All right, it's time again, let's talk about batteries this time around we're talking about an e-bike battery, we're getting a lot of e-bike batteries and i don't know much about e-bike batteries, so i'm having to learn quite a bit of stuff uh, because there's a lot of These coming in uh and there's more coming in in the future too. So let's look at this one. So here's one that we have uh this one seems to be uh removable and it's got the little thing here and then there's this other type in here. But there's more of these ones.

So let's look at this one today, uh. What i'm going to do is i'm going to take it apart. I want to see what kind of cells are inside um and it says re-engine re-engine, but apparently a bunch of you guys. Uh are using these for, like juice, bikes or something.

I think there are several manufacturers that make them. I don't know a hundred percent, you guys probably know better, but if you recognize this battery, if your bike uses this one, then here we go here. We go. Let's take this apart and see what's inside all right, so the cool thing here is that it seems like it's just a regular phillips screwdriver that you need to take all these apart.

It has a five pin connector to discharge and then a barrel connector to a two pin barrel, connector to uh charge. Here's the the discharge pin there's one it's two of the big ones of the current carrying ones and then the other ones probably are data. We'll see if they're actually connected inside by the way this battery is labeled as a 48 volt 11 amp hours, so 48 volts is usually in from what i'm gathering and i'm learning in the e-bike world is 13s uh battery and then, if it's 13 11 amp Hours, so maybe it's 4p well depending on the cells but yeah 4p. Let me see how many cells would have to be in here right.

So if it's 13s, there would have to be a lot of cells to be able to get to 11 2. Okay. So here we go yeah so that the, although the pins are connected in there, you see that oh and here's the little thing does it. It doesn't light up.

So here's the crazy thing about this battery um. It says data port not for charging, and it's got a usb port in here right. So the usb port is connected to this board to this little pcb thing and then all these black wires are connected to that. So it seems that there's some data that you sh you should be able to either do diagnostics uh see the health of the battery that sort of stuff - or maybe you know, upgrade software into the bms.

It's pretty cool okay, so i'm going to take the other side, the other cover and see. If we can push that battery through thing and yeah all these e-bikes have this uh rubberized compound everywhere to try to keep the batteries from rattling and to try to keep them. I think um well, in this case the foam the covers have this rubberized seal. So i think it's not to conceal is just to keep it from moving inside, so we should be able to just cut that and then cut these and then that's just yeah, so basically just breaking up those little seals there.

Now the battery will slide right off there. We go nice here we go, and these are samsung cells right away. Okay, so here we are so it looks like there are 13 cells per block. There are four blocks uh, so that means is 52 cells right and so because you can't really read what number of cells it is like what the what the model number.

So, what we can do is look at the total amount of capacity so 11.6. If you divide that by four right, which is the uh, this is 13 as 4p, so four cells in parallel, so that comes out uh 11.6 divided by 4 is 2.9, so these are 2 900 milliamp hours likely samsung um inr 18650s 29es. So these are 29e cells uh. Is that what they look like? Let's, let's check it out: uh yeah! Here we go they're the blue ones, the 29es yeah.

That's what they look like. These are good cells, good cells and you get 52 per each pack. Okay, so right now, i'm going to check voltage just to see where the battery is at and i'm gon na attempt to charge it to see if we can get voltage out or if this is one of these things. The the bms is proprietary kind of thing.

There's a lot of these okay, so there's four volts here. This is a really weird arrangement on these batteries because look they just go from here to there. So that means these are the same, and then these are the same. That's weird, but whatever it works right.

Oh yeah, 52 volts right here all right, so i've been messing around with this for a little while and i can't seem to get the bms to wake up so try charging it. The cells are at 4 volts each. So it's at 52 volts right now. The pack, and so the bms, should be on uh, it's not completely discharged.

The thing doesn't turn on, so i guess the useful thing to do here would be to take off the bms and show you uh just to see how hard it would be to do it and then just to see if we can replace it. Look at that bms see if it's available online and you know how much it costs that whole stuff. So first, let's take it apart. Let's, let's see if we can remove this bms from the pack itself, okay, so the way we're going to do this is we're going to try to uh desolder the the pins in here now remember this battery is alive, so you got ta.

Be careful because you don't want to make sparks 52 volts, so the first thing i think to do is to disconnect the uh the balance connector. That connector is very, very small. Do it i don't know this is the best way to do it first. You might might be a better idea to do it after, but now we just have to disconnect the big ones thing here, we'll wait till it's 400.

There we go there we go. The last thing to do is to disconnect the big wire that comes out. Oh well, you know what let's just cut it there. We go just cut that one.

This is the main negative and then the negative for the charging port. Here we go, and that is our bms that comes off of these batteries. Now, let's look at the number. Let's see what we can find out about it all right, so here's where we're at i looked for this specific uh bms.

Here's what it looks like you see those numbers in there i typed them in google. I went to aliexpress. I searched re-engine uh. You know 13s, i had all the search terms that i could think of, and nothing came up.

Just a bunch of generic 13s bms for e-bike batteries came up right and so because we can't find this particular one um. Now i did find some info. That said, to connect, connect and disconnect this cable, and that would reset this so before you keep going and cutting cables, you should try that now i didn't do that. I guess i could just solder this right back in there and then try it, but i want to show you worst case scenario.

If the worst case scenario is this, bms is bad on the battery that you bought that you got from us um. I want to show you how you could just replace it with a third-party 13s bms now the one that i had here uh was a bit too big, so what i ended up was cutting the corners on both of these things so that they would fit in Here right, it's still a bit too big, but i think now it fits with the profile and i would be able to stuff it into the case uh. But one of the other problems is that the bms is different right, and so the connector, for example, has got different pitch. If you see that connector and that connector they're way different this one's way, bigger, uh and that's a bad thing.

But it's also a good thing, because then that means uh that i can just use this cable. The bad thing is, i have to rewire it, but the good thing is that now i can put it in, even though this is on the the side of the of the bms here right. So the original connector wouldn't have worked anyways because it would have been too short because it's on the bottom i'm trying to go on the side here, and so it wouldn't have enough slack to go in there. I don't know: maybe we could have reworked it or whatever, but uh.

Now that that's not gon na happen, then we'll just rewire. This whole thing, and i'm just gon na - do that so we're gon na start all over from that and i'm just going to do a time lapse. Um putting these, if you haven't wired a bms before it's very simple um, here's a quick rundown, the very most positive goes on the red one and the very most negative goes in here and then every cell in between goes in here right. So the first cell on this side from the positive, then you connect it there and then the next one you connect the other one and then the next one you connect the other one.

Uh bms's are really easy to connect and then the main connectors go on the battery uh negative. So the battery being negative here be be negative. That's goes to the most power negative post of the battery, and then this is the load. This is where that is going to go to power, our e-bike or whatever other load you put on this, but on this battery right.

So there we go uh. Let's begin this time lapse now, ah, all right! So here we go. I just added all those wires in here all right: there we go and then connect it into the bms and then just taped in the bms in here now. What are the things that are going to be different? Well, definitely, the thing that tells you the state of charge.

Well, that's not gon na work, because that works with the with the custom bms that they put in here or the original one right. So uh. Also the charging this one. It's a common port charging, uh bms, so you're gon na have to charge it through the same port right here or you can connect the other two little wires, but on the same ports on the same, you know uh places here so that so it's just a Parallel connector right, so you have to charge that way.

All right, after that, all we have to do is just slide it in there put all the uh screws in there put the foam in there uh, so it doesn't knock around, and if you wanted to put some silicon in there to attach it, then that would Be even better and there you go, that is how you would replace a bms uh on one of these e-bikes, if you have to, if you get a faulty one and one of these ones all right. Thank you for watching this video, we'll see you guys on the next one uh. I will be looking at some of the other e-bike batteries that we have. We have several models, uh, some of them - that there's not a lot of them, but you know they're, just kind of odds and ends in there and we'll be listing them on the website.

Uh these coming a couple of weeks all right. Thank you we'll see you guys, you.

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