All right, i have an update on an epic battery that i had made a video on. These are the only ones that supposedly according to our supplier they're unused and when you go and check them uh, they do look better than all the other ones uh. Most of the our e-bike batteries that we got uh in different loads uh. They show some signs of wear right, they've been in a bike before they have stickers.

Sometimes they have like customers like names on them so like they return them, because they can figure out how to use them. Who knows, there's many reasons, uh why they ended up uh in our hands and a lot of the times it's because they have issues. You know sometimes it's a bad connector. Sometimes their cells are loose inside.

Sometimes they will need a bms uh and i'm sure some of them will have bad cells or something like that right, but out of the whole lots all the lots of we've gotten. There's this one, the r4 battery by the way - it's not r4, that's just our denomination, just because we don't know anything about e-bike batteries, and so we just my guys, just started naming them as they were coming in and they were listing them. Um, there's particular battery is claimed to be unused and when we're looking at them, they're like oh yeah, these look pretty clean. You know they have signs that maybe they were in a pallet and you know we, you know handling and stuff, but they don't the connectors.

The buttons look new uh and i made a video about them. They have very good cells, they have uh e35 samsung e35 cells, so they're pretty compact, they're 672 watt hours, but it's a small little pack and stuff, and the only thing that was missing is how to wake it up because uh, when i did the video i Couldn't get it to spit out? You know power right, so even those on the you click come on and the light turns green, so they have charge, but it almost seems like it needed some kind of signal from the e-bike to be able to wake them up. Well, i posted that video, probably a week two weeks ago or something like, and then you guys have been posting comments on that video and i read them okay. So here's what the battery looks like right.

This is the r4. It's on our website. There we're selling it for 149 dollars, it's like a 300 battery uh a replacement one. This is a genuine one, uh from the manufacturer or whoever, and they seem to, for some reason be unused right.

So let me show you in our youtube channel. Okay, so here is the videos from two weeks ago, r4 battery has samsung 35. He sells and his replacement is 300. That's what i named the title: um anyways uh the comments here.

I mike lee's, two days ago, posted i received mine and found out that if you connect b to negative and connect a to positive, you can turn it on and pull power from the connections uh have to stay unconnected the whole time. So a lot of people have said: well, you need to short out all the other cables, the data cables, and i tried all of that. None of this work. Well, i try this.

I might lee. Thank you for posting that that does seem to work. Let me show it to you on the bench here all right, so on the first one right here. This is the one that i took apart.

This is the one here, the original one that i took apart and uh. I took and cut the wires just so i could test it because it's got that weird connector that i didn't have thing right. So when here's, where we were at last time, we plug in our little meter and just there's no power when you measure using your multimeter, it does measure voltage. But when you actually put a load, it doesn't work which means that it's a phantom.

It's a phantom voltage right, it's just it's just leakage from the the bms uh transistors right, but look i made this little cable and then, when you connect this in here, it essentially does that it connects the a to the put to the positive and the b To the negative, the b to the negative, the a2, the b is the black one here and the a is the yellow and so we're going to connect the black to the negative and the yellow to the positive right. So as soon as you do that boom now we have power and now uh you can use this battery for any diy project, not just for what it was intended for right now. This is a working pack. Now i wanted to check to see that this wasn't a fluke, even though i mean you know, if you guys posted that, then that means it works right.

So i got a second battery. I went and grabbed another one from pallet, and then you know these are the ones that they they light up. All these ones are very nice they're not beat up, they don't seem to be uh corroded. They they look genuinely.

They look on on use right. So here is where this connector comes in right. This is the only the other. The only thing that we're gon na have to figure out if you're gon na use it for a diy project, you have to figure out how to get one of these connectors or maybe do the same thing that i did here take it apart.

Put xt 30 connectors xt90 connectors sd60 connectors. These are commonly used connectors right, but so let's do that. The b is on this side. So basically i have to connect this one to that one and then this one to that one.

So i just made little cables here that you can just stick in here, so the positive is right there and the negative is right here: okay, okay, so you guys see what i did there right. I just basically use two cables to uh jump: the center pins to the outer pins, the b to the negative, the a to the positive, and now, let's connect our little meter. Does that change the light? No, it doesn't change the light, and now we connect our meter here boom. Look at that.

We got power. Okay, let's try a load on it, just for fun, okay, so here's our test setup. I have uh connected this battery through this little meter here, um by the way, a few of you guys have asked where what is this and where you can get it i'll, put a link on the description, but it's connected to this, which is a grit tie. Inverter, this will make the 52 volts that are here or the 48 volts dominant right into 110, and then, if you just connect, this is just the grid.

This is just the plug, it goes into a extension cord and it goes into a plug in this building. Right so when i plug this in it's going to convert that energy from the battery right into the grid, this is a grid, tie, inverter and so um. This just this is like this is a solar thing it's made for batteries, but also for solar panels. You put them in here and it converts that energy into into the grid.

So i think what it's going to do is going to try to put about 30 amps load onto so we'll see if this battery can support that kind of load. Here we go 20 amps, oh my god, those those little cables that i put there might not be up to the task. Okay, so it's uh it's at 23, amps yeah, those! You know i don't have a proper connection there, so i'm not gon na run. This too long because pretty sure that's gon na get hot, it's just a cable just jammed into that little thing: there right: okay, yeah! Let's stop this okay, so this battery does um 23 amps.

Can we push it see? Did that get hot okay? So i just changed the settings now you should try to pull. I don't know it's still. 22. 900..

Well, it's only a thousand uh watt inverter. So there you go. I guess i thought i thought it was if it goes lower the volt. When the voltage goes lower, then the aperture is going to go higher, but right now the highest that it will pull is uh.

23. There you go. This is a 20, probably a 25 amp uh battery pack, i'm gon na disconnect it because again i don't have a proper connection there. If i had this thing or in this one, i would charge this one and then use it like that.

But uh there you go, this is how you use the r4 batteries, uh yeah or whatever this type of battery that is made for bikes out there. If you have this bike, then these are plug and play right. You just buy them, and then you install it in your bike and it works. But if you're doing a diy project idea, white e-bike or you want to do something like this like uh, you know charge one of your ecoflows or all kinds of different things.

Build your own custom scooter or who knows all kinds of things right um. This is how you wake them up. You have to short out those cables all right. Thank you for watching this video.

It's just an update, um. I knew that i'm always happy when we can figure some of these batteries out and then just make it easier for people to use them, because then that that's better right, then then that they become more valuable for every one of these batteries. So, of course, if you're interested in that go, we have a whole line of batteries that we're selling there and very very affordable prices. Uh all these i'm listing them for around less than like slightly less than a hundred dollars a kilowatt hour, which is crazy, crazy, crazy prices, uh on lithium batteries.

All right, thank you for your support. We'll see you guys on the next one bye.

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