All right, you know the drill we are making battery videos this week, one a day, so today's uh battery is pretty cool. Actually it's pretty one of the bigger ones, one of the nicer ones. Let's take a look at it all right, so we have a few of these. We don't have a ton of them, unfortunately, but these seem to be aventone.

This one has a red light in here. I don't know if it's just because it's discharged - or maybe it's something bad with the pack, but here is the charging port according to the label, by the way. Not all of them have this cover. Some of them don't have the cover so yeah.

If you order one of these uh, you might get the cover, you might not get the cover um according to these are 48 volt, 15 amp hour 721 hour uh, which is weird because these seem kind of big for a 15 amp hour right. The other ones were like 52 19 amp power and they were well. They were slightly bigger than this. I guess yeah and heavier um.

It's just this size is a bit deceiving. I think so, let's take it apart. Let's see what kind of cells it's got in there, i'm hoping to see some really good ones like you know something something good. Okay, so, let's start by taking these cover off, all you have to do is take one little screw in the end.

There slide it, and hopefully it comes off. Oh look at that. There's a little thing for the button, so that's how many of them are just like this: they don't have that top cover. Cutting that thing.

Oh yeah, that's all it was look at that and here we go. So this is the charge port, i'm thinking this is a charge port and look at that. It's got an xt30 connector. Ah, but it's this weird three prong xd30 connector and then the other one.

Okay, so apparently this is the type of battery that does require uh, some kind of signal between here and the the controller, because it's got these signal wires, so it'll be interesting to see if there is actually power here to test it out. Let's, i guess, let's test it out, take this side of part two. Why not? We took the things already. Oh, look at that it had a little connector there for what oh for this for the little light.

Oh man, this is one of these packs that are super glued in there yeah. This is gon na, be really tough to get out yeah. This pack is going to be tough to take. We almost have to destroy it, to take it apart.

Um, let's see here we're going to check to see if there's power so connect this thing inside of the here. Okay, according to this, it's got 44 all right, so i plugged in uh my little meter here and guess what it is powered, which is good. That means it doesn't need the signal to power on, even though the light is red. So now what i'm gon na attempt to do is charge this through the discharge port just to see if we can have an effect.

Oh look at that. The light is blinking so now the light started blinking over there and we're at 45 volts right now. I do. We only have a few of these less than 20 of these.

So i think these are good quality uh instead of ruining one i might as well. Just list them, what do you guys say yeah? I think i'm going to do it. I'm i don't have a heart to take this apart. It's just because then i can't put it back together.

I don't have the silicone and stuff: it's not going to be watertight. You know i'm just going to literally i'm just going to ruin a battery, so um these likely have samsung cells because all of them seem to have samsung sells likely 35 e's likely the 35 ease, because that makes sense with the size and weight of it and The capacity right so there you go, this is the video for today. Sorry, i wanted to do it more extensive thing, but this is one of these batteries that are really hard to take apart and because we don't have that many, i don't want to ruin it. So there you go.

Thank you for watching this video. I will post. We have one more um model that i'm going to do and then, after that, uh we're i'm going to start making videos about other stuff, because i'm just getting tired of just posting videos about this e-bike. But the thing is we.

I had put them off for a long time, and now we had this pallet just full of batteries. Odd batteries, you know that are only a you know, 50 or less than 50 of them for each kind. So i'm like what am i going to do with that and just you know next thing you know there's like two three pallets of that stuff. That is just odd and so kind of that's what these videos are for, just to move it out, because it's like, if i just let it build in there, it just piles up and then uh eventually.

Well, we need the room and that's all money sitting there right, and so we kind of need the money too uh, so that we can buy more batteries and keep going um in the future. So there you go. Thank you for watching this video we'll see you guys on the next one. Sorry this one was an ass, interesting as all the other ones, but if you know what this battery is, we're also gon na put it up at a very affordable price, because that's what we're trying to do just trying to blow them out all right.

Thank you for that. We'll see you guys in the next one bye.

11 thoughts on “48v 15ah aventon ebike battery – it works”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr Music says:

    Do you have any ENGWE battery ?

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr Music says:

    Fake battery

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fernando Rosebush says:

    Hey CHUY, keep making these videos carnal, i need a 48v 14ah or more battery, but everybody keeps beating me to the punch…………….

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mark blue says:

    retail the battery goes for around 450 bucks

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Aubrey Bush says:

    Says sold out already

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lawrence Rhodes says:

    if I could get two of equal capacity and a compatible charger I'm in. Not going to take them apart. Will use two to run a Zuumer…you may know this orphan EV as it was from San Diego. The fire dept. in San Diego uses them.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Prevost says:

    I'm watching these because I want an extra battery for my eBike, just not sure how to build it up to fit my battery area with the right connectors.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jimonius7 says:

    WTF no tear down……. cheap af

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andrei Calciu says:

    Come on, man, ruin one battery. We live for your tear-down videos. 🙂

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    Hola q tal

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    Ciao⚙️ 🤝🔋😁

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