All right, today's video, actually i'm working on two videos today, but the first one is gon na be really short. I'm just gon na show you a battery that we have it's an e-bike battery, uh there's not too many of them, but i just a quick video show you what it is, we're just gon na blow them out so they're out of our hair uh, and then You guys out there could use it if you're looking to make an e-bike battery all right. So here it is. This is a weird looking battery, it's a removable battery and it's got a light.

Well, it doesn't have a light. It just has a reflector. I think so you should probably slide it in on. You know on the rear side of an e-bike.

I don't know right, but that's what it seems like it has an on off switch. It has a charging port, see that on off switch charging port, and then it has this similar connector as some of the other batteries that we're looking at here. This thing says it's a 36 volt 8.7 amp hours right so 313 watt hours, and it also has a fuse. So, oh, and then also has this little thing that tells you.

If it's on and off this one doesn't work. I'm gon na. Take it apart to see: what's in there, i took the screws off already and you should be able to just oh okay. So there we go okay, so you disconnect these two cables, which is the the charging port and then the thing - and here is the fuse.

That's what prevented us from making the thing the fuse is in there, and then this is the the plug to plug the plug um, here's the bms and then the bms has the little thing here right. So i checked the voltages of all the cells on this one and they are okay. There are exactly a nominal 3.7 volts, so that means the bms is off the bms. Is it's bad because it doesn't let you it doesn't turn on.

The little thing doesn't work right, it should be right at nominal. Voltage should be somewhere around 50 state of charge. Let's see if we can see the batteries okay, so the batteries are look at these. These are also inr 29 e's.

So this is a different style of 29e, but here we go. Look at that 29 ease, so it's a 10s, so 36 uh volt right. Let me take this uh bms out of here, so that we can look at the number. Maybe if you want to buy one of these and replace the bms, then you know you at least could see what the bms before you even have to take it apart.

Okay, so here we go, i just disconnected the bms and reconnected it. Here's a better image of the bms there. It is, and here's the interesting thing about it. The this thing right here just connects right to the output of the bms.

So this is a separate system, the little the little meter here. So if you were to replace this bms with just like an off brand or you know third-party off-the-shelf one - you just have to connect it to the uh output of the bms, and then this will work, but here's an even better story. Here's even a better thing. I did all i did was disconnect this cable and connect it back in here and guess what, when you turn on the switch, and then you press on this, look at that this battery works.

All i had to do was just disconnect it and connect the bms again and that reset it and now the battery is fully functional. So i don't know out of all those batteries. We have a small number of these right and, like i said when, if we had a truckload, you know 40 000 pounds of these. We would maybe do the work and look at you know bms's to replace, and maybe we would sell it to you with the bms ready.

You know uh so that you can do the thing or we will replace them in-house and then try to get some value out of them or whatever, but because these are such small volumes of these batteries, these essentially are coming in with all the other stuff. That's coming in in large volume we're just we just don't know what to do with them right and i'm just taking the time to do this quick videos here and i'm not putting too much time into them like i'm, not fixing them right and i'm just we're. Just gon na put them up on the website us uh untested. You might get something like this.

That is super easy to fix. All you have to do is disconnect it connect it boom now works. All you might have to do is charge it and then it works uh, but on the other side also, you might have to replace a bms right or maybe some of the cells are um. You know bad or whatever, because they they got water damage.

Who knows it could be? Anything could be possible with with these guys, but that's why we're gon na sell them really cheap. These are good quality cells. These are good quality, uh battery packs that, for some reason or another they're not functioning, i mean we've had customers say that when they open them up, there's one cable, that's disconnected you know on the output uh that bad switch a lot of the ones we sold. Uh, you know a month ago, they most of them just didn't, have fuses and then once people put fuses on boom, they started working.

One guy said that the inside of the battery is completely wired wrong, so someone had tried to fix it or fix a problem. They didn't know what they were doing and boom they they just you know they just wired it wrong, and then that ended up in the pile of non-working batteries and then they ended up to us and then it ended up. He bought one and then he just fixed it really quickly, right and so anything is possible. That's why these are untested, but here it is another one of these cool battery packs that have good cells and a lot of them are are working already.

So we have a small number of these well gon na be on the website. If you're looking for a good deal on some e-bike battery and you're doing a diy or you have this particular bike that uses this battery and you just want to try your luck and get one in there and see if it just works. Or this is a cool uh way to do it. I think these are over a hundred dollars, retail, even even replacement, we're gon na be selling them for way less than that right.

We're just gon na bump them up a little bit from when we pay for them, and then you know put them out there so that the diy in in you can benefit from this sort of stuff. All right! Thank you for watching this video we'll see you guys on the next one. Bye do.

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