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The AC200Max is one of the most versatile portable Power systems available today
1) Where can learn more about batteries?
2) Where can I buy Lithium Batteries
4) Where Can I buy Solar Panels?
5) Where can I buy a Battery Management System
6) What parts do you use on your Samba?
8) Why not use Supercapacitors?
A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
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All right guys, i am back from my trip to new york city. It was really fun, but now that i'm back in the office, i am so behind in projects. So today i didn't want the day to finish without me doing at least one of these projects and let's go to the bench. So look at what came in and uh.

This is a blue eddie box. Blue eddie had sent me uh. I think the production version of that that's like the ac 200p, that's the ac 200 max pre-production, and i think this is the production. So, let's check it out and see uh how well it is.

One of the things that we want to check is to make sure that the um, the plug that had the reverse uh polarity issue, is now fixed right, and so that's the main reason why i wanted to get a production version and check it out. So, let's take it out of the box uh and then check the plugs to see if they're, if they indeed fix that there we go all right. Look at that it came at 62 percent uh dc off. Let's turn it on okay, the dc turns on.

Let's turn these ac on boom. There we go so, of course, i've done a review of this unit right and the whole thing uh before so this is just in the review uh. What we came up is that this plug was backwards from these ones right and so now, that's the only thing we're checking here today. We know what this unit is.

It's pretty amazing has two kilowatt hours: uh worth of battery uh right 2048 watt hours of lithium iron phosphate super long, lasting battery super safe and can deliver up to like almost 3 000 search and 2 000 watt continuous on uh these here. This is a pretty amazing unit. It's got, you know, wireless charging for your phone and it's got all kinds of usb, a usb 18 watt right here and then the the three watts and then even a usbc, along with the 20 uh 12 volts 30 amp, which is pretty good for like rv Applications it's the band life uh person, then you can install one of these inside your van and you can power most of your 12-volt uh through this plug right here right. So this is a pretty amazing piece of equipment.

It's very popular. A lot of people are buying it. We made videos showing you how to charge it um with solar right and then also how to add an extra battery a diy battery. But of course this is the first unit that you can actually like put a legit battery.

You know, like one, that's official battery from a blue eddy right. This is one of the batteries. It's got this plug in here and then you plug that on the edge over here and then you can extend it. You can put two of those batteries up to two of those batteries in these plugs in here, and so you can extend the capacity up to well.

That's two kilowatts. I like six kilowatts, so this becomes a really big battery system right that you can use, or you could just use it like this. So it's pretty it's kind of modular, it's pretty cool. So the only thing that was bad is this: let's test that okay, so you're gon na need one of these polarity meters uh and then a grounding plug.

This just connects one of these pins, the neutral pin to the ground, pin because that's how it's supposed to be installed on a ground, bonded installation right. When you install this, of course, only the center one turns on only the center light, and that usually means that there's an open ground which there is because this unit right here, it's a floating ground, uh device right. So the ground is not connected to anything. But as soon as we connect this plug well, then it connects it to the neutral pin and then that light turns on.

So this is how it's correct when you plug this into any socket and both of these lights turn on, then that's correct. So now what we need to do is check to see that this one is also correct and the way we're going to do that is we're just going to match the pins right. So the small - let's see if we take this apart, the small pin right here is according to this guide. Oh man come on.

According to this guide, the the small uh hole is the hot and the bigger one is the neutral and on this one the one closes right here. This one is a hot, and this one is a neutral. So this one and the small one should have continuity, and then this one and this one should have continuity. So, in order to check that we're going to use just a regular multimeter set for continuity, just make sure you turn the unit off so you're, not checking uh polarity here on these plugs when they're live, but basically this has continuity, so you can hear it.

Ah, look at that see it's an eye connected the two pins closest to each other and then the two pins farther from each other. So now those are correct. So there you go. This is now plugged correctly now this matches that and yeah sure it's got a floating ground.

So when there is no bonding going on right, no ground bonding, then it doesn't really matter uh the polarity right, but as soon as you bond it and an application where you might ground bond, this unit is, if you plug it, use it as a ups and You plug this into your building's wiring, because then your building's wiring is gon na. Have the neutral pin connected to the ground pin and therefore, when that happens, then, if you end up using this plug, an issue could arise if this is plugged incorrectly, but now that they have fixed this, that you, this unit should not have any more issues when It comes to polarity issues. Now you should be able to bond this uh when you use it as a ups unit and all the plugs are gon na be matching. The right pins are gon na, be the neutrals and the right.

Pins are gon na, be the hot pins, and so then yeah. This is all good stuff. So there you go. This is the ac 200 max the first unit from blue eddy, that you could add batteries right, so expansion, uh batteries and you can increase the capacity it's one of the most popular units out there i'll leave a link to the description of this unit.

This is very popular. A lot of people are using it to power their homes for emergency, uh situations, backup emergency backup power or just save money by charging this battery with solar and then using some of your appliances with this there's a wide range of possibilities. With this guy to be able to use it for a bunch of different applications right and so there you go blue eddy ac200. They fix the one little issue that they had.

So you should be able to order this without much concern of that, and so there you go link in the description. We'll see you guys on the next video bye, so you.

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