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eBike Battery

All right guys, today's battery is going to be a good one. Uh it's one of these higher quality ones, the ones with more capacity and stuff. So let's get into it all right. So here's today's e-bike battery.

This is uh one that is shaped. I don't know like a banana, it has a curve in here. I guess this goes in inside an e-bike and i think these are kind of popular. But again i don't know much about e-bikes, so i don't know right.

It has the same connector as all the other ones that we've been doing uh. It's got the lock thing here and it's got a handle, so you should be able to like slide it in somewhere. I guess uh, here's, the locking mechanism and then um. Here we go and then, according to the label, it's a 48 volt 672 one hours, 14 amp hours there we go and here's a model number.

So if you know what this battery is, then you know, if you don't know, then you're going to be like the rest of us just here as x as uh an exploration, exploratory um. This one seems to light up, so it's got a little led rgb. So this same light will either turn different, colors right, red, green or blue, but i guess it's green. I don't know what that means.

I don't know if it means it's good. I guess we could check to see the pins right here to see if they have power, but from what i know from the other models uh whenever they have this sort of thing here. It's kind of has a proprietary thing signal here that doesn't let the power out right. I could be wrong again.

I don't know. Let's, let's check it, that's the best thing that we can do. Okay, i'm gon na use my trusty uh multimeter, here negative positive. Doesn't matter which one well? What do you know it does show 48 volts? Is this a working battery? Let's test it all righty look at that.

I just put push some cables in there just for testing purposes. Let's put a little meter here. Well, look at that! It is on seems like this battery is fully functional. There we go man.

I wish i would have gotten another one that it wasn't, so i can take it apart, but it's there in another building, so i guess we're taking this one apart uh, instead of me going to get another one because it'll take too long or whatever. So let's take this apart, just to see what kind of cells it's got, what the construction inside looks like the bms that whole cool stuff does this one have allen screws? Oh well, what do you know? Maybe we have to take these ones too? Okay, so i took off all the screws, but this steel will not come apart. So let me see if i can just pry it with a screwdriver what what's going on here? Okay, so it looks like there's a bit of like glue yep all right, so good news and bad news. The bad news is, it took me close to 20 minutes to take this thing apart.

This thing is glued in here like there's. No tomorrow, there's it's just this stuff. This rubbery compound that they put on here just sticks like crazy and so to pry it out. You just have to do it slowly and apply constant pressure until that stuff starts breaking down uh.

You have to be very careful and not damage the cells yeah. It's it's a bit of work to take this apart right. So the good thing is that well, these packs are built like tanks. So if you put one of these in your e-bike, then it's not going to rattle the insides are not going to rattle.

Also, the other good thing is that these have 35 e's in our samsung 35es and they have well. What are we looking at here? All right so 13 and each one of these blocks are four: is 52 cells? Yes, so this is another cool pack very similar to this one right here, except this one has better cells, the 35 e's and the 29 e's right, so these ones have about 3 200 milliamp hours. This one have a 29 right, so there you go this and here's another good thing about this is that the bms seems to be really high quality here with a little with a heatsink. So this is the first uh.

Well, actually, the other ones have a heatsink, but it's this is beefier than the other one right um. The other cool thing is that it doesn't seem to need any specialized uh uh signal from the controller of the e-bike to be able to activate this. That's probably the reason why this is on, because it's just on or it's off as long as you have charge uh then the bms is going to be on. It doesn't need anything from things.

So that means this pack is a good candidate to be used for all kinds of diy bikes. It doesn't need to go on the original one, but if you do have the original one, then yeah i have a few of these uh and you could just put them in there uh yeah i this kind of sucks that this one kind of works, because if It didn't work, then i would have to figure out how to wake it up right, but i don't know i'm hoping that most of the ones in the pile are working and again these are untested because i just don't have the the manpower to test all these Bike all these e-bike batteries, because we're using our time to do other stuff right, like other bigger stuff, with all the other packs that we're doing um. So there we go. This is another cool, e-bike um.

I should probably test it and see. Okay and finally, to test it, i charged it up a little bit about four four volts, a cell right, it's about 50 volts, um, remember these are e-bike batteries. You can use them for e-bikes, but you can also use these batteries for all kinds of things like uh charging. Your solar gen, like this eco flow max, for example, right it's at uh.

What wait is that one percent? How does it bad one percent, because i left it on and it discharged overnight uh the few percentage that i put on so here we go we're just going to connect this test. It here's our little meter here we go. This thing here will use anything. That's like 30 volts, all the way to 100 volts, so this battery is right in between right now at 47, volts right, so at 40 yeah at 41., 47 volts.

Oh, it still only pulls eight amps 380 4 watts there we go so now is charging this e-bike battery is charging this ecoflow right. So why would you want to do something like that? Well, if you bought this thing right, this is your backup for home or for camping or something and then uh. You know, let's say that you're there uh extended amount of time and you don't have solar panels and you don't have access to the grid to recharge this and it went down to zero. Well, if you had extra batteries like this, then you can just add pre-charge them and then add them right.

So now you just uh added an extra half a kilo 600 watt hours to your two kilowatt hour. Is this two kilometers yeah? This is two kilowatt hour. Uh battery right, so you just added uh more than 25 percent right. So if you have four of these batteries, then you they'll, essentially double the size of your ecoflow and i've done a bunch of projects and a bunch of videos about doing this sort of stuff right.

But this video is about this battery. In particular, this is an e-bike battery uh. Most of you guys are gon na want to be interested in getting this for an e-bike, but just know that there are a lot of other applications for these type of batteries that we've been using, and this is one of them that is very, very popular. I will make uh videos on how to do this.

Uh. You know like in a better way, like you know, for the newer models, because there are there's a newer one than this one. It's bigger, so i haven't done a video showing you how to add more battery and then there's the new ecoflow uh, the whatever, and so the ecoflow and the blue eddy right there. So we'll make videos on both of those coming up here, but for this one right now look at that.

Our battery, our e-bike battery is charging our other solar generator battery, so yeah we'll definitely uh by the way there are. These are i'm i'm available at jack? 35, on a limited basis, we don't have a ton of them less than 50 of these right. There are some of the other ones that do we do have hundreds of them and they're they're linked in that same region. We also have bigger one there's a whole variety of these and we're listing them daily.

We're going like, oh tomorrow, we're going to list this big ones right here uh. I don't know anything about that. I'm gon na make a video tomorrow uh and then we have a bunch of these ones too right. So there's still quite a few models of e-bike batteries coming up that are we're going to be listing this week and they're limited in numbers: they're, not huge amounts.

They're not like thousands of them like some of the other batteries that we have so just keep an eye if you're in search for an e-bike battery, uh yeah sign up for her notifications on this channel uh and then as soon as uh. They go up. I'll. Put up this uh i'll, publish a video, and then they usually sell out by the end of the day, and sometimes you know a few hours so we're blowing these out.

We're pricing them very, very low, we're just trying to move them, get a matter out of our warehouse so that we have more space to put more batteries, and you know - and so that's why we're we're selling them for not much money because kind of that's our Mission here is to try to get you uh batteries. You know affordable batteries, we're not in the you know, business of having you know, expensive batteries, that's uh. Everybody else is doing that. So we figure we.

We can own a little piece of the corner. Uh, like we can own a little piece of the market where it's uh inexpensive batteries right, and there are many reasons why they would be inexpensive. A lot of the time is because they require quite a bit. You know a little bit of work.

You know it's like this one. Actually, this one didn't require anything. This one, i think, would have worked out of the box. A lot of them are like that, but some of them you will require to take it apart, change the bms, those sort of stuff like that right, so anyways hope you are enjoying the quick and easy content that i'm putting up here uh.

These deals that we're putting out on our website and, if uh, if you're, building e-bikes, if you're building other battery systems like this with our products, do share them with us, send us an email, uh support of jack 35 go to our facebook group. We have a facebook diy, just diy powerwalls um and we have a community there, also that you can then go and post and share, and that helps everyone. Not just you know. Sometimes you guys when they have questions.

There are other people that are answering questions. All the time - but you know just sharing your project - just helps everyone to stay uh, inspired right and uh. I even myself need inspiration from time to time from you guys, seeing what you guys are building so that i can uh. You know get excited about other projects that i'm working myself right.

So thank you for all your support. Thank you for watching these videos. We'll see you guys on the next one bye.

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