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A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
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All right time to talk about charging, you know we used to charge the tesla with this uh mobile charger at 32 amps, and that was good enough, like even if you charge it really late at night, and you need it most of the battery next day. It would be, it would be there, it would be like fully charged because they would did it in like enough hours. The night had enough hours to charge, but with this guy the riviera 1 t has a battery. That's almost twice the size.

Actually, it is twice the size of that one. Then 32 amps, it's just not gon na cut it right. There was too many days that are going to be where you charge it, your two depleted and, by the time you get up in the morning, you just don't have enough range to do the things that you want to do right. So, for that reason i decided to upgrade the charging thing: uh, the evse right, that's uh, the little charging core thing and the basically the the glorified plug the smart plug uh extension cord right.

It's called an avse and here's the best one to to get obviously is the rivian one. The rivian one works with your same app review. You don't have to add an extra app to your phone and the integration is just better, but i made the the mistake of not ordering it with my truck and so now that i've took delivery. If you go to really necrom, you realize that you can't get it.

It's just they're, not shipping them to without without a truck right, and so i can't get it anymore. I have to wait until it becomes available, so i'm like well that's too long. So the next best thing to get probably would be the the tesla uh charging station right, but that one is, you will need a another app. You have to use the rivian app to use it and you will need an extra little adapter to charge on this.

One because it comes with the tesla uh cord right so and it's also about a thousand dollars, i think, or something like five six hundred bucks or something and i've seen it up to a thousand dollars, because i think it's usually uh out of stock. Many other times, so that's why the prices go so the best solution that i found. I asked actually on one of the raven groups on facebook and they suggested someone suggested this one right here. It's called the emporia emporia uh, and this one.

The reason why is the best is because it does 48 amps. That's the thing. This truck right here has an 11.5 kilowatt hour, uh per kilowatt on-board charger, which is big. It is akin to the early tesla model.

S's that had uh, you know 11 kilowatts, some of them had even up to 15 or whatever they have two chargers on board and stuff, but they no longer do that. So i think this is one of the biggest chargers right now on a production vehicle uh. In 2022., so this this emporia uh evsc supports uh 48 amp charging, and so then that way you can take advantage of the full charging speed of the truck right and the other cool thing about this is that is uh, it's affordable. It was 3.99.

I think, and so you know it's cheaper than the tesla one, it's cheaper than all the other ones, and and it has a nice app that you can download and it keeps track of all the stuff in that same app, you can use it other sort of Products that to manage your and keep track of your home energy usage throughout your your home, like, oh, you can put this in a in your central electrical panel and it'll keep track of all the circuits, and i bought this a long time ago. I just haven't had the time to install it. I have it sitting in my office and now that i got this now i downloaded the app and now i'll be able to use that to manage my entire or to at least to track my entire usage uh. Here at home, so the installation is it's easy.

The only thing is that if you want to use the 48 volt uh level of this, because you can also downgrade it to 40 or 32 - or you know even down to 12 to 12 to down to 12 amps, you will have to change. You'll have to hardwire it, and it comes with this cord right here, which is the nema 1450, and i had a nema 1450 connector there, and this is what i usually connect: the tesla app or the tesla mobile charger right. But this connector here can only support um, well, a maximum of 50 amps right and since you're running gon na run 48 amps. On this thing, continuous for like the duty cycle, this is kind of like special, it's kind of long um, because it just runs for hours and hours and hours.

You know, run 10 hours, it'll run 11 hours, add 48 amps, and so that connector cannot support that. Because it will get too hot, and so that's the reason why you have to hardwire it and to hardwire it well, you have to either get an electrician or if you know you know how to do some electrical work. Uh, you do have to follow the instructions you have to get a six-gauge american wire gauge to it, and it has to be this. The t, h, h, n or t t h, n.

I think it's like uh uh. It's it's one that supports up to 75 degrees, uh c right, because this wires can run hot when you're running 48, volts continuous for hours and hours on end right. So you have to make sure that you use that wire uh to connect it. And then you put in a dedicated circuit and they suggest a 60 amp breaker right so that it it run, it will run cool and then it won't be dripping all the time right.

So the other thing is that, if you're doing this work yourself man, it's hard work like this wire right here. This six gauge wire, it's really stiff and really hard to manage and bend, and you know, put it in boxes and do the whole thing so yeah be ready to struggle, and you know if you've done electrical work before then i guess you'll be fine. You know what you're getting into, but if not just hire an electrician, to run a little run. I had to run this little box here and then just to that sub panel over there, because i didn't want to put the the station way over there because uh.

We, as you can see this, we don't use this garage for cars, and so that's why i needed to put it over here and then and then. The other cool thing is that this comes with this nice well brand new um, it's kind of it's thick uh cord, but it's much better than the other one that i used to have and the connector is this new version, which is a little bit shorter, uh And this it's actually rated for 40 50 amps right so which is pretty cool um, and so that way this will charge really quick. Now it comes with a little holder, but the thing that i don't like about that holder is that it just hangs there and then these are exposed. That's why you have this little cap here, and so i didn't install it.

I just had this one here from the previous installation, and i like this one better, because that one, you just click it on there and uh. Well, the the the contacts are covered. So then, even if it rains or the dirt doesn't go on, there, it'll be fine and then the other thing that i like is that it's got a 20 foot uh, it's 20 foot cord. So that way we don't have to flip the rivier.

The other way around, so you have a little bit of choices, of what uh, how to charge right and uh. We will be able to charge our tesla with that same um station. Just by using the you know, the included adapter. This one comes with every tesla.

I think well it used to. I don't know if they will keep coming uh with the new tesla's right, because they're they don't even they're, not even gon na ship, with the onboard uh so anyways. This is the best third-party uh charger. If you've, like did like me, forgot to order one with your vehicle and you got delivery of your vehicle uh.

If you want to charge the fastest take advantage of the fastest 11 kilowatt, then this is the best way to go about it. Yeah, that is pretty loud - it's cooling, the cabin really fast so that we can get in there because it was 120 degrees inside what the ac is not even on there's no air blowing, there's like minimal minimal air coming out, but look it's down to 106.. Well, it's cooling it somehow. Somehow it's calling it i'm the shark type.

So calm, that's nice, foreign! You! You know just when my heart is.

5 thoughts on “Affordable 11kw rivian r1s home charging”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Buddy Reynolds says:

    all of our long range Teslas charge at 48 ramps. it's the standard range and standard range + that only charges at 32 amps.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars by faith alone says:

    What happens when there's no electricity how do you charge the batteries

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gerald Darnell says:

    Do I hear correctly ? While you can drive close to 75 MPH you are limited to recharging @ 25 MPH ? So I have to wait about 4 hours for a recharge to get back home after 1 hour road trip? That sounds like a HARD NO thank you for me.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Loaf and Jug says:

    I bet you can't buy replacement parts and If you could (doubtful) those El Camino rear quarter panels would cost a fortune.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andres Cabezas says:

    Yep.. Emporia.. Check Will (solar). The best ratio value/price

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