All right, let's talk about batteries today, we're gon na be talking about this one right here. We have a bunch of these and i want to go through them and see what they are all right. So, according to the label, it's a 36 volt uh battery 10s. Obviously, right 7 500 milliamp hours 270 watt hours, so it's very similar to the scooter packs that we have and it's got two connectors one is an xt30 60 and then the other one.

Is this other weird one? I don't know what the name or model is or that thing so before we tear it apart see what kind of cells, let me check to see if it works all right. According to this, it's got 35 volts, but sometimes this is not enough, because this is very sensitive and it measures voltage here. Even though there's not once you put a load in here, then it doesn't right. So that's why i always like to use something else like this.

This will put a bigger load than that. This one has its own power supply right, because it's got its own batteries. This one doesn't so whatever power it needs to power. This uh, whatever energy, to power this it has to come from the battery.

So if the battery is off, then it won't turn this on, but look. This is turning on it's giving us 35 voltage. That means these are working batteries. Okay, let's take it.

Let's, let's break the seal here, um and see what cells are inside, so this is just this shrink tube thing. It does have uh this silicon compound and then uh plastic stuff on the sides here. So it's a sealed battery, which is pretty good and it's got these uh. These are adhesive pads in the on the bottom, so it was attached to something.

So i'm just going to do it right here kind of sucks to open up one of these when it's a good working pack, but it's it's not 100 destructive. You know we can put it back. This is just a blue uh thing. I we we have some of this stuff in there and we could just re-wrap it at the end if we want to, but it is important to take this apart, just to see what we have just so that we can.

I can give you as much info about this battery, as i can look at that it's got a nice little. Oh, look at that, okay, so this is a frame that goes on top of that. That is nice. So then, so so that'll have a place to uh seal there.

So this is pretty nice way that they uh they figure out how to seal these batteries and then here's the inner one - and here we go okay. So these are generic cells, um, inr, 18650, so yeah most likely just some chinese manufacturer. How do i open this? This way right, peace, all right, look at this pack! This is a nice pack, it it has generic cells, but as far as the pack construction, it's i like it come on. Look at that.

That is the pcb right there for the bms um. This is very nice, very compact pack. So, let's see what the cell configuration is one two three, four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten, eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen so check that out fifteen. So that makes thirty cells.

So what so it's every two and then one. So that would be like one. Two. Three: four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten yeah, so it's uh, every three um in there right and so yeah nine point: zero one hour cells.

So these are not brand name cells. Unfortunately, but this is a nice pack and you know this got the same thing. It's a very nice design. This is definitely really good for a small, e-bike uh or a small scooter.

Um here is the what the thing says there. It's got that number. So if you want to look it up uh online and if you can find any info on this there you go so these are kind of mystery cells, non-descript, right, just kind of chinese batteries, uh and then um. Is this how this goes something like that? Right probably like this, so that's how this goes and then it's got the shrink there and then it's got double shrinks.

It's got double and then the last layer pretty nice design. I like it and it kind of protects the cells there so and it protects the bms wow all right. So there we go. This is a simple uh battery uh

As always. Thank you for watching these videos see you in the next one bye. Next video. I'm going to show you how to build a pcb board from scratch.

So if you want to learn how to do that, how to make batteries the easy way then keep an eye on for that one video coming out very soon on my channel. Thank you for watching, as always, and have a good day bye. Ah, you.

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