they see the description on the live stream right now? Okay, if not, i guess we can post it on the thing here uh and you can look in there and see if they have shipping to your country. I guess you're gon na have to go if you're getting interested in buying some of these i'm gon na post the codes that have quite a bit of discounts right. So there's a group on facebook, where all the hardcore fans of this product are and they've been salivating over this for months now, right and so they're, the moderators and stuff they've been putting codes and i have those in there. So i'm a member of that - and so i'm gon na we're gon na post those in here so that you guys can save, because if you just go to the website, you're just gon na pay full price for these right.

But there are definitely ways to do it, um, and so you also have to make an account. I don't know how fast these are gon na sold out sell out. I think last time they'd sold there's quite a bit of anticipation for these people are looking. These are really cool.

In fact. Let's look at this look. This is the ac 200 max. It is way better than the ac200 ac, which is the previous version.

It's smaller and it's lighter, but yet somehow it's got the same amount of battery and it's got way more features. It's got um. Well, it's got 2 000, just over 2 kilowatt hours of lipo 4 lithium-ion phosphate battery, which is a super long cycle life on it. Right and it's safer uh, the only thing that is the downside is it's a little bit heavier and bigger right, but they've managed to cram all this in here and by the way.

Well, i am gon na tear this apart to see how they did it and compare it to the previous version of it right. That's coming up um, it's got a 2200 watt, continuous output, uh inverter right here on these right and then it's got uh 4. 800 search, so if you have like a big chop, saw or uh some ac unit that has a huge search on it or whatever then uh. This will be able to handle up to four thousand forty eight hundred right, um, which i guess is less than the last one.

Hmm. I think the lesson is like 5 000. I think we'll contest that we will test that when we finally get it um, it's got a 500 watt charging break so where's the brick it's right here right. This is the brick charging brick and, of course, it's cool, but it's also not as cool, because the competition has it built inside and it doesn't add any weight.

It just uses the same internal parts that are already here to to do the inverting of the current. They just use it and it's a much better right, but on the pro side, uh the well, the you have a lot more freedom to change this thing: to leave it at home, not carried or put a bigger one. They can change it up. You can put two of these on the same unit, so you can charge so you have a lot more options way way way more options.

This also works for the battery. The battery. The external battery comes with one of these right um. What else is going on here? Oh for the first time now on this one, we have a usbc capable of 100 watts, which is cool.

If you use like a laptop that uses usbc and stuff and by the way my phone was dying and i'm actually charging it with this battery right here right now, because i was like wait, my phone is not gon na last through the whole live stream right. So uh on testing this only um out of the two kilowatt hours. It only yielded 1.6 kilowatt hours right. So it's it's about an 80 efficiency right, so you lose about 20 just to heat and just to run the screen and the fans and just losses in the whole system right so that's kind of low.

They could definitely improve that. You know the competition they're they're nearing about 90, so you know they could they could do that? But you know i guess it's not terrible. I guess right you can um. I think they could better that with software.

This is where we're at at this level. With these guys so uh now the cool thing about this is the expansion batteries and by the way i well, i don't know if we can take credit, but i've been doing expansion, diy uh expansions batteries for a while right. We i started this like maybe two years ago or something and then right. We were doing the thing where we were tearing it apart and putting the thing in there so now they're making their own right and so, of course, they're they're doing a better job that we can diy but uh.

You know there's there's but they're more much more expensive. So that's the downside. The the pro side is that they have a lot of flexibility so on this one, for example, for the first time it is just a standalone thing like you can literally just take this extended battery is the same size as this one, but it's just missing the Whole inverter side and you could use anything - that's 12 volts, so the usbc, the regular usb the 12 volt 10 amp stuff um and you can charge it with a 58 volt. Brick like this one right here or you can use another.

They have another another device that is optional, that you can do solar charging through it and you can do a bunch of other type of charging through it. So so that's you know, it gets a little confusing, but you could do that and you can, if you just needed, a battery to use it for 12 volt or something like that. Then this would be perfect for you right and you don't have to you know, mess around with a big old unit like this. It's got a super simple um thing here with lights.

You just turn it on and then it shows you the battery capacity with little lights. Instead of having the cool little, you know screen or whatever so um, that's where that is, and i think um, that's that's on the pro side on the downside is that the integration to this unit is not as complete as like ecoflow, for example, right because well You this is a separate device. You have to turn it on. If you forget to turn this one on - and you only turn this one and you start charging it, then this one is not going to charge.

It's like a separate device right and so that's cool, but it's cool when you want to take it and separate it. But it's not cool if you want to just add more battery right and so that's kind of the problem. There uh pros and cons right, a lot of pros and cons. But as far as that, i mean look, it's smaller and slider and it's pretty powerful um and then, by the way, this doesn't fit the bill for you.

They have a bigger one, the ac300 and it does everything. But that's like a massive unit and it mostly it's just so that you can set it. You know permanently or something smoke it steve casey there we go uh 2012 um, let's see here honestly. Would you even know that bloody existed if they wasn't for youtubers like jj? No, so that's the thing about these guys.

There are companies that have been making these forever and there are companies they're legacy companies right, but they asked me about them and i'm like i don't know they never send any stuff to reviewers. I don't see anybody, they don't exist. This is a new marketplace. Now, right and so yeah, you know they do exist, obviously, and there's people that use it and there's people that swear by those companies and those products or whatever, but they're definitely they're, not iterating, at the rate that these guys, these guys didn't even exist.

A couple years ago, these are like brand new companies that just popped up and they're iterating. So quickly i mean like the last one. Just came out not that long ago and it was bigger and it was it had less features and stuff. And now we're here and a lot of the stuff that you guys have been asking for.

You know the communities boom they have them here. So this is a new breed of products that are coming out here and and they're iterating fast, and that's what's exciting about this, because you know we're we're we're just nobody's and we can tell these companies what we need and - and they listen it's crazy. I mean when did that happen before that? Never happened. You have to be important, you have to be, you know a big shot or whatever to to get your word across right or whatever uh build your own.

So definitely we will build our own. We have a project that we're working on and tonight i'm going to show you just a tiny portion of it uh, just just you know, just kind of a sneak peek of what we're doing um, i wouldn't know half the world that existed. Thank you for that. The green power button is the selling point for me: yes, giant green buttons.

Now people will complain that, because the light is bright and green, there's a lot of energy being wasted there, which is probably true - i just you, know, um, i'm a clown with solder gun. I can make fire with half a wave rectifier. That's right! That's why that's why sometimes you just have to buy the thing right i mean look, you know, i know we all tend to look down on other people and stuff. But, ah you know you got to get a little bit more perspective.

That's what i always say right like look. I got no beef with anybody. If you want to buy a thing, go ahead and buy it right, i'll point you to the right one i'll test it out, put it through spaces, throw it off of the building. I should probably do that once and throw it off the building, see because definitely this one doesn't seem as robust as the competition um.

But the thing is it's hard to throw one of these off the building because you're talking about how much is this thing? Gon na cost um. Well, we actually do have some images that show a bunch of the things on there and including the prices and stuff but uh. Let's see simple things like green power. Button.

Yes, uh. Add a green button, wait! So what about with the red button? The red button is no, it's no good right because that's that's trouble! That's problem right there. Yes, i'm grinding out here every day, uh, i'm making you know. I've always been doing this.

Maybe you just hadn't seen it because i was in front of the camera, but now that i'm a little bit in front of the camera more often you guys are like whoa. What is this guy? Do this guy wake up dude, you know what did this guy? Take uh just realize your new shirt is blue now with same logo. Yes, we got the new logo and i have another one that we're gon na wear next time or whatever we have. I think we only have a couple of designs and stuff um that we were trying out here um.

I think your content saved up enough to buy an 85k tesla battery to power, my home whoa. How did you buy a 85 kilowatt tesla battery? How much did you end up paying for that? Because those prices are fluctuating, they used to be less and then they went up and i think that they're expensive still there's a lot of demand for those, because more people are realizing the value of that battery and how big it is and so yeah. I remember. I used to be able to get an 85 for like 8 000 bucks or something on ebay, uh and now you're lucky.

If you paid 15 000 or something for one of those right uh, these devices are so overpriced. You can literally build one for third of the price, a bit not as nice. Looking, unfortunately - and it's quite a bit of work, it's not that easy right like you this this now there used to be a joke when they started right. It was just a cheap inverter, a cheap battery inside of a cheap box, but now they're they're they're.

Getting up there now it's like it's legit, you know i i used to. I mean i used to be able to tear them apart, be like this thing is junk. We could do this better. We can throw a bigger inverter for like half the price, but now it's it's getting harder because they are getting.

They are expensive. I give you that, but they are giving you quite a bit of battery quite a bit of features they're, giving you nice, inverters they're, giving you all kinds of options and connectors and uh things right. So they they're, not, i would say, they're overpriced because which for what you're getting plus, i know how much work it takes to design one of these and build it, because i build this stuff all the time, and so i'm like, if you value your time, then These are not overpriced, or you add the stuff to the parts that you can get and then your time that you're gon na take and all the trial and error that you're gon na do these things are kind of a deal a lot of the times right. Uh especially like right now like tonight, and this sale, there's quite a bit of uh, there's quite a bit of uh discounts right.

So there's a discount um for the ac 300 and the b300 battery, for example. There's an 800 discount. If you use that code, which is just the name of the product, ac 300 b, 300 right, it's just with all capital letters and numbers uh, the ac200 - which is this one - and this one here, there's eight hundred dollars off on this one. Also right and you have to use the ac200 b300 and then just the battery itself here, there's six hundred dollars wait a minute really six hundred dollars.

Well, that's the huge discount on that one uh for the b through 230. This is the b230 battery um, so yeah. When you order these on uh I think that's the website.

You got to put those in there and it'll give you that the price by the way - and you should be making your account right now, if you're in the market, for one of these um, let's see what are we doing here, uh just had this shoved in My face all day, i pledged it really yeah. I guess today is the day right. People are just talking about it all the time i just i just kind of feel bad that i couldn't just review this. You know i couldn't get to the video we couldn't get to just we're just so busy we're doing all kinds of other stuff uh, and so i'm like this is going down tonight, and you know i feel you know, i mean some kind of responsibility to help Them out get the word out because they send the units.

You know it's symbiotic relationship like i said and stuff right, and so i'm like. Ah, even if i don't like it as much, maybe as the competition, i still kind of you know - have to present it and say hey look, this is what it does um now one of the things uh. As far as my opinion, someone else said hobotech. I think said that this is a lot easier to carry around and stuff than the ace.

Then the the ecoflow - and i don't agree with him - i think those little wheels and the little handle on that thing. It's there. It's amazing. It makes a huge difference.

These things you got to carry the entire weight uh do i know how much this weight? Let's see, i don't have the weights for these. These are heavy, though i i don't want to pick them up. I mean i'mma be old or whatever and uh out of shape or whatever, but that uh. I don't want to pick this up and take them upstairs and you know take them to the car, the other one you just roll it up.

You just do the thing. Yeah, like a it's, a heavy suitcase, but you know so yeah. Definitely you know we're giving out here our opinions, we're just you know it's just they're, not paying us enough to. You know buy us our opinion off, but but we definitely, you know, try to help out and get the word out there that this is a thing that exists and stuff uh.

Let's see, you're right, there's a lot involved with building something that works correctly. All the time yeah and these guys, by the way they're offering uh it's not like a you know like. What's the what's the saying like a flyby company or whatever, like the eco-flow 10-year warranty, they were offering. If you were part of the uh of the campaign right, so it's not like you're, not getting anything by putting your money, putting your order in and having to wait until they finish building it and stuff uh they're they're, offering you it's like a two-way street you're.

Getting something for that these guys is a five-year warranty, i believe, and then normally i think it's a three year warranty three or two year warranty. I have to look into that, but i heard it something like that: it's not as good as the other the competition, but you definitely have warranty with these and there's a lot of testing i'll. Give an example. There's a lot of us that we're checking some of these units - and i i well i didn't you guys - found a mistake on one of these other units on the eco flow unit right and so then we had to let them know and it seems like.

Maybe they were already they knew and stuff, but i don't know if they knew they wouldn't have sent me that unit, so they knew somewhere sometime. I don't know when, and maybe we weren't the ones that let them know, but they definitely said that they were gon na fix some and stuff, and so that's the other cool thing about people like me, you know trying to break their things. You know like. Oh, let's see, let's just power this.

Let me see if i can do ridiculous things with this thing. Right, um, let's see here beautiful product with the nice green button. How did the giveaway go? Oh, so, by the way, the giveaway? In fact, why don't we carry the giveaway because here's what happened? We were working up to our a thousand like how many likes this thing got. You got to do more likes than this come on.

Okay, if this hits well, let me see what time is it 6 42? What's a good target it hit, but there's 83 of us, no, the thousands too much. We were already at 600.. Look if this thing, if you guys, can get this to 500 likes. I will give away that battery that i was gon na give away at a thousand likes on the other video.

What happened is that you youtube cut the stream for some reason. We don't know why uh you know, i i mean it was 36 hours or something. How long was it going and we don't know if a young channel, like the other one or second channel, doesn't have a lot of subscribers? I don't know if that's the limit, we don't know we're still kind of puzzles to why it ended or whatever, but since we didn't get to the thousand like over there, and i was going to give that battery to 36 volt by the way it's a 36 Volt value that you can totally use with this and it's 3.3 kilowatt hours, it's bigger than any of these um. This is two and this two.

This is four, so it's almost this amount of battery in a smaller battery case that you can connect in here and you can you can you can boost the doubled? Your almost double your battery here uh, you could also use it separately to power any 36 volt devices uh, but you know like hit the like button, so you can get to 500 and then i'll do that giveaway here, since we didn't get to do it uh. Yesterday or the whatever uh do a live, teardown right now he says we'll. Do the mystery science 2000 voice over text over yeah i mean we probably could, except you know it would take too long. I don't know if i'm gon na be able to stay in this live stream.

That long it's late and i haven't had dinner. I got ta get out of here, so yeah we were just gon na be in here and gon na their website is down no way it was down. Oh yeah, yeah yeah, so the the sale hasn't started. It's gon na start exactly at seven, which is uh.

What is that 16 minutes 15 minutes from now so yeah? So you can go and like make your account, i would i suggest you do that if you're looking into buying one of these, because if you don't then uh, you know hey misa by the way. Are you sure you're using the right link? Yes, but but no, but i gave you a short link because it's got a code in there. You know i know, but look i don't see the code in there right i mean i don't know. Maybe i'm not seeing the whole thing, because if it, if it doesn't have like a unique identifying code in there, it's just you're, just you're just doing you know like uh like a regular link or whatever um so yeah i get.

I don't know i mean because i send it to you. Oh, it is like a unique identifier: okay, well all right! Well, hopefully it works. So let me see see if you can smash it with a baseball. I mean definitely can smash the baseball, it might hurt.

The baseball, though, we'll try it later it's down right now so mark francis is down. I don't know what down means. What does down mean like you could? Actually it's like a 404 uh skywalker says 444.. That's is that that's a different coat.

I won one of the 50 cell bike uh. I won one of the 50 cell e-bike battery packs last night. I'm pretty excited about that. Oh yeah, he david is one of the one of the winners we gave away on the live stream here, kind of thing, uh any discount code.

Yes, so i guess, let's type in the discount codes. In fact, let me see. Can i type them in wait? Misa play the pictures that folder with with the picture - and i think what i can do is i can post that link myself too, just in case uh. How do we do that? Is it this one as soon as he starts playing those pictures right here and then we can see the thing? Ah, it didn't update uh, so i can type in those pictures right here i mean the codes right so and then yeah of course, you'll be able to see them here on the thing or whatever um.

So the main difference between the ac200 max and the ac300 is that the 300 doesn't have an internal battery. Yes, it doesn't have. No, it's not the only difference, it doesn't have an internal battery, but it's also way bigger. The ac300 has uh two mppt solar chargers.

They're separate and it can do up to 40 2400 watts of solar charging it also. The ac300 can do 3000 watts, uh of uh, ac, right, inverter and then six thousand watts of search. So it's it's a much bigger unit um. It can support 240 ac split phase.

So that's the other big difference between this is just a single. You know half face or whatever 120 the other one will do a split phase: 2 20, which means that you can they can power. Your house, like legit, like you, can do all the things like the ac, uh yeah, anything. That's 240 volts.

You know the big range, the some pool pumps or some big like devices that will use 220, like the full split face that one will do it um. It's it's scalable to 24 kilowatt hours so that the other one is like a legit. You know installable unit, that you can have quite a bit of power. You know like backup power, like maybe a couple days or something you know two three days or something uh.

The other one has a true ups mode uh and the main unit is 48 pounds because it didn't have a battery, but then the actual battery. The b300 is like 80 pounds. Okay, that i don't know if you i can't pick up 3 30 pound uh 80 pounds like that's just way too heavy. Maybe i'm a wimp, but i can't do that.

Uh and the other one is 72 efficient uh, and only on testing only did like two over just a little bit over two kilowatt hours. Um and you could do 3700 watts for 30 seconds um, but 3 000 watts. So that's the full for about five minutes. So that's the continuous right um i don't know.

If can continuous, it's not continuous. If you can only do for five minutes, i guess but uh um. Let's see i won some of the batteries a long time ago and would love to win. Something else says luis maduena.

Well, there we go if we can get this thing to a thousand likes. How many likes is it? I can't see it. It went down to zero to one just the one and three little dots. Um 134.

Oh man, you guess you guys are going slow. Man come on uh. Does the blu-ray offer external battery connection? Does the blu-ray? Yes wait? I wonder what do you mean by blue yeah, so here's the cable? In fact, we have a little bit time right. We have 10 minutes to go.

Here's the external battery right, it's on the bottom here, here's the giant, cable that they gave us. It's almost like a like a thing, and then you put the picture yeah. So oh they're playing okay! So that's the blue, eddie um yeah. I was going to show them the thing, but they can't see it.

So here we go. Here's the cable! It's got these big connectors, they're way bigger than the blue eddy ones, that the blue, then the eco flows and this one actually has a locking mechanism so that you can accidentally take them off the other ones. Don't have that, i don't think and oh i wonder what do you have to turn these off? I want i'm going to turn this off. I don't want to blow this off in camera, i'm going to feel dumb.

If i just spark it, i mean it should be like a smart, cable right, so it clicks in there and then you have to turn on the uh, the external battery. There we go so that's how you connect them and you can connect up to two of these because it's got two for external, so you can do six kilowatt hours on this unit here, but here's the crazy thing before before we get there um. This is, i think, like 1200 bucks tonight, i think as long as you're gon na get it right for two kilowatt hours. But let's say that you don't have the money to do it.

Let's say you're on a super tight budget, and you can only afford this thing because you don't want to mess around with building one right. Well, let me show you our little battery that we're going to start making here right. These right here are four of our uh scooter packs the 20 cell scooter packs right, and this would be 700 watt hours so 701 hours. Let me do the math here, and this is a hot.

It was a hundred bucks. It's a hundred dollars worth of stuff right, so uh. How many of those would you need right? So do 2 000 watts divided by 750, so two and a half of these right so 250 dollars basically of our battery would equal this right here right - and this is gon na - be 1200 bucks tonight and then it goes up to 1600 right so yeah. Of course you don't have all the little belts and whistles, you don't have thing here, but you could totally use it like here's, the solar charging for the thing, and then you plug it in to the thing and then uh you're gon na get to see charging Right so it'll put 700 watts, i think at a rate of like 500 watts uh in there right, i'll put it and then it'll charge it.

You might be. What's that pre-orders open now, oh, they just flipped the switch. So there you go now, you can go and order some of these if you're interested, but definitely we're gon na make a bunch of these available um - and this is super cheap right like you - could definitely get one of these units. If that's all you can afford, but you still need a lot of more battery you can.

I, like you, can keep adding these. You just connect them in parallel right. This is just like a little cheap, cable. There's absolutely no logic that you need to do to make this like the older systems that you would do and so yeah.

This is a lot easier and we haven't started building these yet, but we will um also on the uh. Also, this is a great e-bike battery, so 700 watt hours for 100 bucks. This is a deal right here like e-bikers. Don't know that these exist for some reason.

They don't realize that this. This is an e-bike battery. It's just a 36-volt water, and actually you could run this at 72 volts, which is like a high performance, one uh, which is the same thing you could do here. You can run this at 72, volts and it'll be more efficient and it'll.

Put more of the energy in there and by the way, that's not the only battery. We have a bunch of these other batteries too, and so there's i'm going to be showing you a bunch of ways to do this on the cheap. You know if you don't want to do the whole project from start and do the thing right. But again, if you don't have time to mess around with batteries and do the thing then you just might as well just buy one of these systems and it's gon na.

It's gon na be hard for you, because it's between this one and the ecoflow and they're both have the pros and the cons. Some are you know, i like the ecoflow better for many reasons, but i, if you're you're you're different than me and your situation is different. This might fit the bill better for you, because you can split it apart. You can take only these p's right.

Let's say that you like a trucker or something, and you have a bunch of 12-volt devices - you don't need to be messing around with the ac inverter, all the stuff. You could just get this thing and this thing charges your phone charges, your laptop charges, your you know, powers, your array, your refrigerator is your thing. Yeah, it's you get all those choices and you can solar charge it and you can charge it off for the wall. There's a bunch of different ways that you can do it so does that 700 watt hour scooter pack have long low voltage cut off.

Yes, it's got an uh bms included in there, so it's a full like scooter battery pack. So it's got a bms that checks temperature sets low voltage cutoff. The only thing is that are a bit wimpy, so each one can do like six amps, i think max, and then they cut off right. I think, and so this one will be able to do well six times four.

What is that um yeah? So it's uh, i probably like a 1c battery right. So it's like six times four, twenty four. So so you don't get 24 amps out of that right times, 36 yeah. So it's a 1c battery, essentially right, which is not great, but you know 800 watts on an e-bike.

It's not shabby right, 700 watts on an e-bike. It's not shabby the ones that we're doing here is like they're like 350 max and stuff and yeah we get around it's cool right, uh, definitely not for performance or performance ones. Maybe you'll use these other ones because these will put output 10 amps, and so you just put a couple of these you're at 20. You put four of these you, you know you're around 80 amps, and so that's now.

That's now, that's some uh, some serious power. There uh, let's see here eco flow, has 7xx search um. I wonder what that means, maybe lower the likes to 300. Probably more realistic.

That says: listen, that's what we thought the other day, but we got. I mean we were so close. We were so close yeah and what time is it? It's not that late? How come we only have 150 people here. Well, i think it's because not everybody, most of you guys in our my channel are diyers and you're like what what are you doing? You're talking about some store-bought solar generator, what's wrong with you, i agree with you, but you know we got it, we don't we don't.

We don't uh discriminate around here. It's cool! What is the giveaway at 500 likes uh? It's a big 36! It's a 3.3 kilowatt hour battery, that's 36 volts, it's basically the our top-end scooter batteries, there's eight of them inside a metal enclosure uh and can put out quite a bit of power. You want to say, like 200 amps or something it's like a crazy battery right, and so that's what we're going to get we're supposed to give that away in the last stream, but the stream died before we can reach our thousand like gold. Oh, the discount code by the way for these products is um.

It's the name of the product. So this is a ac 200 b. 200. 230..

Wait. Let me say that again: ac 200 b, 230 uh, all capital capital, letters um and for the one battery itself. It's just b 230, when you are put it on your card, there's a place where you can put the code. You hit that code in there and of course, if you're doing the ac 300 b 300, then that's the code you got ta put and then, if just doing the actual battery, then it's just b300 and then they uh they're interchangeable.

I think there's only a couple of like combinations where they're not interchangeable, but these are backwards compatible. You can do this with your older ace, ac200, ac200p uh and even the older ones uh. So that's how it works. Yeah ac200 to ec200 to 230 b200 um set the likes to a thousand says david.

I have 20 kilowatts from the battery wall for less than 2500 bucks. Yes, that's when you're doing diy! Those are those are the the numbers that you get right, uh 20 kilowatt hours. Did i do that on the last video wait, that's a man, that's cheap! Let me see ct675. How did you, what kind of battery did you end up doing for that? Let me see, let me do the mat here: 2500 bucks divided by 20, kilowatts, 100, yeah 125 dollars a kilowatt hour.

Now, here's the real question: how long did it take you to put it all together, right and you're, just talking about the battery right, not talking about the inverter and the cables and the boxes and the conduit and the thing right? It's like all the stuff that has to go into to building a full pack right and so yeah, like i showed with the ecoflow how easy it is to plug it into your building. You literally just walk it up, set it down, take out your cable plug. It in boom you're ready to go same thing with this and the and the other larger unit. It's gon na, be pretty crazy.

Like you know, it's yeah, it's expensive, it's a lot of money, but definitely you could just where do i click like so there's a like button in the in the bottom of this screen right here when you're watching unless you're watching like on a tv, maybe have Your i don't know i've never thought about that. If people are watching on tv, they might not, it might not be as easy to figure out where, where the like button is, and also definitely not if uh, where the description is because we put the links in the description we used to put them on the Other thing up here, but it's just annoying and it doesn't work at all um. The b300 also works with the ep500 pro. That is true.

So if you order the ep500 pro, which is that other unit that i review, that's - that big unit that's got little wheels and also it's made mostly for uh, you know permanent installations, it will power your entire home or your building. It will support dual units to do split phase through like another little, the power thing that you do like a special um transfers, not a transfer switch. It's like a distribution box like a panel. It's a panel uh that one, the b300 battery packs expansion packs will work with that one also uh, i'm having too much fun chatting had to close chat to find the like.

Oh there, you go jake. Yes, if you extend the chat, then you can get a bigger thing. That's what we do here because definitely like the things would go. The the the comments used to go really crazy, where i couldn't read them, so we have to put the slow mode on because yeah people were just you know, typing typing question question question question and i wouldn't get to any.

I mean even like this. I'm skipping a bunch of them right. I'm sorry! If i skipped your your question or your comment or whatever i i don't mean to do it, it's just you know i really want the ep500. The ups feature would keep me a more peaceful mind.

Okay, so the the ac 300 has a true ups feature. Now i didn't get that they didn't send that to me, i'm not like the top at the top of their thing, and it's just because you guys don't buy enough of this product right, like even smaller channels than me, will review these things and they get more Sales and they get you know and so they're like. Oh, let's send these guys first right, so i'm the reason why i didn't have time to do the review. This is because they just sent it to me, and so you know all the other guys they've had them for months.

You know like two months a month before they actually went on sale for the first time. So i'm you know i'm second tier for them and i get it. I don't mind whatever you know it's like i'm, usually pushing some other stuff, i'm pushing the diy stuff. That's that's my main thing.

So, okay, seven, so yeah, seven! It's finally live 20! Kilowatts for 20 500 diy is fair, but most people don't have the knowledge or time to figure that out so they'd rather spend the money, uh also ul yeah, and then the the ratings the ul uh listings. Now the ul approved certification right, which is uh. That means you can find your insurance company if they wanted to not pay a claim, because something went wrong or whatever right yeah, i don't we haven't had that much. I know that some people have had diy stuff in their garage and they haven't had too much problem, but i'm pretty sure there are a lot of stories where they have had quite a bit.

We're like, because you know insurance companies are looking for anyway, to not pay out a thing uh the ic200, because my wife needs simplicity to just turn it on play it in yes, so that's your pain for a lot of that stuff to this little screen. Here. It's pretty cool, like uh the difference between this one and, for example, the ecoflow is this one gives you a lot more info. The ecoflow is just like uh.

You just need to know these simple things and that's it we're going to tell you voltages of batteries and temperature of the thing and the the fault codes. You know this thing has a very elaborate fault code thing. You can literally go dig in there and see. What's happening to figure some problem, if i may be like recruiting problems and stuff right with the ecoflow, you that's a little bit more limited and stuff right, but it's a lot easier to use this one you can, you can get in trouble, you can just get Lost in the the menus and all that stuff right, uh thumbs up is great until you hit it.

Oh there you go. That's a good way to know. Hit that like button we're at 200., look, we need 300 more to go, we can get there. I know it's only 180 people coming in here right now, but you guys are shuffling through a lot of you guys are coming in here and then they're like clicking on the link and they're going over there.

But then you guys are coming back and you know there's people that are like what is this about and then they're like, but they hit the like button, which one do you like better yeah, so i i lean more towards the eco flow. I like that design. I think the engineering that's a lot better, but i'm saying all that without having taken this apart yet so i might be wrong. This might be ahead of all the previous ones right and so, but i i've already reviewed the ecoflow and i've seen it and it's like that's amazing, i'm i'm a fan.

You know i'm, like i geek out on the design. You know industrial design of that team. They do very well, you know, i'm like man, i one day, one day i'm going to make a product that's going to be up to par with them, but it's going to be it's going to be a long time before i get there right. Let's see well! Well, well, i just got a notification from another youtube channel: reviewing the blue eddie, a youtuber who doesn't do giveaways by the way.

Oh there you go um, it's been a whole 24 hours since my last win. Let's do it against this unfinished plan, so everybody's, showing up by the way i i was arguing again there's a bunch of haters. I was arguing on facebook this morning with people and they're like yeah you're, just you faker, you don't even give away stuff. It's just all fake, i'm like come on, man go watch the stream and by the way you couldn't see the stream because the stream wasn't like it on the second channel 24 hours since last loss trying not to do that again says tom wreck.

Okay, there you go here's another chance. How do we enter just comment here? You got ta be in the united states and then you got ta comment and then i'll pick a random one. At the end or whatever um i'm ready to see you pcb board, i'm 40. They hire the like button from people over 30.

They hi they hide. It you probably yeah youtube. I wouldn't put it past them. Those those youtube gods are terrible down.

Uh the menu rabbit, hole, garcia picks one commentator yeah, so i'll just go in my challenge and just bam. You want you know it's just uh, just i don't. I would like to keep it simple uh, i'm ready to see the pcb board for diy solar charger uh, which one is that just trying to add some more storage to my lowly 882 watt hour. What's the lowly, i there's so many of these units that i don't know because i don't review them um.

I should hire someone just so they can buy them and review them right. There's so many i i turned down quite a bit. People hit me up on time. Like look honestly, i just don't have time to do it.

I barely have time to do this right. Like i mean i haven't, so i don't like to let people down uh ac 200 max is probably for me. Without the batteries 200 max, yes, so this yeah and then of course you can get our own super cheap, 100 banners. You know and then that whole thing uh the the eco flow max too it's once you hold these.

Do you appreciate the eco flowmax you're, like? Oh, my god, this is so light and the features are just a little bit less something a little bit more. You're like this is the one. That's why i was like a fan of it and i kind of explained it doesn't come across when you're talking about it. But trust me, you don't want where to pick these things up.

They're heavy except you know the lightest ones, and but you don't want to give too much of the features right. So i think that's why it's one of the best ones uh anyone know blue eddie air. You can flow offers payment plans. I don't know just started the b230 to expand the capacity of the ac 200.

I have that's cool um. I will work for jay who says to comments entertainment there. You go, send us our resume. I don't know when to buy every time i buy a new one that comes out.

That's true, i don't think you're safe. I think it's just technology keeps going up so quickly that you just you no matter what you got ta buy something because if you keep waiting, you'll be waiting till the end time. That's just, i think, uh the thing um yeah. So these are not on kickstarter right now.

These are on actual blue eddie's website. This is not a crowdfunded thing, this you're actually paying for a unit that is either built already or, and it's either on its way to the destination. You know like the warehouses or whatever yeah this is these, are you know batches? They build a batch and that's why they weren't taking orders all this week. Until today, they're like we have x amount 500 units thousand units whatever it is that they have.

We put it for sale and then so yeah. This is. This is way better than the different thing jay. Once these corporate scooter brand retire, their scooters are the batteries uh done so no they're, not they're.

I mean we're testing them and they're. They have so much life in them and yeah these things, those those scooters died so soon. Most of these batteries are like lightly used right. They either got vandalized or their companies went belly up, and it's just so crazy.

Now, every once in a while, you will find one, that's just beat the hell right and so, but no definitely that's not the norm. We're seeing most of them are lightly used and they have like 80 90 of the capacity still left on them. Now lots of solar panels and very little battery capacity - that's it you need to buy some of our diy batteries. Uh would be awesome to win one of these for when we're camping.

Yes, have you ever thought of selling solar panels new or used? I have they're just so big and hard to ship and uh, but you i never say never. Eco flowmax doesn't have lithium-ion phosphate battery. Yes, that's true, but in the long run i know the cycle life. It doesn't play as big a role as you think you think you're gon na use the hell out of this thing and you're gon na go through a thousand cycles, but the reality is that you're, not you're.

I mean you know whatever you're a band lifer or whatever someone that's using a day in day out. Yes, you're gon na get get a lithium or phosphate, but if you want this, just uh the backup to go camping to you know that sort of stuff. A thousand cycles is more than you'll ever need, in fact, that thing will break down before you'll. Get old, you'll pass it to your kids.

Something will happen before the thousand cycles. You i i'm gon na, be getting these and taking the batteries out and then we're going to be putting them in other things and recycling them. That's what's going to happen, that's just because that's how it's been happening with every other thing. There ac max ships in six to eight weeks, um wait a minute.

So, according to this thing, these hair will ship. So whatever you order tonight, the the blue eddy will ship in one to two weeks. That's what they have said in their group and all the moderators over there. Now, how accurate is that? I don't know - maybe you guys probably could tell me if you guys have bought stuff from there before, but that is the official word that one to two weeks, uh from the date of uh pain, right now and so yeah i'd love to get the ac 200.

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